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#95: The Power Of Pause

Photo by Dominik Martin on Unsplash Power pause. Discover how to up your game and perform your best. We are starving for stillness and silence in our culture. Doesn’t it seem like there is noise and chaos everywhere? The truth is that the world is not going to slow down and get less noisy simply because you want it to. You have to commit to taking time to pause. I’ve grown to appreciate that pausing truly is golden. Taking breaks settle me in a matter of minutes. I didn’t always feel this...


#94: No Speed. No Struggle.

[rebroadcast] Speed creates struggle. Slow down and stop moving so fast. Let's talk about stress and struggle and how we race around town. There's the obvious physical speed but there's also mental and emotional speed. Learn to notice speed and how running too fast causes accidents and mistakes. Discover how to pause and slow your life down. How to slow down? Try these tips. Sticky notes - Put simple messages around your home, office (and car) to slow down. Bells - Use dings and boings to...


#93: Solitude: Are You Getting Yours?

Being alone is not time wasted. Solitude is time well spent. Do you spend time alone? Where do you find solitude? Also, what do you do when by yourself? In this episode I pose these questions and more and encourage you to meet yourself in the quiet spaces of your mind. More importantly I share how it's precisely in those quiet spaces in which you unlock your true yearning and wisdom. How do you find solitude away from outside influence, in your own inner whispering, in your own radiant...


#92: Stop It! There Is No Normal.

There is no normal so why are you trying to control everything? Life is unpredictable. But you already know that. There is no normal even though you wish there was. But you already know that too. What you may not be aware of is that when you try to make life predictable (and normal) you set yourself up for more stress. In other words, try to control life—situations and people—and suffering rolls right in. Consider what you are trying to normalize (or control). Get honest about the people...


#91: Get Out Of Your Mind And Live Body-First

Live body-first. Shift beyond just thinking about life into the full sensory flow of life. Do you every feel like a brain on a stick, drowning in mental chatter and disconnected from your body? Learn how to get out of your mind and live body-first and in flow where you experience less thinking more being. In this episode Cara describes how living in flow is at the tip of your nose and the soles of your feet. She talks about how being stuck in your thoughts disconnects you from your body...


#90: Why Being Stable is Sexy

Stability is not only sexy, it's downright powerful. Stability gets a bad rap. In our culture of more and better and “new and shiny” being steady and stable seems boring and unattractive. I beg to differ. As a teacher and coach I witness transformation every day. When we learn to settle down and steady our body and mind we quickly become clearer, brighter, and yes, sexier. In this episode I talk about three types of stability—physical, mental and emotional—and why being stable in not only...


#89: Waking Up is Both a Blessing and a Curse

Waking up. Get underneath your mental clutter to see what's really going on. Waking up. It’s the buzz in spiritual circles. What does it mean and why does it matter? Also, what are we waking up from? The answers to these questions are not always easy to hear. They may reveal deep truths about how we are living, what we are doing or not doing, saying or not saying. One thing is for sure, once we wake up it is hard to fall back asleep. Waking up is a fancy way of describing what it feels...


#88: Can You Handle The Truth?

Don't wait another day to acknowledge the truth. 3 steps to getting clear. If you keep doing what you’re doing you’ll keep getting what you’re getting. The truth is deep down you already know what you want and you already know what you need. Are you willing to hear the answers? In other words, can you handle the truth? In this episode I talk about the veil that exists between you and the truth of what you really, really want. In the long run, if you keep running circles around the obvious,...


#85: Stress: Name Yours to Drastically Change Your Life

Want to Drastically Change the Quality of Your Life? Name Your Stress. Stress is a sneaky bugger. Like an invisible gas, stress creeps into our systems and slowly disassembles our life. We have no idea how much we absorb. Furthermore, we are unconscious about how much we manifest. According to the Mayo Clinic, being able to recognize common symptoms of stress can give you a jump on managing them. While it's necessary to understand the physical effects of stress, it's also equally important...


#87: 3 Ways to Clean up your Sloppy Brain

Avoid Accidents and Incidents. Clean up Sloppy Brain. I call my busy mind my “sloppy brain” when I’m distracted and feel clumsy and out of sorts. Let’s face it, sloppy brain happens to all of us. I once went to work with my slippers on. No joke! Luckily, as a yoga teacher, I spend most of my workday barefoot, but that still didn’t protect me from the loving abuse I took from colleagues and students. I see examples of sloppy brain on the highway, in the grocery store — everywhere. Too many...


#86: Wearing Jeans: Not too tight. Not too loose.

Live your life the way you wear your jeans — not too tight and not too loose. Finding the perfect fitting pair of jeans is an art form, much like life. After time, tight jeans make us cranky and the loose ones make us feel sloppy. Much like life, well fitting jeans make us feel alert to what's happening yet relaxed with what is. What does this all mean? In this free-form episode Cara shares how she was recently inspired with a great idea for a talk but she put off recording a podcast...


#84: Be Free. How to Get Out of Your Own Way

Be free and get out of your way. What does it mean to do so and how do we do it every day? Feeling free is our birthright. The truth is, however, that we get in our own way of feeling free all the time. In this episode I talk about what happens when you place obstacles in your path to your freedom and to realizing your potential. I'll also discuss what it feels like to block our light and how to remove such obstacles so that you can get on with the business of showing up and shining in all...


#83: Morning Dread and the Beckoning of Your Inner Voice

Dread is the sense of apprehension or fear. Dread, we all face it from time to time. It manifests as uneasiness in our gut. Also felt as a quickening in our heart or a clenching of our throat, dread is your inner voice offering you a message. Call it an impulse, yearning or a beckoning, the truth is we don't like to listen to dread. We speed right past the tightening and tension in order to not face the truth these messages bear. In fact, we're more likely to drown apprehension by staying...


#82: How Playing Small Hurts

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash It hurts to hold back and play small. Find out how you may be holding back and how to stop it right now. Are you playing small in life? Do you hold back from speaking the truth, voicing your opinion, asking for what you want? Also, have you ever felt the pain of feeling insignificant? In this episode Cara shares her own battle with playing small and how she's doing her best to shed this unhelpful, and often destructive habit. Especially relevant is an...


#81: Get to Know Flow to Live in Flow – On Purpose and On Demand

Photo by wembley on Unsplash Get to know what it feels like to be in flow in order to consistently live in flow. Flow is a sense of expanded awareness and full engagement when you feel better and perform better. It's a sense of aliveness, connection and natural confidence. Do you know what it feels like to be in flow? In this episode Cara compares the sense of being in flow to surfing a wave or floating down a river. Better yet she asks you to recall the scene in the smash hit Finding Nemo...


#80: Flow State – Learn to Return. Train to Sustain.

Flow State: Learn to return and train to sustain this clear, calm and stable state. Flow is extraordinarily ordinary. This natural way of dancing with life hides beneath our every day busy-ness. Conditioned to live in the mindset of “crazy busy,” we get stuck in our head and forget there’s a vast and intelligent sensory system communicating with us. As a result, we miss messages. Because of this, we focus more on doing than on experiencing and more on thinking than on feeling. In flow we...


#79: 3 Ways to Make a Switch — Right Now

Switch it up! Shift your state. Elevate your focus. Upgrade your connection. Being present slows time down. It opens us. Showing up in the moment offers us a glimpse into the space where we find the courage to change — to switch. In this episode Cara takes you through the process of how to make a switch — right now. You’ll learn how to: 1) Notice and name when you feel off-center, out of balance, stressed or uneasy. 2) Decide if you need to make the switch in your body, mind or heart....


#78: What is your Kryptonite?

Name your Kryptonite. Then let it go. Kryptonite is a fictional substance best known as SuperMan’s weakness. It's a special rock that, when held, makes his eyes blurry and knees buckle. Kryptonite diminishes the super in SuperMan. You have kryptonite too. You have weaknesses that sap your strength and shut you down. What are they? In this episode Cara tenderly names her kryptonite — self-doubt — and how it has plagued her for years. She gets real and challenges you to do so too. As she...


#77: Primordial Intelligence – The Undercurrent of Being Alive

Discover the power and purity of primordial intelligence. Imagine an all-pervading intelligence that moves through every cell of your being — an undercurrent of aliveness that fuels your fire. Most of all, this deeply loving energy is not only nurturing and patient, but is also fearless, unwavering and fiercely pure. In this episode Cara tenderly speaks about the recent death of her father and her life-changing intimacy with primordial intelligence. In addition she describes how the...


#76: Why Mindfulness Matters with Cheryl Jones

Why mindfulness matters and how it helps to reduce stress and be happy. Join Cara and mindfulness teacher Cheryl Jones for a casual conversation that offers an inside view about how meditation has changed their lives. Learn how to notice your busy mind, shift beyond over-thinking and the importance of getting out of living in a chronic state of stress reactivity. You'll also discover how awareness of breathing can help you get back to rest-and-digest so you can arrive with clarity and...