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New Soul Radio with Ruby Bedi - How to be YOU in Today's World: Recalibrate to the Cosmic Consciousness

Recalibrate: There comes a time in our lives when we take a good look into our mind and take inventory of our dreams, ideas and goals. We look at who we are and what we truly want. More than ever, that time is Now. In the current environment of social and political change, we are being forced to look into the mirror. Our personal and collective chaos is pushing us to open our eyes and choose our realities as the old ones may not be working for us. When time shifts, everything shifts. We are...


New Soul Radio with Ruby Bedi - How to be YOU in Today's World: The 1st Declaration- ADAPT TO THE NEW SPEED OF TIME

For the first time ever, humanity can adapt to the new speed of time. In this era of increased speed of time, space, thoughts, learning and absorption of ideas, the old way of setting goals is powerless. The new overarching goal is to live spontaneously from moment to moment with optimal agility and flexibility, while accepting the speed of the change.Watch LIVE on Facebook Go to:


New Soul Radio with Ruby Bedi - How to be YOU in Today's World: New Soul Science - What Does it Mean for YOU?

The Powerhouse, the Source has changed therefore there is a new set of Declarations for the Soul, New Codes, New Rules for the best possible outcomes. It's time for New habits, a New Way doing things, New Behaviour Patterns. Tune-in and learn about Ruby Bedi's tools to support your transformation.Watch LIVE on Facebook: Go to Soul SciencetradeAn 8 week introductory course with Ruby BediSIGN UP NOW