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Mad Health # 33: Health Bankrupt

The best way to avoid health care bankruptcy is to make sure you are healthy enough to NOT NEED to use any of that money you have stowed away. So get friggin healthy. Don't know how - email me: and let's come up with a game plan. here is the link for the article: Here is the link for the Empire Longevity Symposium:


Mad Health # 32: The Most Dangerous Drug Ever Made

And probably everyone you know has taken it also.


Mad Health # 31: There is POOP in your meat! AHHH

Hey Mad Healthers. How the health you doing? It is just CRAZY that food you eat WILL have poop in it!! I don't want to get extreme with people, but HOLY MOLY - yet another reason I have gone plant based. Here is the article link: Add in...


Mad Health # 30: The U.S. says NO to the BREAST!!????

Welcome to the Mad Health podcast: the discerning podcast for the discerning health conscious person. On this version of the Mad Health podcast we discuss: How the U.S. wants to downplay the importance of breast feeding 2. New York City is mandating flu vaccines 3. Eat Your Brain Healthy:...


Mad Health 29: DON'T BAN surgary drinks...

In this edition of the Mad Health podcast: How does that happen with the liberal liberal Jerry Brown as Govenor? REAL easy when the the big boys raise BIG CASH to stop you!! Read it here: 2. How long do YOU plan on living? For most Americans it is a few years less than their parents as they don't want to go out like they did. But we see that we are not even close to...


Mad Health 28: New Veggie Foods, 7 Super Foods and Natural Killer Cells

The whole idea behind the Mad Health Podcast is for YOUR health, your immune system to be absolutely ROCKING. Who cares if you have millions of dollars if you are not healthy enough to enjoy it - or the cars, the houses, the spouses - you know what I mean. In that, today we take a look at: My New attempt @ veggie burgers 2. 7 Super Foods for your health ( 3. Natural Killer Cells and how to make yours rock...


MH 27: Eggs, Gene Splicing, and What NOT to eat @ Mickey D's

We are kind of all over the map on this edition of the Mad Health Podcast. Sometimes we REALLY need to not take the sensational title for all it is granted to be, and take a deep look into what the research actually says: rotten-reporting/ 2. In the second article we look at gene splicing - it is ALL the rage now!! But are we about to save the world of humanity, or unleash our own Frankenoid? Or - unleash even more cancer....


MH 26: Omega 3s, PharmaLIED, Cancer & Food

In this episode of the Mad Health Podcast, Dr. Otto Janke takes some of the latest news and takes a look into how this can make us healthier. Firstly, we follow up on an article we reviewed last week . Take a look at the article as there is a GREAT chart showing the ALA mg found in plants. Awesome as ALA is up stream of the Omega 3s we either buy in the store, or from fish: DHA and EPA. Also a great article showing that YES, you don't...


MH 25: Fluoride, Frankenfish & YOU.

In this episode of the Mad Health podcast, Dr. Otto Janke takes a MAD look into: 2. At one time salmon was considered to be an absolutely fantastic food to eat with the many health benefits including a GREAT source of Omega 3 fatty acids. Now with the farming of salmon that grow at rates twice as fast as normal fish, have 'FRANKENFISH' been created? And what does THAT do to...


Mad Health 24: Top 10 Reasons our President loves Fast Food

I don't care if you are PRO or AGAINST our President. But on THIS issue you HAVE GOT TO MAKE A STAND. Take a side for stinking sakes already - are you PRO or AGAINST FAST FOOD? Our President has 10 reasons why he is PRO. And a few MAKE NO SENSE. (article comes from the Huffington Post) But first we talk about fluoride in water - more importantly, that fluoride can lower YOUR kids IQ. (from Environmental Health Perspectives ( and


Mad Health 23: I Don't Drink Milk (Oh NO!)

After having had a GREAT talk with Buddy and Shann last night it became EXTREMELY clear that WE, US, YOU and ME, US humans in America have a real tough time with FOOD. Not just the getting it or the affordability of it - but what the heck are we supposed to eat anymore?!! On this episode I break down why I don't drink cows' milk and what I drink instead.


The C Word

In the ancient times well before the internet grabbed hold of our every waking thought, the trickiest President of them all, Richard Nixon declared a WAR on cancer. How'd he do? Cancer: 1 (million) Humans: 0 (and losing more daily) Take a quick dive with me and let's stop talking about pink ribbons and finding the CURE, and let's START talking about you and me NOT having it.


Episode 20: I Love the Idea of Vaccines

I DO love the idea of vaccines; that we have a shot that truly protects us against a disease sounds profound. But is that what has really happened? And is there any opportunity for that same vaccine to cause damage to us, be lethal to us, and still be able to fight a bug? My biggest concern has to do with something that is rarely discussed when it comes to ANY vaccine, and that is, the blood brain barrier.


Episode 18: Tiger Woods, 5 Prescriptions and US

Recently, golfer Tiger Woods was pulled over and charged with DUI. This may not be shocking in today's news, but the crazy part was that Woods blew 0.00 on the breathalyzer. Not a drop of alcohol in him. So what made him intoxicated? 5 prescriptions!! On this episode of the Mad Health podcast, Dr. Otto Janke takes a deep dive into how our country now thinks THIS is a common occurrence. Article link:...


Episode 17 They are trying to Kill us

Why is it OK to be giving kids medications that even the maker is not sure how it works? Should that not fly even the smallest of red flags? Dr. Janke talks about Guanfacine, the adhd drug. Other Hits: Merck is revealed to have made a 'hit list' of doctors who would not sell one of their meds. And - Monsanto's big product 'Roundup' is labeled a cancer causer.


Episode 16: The call me Quack, Fraud, and Fake

Putting yourself out in the social hemisphere will naturally put you into the cross hairs of anybody who has time to call you a quack, fraud and fake. On this episode of the Mad Health podcast Dr. Otto Janke questions how one person said that for him to be a real doctor, he needs to have the hard core medical science behind him.


How to Slow Down Aging

Dr. Otto Janke takes a quick dive into how YOU can slow down the aging process and get back into LIFE. Some simple steps that can be done daily can have profound effects on not only how long you are around, but how you can live those years.


The Shit we call Health Care #1

On an undeniable rant on health care, Dr. Otto Janke pokes the bear of what is considered to be 'healthy' in America and some of the most common treatments that Americans go through. This is numbered #1 as there is NO DOUBT that he will raise this up again!!


Tiger Woods and Prescriptive DUIs

Over the Memorial Day weekend, golfer Tiger Woods was pulled over and charged with DUI - Driving while Under the Influence. Woods statement in the NY Times says that alcohol was not involved - that he was impaired due to the prescribed meds he was on. Think of the impact this could have on America knowing that Americans fill 13 prescriptions a year!


Episode 12 w Linda Morrison: The Ageless Wonder from Down Under

On this episode of the Mad Health Podcast Dr. Otto Janke takes a deep dive into YOU being healthier, becoming AGELESS, with Linda Morrison. Her new book 'The Ageless Body' can be found on Amazon, or at her website: After being hospitalized 10 times in 12 months Linda knew she had to take control of her health as no one else could. Her story is inspiring and riveting. We had much fun during this interview discussing health, longevity, America, and of course our...