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038: How to Support Your Body When Removing Dental Amalgams

I'm continuing my behind-the-scenes mini-series and sharing an update on what’s going on in my own health journey. In this episode, I share how I came to the decision to remove my mercury dental fillings, how I prepared my body by supporting my immune system, adrenals, and liver, and how it's responded to the procedure. READ THE SHOW NOTES: SUBMIT A QUESTION:


037: On Mindset, Money Blocks and Being An Architect of Change

In this episode, I'm continuing my behind-the-scenes mini-series and sharing how Beautycounter's Leadership Summit shifted my mindset toward business, helped me break through money blocks and reexamined my thoughts on diversity and inclusion. READ THE SHOW NOTES: SUBMIT A QUESTION:


036: How Did You Come to Form Your Beliefs?

Of all of the courses, programs, and training I’ve taken in my 22-year career, the two most powerful questions asked of me that has changed every aspect of my life are: How are you influenced?How did you come to form your beliefs? In this episode, I share the context around how these questions were asked of me, what they made me realize about myself and how having a scarcity mindset can be limiting to our health. READ THE SHOW NOTES: SUBMIT A QUESTION:...


035: A Look At the Parallels of Entrepreneurship and Health

This is the first episode of a mini-series where I take you behind-the-scenes, sharing some lessons learned, introspective thoughts, as well as updates on my health and what’s going on in my life. In this episode, I reflect on what I’ve learned from being a health coach and reflect on the parallels between entrepreneurship and health. READ THE SHOW NOTES: SUBMIT A QUESTION:


034: How to Get A Quality Night's Sleep with Katie Leadbetter

In this episode I'm joined by my friend and colleague, Katie Leadbetter. Katie is a Nutrition Consultant and fellow 21-Day Sugar Detox Certified Coach. You'll hear us ruminate on why sleep problems are so common and recap our Instagram Sleep Challenge, sharing 10 tips for a better night's sleep. READ THE SHOW NOTES: SUBMIT A QUESTION:


033: The Truth About IBS & Secrets to Healthy Digestion

Have you ever had that uncomfortable feeling of fullness after eating even the tiniest amount of food? Or had your belly swell so much you look like you’re five months pregnant? Or have you had to excuse yourself from the room to release gas so painful that can barely move because you’re in so much pain? In this episode we explore exactly what is IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), how gut health is tied to your mental health and I share 10 tips for healthy digestion. READ THE SHOW NOTES:...


032: Why Ferments Are Nourishing for A Healthy Gut with Wise Goat Organics

In this episode, I'm joined by Mary Rivasi, owner and founder of Wise Goat Organics. You'll hear us discuss: READ THE SHOW NOTES: SUBMIT A QUESTION:


031: How to Breakthrough Overwhelm & Know What Diet to Follow

One question I'm always asked and see come up over and over again is, “What diet should I follow?” And my answer usually is, "Follow the diet that your personal evidence presents." In other words, listen to your body. In this episode, I share: my READ THE SHOW NOTES: SUBMIT A QUESTION:


FAB030: Secrets to A Successful 21-Day Sugar Detox

In this episode, I’m joined by two of my clients for a roundtable interview on their experience with the 21-Day Sugar Detox. One is a corporate executive who works long hours with a commute and has a coaching business on the side. The other is a wife and mother who also works full-time. You’ll hear them share their fears in doing the program, how they approached it, what their experience was like and how the program has changed them - physically, as well as their mindset towards food....


029: How to Detect Sneaky Food Sensitivities

Food allergies happen right after you eat an offending food. But food sensitivities are sneakier to pinpoint because symptoms don't show up for several hours or even several days after eating the problematic food. Even then, the symptoms can be pretty vague. In this episode I discuss: READ THE SHOW NOTES: SUBMIT A QUESTION:


028: What's A Gut Issue?

It’s not “You are what you eat”, rather it’s, “What your body can do with what you eat.” In this episode you’ll hear me: Ask and answer “What’s a gut issue?”Talk about why we experience fatigueWalk you through the digestion process of a chicken sandwichDiscuss the gut-brain connection READ THE SHOW NOTES: SUBMIT A QUESTION:


027: Using the Tools of Functional Nutrition to Uncover Root Causes

In this episode, I share what the four main tools are that we use in Functional Nutrition using myself as a case study on how these tools helped me uncover the root causes in my own health struggles with fatigue, thyroid dysfunction, unexplained weight, SIBO, heavy metal toxins and more. READ THE SHOW NOTES: SUBMIT A QUESTION:


026: What Is Functional Nutrition?

In Episode 025, you heard how my client Kristen used Functional Nutrition to address Irritable Bowel Syndrome, which probably left you wondering, “What is Functional Nutrition?” In this episode, I explain: If you’ve ever wondered what a health coach does, or what a Functional Health Coach does, this episode will clarify how one can help you!


025: Using Functional Nutrition to Address Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

In this episode, I’m joined by my client, Kristen Aigeldinger. You’ll hear Kristen share her struggles with IBS, how she came to decide to work with me, how she overcame fears to find her new normal using Functional Nutrition, what she learned that she’ll continue to do in the long-term & ultimately, how she came to feel empowered to step into a leadership role in her own healthcare. READ THE SHOW NOTES: SUBMIT A QUESTION:


FAB024: An Introduction to Acupuncture with Emily Chui

In this episode, I’m joined by Emily Chui. Emily is an herbalist and Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine who focuses on addressing the emotional well-being of her patients, which shows up in women’s health issues, digestive issues, sleeping disorders, and stress, which are all closely related to one another. In her practice, Emily practices classical theories to treat modern living health issues using gentle acupuncture styles and herbal protocols. You’ll hear Emily share what...


023: Overcoming Stress, Failure and Guilt with Sarah Argenal

When you’re a working professional, burnout and overwhelm are big challenges, and parenting is a huge part of that. This week, I’m joined by Sarah Argenal, Founder and CEO of Working Parent Resource. She helps professional parents live more deliberately in all areas of their lives so they can let go of the overwhelm and finally enjoy their journey as a working parent. You’ll hear us discuss parenting, balance, common myths and practical steps to overcome stress, failure and guilt as a...


022: Staying Healthy On Business Travel with Jessica Sutera

One of the things I aim to do on this podcast is to share stories of real women, like me and you, sharing how they make “being healthy” work for them - especially when working in the corporate world. I don’t know about you, but whenever I’m on business travel, I find it challenging to keep up with my workouts and my way of eating and many of the clients that I’ve worked with have struggled with this too. So this week I’m joined by Jessica Sutera. Jess is a Director of Corporate...


021: Bringing Mindfulness into the Workplace with Dana Pulley

In this episode, I’m joined by Dana Pulley of Stillwater Leadership. Dana is an accomplished leader, coach, consultant and a certified corporate-based mindfulness instructor who has learned first hand how mindful awareness enables you to lead and live in a more fulfilling way. You’ll hear Dana share how she began practicing mindfulness, what mindfulness is, the neuroscience behind it, and how we can bring mindfulness in our offices to create more enjoyable and productive work...


020: Aligning Your Work with Your Core Values

In a normal week, you’re working 40 hours a week (but let’s be honest, you’re probably working more than that) and your work takes up more of your time than anything else that you do. So shouldn’t it provide you with joy and satisfaction, instead of dread and the misery? In this episode, I discuss how to align your work with your core values and why this is vital to your health. READ THE SHOW NOTES: SUBMIT A QUESTION FOR THE SHOW:...


019: How I Shifted My Mindset and Changed My Relationship with Food

In this episode, I share: What my goals used to be in terms of my healthHow I defined being healthyWhat disordered eating cost meHow my mindset shifted and changed my relationship with foodAnd how I've come to treat myself with grace and acceptance I also ask you five questions to help you examine what is your mindset for truth health. READ THE SHOW NOTES: SUBMIT A QUESTION FOR THE SHOW:


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