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Let's change the world for the better! :)

Let's change the world for the better! :)
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Let's change the world for the better! :)






56. Dr. Kathleen Hefferon

In this informative episode, we discuss why we have many discrepancies and issues between science and the public interpretation of science through modern social media while talking about applications of biotech in the modern world, especially pertaining to human health outcomes and improving agriculture. BIO: Kathleen Hefferon received her Ph.D. from the Department of Medical Biophysics, University of Toronto and completed her postdoctoral fellowship at Cornell University. Kathleen has...


55. Staci Sprout

In this unique podcast, we focus on female sexuality and discuss some of the challenges faced by modern women and couples as well. We talk about topics that may be considered taboo including certain fantasies explored by people and understand what is going on while highlighting ingredients that would make relationships work long term. This one's a great educational piece you definitely want to listen! BIO: Staci Sprout, LICSW, CSAT is a licensed psychotherapist from Seattle with...


54. Dr. Kevin Folta

Biotechnology is an emerging field in science that allows us to understand genetics and use them in a practical manner to potentially help humanity. This podcast delves into the journey and knowledge of Dr. Kevin Folta who has spent his lifetime researching this topic through an agricultural perspective. BIO: Kevin M. Folta is a Professor inthe Horticultural Sciences Department at the University of Florida. His research program examines how light signals are sensed in plants and how...


53. James Kennedy

Are "natural" foods really "natural"? Are organic foods better? What about preservatives, tons of health and nutrition claims and strange chemicals on food and make-up labels? The reality is, everything we eat is chemicals and processed to some extent. In this podcast we make sense of all these chemicals and claims while also touch on how many health gurus and bloggers can cause serious harm by making dangerous claims about "real" and "natural" foods while manipulating consumer...


52. Menno Henselmans

This is an absolute powerhouse of a podcast that cuts through all the scientific literature and provides you with information grounded in evidence. We cover topics ranging all the way from adequate protein intake, factors that dictate food satiety, caloric intake and metabolism. Bio: Menno Henselmans is a scientist, fitness model and online physique coach. He was once a business consultant specializing in advanced statistical data analysis but he traded his company car to follow his true...


51. Richard Nikoley

Not for the faint of hearts, this podcast critically analyzes the problems with commercialization and myths around the ketogenic or low carb diet while talking about various controversial topics ranging from raising children, parenting, gender issues, healthcare and manipulating reality and promoting false narratives on social media. We wrap it up with a philosophical converation about what drives long term happiness and the pros and cons of modern consumerism. Bio: Richard Nikoley is the...


50. Nick Mailer

Our long awaited special 50th episode where we delve into the bigger picture while discussing many topics including the biochemistry of cholesterol & statins, the scientific method, philosophy, processed foods and top it off with a dose of what we can learn from evolution and how to lead a fulfilling life. This one is a GREAT episode! Bio: After obtaining a degree from the University of Leeds in English and Philosophy, Nick Mailer co-authored the first book in the UK on the education...


49. Gabor Erdosi

While the mainstream news is focused primarily on a top-down approach towards food and health aimlessly tossing around observational studies, Gabor Erdosi and even us at Ketogeek are more focused on a bottom up approach starting from mechanistic ways in which food is metabolized and impacts the body as a whole. Bio: Gabor Erdosi has a masters in molecular biology and is the brains behind the Facebook group "Lower Insulin". Nicknamed the "Adipose Jedi", Gabor has a unique approach of delving...


48. Miriam Kalamian

Miriam encountered cancer when her son was diagnosed in 2007 and now uses her experience and knowledge through this tough time to help others while providing inspiration and guidance to find what works for them individually in this battle. Bio: Miriam Kalamian is a nutrition educator, author, and consultant specializing in the ketogenic diet for cancer. In her work with hundreds of people, she has personally witnessed the life-changing effects of this powerful diet therapy, starting with...


47. Alex Leaf

There is so much noise about food, health and nutrition but how do you consolidate and learn from it? Above all, what kind of information is relevant and what is just clickbait fodder? In this episode, we go beyond the headlines and behind the scientific abstracts into the depth of nutritional and health science especially since we now have so many dietary protocols ranging from carnivory to veganism. This is one educational gem and a must-listen with Alex Leaf whom we can describe as the...


46. Alessandro Ferretti

This one is a must listen and LOADED with everything you need to know about metabolism and long term health, enhancing and troubleshooting your performance as an athlete and understanding the significance of heart rate variability and glucose levels. Bio: Alessandro Ferretti graduated from the Institute of Optimum Nutrition in 2001 and formed Equilibria Health Ltd in 2004. With a growing team of Nutritionists and a Medical Doctor, Equilibria Health is now recognized as one of the UK’s...


45. Carrie Brown

What do you do when you feel depressed and it seems something that is out of your control? What's going on? We go through the inspirational narrative of overcoming clinical depression and bipolar II disorder with Carrie Brown. Bio: Carrie has struggled with depression for as long as she can remember, and after she was diagnosed with BiPolarII Disorder 5 years ago, decided to become her own detective and figure out the root cause. She now lives a life completely free from all medications...


44. Michael Arnstein

What happens when you eat nothing but fruits? In this episode, we talk to Michael Arnstein or "The Fruitarian" who has utilized a fruit-based diet for 10 years to perform world class marathon runs and endurance sports and try to understand how this is even possible? Bio: Michael Arnstein is a 41 year old elite athlete who lives in New York and Hawaii and utilizes a fruit-based diet to boost his performance. He is also the founder of Woodstock Fruit Festival in 2011. His performance records...


43. Stephan Guyenet, PhD

Obesity is a complicated problem and the solution may lie in a multi-prong approach. We look at what the science tells us about obesity, how various properties of foods can impact consumption, discuss the Carbohydrate Insulin Hypothesis and understand how the brain and body responds to an obesogenic environment. Bio: Stephan J. Guyenet, PhD is a former neuroscience and obesity researcher and author of the book The Hungry Brain: Outsmarting the Instincts That Make Us Overeat, which was...


42. Carrie Diulus MD

This is a VERY loaded podcast in which we talk about combining minimally invasive surgical and medical care with nutrition to Carrie's journey with Type 1 Diabetes and her decision to pursue a plant-based ketogenic diet and then discuss the viability of plant based diets when it comes to achieving dietary and therapeutic goals. Bio: Dr. Carrie Diulus is one of just a handful of board certified female orthopedic spine surgeons in the United States. She practices “patient-centered” medicine...


41. Steve Gabriel

It's important to ask where our food is coming from and how it impacts the environment around us. Silvopasture is an innovative and growing farming practice that uses woodland and domesticated animals to create a regenerative farming system that has one of the highest carbon capture rate and promotes nutrient cycling. Bio: Steve Gabriel is an ecologist, forest farmer, and educator living in the Finger Lakes Region of New York State. He passionately pursues work that re-connects people to...


40. Mehrdad Zarifkar

Most people are either at a blue collar or white collar job so how do you create your healthy diet around a job or a business? How can you boost productivity while challenging extreme work loads and balancing relationships, health and life. Bio: Mehrdad Zarifkar operates Aviana Aircraft Detailing and eM Detailing. Traveling all over the country to work on aircraft and cars, his normal commute is either a 4 hour drive, or involves taking a private or commercial plane to the job where 16-18...


39. Dustin Cade

Why is obesity so rampant in low income housholds and why does the environment that you are raised in can lead to fat gain? How do you start eating healthy when everyone else isn't and above all, how do you inspire others to do the same? Bio: Dustin Cade is a Ketogenic diet enthusiast, works to help others by showing his own progress and successes with this lifestyle, with a starting weight of 421lbs and a current weight of 290lbs he has been ketogenic since September of 2016. So far...


38. Peter Bilarczyk

Keto or fat adaptation has its advantages and weaknesses. In this podcast, we get into the nitty gritty of athletic performance and talk about how we can potentially and strategically use carbs, proteins and fats both to improve body composition and enhance performance. Bio: In short, Peter started his journey about 3 years ago following NSNG(No Sugar No Grain), fell to the dark side and started following the "Eat loads of extra fat, Fear Protein" groups. He then came back to develop the...


37. Gary Fettke

Why are we becoming insulin resistant and obese? Why is the health and food industry failing? Where did this madness begin? And above all, what happens when you challenge the dietary advice that doesn't work? Bio: Dr Gary Fettke is an Orthopaedic Surgeon practising in Launceston, Tasmania, Australia. He has a major interest in the preventative medicine and encourages his patients to lose weight before undergoing surgery. Although his speciality is surgery, Gary believes it is much better to...