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062: How Your Liver Is the Workhorse Of Your Body

What do acne and breakouts, weight gain, allergies, arthritis, even and heart disease have in common? They’re all a result of how your liver is (or isn’t working)! In this episode, I share: How I came to learn I have a fatty liver and what's causing itWhat the liver does READ THE SHOW NOTES: SUBMIT A QUESTION:


061: An Introduction to CranialSacral Therapy with Mindy Totten

When looking for the root causes of illnesses and even skin problems like acne, eczema or even psoriasis, you always want to look at one’s diet, gut health, what kinds of toxins they’re exposed to, and the root cause of all root causes - stress! You can avoid foods that cause inflammation, avoid using products with harmful ingredients, but when we need stress relief we typically head straight to the spa for a massage. #AmIright? But there’s other types of “body work” and in this episode,...


060: Seven Safer Choices to Make to Detox Your Home

We're learning more and more that health isn’t just about diet and exercise. We’re now hearing, more than ever before, on how toxins in consumer products that we use every day, inside of our homes and on our bodies contain harmful ingredients that damaging our health. They can cause confusion in our bodies, inflammation and wreak havoc on our hormones. In this episode, I’m sharing seven safer and practical choices that you can start making TODAY to detox your home and reduce your exposure...


059: How to Be An Advocate for Women's Health

You often hear people talk about being advocates. As Beautycounter consultants, we advocate for more health-protective laws, but what does advocating really mean? What does it look like and how does one do it? In this episode, I'm joined by Tami Hackbarth. Though she's now a self-care coach, twenty years ago, Tami worked in politics and advocated for women's health issues. Drawing from her past professional experience, Tami breaks this down. She explains: READ THE SHOW NOTES:...


058: Bridging the Gap Between What Your Doctors Are Telling You and What They Aren’t

Back with us for her third and final episode this month is Katie Leadbetter of Clean Eating with Katie. In Part 3 of this four-part series, Katie speaks to those who are fighting cancer on how to bridge the gap between what doctors tell you, and what they don’t. So much of what a cancer patient faces feel beyond their control. But some things can be done that will bring feelings of empowerment and support healing. Also, Katie wrote a blog post titled, “What Will Be Your Catalyst for...


057: How to Support A Loved One with Cancer

There have been too many times when I’ve found out that someone that I cared about was diagnosed with cancer and I didn’t know what to say or what to do that would be appropriate and supportive. I didn’t want to sound trite or generic. I didn’t want to overstep my boundaries, especially if it wasn’t a close family member. And I certainly didn’t want to be intrusive. But I genuinely wanted to do something, yet there were times when I ended up doing nothing. In this episode, Katie...


056: Surviving Breast Cancer with Katie Leadbetter

This episode is the first in a four-part mini-series on breast cancer for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. In this Part 1 of this series, I’m joined by Katie Leadbetter, a Nutrition Consultant, fellow 21-Day Sugar Coach, and at 35-years old, a breast cancer survivor. You’ll hear Katie’s account of how she came to learn that at age 31, she had breast cancer. She shares EXACTLY what she went through, physically, mentally and emotionally in a very raw and vulnerable way. READ THE SHOW NOTES:...


055: Understanding Obesogens: The Link Between Toxins and Weight

When it comes to weight loss and healthy living, toxins are a critical missing piece to the conversation that’s not talked about enough but can no longer be ignored. In this episode, I discuss: What are obesogensThe link between toxins and weightHow unsuspecting items in your home may be interfering with or undermining the hard work you put into being fit and healthy READ THE SHOW NOTES: SUBMIT A QUESTION:


054: How to Have A Productive Doctor's Visit

How many times have you made an appointment to see your doctor, only to have the whole visit last approximately 7-10 minutes? And you found yourself leaving thinking, “that’s it?!" And you can’t help but feel dismissed, misunderstood, not heard and worst of all - not believed. In this episode, I get very tactical and offer up ideas on how to make the most of the challenges of the current health care system, specifically how to make your doctor’s visits more productive. READ THE SHOW NOTES:...


053: Defining Clean Eating and How to Put It Into Practice

“I’m already eating clean?” is a response I get from a lot of people, who are working in improving their health but still struggling. When I review how they're eating, I see gaps between their perceptions of “eating clean” versus what it actually means, and I’ve come to realize that many people just don’t understand what clean eating is and then wonder why they aren’t seeing the progress they’re expecting. In this episode, I share: How I define clean eatingWhat foods to avoidHow to put it...


052: Taking Responsibility for Your Health By "Backing Things Up"

Have you ever had a health problem come up so you researched to see what might help? And as you did your due diligence you began to see how the costs will start to add up - from the doctors' visits to lab tests, and the supplements all of which aren't covered by health insurance. So what are you supposed to do? In this episode, we'll discuss what to do in this situation, how can you be efficient & maximize your health care dollars, & what it means and how to "back things up."


051: Bariatrics, Autoimmune Diseases and Bridging the Gap Between Convention and Holistic Medicine with Lori Newlon

In this episode, I’m joined by my dear friend, Lori Newlon of The Bariatric Dish. Lori is a registered nurse (she has 18 years of experience and counting!) with a specialty certification in bariatric nursing. Thirteen years ago, she herself had weight loss surgery and struggled with a number of post-operative complications. She turned to real food nutrition to help support her recovery and long-term health which has helped her maintain a 160-pound weight loss. She’s since become a certified...


050: Root Causes of Skin Problems & A Four-Dimensional Functional Approach

The conventional two-dimensional approach to treating skin issues like acne is typically topical creams, along with pharmaceuticals like antibiotics or birth control pills. The problem with this approach is that these things only suppress the symptoms while failing to address the underlying root causes of WHY these problems are happening. And even more problematic are the more significant health issues that these treatments can lead to. In this episode, I’m discussing the what the...


049: Skincare Myths: Why the Conventional Approach Doesn't Work

At some point in your life, whether during puberty, adolescence, or even well into adulthood, that acne, or other skin issues became a big concern for you. It’s frustrating, depressing, confusing, and leaves you feeling soooo self-conscious. You may have even taken medications to treat it, but they never entirely worked, and you still had to supplement with other over-the-counter products. Have you ever wondered why this is? In this episode, we’ll take a look at why the conventional...


048: Mindset and Disordered Eating with Kym Hermann

Healing and recovering from an eating disorder led Kym Hermann to guide others to navigate their wellness journeys. Kym is a Certified Nutrition Consultant who believes that everyone can find freedom from food bondage and self-limiting beliefs. Using holistic nutrition and mindset, she helps people unlock their real potential by nourishing their minds and bodies with real food nutrition and self-introspection. In this raw and personal interview, Kym tells us about: Her seven years of...


047: What Happens When You Stop Obsessing About Food with Katie Garces

On this episode of The Live FAB Life Podcast, I’m joined by Nurse Practitioner and Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Katie Garces. Katie blends her professional background in traditional healthcare, wellness, and nutrition with her passion for the healing power of spiritual wholeness for women and men across the country. Utilizing the concepts of intuitive eating, intermittent fasting and real food, Katie helps people examine how their spiritual and emotional barriers have a...


046: Gray-Area Drinking and Sobriety with Melinda Mrachek Staehling

On this episode, I’m joined by returning guest Melinda Mrachek Staehling. Melinda recently shared with me that she had given up drinking alcohol. I was surprised to hear this because Melinda has built an established career for herself in the wine industry. As you can imagine, I was so intrigued by her decision that I asked her to come on the show and share her backstory on this because: As a 21-Day Sugar Detox Coach, I know that alcohol is one of the biggest things that many 21DSD detoxers...


045: Seasonal Summer Eating

Holistic health is at the focal point of my practice, and the topics we talk about here on this podcast are through a functional nutrition lense. Viewing food as fuel and medicine is at its backbone, and seasonal eating is at the core of the “food as medicine” movement. Seasonal eating may seem like the latest food trend, but it's an ancient practice that's been around for a long time. In this episode, we'll discuss: - Benefits of seasonal eating - How to cook and what to eat for each...


044: Safer Summer Eyecare with Dr. Sandra Miyamoto

Continuing on with our safer summer theme, on this episode, we’re talking about eye health. Eye health isn't a topic that’s talked about very much when it comes to health, but as you’ll hear, it can be indicative of so many health conditions and diseases, like diabetes and even thyroid disease. Joining me to share her expertise on this topic is Dr. Sandra Miyamoto. Dr. Sandra is an Optometrist and has been a practicing optometry for the past twelve years. She works with a full spectrum of...


043: Safer Summer Skincare with Genevieve Blair

It’s the time of year where we’re *hopefully* spending more time outdoors in the sun! We’re kicking off a 3-part mini-series on summer health with safer summer skincare! In this episode, I’m joined by professional makeup artist and MedSpa Aesthetician, Genevieve Blair. Genevieve has worked in the skincare and makeup world for the past 11 years doing laser skin care, bridal and event makeup, and high-performance product recommendations. A year ago she opted to switch to all non-toxic...