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Spa Along! Electric Cryotherapy at 111Cryo Spa in London: Rejuvenate like Derek Hough & Mandy Moore

Try Electric Cryotherapy with me at 111Cryo Spa in Harvey Nichols London as I overcome claustrophobia to rejuvenate like an athlete. Plus, the benefits of cryotherapy, the differences between American and British cryotherapy and the skincare spa twist at 111Cryo. Founder 111Cryo and 111Skin Cryotherapy at a spa in one of my fave stores in the world - followed by a good deal of gawking at the gorgeous fashion in Harvey Nichols! Made even better by the fact that 111Cryo is the ideal...


3 Spa at Home Ideas: Hawaiian Style Cooling Summer Skincare Tips and Tricks

Today we're making Hawaiian spa inspired snacks & at home spa masks and treatments to cool you off, satisfy your sweet tooth and moisturize your skin. No kidding these popsicles and face and body treats double as serious chill pills! Even after last week’s ice pedicure, I’m still burning up! My parent’s house has an older air conditioner which we need to replace. So I’ll just be working and suddenly the floor will feel really hot and the rest follows - kinda like a pancake on a griddle...


Get Cold Feet! Energizing at Home Spa Pedicure Hack Quick Cooling Way to Wake Up On Sweaty Summer Mornings DIY

This morning, I've got a quick DIY spa pedicure (no polish required) that will wake you up fast, have you cucumber cool all day and put a bit of energy in your morning. A fun abbrevieated version of my Fire & Ice Foot Treatment. Did y'all know that the temperature of your feet can help determine how hot or cold you feel? Who couldn't use a dose of um "cold feet" during these dog days of summer? "OMG Y'all My Feet Feel SO ALIVE right now!" Candy Holladay, Life's A Holladay...


California Spa Dreaming! Cool off with a Luxe Body Treat at Four Seasons Westlake #ChristmasInJuly

You are going to have the California Dream signature body treatment at the Four Seasons Westlake Village Spa with me! And I've got a few spa at home DIY s for you. So let's relax and say goodbye to dried up summer skin. I’m trying to not feel like a pancake on the griddle, by reminiscing about a cool spa treatment I had at Christmas! Anyone else burning up on this steamy August day? Or maybe your skin’s looking a bit parched? Spa Suite at Four Seasons Westlake Village If so,...


Massage by Cat Sweater! Christmas in July Feel Good Fashion & Relaxation

Today, I’m getting a massage. . . from a sweater - Talk about holiday stress relief. And a "grumpy cat" Christmas sweater at that! Today I’ve got a StyleBuyte gone spa for y'all. We produce a show called Style Buytes, which is like a virtual shopping and styling trip, but this supercute christmas sweater with a fun, grumpy cat on the front does double duty as a self-massager so I wanted to share it here. Gotta love Tipsy Elves humor. Don't y'all think the pompoms are meant to be...


Spa with Me: Move a Mountain Massage at Body Wisdom & Discover a Secret Spot to Relax TMJ & Neck Knots Every Day

This week we're having massage therapy that energizes and relaxes, while helping TMJ toothaches. Plus a self massage technique for headaches, computer neck stiffness and more. And a spa daycation in Chattanooga! Body Wisdom is nestled at the foot of Lookout Mountain, Chattanooga, TN. Buddha's words below greet you on Body Wisdom's website, but they truly capture the essence of Body Wisdom's location & offerings which are therapeutic. Even their building, in the St. Elmo Historic...


Spa Happy Hour at Pacific Palms Resort

Want to decompress from your week with dancing, relaxing, mingling and pampering (& don't forget the champagne!)? Then come along to a Happy Hour at a spa in the City of Industry, California, Pacific Palms Resort! They've got special facials, massages & nail treats, a DJ and a gorgeous patio with a mountain view. And don't forget to bring your signficant other . . . this spa offers manly options, a couples treatment room and is a perfect apres golf getaway. Held once a month, you may...


For Mothers Day Treat Your Mom to a Spa Day & Gifts That Will Relax Her All Year Long and a Tribute to Joyce Ash

One of the questions I'm asked most often, is how do I treat my mom to spa time? This week I’ve got a very special show in honor of my Mom, Joyce Ash. Mothers Day is this weekend and this one is very special because Mum passed last year and I was lucky enough to spend her last Mother’s Day with her. Then I stumbled upon this radio interview where I dished ideas for pampering our Mum’s on Mothers Day and any other day and I thought it would be awesome to share with y’all. There’s...


Egg on Your Face! Lighten & Smooth Your Skin With A Morning Beauty Trick That Takes Less than a Minute

Come into my kitchen for a spa along episode where we do a skin rejuvenating lightening and smoothing spa treatment that takes less than a minute. And you can do it while you cook your breakfast! All you need is an egg. It's Like Paper Mache for your skin! Candy Holladay, "Egg on Your Face" Episode Bonus! How to amp up this beauty treatment with a Band Aid If you'd like to cook the breakfast I'm making in the show, see episode here.


Open the Golden Door to Your Perfect Day!

Today I’m taking you back in time to the Golden Door spa trip and a mindfulness lesson that inspired a philosophy we can all wake up to. And I’m including unreleased recordings of my arrival. Super excited about new show launch it’s called Style Buy-tes it’s like a little fashion snack for your ears. And the coolest thing is that you can shop right in the show notes - I always find more than I can keep. I forgot how much work it is to launch a new show! And I started thinking OMG I wish I...


Wrap Up Brain Fog & Puffiness With A French Styled Morning & Spa Treatment - Holladay Mornings

Today I’m going to transport you to a luxe spa with a DIY therapy that will clear brain fog and silkily your skin - inspired by a therapy done at spas worldwide. Last night we started restoring the deck out back, and I’m having trouble focusing, I’m so distracted about everything that needs to be done. Also, I’ve been thinking a ton about French morning habits because of our Instagram theme Spring Preening, Cleaning and Paris Spa Dreaming. Did you ever notice how you never hear about...


5 Minute Decadent Spa Breakfast to SuperCharge Your Day! - Holladay Mornings

The delish & decadent breakfast recipe I developed is fast & gives you 3 servings of veg to start your day. It was inspired by the many spa breakfasts I've indulged in and my year living at the Westin Hotel! Not only will you feel like you're on a vacation, you'll be more satisfied & I even lost weight. Truly something to get up and look forward to every morning. Recipe: Spa Frittata: Fill a microwave mug (examples below) with vegetables, add 1 tsp turmeric powder, and black pepper to...


Motivating Applause Wake Up Challenge - Holladay Mornings

“There is no wine in the world as heady as applause; and it has the same effect. It temporarily subdues anxiety and restores confidence.” ― Khushwant Singh, I Shall Not Hear the Nightingale Morning loves! I've come up with a plan to use sound effects to motivate you in the morning & feel happier the rest of the day! Hear the clapping? Take the applause wake up challenge and let me know how you're doing with it. The episode has the exact how to's. Links I talk about below: to see the...


Body Brush Off + KonMari YouTube Fun: Holladay Mornings

Mornin' Y'all! Body Brushing is a surefire way to say "Good bye Grogginess" in the morning. Yup, it will seriously help you wake up. If you thought you've heard it all before, I've got some Candyfied, as my friends say ; ) tips to take to take your morning brushing routine to a whole other level - plus the untold truth of body brushing. I also give the skinny on what's happening on Candy Holladay youtube - hint: it's kinda like fashion KonMari but more fun. Step by step how to body brush +...


Waterlogged & Holladay Mornings Launch

Morning Y'all! Welcome to the launch of our Mornings series. Getting out of bed can be tough, but mornings can make or break your day. What to do? We're serving up fun ideas to treat yourself so you'll want to leap out of bed! Get ready with me and try health, outfit and beauty tricks so we'll flourish the rest of the day, like we woke up at a spa! This episode find out the crazy twists & turns my life has taken & how they inspired me to live my dream. And learn the energy infusing...


Ojai! Rejuvenating Escape to Oaks Spa in historic Ojai, California

“When I exercise, stress is minimized and I’ve done that my whole life”, Sheila Cluff The Oaks at Ojai is one of the grand dames of spas – and founder Sheila Cluff is the grandmother of aerobics! Come along as we discover it’s gorgeous surroundings – pep up our skin with a VitaD facial – […] The post Ojai! Rejuvenating Escape to Oaks Spa in historic Ojai, California appeared first on Life's a Holladay.


Pointy Objects: Acupuncture & Archery at Golden Door Spa

In this episode of our Golden Door spa series, I experienced acupuncture for the first time and improved my mental focus by learning the olympic sport of archery! Our lookbook will have tools to help you emulate acupuncture at home with acupressure and archery sets for your own robin hood moment. The post Pointy Objects: Acupuncture & Archery at Golden Door Spa appeared first on Life's a Holladay.


Back to Spa School Digital Detox Reduction Plan. . . plus Bee / Wasp Sting Healing Pedicure

Happy Labor Day weekend y’all! In honor of getting our noses back to the grindstone after Monday, I’m sharing my secret spa sauce for a digital detox and how to rewire your work so you won’t need one in the future – best of all it brings the pleasure back to work. It’s kinda […] The post Back to Spa School Digital Detox Reduction Plan. . . plus Bee / Wasp Sting Healing Pedicure appeared first on Life's a Holladay.


Primpcast: Sunscreen Queen How to Apply Along With Me

Hey Y’all! What’s a primpcast you’re thinking? Y’all inspired me by listening to the show while you’re getting ready in the morning – thank you! Well one morning, as a I was trying to follow a youtube makeup tutorial I thought, wouldn’t this be much easier if I could just listen? Then aha! moment Primpcast! […] The post Primpcast: Sunscreen Queen How to Apply Along With Me appeared first on Life's a Holladay.