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Welcome to the ‘No Excuses’ Podcast by Tough Mudder. A place where Mudder Nation can come together to hear deep-dive conversations with fitness + health experts, everyday athletes and community members. Join us every Wednesday as we uncover the stories and inspiration that make this community so great. Hosted by Sean Corvelle.

Welcome to the ‘No Excuses’ Podcast by Tough Mudder. A place where Mudder Nation can come together to hear deep-dive conversations with fitness + health experts, everyday athletes and community members. Join us every Wednesday as we uncover the stories and inspiration that make this community so great. Hosted by Sean Corvelle.


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Welcome to the ‘No Excuses’ Podcast by Tough Mudder. A place where Mudder Nation can come together to hear deep-dive conversations with fitness + health experts, everyday athletes and community members. Join us every Wednesday as we uncover the stories and inspiration that make this community so great. Hosted by Sean Corvelle.








The Rebirth of an American Soldier with Noah Galloway

In this episode, Sean Corvelle sits down with Sergeant Noah Galloway, who is an adaptive athlete and a huge part of the Tough Mudder community. Noah is a veteran who lost his arm and leg in Iraq and has since become an inspiration. Noah opens up about his depression, his military story, fitness, being outside your comfort zone, and more. Check out Noah’s book, Living with No Excuses- A Remarkable Rebirth of an American Soldier here. Donate to his No Excuses Charitable Fund here. Connect...


Being A Female Football Coach in a Male-Dominated World with Cristi Bartlett

With a long list of experience in the football industry both on the collegiate and professional levels, Cristi Bartlett shows us that you can do anything you put your mind to, even when society says otherwise. Going from an Intern with the Tennessee Titans to the current Director of Strength and Conditioning AD at NC State University proves just that. In this episode, Cristi recalls her upbringing and journey to where she is today, and how she advocates for Black women. Check out Cristi...


Cannabis-Fueled Running with Josiah Hesse

In this episode, Sean Corvelle sits down with the author of Runner’s High- How a Movement of Cannabis-Fueled Athletes is Changing the Science of Sports, Josiah Hesse. The investigative journalist began experimenting with running and taking cannabis edibles at the age of 29. Now, Josiah writes about politics, marijuana, and evangelical culture and theology, and is a regular contributor to The Guardian and Vice. Listen to his discussion about cannabinoids and their involvement with athletics,...


How to Live a Brave Life with Amber Rees & Lindsey Clayton

Listen as two best friends talk body image, running, empowerment, and so much more. Amber Rees and Lindsey Clayton are certified run coaches, marathoners, Puma sponsored athletes, senior instructors at Barrys, and the founders of Brave Body Project. BBP is a space for people to celebrate their strength and connect through their passion for fitness, body empowerment, and the pursuit of living a brave life. Learn more about Brave Body Project here. Connect with Amber & Lindsay on...


Going “ALL IN” with Gian Paul Gonzalez

Sean Corvelle sits down with fellow “Mirror Man'' and motivational speaker, Gian Paul Gonzalez. As the Founder and Executive Director of The Hope & Future Foundation, Gian Paul provides health and wellness programs for youth. He inspires people with his “ALL IN” lifestyle shown through his students, programs, and teams, including the New York Giants. Stick around until the end of the podcast to hear Gian Paul's take on the Tri-State Tough Mudder he did last weekend. Learn more about The...


Coping With The Loss of My Husband After 9/11 | Denise Olsen

On the eve of the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, we’re sitting down with Denise Olsen, wife of Jeffery Olsen, a firefighter who lost his life as a first responder. She tells us the story of what she remembers about the day of the attacks, being under a microscope while coping, how she’s used fitness to heal and so much more. Be sure to follow Denise Olsen on Instagram (@Strong_and_Soulful) to watch her “ruck” from Boston to New York City this week and to receive updates on her book,...


Emotional Abuse and Overtraining Young Athletes | Mary Cain

At age 17, Mary Cain was the fastest girl in the country and the youngest American Track and Field athlete to make a World Championship. In 2019, she published her story in the New York Times, exposing the emotional and mental abuse she faced in the Nike Oregon Project, which is now defunct. Today, Mary is the CEO and President of Atalanta New York. In this episode, Mary Cain discusses falling in love with running, abuse in women’s sports, mental health, eating disorders, and so much...


From Special Forces to Ultra Obstacle Course Racing with Evan Perperis

“The Ultra OCR Man,” Evan Perperis, served in the United States Army Special Forces, allowing him to excel in the extreme sport of Ultra Distance Obstacle Course Racing as a result of 44 cumulative months of combat experience. In this episode, Evan discusses overcoming challenges, giving back, living life to the fullest, combat stress, the Infinite Hero Honor Challenge and more. Find information about the Infinite Hero Honor Challenge here. Read “What is the Infinite Hero Honor Challenge?”...


Women in the Weight Room and Body Image with Girls Gone Strong's Molly Galbraith

In this episode, Sean Corvelle sits down with Molly Galbraith, Co-founder and Woman-in-Charge at Girls Gone Strong (GGS), to discuss body image, self worth, societal awareness, and so much more. In 2011, Molly and six other women founded GGS, a worldwide movement dedicated to women’s health, strength, and empowerment. Today, GGS is the world’s premier education company providing women with evidence-based, women-specific health, fitness, nutrition, and pregnancy information. Check out Girls...


The Importance of Improving Your Gut Health with Nishtha Patel

In this episode, Nishtha Patel discusses living a holistic lifestyle, the impact of technology on the body, mindful eating, how the gut affects our health and so much more. Nishtha, The Gut Expert, is a Fully Qualified Functional Health Clinical Practitioner and Nutritional Therapist who devotes her time to help people improve and maintain their health and well-being through diet and nutrition. Connect with Nishtha: -Website: -Instgram: @thegutexpert_ -Facebook Group:...


The Power of Our Mindset with Wheelchair Athlete Jesi Stracham

Since becoming a parapeligic after a motorcycle accident 6 years ago, Jesi Stracham has become an inspiration to people all over. Jesi has completed 10 Tough Mudders all from a wheelchair and teaches us to live our full purpose in life and help others. As the founder of Wheel With Me Foundation, the owner of Wheel With Me Consulting, and a fitness and growth coach, Jesi works to teach individuals the power of our mindset. Check out Jesi’s Nonprofit here: Wheel With Me Foundation Connect...


Jennifer King - The Road to Becoming the First Black Woman to Coach Full-Time in the NFL

Jennifer King holds the title of the first Black woman to become a full time football coach and is currently the Assistant Running Back coach for the Washington Football Team. Her successful career in sports is not just beginning though, as she was a star multi-sport athlete all her life, along with serving as the head coach for the Johnson & Wales women’s basketball team. In this episode, Jennifer discusses how she got to where she is today, along with the importance of different...


Mental Health and Redefining Your Mind with Veteran Earl Granville

After becoming an amputee and the passing of his brother Joe, who took his own life while they were serving on active duty back in 2010, Earl Granville now spends most of his time traveling the country as a public speaker. Sean Corvelle sits down with the veteran, warrior, and motivational speaker, who introduces a better way of being by providing you with the tools you need to redefine your mind to create a space necessary for important positive shifts in your life. This episode covers...


Hydration & Nutrition in Sports Performance with Dr. Bob Murray

Sean Corvelle sits down with ”the father of the formula” Bob Murray PhD FASCM, founder of Stage Hydration. Bob was formerly co-founder and Director of the Gatorade Sports Science Institute for 23 years before launching Stage Hydration. In this episode, he debunks common myths and misconceptions about hydration and shares how to properly use electrolytes and fuel our bodies. You can find Stage Hydration electrolytes at our hydration stations at every Tough Mudder event this year. Find more...


Overcoming Your Limited Beliefs with Natalie Jill

Sean Corvelle sits down with Natalie Jill, fat loss expert and high performance coach, to discuss her physical and mental health journey, F.A.T. (false assumed truths), running a business, and more. Hear more from Natalie in her recent book, Aging in Reverse, and her podcast, Listen Up. Connect with Natalie on social: -Instagram: @nataliejillfit -Facebook: Natalie Jill Fit -Youtube: Natalie Jill Fitness -Website: * Find your next Tough Mudder event here. Can’t...


5,425 Miles, 275 Days, and 31 Pairs of Shoes with Matty + Alicia Gregg

5,425 miles, 275 days, and 31 pairs of shoes later... In this episode, we are back with Matty Gregg, this time accompanied by his wife Alicia. They discuss their experiences while Matty ran across America, how they met, and what they learned. From being mistaken as a bomber to saving a snapping turtle, it was a wild run. Be sure to look out for Matty’s two upcoming books. Connect with Matty on social: -Instagram: @mattygreggruns -Twitter: @mattygreggruns -Website:...


CEO's Joe De Sena + Kyle McLaughlin on the Tough Mudder and Spartan Rivalry

Spartan CEO Joe De Sena sits down with Tough Mudder CEO Kyle McLaughlin to talk about their past rivalry, the behind-the-scenes of the public acquisition, Joe's experience running a Tough Mudder and so much more. A conversation long in the making that you don't want to miss. Get your tickets for the Tough Mudder/Spartan Combo Event HERE: * Find your next Tough Mudder event here: Can’t get enough of Mudder Nation? Check out our blog:...


Celebrating Black History + Black Joy: Juneteenth Roundtable

The Senate has passed a bill to establish Juneteenth National Independence Day a federal holiday. Juneteenth recognizes and marks the emancipation of formerly enslaved African Americans, commemorating the date in 1865 when slaves in Galveston, Texas, learned of their freedom. Sean Corvelle sits down with 5 incredible guests to discuss their relationship with the holiday. They dive into the impact of the murder of George Floyd, how they’re healing from generational trauma and how they...


Triathlon Training and Entrepreneurship with Ritch Viola

“Take care of each other and take care of our planet.” CEO and Founder of Every Man Jack, Ritch Viola, discusses his life before, during, and after the launch of his environmentally-friendly company for men. He sits down with Sean to talk about his journey of starting a company while balancing triathlon training and being a father. He discusses how he compartmentalizes different aspects of his life and focuses on the task at hand in order to be truly present. Every Man Jack is the...


Being Gay in the NFL with Ryan O'Callaghan

“I’ve spent 30 years planning on dying, and now I have to figure out how to live.” In this episode we sit down with former pro athlete, Ryan O’Callaghan, to discuss his experience hiding his sexuality throughout his life and football career. He talks about societal pressures, relationships with his friends and family, struggles with suicide, addiction, and more. Since retiring from the NFL, Ryan has focused his life on changing minds and empowering people, while raising money to support...