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A Secular Meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous

A Secular Meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous


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A Secular Meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous




Episode 23: Kevin S.

A talented writer and actor, Kevin S. wrote this beautiful piece and shared it with the group. Kevin’s Story Hello.. Is everybody in? Is everybody in? Is everybody in? Listeners, Is anybody out there? The time now is 7 pm. Saturday. Are you drunk yet? I’m Kevin, and I’m an alcoholic. WARNING. WARNING. WARNING. The...


Episode 22: Cana C., Emily J., and John S.

We didn't have a speaker scheduled for this night so we decided to have a discussion meeting. Three of us participated, Cana, Emily, and John. Cana introduced the topic of mental and emotional problems that we experience in addition to alcoholism and how we deal with those problems.


Episode 21: Doug D.

Doug went to the We Agnostics group the day after he got out of treatment and he's been attending regularly ever since. Still within his first year of sobriety, Doug spoke at our secular AA speaker meeting. As a talented writer, he realized that he could best communicate his story through writing—and that's just what he did. In this episode, Doug reads his story which we are posting here in its entirety.


Episode 20: John S.

John S. has been sober since July of 1988 and for most of his time in AA, he attended meetings at a group that stressed working the 12 Steps and reading the Big Book. After realizing and accepting that he's an atheist, John began sharing his experience in more practical and secular language, which at times seemed to put him at odds with his home group. After learning that agnostics and atheists have been meeting in special purpose AA groups since 1975, John and his friend Jim C. started...


Episode 19: Ryan C.

Ryan C. had his last drink in November 2018. He was homeless, suicidal, and as he puts it, "he wasn't taking responsibility for his presence on this earth. Ryan found a place at the Welcome House, a recovery house for men in Kansas City, Missouri and from there he moved into an Oxford House, which is a sober living house.This is his story.


Episode 18: Steven B.

In his first year of sobriety, Steven learned to accept his past and take responsibility for his future. He credits AA for saving his life, and he believes that attending meetings on a regular basis gives him the discipline to maintain his sobriety.


Episode 17: Marley P.

Growing up with an abusive alcoholic father, Marley would often hide—wishing she were invisible. She recognizes now that this contributed to her difficulty in forming connections with others later in life. In recovery, she has successfully formed healthy relationships, resulting in a stable, happy and sober life.


Episode 16: Deborah

In recovery, Deborah experienced what she describes as a renaissance period. Inspired in her youth by Sargent Shriver, Deborah joined the Peace Corps at the age of 60. She's now back home and is enjoying the community she found in secular AA meetings. She feels a new freedom to share her story more fully and completely than at any time in her fourteen years of sobriety.


Episode 15: Cass K.

Cass K. is our featured speaker for this episode. Cass is a regular at the agnostic AA groups in Kansas City and he always seems to have a positive and cheerful attitude, making newcomers to the meeting feel comfortable and at home. In this talk, Cass hits on the themes of acceptance and gratitude.


Episode 14: Greg H.

Greg H. started attending meetings at the We Agnostics Group in Kansas City when the group started in August of 2014. He's been a regular ever since and his wit, wisdom and serenity are a stabilizing force at the meetings. This is a recording of his talk at the KC Secular AA Speaker Meeting held March 2, 2019 as he celebrated three years of sobriety.


Episode 13: Cana C.

Cana C. got involved in service to the group early on. During her first year of sobriety, she took on the responsibility of chairing a meeting at the We Agnostics Group, a responsibility she kept for several months. She cares about the group and she does the hard work necessary to get and stay sober...


Episode 12: Jon B.

In this episode, Jon B. describes his descent into addiction to alcohol and how recovery forced him into healthy introspection. His recovery is a journey and he knows not where it will lead next, and he is okay with not knowing. Transcript 00:03 John S: This is a recording of the KC Secular AA Speaker...


Episode 11: Jack B.

This is a recording at the Kansas City Secular AA Speaker Meeting, held every Saturday night at 7:00 PM, at HJ’s Youth and Community Center, 6425 Wornall Road, Kansas City, Missouri. This is Episode 11 and our speaker is Jack B. Jack has been sober for over 40 years. He is a Vietnam vet and...


Episode 10: Gregg O.

Is there such a thing as an “addictive personality?” In this episode Gregg O. gives a humorous and interesting presentation about his experiences with obsessive behaviors, which he traces back to previous generations in his family. Transcript [music] 00:04 John S: This is a recording of the KC secular AA speaker meeting held every Saturday...


Episode 9: Ginny V.

In this episode Ginny V. shares her experience, strength, and hope. This was a wonderful meeting full of love and laughter. Many of us, including Ginny had our loved ones at this meeting, which made it all the more special.


Episode 8: Carmen X.

In this episode, we meet Carmen X. who shares her story of recovery in AA as an atheist and transgender woman. While Carmen finds value in the 12 Steps, she applies them with a dose of reason, and her understanding of addiction is informed by the most current science. This talk covers all the bases....


Episode 7: Tom S.

Tom S. was the featured speaker on January 5, 2019. Originally from Alabama, Tom shared his story of addiction and recovery. After he spoke, an interesting discussion ensued on the topic of the primary purpose in AA and whether or not drug addicts are welcomed to attend AA meetings. Transcript 00:00 John: This podcast is...


Episode 6: Karen B.

Karen B. has been sober since 1975 and she was our speaker on Saturday, December 22nd, 2018. Karen loves to read and is a fan of the website AA Agnostica where she has discovered numerous books that address recovery and the AA program from a secular perspective.


Episode 5: PJ from Sydney

Tonight's speaker is PJ L from Sydney, Australia. PJ, originally from Ireland, migrated to Sydney in in 1989 and got sober in 1993. Having come from an Irish tradition of oral storytelling he naturally gravitated towards the wonderful Sydney AA storytellers, who shared their experience, strength, and hope. This has proven to be a mainstay of his sobriety, with the tried and tested formula of sharing in a general way what we used to be like, what happened, and what we are like now.


Episode 4: Lisa K.

Lisa K. spoke at the Kansas City Secular AA Speaker Meeting on December 8, 2018. In her talk, Lisa was born in Korea and adopted by an American family when she was an infant. The adoption was one of the underlying symptoms of her alcoholism. Growing up in white family and a white world, she didn't feel comfortable in her own skin. Alcohol took the pain away until it no longer worked.