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Empowering mountain athletes for outdoor adventure.

Empowering mountain athletes for outdoor adventure.


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Empowering mountain athletes for outdoor adventure.






Meet Jessie Coomer - Personal Trainer, Breathwork Practitioner, Author

Jessie Coomer makes a special appearance this week on the Mountain Wellness Podcast. Mike and Corey dig into his past and learn how he found and developed his practice to heal himself and then used those results to help others. A true story you wouldn't expect!


Corey Reed Episode 2

In 2005 after a heavy night of partying Corey was involved in a Traumatic car accident which left him a blind amputee. Corey discusses with Mike in depth The details of that tragic night and talks about what it was like waking up from a coma blind and with no leg. Strap in for intense eyewitness accounts as Corey Reed battles for his life in this in Depth Podcast. Featuring: Paramedic Nathan Wilmarth And Mike Reed


Corey Reed's Story Episode 1

The Mountain Wellness story unfolds as Corey Reed leaves nothing off the table In this first epic episode of his youth growing up in Southern California. Baseball, Firefighters, and yup even Sylvester Stallone story's in this epic ride!


Thriving in Winter

Winter has some interesting effects on our biology, in particular the exposure to more artificial light and less natural light due to the fact we just spend more time inside. In this episode Mike and Corey talk about the beneficial effects of natural sunlight and the destructive effects of indoor lighting and give you some bio hacks to upgrade your performance through the winter months.


Reflections on 2020

Happy New Year! Pull up a chair with Mike and Corey as they reflect on 2020. They talk about how the pandemic inspired them to start the podcast, why maintaining a positive mindset and being willing to adapt and overcome, will keep you moving forward even during these uncertain times.


Mountain stories with Rob Bueschen

In this episode long time friend Rob Bueschen comes on the show for the second edition of mountain stories. Corey gets lost on his way to the recovery den which triggers Mike to send out a search and rescue party. They have some good laughs reminiscing about a Rock climbing adventure they all went on in the Eastern Sierra Nevada mountains and are reminded why you choose your climbing partners wisely.


The New Mountain Athlete Recovery Den

In this episode Corey records for the first time at the new Mountain Wellness recovery den. They reflect on some of moments that led him to this point and share some great stories that happen along the way.


COVID 19 - Flu season

Corey and Mike give you strategies to prepare for an unprecedented pandemic and flu season, while Corey is in an all out effort to finish the new mountain athlete recovery den. Corey explains how natural sunlight can play a role in defending against viruses. Mike talks about how some hospitals treat your lung recovery after COVID- 19. Can breathwork improve your odds?


Recovery for Mountain Athletes

In this episode Mike and Corey give some recovery tips for mountain athletes. They talk about how to address soft tissue injuries, why strength training is important, how to address aches and pains on the trail, the importance of electrolyte mineral balance, and give some self mobility tips you can do at home.


Backcountry Video Production

What’s the best camera for backcountry travel? What’s just as important as the camera you pick? When is the best time to shoot? Corey and Mike take you back to the beginning of their ten year friendship. Corey needed a camera guy and Mike had just bought a camera. They share their audio video background and give you some great tips on how to film in the backcountry. Checkout some of their latest videos here:


The Evolution of Risk

Corey works on the ultimate client experience as construction continues on the new Mountain Wellness recovery den in Helena Montana. Mike heads to Ojai CA to get some mountaineering instruction so he can begin climbing routes again. They both reminisce and talk about mitigating risk in The backcountry and the evolution of risk for the mountain athlete.


Nutritional Ketosis

In this episode you will learn what it means to be in nutritional ketosis. Corey and Mike talk about how it can benefit mountain athletes with performance and overall longevity. They talk about the shortfalls of the keto diet, why you might want to start intermittent fasting, and give some fueling strategies you can start implementing to achieve nutritional ketosis.


Take your fat to the next level!

Corey and Mike shift gears from the previous episodes and jump into some health and performance talk. Corey drops some knowledge bombs on how mountain athletes can utilize fat to increase performance and overall longevity. They discuss avoiding vegetable oils at all cost, what fats you should be consuming, and give some tips on how to get more healthy fats in your diet.


Elkhorn Mountains Montana

It's all happening at once! Corey and Mike introduce Dawnell Fuller as the new event coordinator for Mountain Wellness and she executes a daring plan to change event locations just day's before the event. Corey finishes moving just in time for Mike's arrival to Montana. While the Mountain Wellness retreat is happening Corey is in the middle of lease negotiations on a larger Mountain Wellness Recovery Den. Corey and Mike are stunned by what Dawnell manages to pull...


Windstorms and Hail

Adventuring episode! Corey learns the details of an extended backcountry trip Mike took on the John Muir Trail. With the group underfed and out of toilet paper, Mike shares how the beginning of the fast-pace trip created a few trip ending issues that had to be addressed.


Mountain Stories

Since we don’t get the option of sitting around a campfire with friends sharing our favorite adventure stories, we thought why not bring it to the podcast! Grab your favorite drink and sit back and relax. It’s time for the first edition of mountain stories with Corey and Mike. They both share personal stories of bear encounters, Corey getting caught in a blizzard on a backcountry snowmobiling trip in Grand Mesa Colorado, and much more! Bonus: find the bear in the image above approaching our...


Metabolic flexibility

In this episode, Corey and Mike discuss nutrition, Fueling strategies, and the overall importance of metabolic flexibility for mountain athletes. Corey talks about why we should not rely on one particular diet but instead understand how macro nutrients are metabolized and are used for different Energy demands.


Mountain Wellness Update

In this episode, Corey and Mike talk about Corey’s unique experience coaching an international corporate wellness seminar on breath work, the expansion of the Mountain Wellness Recovery Den, and Mike’s upcoming backpacking trip where he’s attempting 80 miles on the John Muir trail in the Eastern Sierra Nevada mountains with only a month to train.



Breathwork is a powerful tool for optimizing health and performance for mountain athletes. In this episode, Corey and Mike discuss their personal relationship with breathwork, The importance of high tolerance to carbon dioxide as it relates to high elevation, The benefits of nasal breathing, and how you might start incorporating it into your training


Morning Routine

In this episode, Corey and Mike break down their morning routine. They talk movement, hydration, nutrition, supplementation, breath work, personal development tactics, and morning rituals.