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Talk to her: Arab women unveil taboos

Three film industry women talk mental health and violence. ‘Mamsous- Deranged’ is a short film about mental health and well-being through the story of three people, who share their experiences with clinical depression and panic attacks. It was directed by Shatha Masoud, an Emarati filmmaker who started her own advertising and video production business. Mamsous won the best ‘Muhr Emarati short film award’ in Dubai International Film Festival in 2016. Amal Alharbi who features in 'Mamsous'...


How do we find meaning when we are going to die?

Dr Khalid Ali, Medical Humanities film and media correspondent, interviews Dr Amy Hardie at the Sudan Independent Film Festival where she held a training workshop for film students. Dr Amy Hardie is a documentary film-maker with several international awards. Her documentary feature The Edge of Dreaming, was the first Scottish feature documentary to be selected for competition at IDFA in 2009 and was awarded the Grand Jury Prize, Kiev International Film Festival. She graduated from the...


Psychiatry, old age and relationships in Professor Robert Abrams’ words

Family relationships, traumas from childhood echo in love life, dementia and geriatrics. In this broad interview, Professor of Old Age Psychiatry, Robert Abrams (Weill Cornell University, New York, USA) tells the Screening Room editor of Medical Humanities Khalid Ali about his contributions to the journal. Robert Abrams was interviewed at the Cairo Medfest, the First Arab Forum for Medicine in Film, in January 2017. Please visit the Medical Humanities website ( and blog...


Auditory hallucinations, agoraphobia and extremism as portrayed by actor Ahemed Magdy

In this podcast, the Screening Room editor of Medical Humanities Khalid Ali explores the role of film in shining a light on mental illlness, dysfnctional families and the rise of religious fanaticism with Egyptian director Ahmed Magdy. Recently introduced to acting, Ahmed talks about his portrayal of three challenging characters: a young man imprisoned in his mother's house in 'Gate of Departure, Kareem Hanafi, 2015', an extremist who converts from Islam to Christianity in 'The preacher,...


Khaled Abol Naga: Acting as a calling and social activism

In this podcast, Khalid Ali meets Khaled Abol Naga, one of the most popular faces in Egypt and with strong links to the UK. He prefers to be introduced as an “actor”, but is also a well-known filmmaker, a UNICEF goodwill ambassador and a political activist. During his latest visit to London, Khaled Abol Naga spoke with the Screening Room Editor of Medical Humanities about his long and diverse career and how his characters taught him about the human condition, mental illness or age. They...


"To age or not to age", Tom Kinninmont about his co-writing "The Carer"

In this podcast, Tom Kinninmont, co-writer of the British film 'The Carer', tells Khalid Ali, Medical Humanities Screening Room Editor, the details of the picture which brings Parkinson's disease, ageing, care for old people, intergenerational problems, stardom egos and Shakespeare quotes all together to the big screen. In this conversation recorded during the Edinburgh film festival, where the film was screened in June, the Scottish writer with a long career in theatre and TV. also talks...


The Nightingales: Sudan's First women band: music for healing and hope

The three Sudanese sisters The Nightingales (or 'Al-balabil'), who have been singing for 45 years, are doing their first world tour. On their stop for a concert in London, at the end of May, they spoke with Khalid Ali, the Medical Humanities' Screening Room Editor, about their memories as children in Sudan and the power of their music in supporting people with illnesses. A conversation with a lot of music involved.


Film ‘Waiting’ - lives united by coma: interview with co-writer James Ruzicka

In this podcast, Dr James Ruzicka talks about the connection between the story of the film 'Waiting', which he co-wrote, and the real life of a doctor. ‘Waiting’ is directed by Anu Menon and explores the bond established between two people whilst their spouses lie in coma in an hospital. This is the first of two Medical Humanities' podcasts about the Indian film, which will be the closing night gala of the London Asian film Festival (LAFF), Tongues on Fire, on Sunday, 13th March 2016. It...


Bringing cinema to those with visual impairment, reporting from the Panorama of the European Film

The president of The Panorama of the European Film, Marianne Khoury, explores the new possibilities opened by the last edition of the festival in Cairo, including the new technologies allowing cinema for those with visual impairment. The film-maker introduced the event in Egypt more than a decade ago, presenting alternative cinema to the country. In this podcast, Marianne Khoury tells Khalid Ali about the other films in this festival, including her own 'Shadows-Zelal', which explores the...