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#61: Overcoming Obstacles On The Keto Diet -- Aaron (@ADKeto)

In our sixty first episode we talk to good friend, Aaron, aka @ADKeto on Instagram, about his incredible transformation and journey on the keto diet. He shares insight into his high blood pressure readings, and doing the feldman protocol as well as having his wife join him on the keto diet after his 60lb weight loss. SPONSOR: Perfect Keto Code: CONNECT10 for $10 off a $25 purchase


#60: Biohacking For Beginners -- Dr. John Limansky

In our sixtieth episode we talk to Dr. John Limansky about bio-hacking essentials. We break down five of the easiest ones to implement that will make the greatest impact on your life and Dr. Limansky shares his insights on how these biohacks can change your life! SPONSOR: Perfect Keto Coupon Code: CONNECT10 for $10 off a $25 purchase or more


#59: What It Takes To Be A Competitive Bodybuilder -- Theresa Dodd

In our fifty ninth episode we talk to competitive bodybuilder, Theresa Dodd. We gain some great insight into the differences between New Zealand and the US, what her competition training looks like and what she eats. We also talk pre and post workout fuel! SPONSOR: Perfect Keto Code: CONNECT10 for $10 off a $25 purchase


#58: Finding Your Best Keto -- Leanne Vogel

In our fifty eighth episode we talk to founder of Healthful Pursuit, and the new program Happy Keto Body, Leanne Vogel. We cover a lot of great topics from adrenal fatigue to how you can improve your sleep and repair your gut microbiome. Check out her online course Happy Keto Body today! SPONSOR: KetoBakingCo.Com Code: KCONNECT18 for 10% off! Show Notes


#57: From Fad Dieting To Making A Lifestyle Change -- Judy Love

In our fifty seventh episode we talk to long time meal prepper, Judy Love! She has been using our 50 day Meal Prep Course for over 30 weeks and has found great success in reaching her weight goals and transforming her eating habits. She shares some great tips, her favorite meals and insight into the meal preps shes personally created and shared in the private meal prep Facebook group! Check out the SHOW NOTES( and the revamped Meal Prep For Weight...


#56: Fine Tuning Your Carnivore Diet -- Will Shewfelt

In our fifty sixth episode we talk to William Shewfelt also known by many as the Red Power Ranger. We first saw him at KetoCon where he gave an incredible speech discussing the carnivore diet. Whether or not your are using a carnivore protocol, take a listen to this incredible podcast (it is one of our favorites)! Check out The Fat Bomb Bible! SPONSOR: Pili Nuts - Use coupon code KETOCONNECT at checkout! SHOW NOTES:


#55: Weight Loss And Beyond With The Keto Diet -- Jimmy Moore

In our fifty fifth episode we talk to good friend and award winning author, Jimmy Moore. We dig deep on the benefits of a keto diet, aside from weight loss and he shares his personal experiences with long fasts. You can find his books on Amazon or in stores today, including his most book, The Keto Cure. The Fat Bomb Bible


#54: Carb Quantity Matters More Than Food Quality -- Dr. Eric Westman

In our fifty fourth episode we talk to Dr. Eric Westman about the importance of food quality on the keto diet. Dr. Westman makes a big impact in the obese and diabetic community by helping them transition to a low carb lifestyle. We also discuss the possible metabolic advantage to a keto diet and how salt can play a negative role. Check out THE FAT BOMB BIBLE! *40+ Fat Bomb Recipes *Pictures and Nutrition Included


#53: Update On Our Low Carb Travels And Training Program

In our fifty third episode we break down our travels to KetoCon and talk about our take on the entire experience as well as our favorite speeches. We also talk about how we stayed low carb while traveling to Sweden and Italy and some great tips for staying keto on the go. We finally talk about our new training program and eating style that we've implemented and how we feel on it. Give this a listen for an update and let us know what changes you've made!


#52: Keto Transformation While Traveling -- Corey Goodwin

In our fifty second episode we talk to Corey Goodwin about his incredible transformation using a ketogenic diet. A big changing point for him on his journey had to do with how often he traveled with his band and how eating and drinking on the road impacted his health. He still travels with his band, Adakain, today, but keeps it 100% low carb. Take a listen to learn how he stays low carb while traveling and for some awesome tips to getting and staying on track!


#51: A Global Food Revolution -- Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt

In our fifty first episode we talk to Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, also known as the very popular, Diet Doctor. Diet Doctor is the number one low carb website in the world. They share incredible recipes, movies and interviews! We get the chance to talk to Andreas about the differences between the US and Sweden in regards to diet and what would need to happen for a global food change to occur. He also shares his insights into parenting whilst making an attempt to teach his children about nutrition.


#50: Total Life Transformation -- Suzanne Ryan of Keto Karma

In our fiftieth episode we talk to fellow food blogger, Suzanne Ryan, also known at Keto Karma. Suzanne has had an incredible transformation losing over a 100 pounds and also being able to share her story on popular morning shows, such as on Megyn Kelly today! She recently released her cookbook, Simply Keto, and is continuing share her story to inspire others every day. Keto Made Easy


#49: The Most Important Test For All Cause Mortality (It's Not What You Think) -- Ivor Cummins

In our forty ninth episode, we talk to Ivor Cummins, also known as The Fat Emperor. Though an engineer by trade, he has found immense interest in studying one of the best indicators of all cause mortality, the coronary calcification score. We also talk about other all cause mortality indicators to look for and how a low carb diet can help people all across the board! Eat Rich, Live Long Keto Made Easy


#48: Setting Goals That Will Change Your Life -- Adam Schaeuble

In our forty eighth episode we talk to good friend, Adam Schaeuble, about his incredible weight loss journey and current venture, Million Pound Mission! Adam is on a mission to help people all over the world loss 1 million pounds and we are over 50k pounds lost. He also shares a ton of great insight and tips into taking control of your eating and life, and how to stay motivated at the same time. Download Adam's Battle Plan Workbook Cookbook: Keto Made Easy


#47: What A Family "Sugar Budget" Looks Like -- Paddy Spence

In our forty seventh episode we talk to Paddy Spence, the CEO of Zevia products. He shares great insight into the stevia sweetened drinks, ranging from sodas to their new line of teas coming out this summer! He also shares in his practice of implementing a "sugar budget" with his daughters and how it has allowed them to be more aware of the foods they are putting into their bodies and the impacts they have. Our cookbook: Keto Made Easy


#46: 100 Pound Weight Loss With Keto And VSG Surgery -- Chela LeBlanc

In our forty sixth episode we talk to Chela LeBlanc about her successful weight loss journey through use of the VSG surgery, keto diet and exercise. She also runs a YouTube channel where she shares updates and vlogs throughout her journey, and gives us some incredible tips in this podcast on how to start if you're struggling, how to stay motivated, and most importantly, how to find success for yourself. Keto Made Easy


#45: Fat Adapted Endurance Sports -- Aaron Day

In our forty fifth episode we talk to a fellow food blogger and friend, Aaron Day, about using the keto diet while training for endurance sports. We talk a lot about mindset as well as some great tips on how to get started with running or fueling for a race with solely fat. We also talk about his food blog, Fat For Weigh Loss, and how he has been able to quit his job and become a full time food blogger! Check out his most popular recipe - Keto Bread.


#44: Simplifying Your Diet For Success -- Steve Pekar

In our forty fourth episode we talk to good friend and reverse sear steak master, Steve Pekar. He talks about how he lost over 100 pounds using the keto diet and has continuously overcome his life long struggles through changing the way he eats and taking on new challenges, like working out! He gives some great advice for those who are struggling to hit the ground running and even breaks down what he eats in a day - this is a great listen for anyone looking for some motivation.


#43: Using A Keto Diet For Type 1 Diabetes -- Dr. Jake Kushner

In our forty third episode we talk to Dr. Jake Kushner about using a keto diet to treat Type 1 Diabetes. There is a lot of fear surrounding the use of a keto diet for T1D due to the possibility of ketoacidosis, but Dr. Kushner walks us through what it can look like if monitored properly as well as how to put it into practice. Keto Made Easy


#42: Protein And Insulin On A Keto Diet -- Dr. Ben Bikman

In our forty second episode we talk to Dr. Ben Bikman on the topic of protein and insulin response. We learn that there is a better indicator we should be factoring into our protein intake, which is the glucagon to insulin ratio. This is great listen for those looking to learn how keto dieters are impacted differently when it comes to protein intake and what makes the keto diet a beneficial state for the body. Dr. Bikmans's Blog Keto Made Easy Cookbook