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Mind Of A Mentor #76 - Olivia Cole (Cofounder & COO of GoDo Discovery Co)

Olivia Cole is Cofounder & COO of GoDo Discovery Co., a creative collective dedicated to finding and activating brand truth. GoDo is the merger of two Dallas-based entities: ad agency greenlight and collaborative meeting space HOWDO. With Olivia's leadership, GoDo Discovery Co.'s innovative approach has resulted in lasting relationships with many of their client partners, including Gold’s Gym, The Village, and Café Momentum. Olivia finds purpose through connecting with the passion that lies...


Mind Of A Mentor #75 - Susan Eckstein (Transformational Coach)

Susan Eckstein is a Speaker, Transformational Coach, and three-time Ironman Louisville finisher who helps her clients "do their impossible". Through her work, Susan encourages high achievers to create and realize a bigger vision for their lives. Susan began her career working in public relations. However, after accomplishing her dream of competing in her first Ironman Triathlon, Susan set her sights on a career that would combine her passion for fitness with her interest in helping others to...


Mind Of A Mentor #74 - Kate MacKinnon (Feng Shui Practitioner)

Kate MacKinnon is a Certified Feng Shui Practitioner. Her work combines the Eastern practice of Feng Shui with a Western aesthetic to create spaces of elegance and beauty that also transform lives. Prior to becoming a Feng Shui expert, Kate ran her own management technology consulting business. She was also a Vice President at JPMorgan Chase, a Fortune 100 financial services corporation. Kate first discovered Feng Shui while on a business trip in Hong Kong in 1999. Upon returning home, Kate...


Mind Of A Mentor #73 - Andrea Sager (Founder of Andrea Sager Law)

Andrea Sager is an attorney, entrepreneur, and the founder of Andrea Sager Law PLLC, a virtual law firm assisting small business owners. Andrea started her first business, a women's clothing boutique, while she was still in law school. After graduation, Andrea initially worked at a large law firm before realizing that her true passion was to run her own firm providing legal services for small business owners. Andrea's slogan -- "Dream it. Grow it. Protect it." -- reflects the ethos of...


Mind Of A Mentor #72 - Felicia Shakespeare (Founder of A Purpose Driven Woman)

Felicia Shakespeare is Founder of A Purpose Driven Woman LLC, a personal development company offering online & offline platforms where women have a safe space for personal and professional growth. Her book, "You Are Your Brand: Building from the Inside Out", shows how identifying and developing a personal brand can be used to build a successful future. Felicia is also the host of A Purpose Driven Woman podcast. On her show, she shares advice & wisdom and speaks with inspiring business,...


Mind Of A Mentor #71 - Sara Bamossy And Maristella Marinkovic (co-CEOs of Pitch)

Sara Bamossy and Marisstella Marinkovic are co-CEOs of the Los Angeles-based, full-service advertising agency, Pitch. The two women originally became known as an advertising power duo during their seven years working side by side at ad agency Saatchi & Saatchi. Together, Sara and Marisstella produced wildly successful campaigns that received coveted awards from Cannes Lions, the Effies, and Jay Chiat. Prior to their recent reunion at Pitch, Sara and Marisstella had independently left Saatchi...


Mind Of A Mentor #70 - Anna Blue

Anna Blue is Co-Executive Director at Girl Up, a global organization dedicated to helping young women recognize their power to generate positive social change. Founded by the United Nations Foundation in 2010, Girl Up advocates for the advancement of girls in developing countries by providing leadership development training and resources for young women to go on to make a positive difference in their communities. With over a decade of experience implementing education-and-activism-based...


Mind Of A Mentor #69 - Maureen Maldari (Cofounder & CEO of The BAM Connection)

Maureen Maldari is Cofounder & CEO of The BAM Connection, a full-service advertising agency that recently created the 2019 Super Bowl ad for Yellow Tail Wines. Other clients have included AmLactin and Keystone Canna Remedies. Prior to launching The BAM Connection, Maureen was President of WPP’s Grey’s Healthy People unit, managing over 350 people globally and $1 billion in agency billings. There, she led the growth of world-class marketers like GlaxoSmithKline and Procter & Gamble, working...


Mind Of A Mentor #68 - Ginny Naylor (Brand Manager for Babe Lash)

Ginny Naylor is the go-to Brand Manager for Babe Lash, a revolutionary product for natural eyelash enhancement. She has logged close to 20 years as a beauty industry maven, working as a hairstylist, makeup artist, and wellness consultant in addition to holding long-term roles in executive sales and management. After graduating from Brigham Young University with a dual degree in Latin American Studies and International Development, Ginny spent over four years living abroad. She is fueled by a...


Mind Of A Mentor #67 - Cher Cosenza (Cohost of the Speaking Volumes Podcast)

Cher Cosenza is a tv and film actress, private investigator, spokesmodel, and cohost of the “Speaking Volumes” podcast. Growing up outside of New York City, Cher demonstrated a passion for the arts and penchant for exploration from a young age. Her parents’ unwavering support enabled Cher to pursue the many things that sparked her curiosity--like modeling, theater, dance, and improv. Cher first discovered the world of private investigation when she began working as an undercover decoy. She...


Mind Of A Mentor #66 - Taylor Simpson (Mindset Coach and Business Strategy Expert)

Taylor Simpson is a mindset coach, business strategy expert, and motivational speaker who specializes in teaching people how to harness the power of their subconscious mind. Drawing on key principles from neuroscience and psychology, Taylor helps women learn how to identify and dissolve limiting beliefs in order to discover a higher sense of self-worth and create the life they want to be living. Prior to launching her own business empire, Taylor earned a master's degree in International...


Mind Of A Mentor #65 - Ashley Feinstein Gerstley(Founder and CEO of The Fiscal Femme)

Ashley Feinstein Gerstley is the founder and CEO of The Fiscal Femme, a financial wellness coaching service on a mission to get women wealthy as a means to ending gender inequality. She is the creator of The 30-Day Money Cleanse, a program that has helped thousands of women cultivate a harmonious relationship with money and achieve their financial goals. Ashley is the author of "The 30 Day Money Cleanse", a book that details the mindset and strategy behind her money coaching work. She wrote...


Mind Of A Mentor #64 - Kat Short (Founder of Tell Your Damn Story)

Kat Short is a writer, speaker, professional storytelling coach, and the founder of Tell Your Damn Story. Her work guides individuals and businesses to embrace the power of storytelling in order to make the right things happen in their career, business, and life. Drawing on her experience in communications, operations, and sales, Kat helps each one of her clients craft a meaningful and engaging narrative behind their "why". Kat built Tell Your Damn Story on her philosophy that telling the...


Mind Of A Mentor #63 - Dr. Ashley Hampton (Psychologist and Entrepreneurial Coach)

Dr Ashley Hampton is a licensed psychologist and entrepreneurial coach who helps female solopreneurs establish their brand's credibility and unique identity. She also teaches her clients new strategies for improving efficiency and sustainability in order to achieve a better work-life balance. Dr. Hampton gravitated toward entrepreneurship from a young age, running side hustles throughout her teens and twenties to make extra money on the side. After getting her graduate degree in psychology,...


Mind Of A Mentor #62 - Harper Spero

Harper Spero is a business coach and consultant who specializes in working with individuals who want to live, work, and earn on their own terms. During the first decade of her career, Harper became well-versed in leveraging businesses through her work in marketing, PR, event production, and social media. She worked with major brands like Avon, Johnson & Johnson, and Disney, while new and rising career opportunities propelled her through eight jobs in ten years. While running the social media...


Mind Of A Mentor #61 - Robyn Sayles (Founder of Launching Your Success)

Robyn Sayles is a personal branding expert and the founder of Launching Your Success. Through Launching Your Success, Robyn coaches entrepreneurs and runs workshops throughout the country, teaching methods for building brand identity that are personal, practical, profitable and fun. Robyn's unique presentation and leadership style combines her background in corporate training and sales with her improv performance experience. Robyn's coaching curriculum is built on her belief that when people...


Mind Of A Mentor #60 - Brittany Brave (Founder of Cat Call)

Brittany Brave is an NYC-based comedian who specializes in stand-up, improv, and sketch comedy. She has trained, taught, and performed comedy for over 15 years at places like UCB, Second City, and New York Comedy Festival. Brittany is also the founder of Cat Call (@wearecatcall), a nonprofit organization that puts on curated events with the goal of connecting women and spotlighting female talent and leadership. Leveraging her background in PR, marketing, and branding, Brittany continues to...


Mind Of A Mentor #59 - Alexandra Harper (Founder of Women of Culture)

Alexandra Harper is the founder of Women of Culture, a women’s social networking group that connects women who appreciate beauty, creativity and community. Women of Culture’s events exemplify NYC culture and operate with the goal of creating unique experiences that inspire attendees to learn, broaden their horizons and connect with a community. While building a career in marketing and graphic design, Alexandra noticed a lack of connection to the arts and other women in her own life. It...


Mind Of A Mentor #58 - Sarah Beaulieu (Founder of The Uncomfortable Conversation)

Sarah Beaulieu is a keynote speaker, trainer, writer and social entrepreneur dedicated to creating a world free of sexual harassment and violence. She has shared her personal story of sexual violence in front of thousands at TEDxBeaconStreet, Take Back the Night, and many other events, panels and conferences. Sarah is also Founder of The Uncomfortable Conversation, Inc. -- a nonprofit organization dedicated to normalizing conversations about sexual violence, especially for young men -- as...


Mind Of A Mentor #57 - Monica Rivera (Founder and host of "You Wanna Do What?")

Monica Rivera is the founder and host of "You Wanna Do What?!", a podcast about reconnecting with yourself and exploring your interests, ideas and dreams. Monica encourages her listeners to pursue the items on their bucket list through her relatable stories and strategies. Her podcast also features candid interviews with inspirational go-getters who have taken big risks with extraordinary results. This first-generation Latina spent years feeling stuck and creatively unfulfilled in her...