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The regular podcast by @MAKEWODSGREATAGAIN & Niki Brazier where they share their perspectives on fitness, health, and obstacles facing the everyday athlete while having some fun along the way.

The regular podcast by @MAKEWODSGREATAGAIN & Niki Brazier where they share their perspectives on fitness, health, and obstacles facing the everyday athlete while having some fun along the way.


Lyndhurst, OH


The regular podcast by @MAKEWODSGREATAGAIN & Niki Brazier where they share their perspectives on fitness, health, and obstacles facing the everyday athlete while having some fun along the way.






Ep 124: Haley Adams

Haley comes back on the show to discuss her CrossFit Games experience, handcare maintenance, her most recent trip skydiving, and her plans for the holidays. This episode brought to you by: WODProof AIRWAAV FLEO Shorts


Ep 123: Saxon Panchik

In this episode Saxon Panchik joins us to discuss his experience on the CrossFit Games Demo Team and his thoughts on the Games as a whole. This episode brought to you by: AIRWAAV FLEO Shorts WODProof


Ep 122: Neal Maddox

OG Crossfit games Athlete Neal Maddox joins the show to discuss what is going on in his life, gym, and training. We chatted about the current climate and changes in crossFit plus he shares life lessons he has learned throughout his CrossFit journey. This episode brought to you by: AIRWAAV Fleo Shorts


Inclusion RX'd Ep 8: Athena "Bean" Perez

My guest this week is Athena "Bean" Perez who is the author of "Lifting the Wait" and owner of "Scaled Nation CrossFit". We spend time in this episode discussing the challenges of scaled athletes and how proper coaching and guidance can help them adapt to CrossFit in a way that makes them feel comfortable and welcome.


Ep 121: Holiday Gift ideas from John & Niki plus special guest Dr. Dena Garner with AIRWAAV

In this episode Niki and John discuss the best gift ideas for the CrossFitter in your life. We also had the opportunity to chat with Dr. Dena Garner from Airwaav Performance Mouthpiece about a new product that improves endurance, strength, and recovery.


Ep 120: Kelsey Kiel

Kelsey Kiel joins us to discuss her training for the US Olympic bobsled Team. This episode brought to you by Fleo Shorts


Inclusion RX'd Ep 7: Erick Hudson

Inclusion RX'd special guest is Erick Hudson. Erick a L2 CrossFit Coach and content creator for the IG page and YouTube channel @constantlyvariedfitness


Ep 119: Kari Pearce

CrossFit Games athlete, 3rd fittest woman in the world, and fittest American woman Kari Pearce joins us on the show to discuss her 2020 CrossFit Games experience.


Ep 118: Josh Bridges

CrossFit Games Athlete and LEGEND Josh Bridges joins us on the show to discuss his new podcast "Checkin' In", his YouTube Page @Josh Bridges , his coffee "Good Dudes Coffee" and everything else under the sun from his years competing to his knee surgery to the time he sold long distance.


Inclusion Rx'd Ep 6: Dwyne Shoemaker

Dwyne is a competitive CrossFit Judge and if you've attended CrossFit Sanctioned events like Wodapalooza or the Mid Atlantic CrossFit Championship (MACC) then you've probably seen him on the floor with the worlds best holding them to the highest standard. Dwyne and I had an opportunity to discuss his CrossFit journey, diversity and inclusion within the judging world, and his suggestions for helping make our gym rich in diversity and shared experiences.


Inclusion RX'd Ep 5: Logan Aldridge

Logan Aldridge runs the Adaptive Training Academy and passionately helps coaches and affiliate owners meets the needs of the adaptive community. Logan is also an amazing athlete in his own right. I think you will find this conversation thought provoking and educational.


Ep 117: 2020 CrossFit Games Recap with Niki & John

Niki is back from the 2020 CrossFit Games where she spent the weekend reporting on the action and interviewing the athletes. We recap the action and give our opinions on everything from athlete performance to the production itself.


Inclusion RX'd Ep 4: Breona Evans Wallin

In this episode of the "Inclusion RX'd" series I had the opportunity to chat with Breona Evans Wallin. Breona is a Titans Games competitor, 6x CrossFit Regionals athlete, and owns a CrossFit Affiliate with her husband called CrossFit Identity. We discuss her CrossFit experience, how to connect with gym members, tone at the top, how to choose a coaching staff, why her gym stayed with the CrossFit brand, and how to improve diversity in CrossFit.


Ep 116: CrossFit Games Preview w/special Guest Steph Chung

CrossFit Games athlete Steph Chung joins John & Niki to discuss the upcoming 2020 CrossFit Games


Inclusion RX'd Ep 3: Meredith Root

This week we are joined by CrossFit Games Athlete Meredith Root where we discuss how to be "not not-inclusive", culture starts at the top, lining your actions with your values, being sensitive to small details, and putting yourself in the shoes of marginalized members.


Ep 115: John & Niki - Music, CrossFit Gear, & all about us

In this episode we just freestyle chat about Van Halen, our musical influences and choices, CrossFit gear (mostly shoes) and tell the story of how we met. We also discuss the purpose of the new podcast series "Inclusion RX'd".


Inclusion RX'd Ep 2: Zionna Hanson, Founder of Barbells for Boobs

Episode 2 of our "Inclusion RX'd" series features Zionna Hanson, founder of Barbells for Boobs. Zionna spent time sharing what it's like to be a female led business/charitable organization in a mostly male led sport and what that experience has been like for her. We discuss the amazing work her group is doing helping those who have been impacted by breast cancer and how to get involved if you want to help as well as how to continue having open dialogue to help others.


Episode 114: Justin Medeiros

2020 Top 5 CrossFit Games Athlete Justin Medeiros joins us on the podcast to discuss his upcoming trip to Aromas to compete for the title "Fittest on Earth". We chat about his training, what it's like to be a student athlete, his amazing mullet, and even who he would be rooting for if he weren't competing.


Inclusion RX'd Ep 1: Senator Adam Hollier

Inclusion RX'd will be an ongoing podcast/video series discussing diversity and inclusion in CrossFit. This weeks guest is Senator Adam Hollier (D-Michigan). We spent time discussing using CrossFit to bond with others of differing views and how to talk to each other, "Getting out of our bubble", how to use community outreach to grow diversity in the gyms and why representation matters.


Ep 113: 2020 CrossFit Games Stage One review and recap with Niki & John

Niki is back from California and we are discussing Stage 1 of the 2020 CrossFit Games, production, programming, athletes, the fan experience, and everything in between.