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#107: When Simple Is Profound

We are not equipped for the speed of the 21st century. Simple practices can show you how to adapt. Meet Johnny Gillespie—a master mechanic of body and mind with decades of experience teaching simple ways to move and breathe more efficiently and live with more integrity and joy. In this episode we talk about morning routines, essential practices for healthy living and, of course, living in flow. Tune in for a delightful conversations between old friends chock full of laughter and ah-ha's....


#106: Don’t Forget To Seize This Day

Carpe this diem! Are you showing up fully for this precious day? In this episode I pose a bunch of questions that may rock you, disturb you, and even piss you off. Here's the deal, it's easy to take advantage of our days by assuming we've got all the time in the world. We take advantage of our days with crappy habits, toxic relationships and by wasting hours with our nose in our phone. On the other hand, start looking at how you're spending your days and you may very well wake up to an...


#104: Finding White Space

White Space. They are moments, minutes, or hours of unscheduled time when you stop doing stuff and simply experience life as in real time. One of the benefits of getting older is being able to predict on Monday morning how I'm likely to feel by Friday afternoon. This crystal ball shows up as my color-coded weekly calendar. The more color on my spreadsheet, the more I need to pay attention. Here's why: A loaded calendar means more activity and the need to be vigilant about self-care. Less...


#103: What Makes You High? What Are You Waiting For?

Get high on life. Step up to the plate and bang this day out of the park. Consider this, what makes you high and what if it sounds crazy, and is different than how you're living right now? What really makes you high? Tick tock, tick tock. C'mon just answer the question. These days are going by fast. If we don't take the time to know what makes our heart sing, we may die wondering. Don't die wondering. Pause. Be willing to get real with yourself and name what makes you high. Then, go and...


#102: Stop With The Self-Help

Stop wasting your time on self-help. Instead, lean into what makes you come alive. Do you know what makes your heart sing? If not go find out. And then go do it. In this fiery episode Cara encourages you to get off the self-help hamster wheel and get back to living your life. Stop the self-loathing and the shame. Stop the constant and never-ending improvement. Instead of wasting your time with self-help books and stuff you don’t like to do, lean into what makes you come alive. Spend more of...


#101: Don’t Die Wondering. Come Alive Today.

Feeling fully alive. Schedule some into your day, week and month. What does it feels like to come alive? When was the last time you felt exhilarated or electrified? What were you doing and who were you with? In this episode Cara challenges you to think about what lights you up and makes your heart sing. Furthermore, she explores what happens when we get stuck in patterns and ruts and how to intentionally schedule ways to come alive into your daily routine, week, month and year. In addition,...


#100: Blow Your Mind With Sky Gazing

When your mind feels frantic or frazzled try sky gazing. In this episode, Cara explains why this micro-practice opens our mind. You’ll learn how catching a glimpse of the expansive sky is not only settling, it’s downright mind blowing. Furthermore, discover how this simple Tibetan Buddhist practice comes from the tradition of Dzogchen aimed at discovering and continuing in the natural state of being. Not only does sky gazing offer us a glimpse into our natural sense of clarity, this practice...


#99: Try This Micro-Practice To Find Your Flow In 15 Minutes

Photo by Andrik Langfield on Unsplash Learn this 15 minute micro-practice and shift into flow—your optimal state of focused attention and effectiveness. There's a reason the typical TED talk lasts around 15 minutes. Research shows that our focus starts to drift at the 10-15 minute mark of a talk or lecture. In other words, our attention has a shelf life. In this episode Cara offers you a micro-practice, or quick strategy, to make the most of your finite attention span. She explains how to be...


#98: The Fierce Urgency of Now

Cara talks about the fierce urgency of now, how to not miss this moment, and not miss your life. Tomorrow is today. Do you sense the fierce urgency of now? Now. It’s elusive and slippery. Now. It’s all we have—and it’s going by fast. Stuck in our head, preoccupied with “he said, she said,” we miss the moment that we’re in. Poof. It’s gone, never to happen again. How do we show up right now? How do we not miss this moment? These questions and more drive me into my daily body-mind practices....


#97: Below the Stream of Busyness

Busyness. Is it your middle name? Find out why time away from routine shows us what we are so busy doing. Busyness, it's a national addiction. When was the last time you hung out with nothing on your schedule? Are you an obsessive list maker, planner or organizer or forever seeking self improvement? If so, you may be harboring unconscious and even addictive patterns of behavior resulting in low-level stress or anxiety. Learn how taking an hour or two a week without your phone, lists, plans...


#96: Your “Hell Yeah” Wake-Up Call

Photo Say no more often leaves room to say, “HELL YEAH!” I'm still buzzing from a powerful exercise I (sort of) made up about finding my "hell yeah." It's inspired by the bestseller Tools of Titans in which author Tim Ferriss engages with programmer-philosopher Derek Sivers about saying hell yeah and saying no. Sivers writes: "If I’m not saying “HELL YEAH!” about something, then I say no. If I feel anything less than “Wow! That would be amazing! Absolutely! Hell Yeah!” — then my answer is...


#95: The Power Of Pause

Photo by Dominik Martin on Unsplash Power pause. Discover how to up your game and perform your best. We are starving for stillness and silence in our culture. Doesn’t it seem like there is noise and chaos everywhere? The truth is that the world is not going to slow down and get less noisy simply because you want it to. You have to commit to taking time to pause. I’ve grown to appreciate that pausing truly is golden. Taking breaks settle me in a matter of minutes. I didn’t always feel this...


#94: No Speed. No Struggle.

[rebroadcast] Speed creates struggle. Slow down and stop moving so fast. Let's talk about stress and struggle and how we race around town. There's the obvious physical speed but there's also mental and emotional speed. Learn to notice speed and how running too fast causes accidents and mistakes. Discover how to pause and slow your life down. How to slow down? Try these tips. Sticky notes - Put simple messages around your home, office (and car) to slow down. Bells - Use dings and boings to...


#93: Solitude: Are You Getting Yours?

Being alone is not time wasted. Solitude is time well spent. Do you spend time alone? Where do you find solitude? Also, what do you do when by yourself? In this episode I pose these questions and more and encourage you to meet yourself in the quiet spaces of your mind. More importantly I share how it's precisely in those quiet spaces in which you unlock your true yearning and wisdom. How do you find solitude away from outside influence, in your own inner whispering, in your own radiant...


#92: Stop It! There Is No Normal.

There is no normal so why are you trying to control everything? Life is unpredictable. But you already know that. There is no normal even though you wish there was. But you already know that too. What you may not be aware of is that when you try to make life predictable (and normal) you set yourself up for more stress. In other words, try to control life—situations and people—and suffering rolls right in. Consider what you are trying to normalize (or control). Get honest about the people and...


#91: Get Out Of Your Mind And Live Body-First

Live body-first. Shift beyond just thinking about life into the full sensory flow of life. Do you ever feel like a brain on a stick, drowning in mental chatter and disconnected from your body? Learn how to get out of your mind and live body-first and in flow where you experience less thinking more being. In this episode Cara describes how living in flow is at the tip of your nose and the soles of your feet. She talks about how being stuck in your thoughts disconnects you from your body and...


#90: Why Being Stable is Sexy

Stability is not only sexy, it's downright powerful. Stability gets a bad rap. In our culture of more and better and “new and shiny” being steady and stable seems boring and unattractive. I beg to differ. As a teacher and coach I witness transformation every day. When we learn to settle down and steady our body and mind we quickly become clearer, brighter, and yes, sexier. In this episode I talk about three types of stability—physical, mental and emotional—and why being stable in not only...


#89: Waking Up is Both a Blessing and a Curse

Waking up. Get underneath your mental clutter to see what's really going on. Waking up. It’s the buzz in spiritual circles. What does it mean and why does it matter? Also, what are we waking up from? The answers to these questions are not always easy to hear. They may reveal deep truths about how we are living, what we are doing or not doing, saying or not saying. One thing is for sure, once we wake up it is hard to fall back asleep. Waking up is a fancy way of describing what it feels like...


#88: Can You Handle The Truth?

Don't wait another day to acknowledge the truth. 3 steps to getting clear. If you keep doing what you’re doing you’ll keep getting what you’re getting. The truth is deep down you already know what you want and you already know what you need. Are you willing to hear the answers? In other words, can you handle the truth? In this episode I talk about the veil that exists between you and the truth of what you really, really want. In the long run, if you keep running circles around the obvious,...


#85: Stress: Name Yours to Drastically Change Your Life

Want to Drastically Change the Quality of Your Life? Name Your Stress. Stress is a sneaky bugger. Like an invisible gas, stress creeps into our systems and slowly disassembles our life. We have no idea how much we absorb. Furthermore, we are unconscious about how much we manifest. According to the Mayo Clinic, being able to recognize common symptoms of stress can give you a jump on managing them. While it's necessary to understand the physical effects of stress, it's also equally important...