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Trigger upward spirals of health and happiness in your life by applying science backed inspiration, humor and research from happiness activist Andy Proctor. Interviews with top influencers in positive psychology and happiness activists in every field. | Follow me on Instagram @morehappylife and join the community at To call in and be a part of this podcast go to to download the app.

Trigger upward spirals of health and happiness in your life by applying science backed inspiration, humor and research from happiness activist Andy Proctor. Interviews with top influencers in positive psychology and happiness activists in every field. | Follow me on Instagram @morehappylife and join the community at To call in and be a part of this podcast go to to download the app.
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Trigger upward spirals of health and happiness in your life by applying science backed inspiration, humor and research from happiness activist Andy Proctor. Interviews with top influencers in positive psychology and happiness activists in every field. | Follow me on Instagram @morehappylife and join the community at To call in and be a part of this podcast go to to download the app.




84: Thriving Outside Your Comfort Zone with Megan Fairchild, Principal Dancer for NYC Ballet

"We all start somewhere." When Megan Fairchild started dancing at 4 years old, she didn't know she would become a principal dancer on the world-renown New York City Ballet. I had the pleasure of talking with Megan Fairchild today about her take on some of the key factors that affect human happiness. We talked about positive emotions like inspiration and hope, we discussed resilience and diversifying your friendships, she talked about how her practice of meditation transformed her life at...


83: Believing an Inner Lie Creates Unhappiness: With Best-Selling Author Kim Fiske

We all have a little voice inside our head that is telling us a story. Most of just let that voice chatter uncontrollably. The problem is that the voice tends to get more and more negative over the years until we begin to live according to a story that is not even true. We literally begin to live a lie. Today I interviewed Kim Fiske, best-selling author of The Monster Under The Bed: Uncovering the Lie That Drives Us. We covered a lot in this interview, but the main takeaway for me was that...


82: Jumpstart Positive Emotions With Your Body

If our emotions affect our posture and body language, could our body language and posture affect our emotions? Studies say that it can! This is exciting because if you aren't feeling great emotionally some days, you can do things with your body to send a message to your brain that could result in more positive emotions. This episode talks about how this works and what you can do to make this happen today. Take my happiness course here: Take my instagram...


81: Why Sleep 😴 is Essential for Happiness and How to Sleep Better

Today's episode covers how sleep is so important for our wellbeing and how big of a problem sleep deprivation is in today's world. I give you real strategies on how to improve your sleep and we even talk about some of the greatest ideas that have ever come about that were inspired by dreams or sleep. At the end I talk about an exciting program my wife and I are participating in called CAPP (Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology). It's a 7 month program where we will dive deep into the...


80: Happiness is Resilience

Do I ever get tired of talking about happiness? No. Here is why in this episode. I also cover the answer to the question: "Are you ever unhappy as a happiness expert?" I was grateful for the awesome people who called in and commented and asked questions. I always love it when you ask thought provoking questions that get the conversation going about how to live a more happy life! Enjoy. Become a supporter of this podcast:


79: How Your Poop 💩 Affects Your Happiness - Aubrey Phelps from BIOHM

There is a strong correlation between our gut health and our mental health. From personal experience with my wife and myself, we have seen the direct correlation between our gut microbiome and our happiness and health. I have been curious about this for a while so I have been testing my fecal samples with multiple companies. I reached out to one that I thought was very interesting called Biohm ( They agreed to send me a kit to do a test and sequence a sample of my...


78: The Neuroscience of Vision Boards with Taylor Proctor

Have you ever wondered about what the science is behind the secret or the law of attraction? Well, I ran into Taylor Proctor who trains people on how to create a vision board. When I first saw this, I was a little skeptical, but when she started explaining the neuroscience behind vision boards, I was genuinely intrigued. So I decided to have her on the show. We talk about how to create a vision board, and why the brain needs something like this if we want to make our dreams a reality with...


77: Five Killers of Anxiety - Backed by Science (and personal experience)

In this episode I talk about the five ways I have tackled my anxiety. All of these were things that I read about in research. Most based on Kelly McGonigal's (from Stanford) research in her book The Upside of Stress. They are: 1. Embrace it 2. Tell Your Story 3. Values 4. Challenge VS Threat 5. Ashwagandha root I hope you take something in this that can help you with your anxious moments and that you share these with others who struggle with anxiety. This has changed my life. I hope it makes...


76: Creating Positive Disruptions With Jessie Gardner from Hey Soul

This episode features Jessie Gardner from Hey Soul ( She was kind enough to send me one of her gift boxes (The Calm Box). As someone who has struggled with anxiety and panic attacks, it helped to create multiple beautiful experiences that I have highlighted on my instagram account. In this episode we talked about some really powerful principles that I think are so important to our happiness. Things like the power of rituals for happiness, how to create a positive disruption...


75: Why is Happiness So Critical? Interview with Kyla Mitsunaga

I had an amazing interview with Kyla Mitsunaga who is a happiness coach in Korea. She is a ball of powerful positive energy! We became instant friends and I really loved our conversation! I wanted to share this interview with you. We originally did this on Kyla's YouTube channel and you can find that here if you want to see our amazing facial expressions as well: Things we covered in this podcast: 1. Taking a break from social media 2. How to deal with negative...


74: Authenticity Discussion With Suze (The Authenticity Challenge)

Today I chatted with Suze from The Authenticity Challenge. We had a discussion about authenticity. This is really a hot topic for me. Social media almost forces anyone who uses it to have two different selves to live up to and if we aren't careful we can lose track of who we really are. Suze is pretty audacious in her adventures of authenticity and she is passionate about sharing this audacity with others. We were able to talk through some of these things and other questions like: How do you...


73: Social Media Fasting and Happiness; 7 Things I Experienced Taking a Week Break from Technology

I haven't posted to social media or the podcast for almost two weeks now. In this episode I briefly tell why and talk about what I experienced during my social media fast. Have you ever taken a break from your smartphone and social media? How did you feel? What did you learn? Become a supporter of this podcast:


72: Accelerate Your Happiness With AI - Recap of IPEN's AI Summit

In this episode I recap the appreciative inquiry summit where over 800 delegates from all over the world gathered to be inspired and to decide how move forward in changing their part of the world with positive education and positive psychology. I had the amazing opportunity to interview Dr. Martin Seligman, the founder of positive psychology and ask him what needs to happen for positive psychology to reach more people in the world. I also got to interview the founder of Appreciative Inquiry,...


71: Seven Ways to BEAT LONELINESS from the Perspective of a Man

Studies show that chronic loneliness can be worse for your health than smoking 15 cigarettes per day. So why aren't we focusing on beating it? Today's episode is close to home for me. Andy Proctor, the one who is all about social media and connecting thousands of people and helping them to be happier, has suffered from loneliness for years. Yes, that's me. I have wrestled with this ever since I was divorced and then I really struggled with it when a mental health event created a major faith...


70: Make Less Decisions = More Fulfillment in Life

How many decisions do you have to make every single day? The less decisions you have to make, the more space you’ll have to do things that are meaningful to you and that have to do with you ultimate purpose in life. Become a supporter of this podcast:


69: How to Say NO With Grace and Why Its Critical to Happiness

We all face those moments where we feel like saying no will ruin our relationship or turn us into the bad guy. In this episode we discuss how to say no gracefully and why it is critical for our short term and long term happiness and well being. Become a supporter of this podcast:


68: Prime Environments for Happier Living

Does willpower help you to improve happiness? Studies show that willpower is not sustainable for lasting change in our life. Today’s episode talks about how environmental changes can create virtuous upward cycles of personal transformation that will boost your life to a more happy state in a sustainable way. I take this from the research and writings of Benjamin Hardy PhD, the number one writer on Enjoy! Become a supporter of this podcast:


67: How to Live to Be 99 - Backed by my Grandma (& Science)

Today my grandma turned 99. WOW! It was a very special day for her and for our whole family. Not many people live that long. I am amazed at how long she has lived and love hearing the wisdom from someone who just entered her 100th year of life! I can't stop bragging about it. Amazing. But how does one live longer? Unfortunately, I didn't get any audio from my grandma today, but I already set up a time to record her next week where we will go into depth about how she has lived well the last...


66: Marathon Mindsets From US Olympian Jared Ward

This week's episode is an interview with Olympic marathon runner Jared Ward. Marathons are so commonly used as metaphors for life, so I thought it would be powerful to interview an actual olympic marathon runner to see how the research in positive psychology lines up with the marathon running of someone who has run on a United States Olympic team. I learned SO much from Jared on our call. Things like: -The "can do" mindset and being empowered by the reality that the best possible outcome CAN...


65: This is Your Brain on Hope - The Hope Circuit: Scientific Proof of Curing Depression

Martin Seligman’s research on learned is possibly the most cited set of research in the academic journals of psychology. However, 50 years later, he has admitted that he was wrong. Very exciting research on the neuroscience of helplessness and control has proven that we can literally destroy helplessness. This episode needs out about this research and poses the question to you of how we can apply this to improve our life and increase our sense of control over the situations that are...