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204: Live your bliss - Insight with Pratima Nagaraj Podcast

Following our bliss is a pathway that leads us home- to ourselves, that we got estranged from, a long back in search of a destination. Just that there is no such destination. It’s always been inside us - waiting to be embraced. Waiting to be lived. Explore more or join my 5-day and 21-day meditation challenges at


203: Live your heart - Insight with Pratima Nagaraj Podcast

In this week’s episode, connect to your heart, remember it’s invincibility, acknowledge its presence and savour its love and warmth. By living from your heart, and less from your mind, you’re letting love in and giving yourself the permission to let YOU in. To truly honor the life that’s flowing through our veins, vibrating through every cell in our body, we must have the courage to open our hearts and live the life we love. Join my 5-day and 21-day meditation challenges at...


202: Live your truth - Insight with Pratima Nagaraj Podcast

It takes a world of strength to acknowledge our truth, to become uninhibited and soar in the sky of our own knowing. As we uncover the starlit truths hidden behind our ribs and delve into our heart, we discover a stunning universe and find our center. No one can tell you what your truth is. No one can walk along with you on this path. It’s a voyage of discovery you have to make alone. And it’s the most fulfilling journey ever. To join my 5-day and 21-day meditation challenges or...


201: Live your greatness - Insight with Pratima Nagaraj Podcast

We were not born to live mediocre lives. Somehow we’ve convinced ourselves through the course of the journey that it’s ok to stop seeking for more. We were born with potential. We were born with wings. It’s time we learn to use them and fly. I believe you realize your true potential only when you recognize the greatness that lies within you - when you stretch your boundaries and live an expanded version of yourself. To join my 5-day and 21-day meditation challenges, visit...


200: Introduction to Season 2 - Insight with Pratima Nagaraj Podcast

A new season begins this week. The theme of this season is “Live your best life”. This introduction episode will explain more about the theme and what the upcoming series of episodes include. I graciously extend a warm welcome to my new and returning listeners! Hope you enjoy this season. Join 21-day meditation challenge at


109: Learning to pause - Insight with Pratima Nagaraj Podcast

Life is a journey, not a race. The slower we live, the deeper we get to see it, experience it and live it.Take a moment to experience those things that often go unnoticed. Relish. Savor and Indulge in every moment like it’s all that is there right now. We are so busy wanting to reach the destination that we miss to notice and experience the beautiful things on the path. Remember, the journey is always more exciting than the finish line. To explore and learn meditations and take part in...


108: Look within you - Insight with Pratima Nagaraj

Look within you I believe there is an invaluable treasure hidden deep within each of us that is often ignored and buried underneath the desire for finding the same somewhere outside in the world. Look within and you’ll feel the connection to the entire universe, your connection to all living things, the deep unconditional love you have for this world and the immense gratitude you have for life. To explore and learn meditations and take part in 5-day and 21-day meditation challenges,...


107: You are enough - Insight with Pratima Nagaraj Podcast

You are enough - We often fail to understand the vastness and the depth of what these words mean. Being enough is not an end, but the beginning of an incredible journey of discovering you. It’s not about being powerful and perfect. It’s not that you are everything and you are done changing, growing and learning forever. It’s not about stopping to seek more of you. There is no need to change yourself to please others or change the way you dress or talk in order to gain approval. You don’t...


106: Live in pure awareness - Insight with Pratima Nagaraj Podcast

Pure awareness is our natural state of existence. It’s the very source of everything we perceive and the root of our very being. Living a day with total presence and awareness is more precious than living a lifetime without it. Our task is not to seek anything outside but merely to find all the barriers we have within ourselves that we have built against this infinite awareness. Dive into pure awareness in this episode. Go here to join my free 5-day meditation challenge and connect with a...


105: Unhide and be all of you - Insight with Pratima Nagaraj Podcast

Have you ever felt like there is more to you than what you currently are? Like the true YOU is buried and hidden so well, even from yourself? On this week’s podcast choose to unhide every undisclosed part of you that you’ve been missing and made a secret. To learn and explore meditation with me or to join a free 5-day meditation challenge, visit


Surrender to the flow - Insight with Pratima Nagaraj Podcast #103

Surrender to the Flow Surrender is not an action to take. It’s an attitude, an energy you be, a space you embody. Surrender - the word literally means to stop fighting. Stop fighting with yourself. Stop fighting with the universe. Stop fighting with the natural flow of things. Simply to stop resisting and pushing things against the reality. It’s a state of allowance. Total acceptance of what is currently. The moment we stop saying NO to our current life circumstances and say YES...


Opening up to Grace - Insight with Pratima Nagaraj Podcast #102

This week on Insight with Pratima Nagaraj, we are Opening up to Grace. There is abundant grace available right now in the universe that is untapped and unexplored. Waiting to be received and embraced by us. Deep down within us, we are all seeking grace someway or the other, whether we know it or not. Hiding in those places that we avoid and don’t care to look. All it takes is a journey inwards to these unchartered territories rather than wandering away from them in order to unlock the...


INSIGHT #101 Introduction

Welcome to Insight with Pratima Nagaraj! This first episode is a quick introduction to the Podcast


INSIGHT #102 Finding your inner strength

This episode explores those challenging times when we feel like we want to quit and give up but running away from it can only take us so far. Instead, if we choose to trust and go on that inner journey of transformation we often discover our hidden inner strengths. That’s what these situations are nudging us towards. Every single time. Connect here for more


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