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EP 006: An Extreme Case of Wanderlust with D'Laina Boynton

There are a million excuses that we will make to sabotage our dreams and prevent ourselves from living a life of purpose, especially if the purpose is considered decadent or frivolous. How do you make world travel your purpose? One might argue some of the most successful entrepreneurs have achieved this mission, including Richard Branson, and the late Anthony Bourdain. There's also, D'Laina Boynton. D'Laina is a young professional with an MBA in the field of marketing and technology....


EP 005: From Shoe Dog to Dog Rescuer with John Gilbert

Hello Purpose Seekers! Welcome to the Purpose Lounge podcast with your host, Carrie Morris. I'm thrilled to introduce you to one of my life mentors, my dad, John Gilbert! John is one of the last great American "Shoe Dogs." His life story is both inspiring and motivating. Growing up in the 40's, John was forced to move around from place to place, living with different family members along the way from grandparents to aunts and uncles. He struggled a lot in school and it was only until much...


Stepping Into it and Owning It with Lisa Hufford

Hello purpose seekers! Have you ever worked for someone who you admire so much that you literally pinch yourself on a daily basis just to make sure you are really awake and not dreaming? Well, that was my experience for the past six years, when I had the absolute pleasure of working directly for Lisa Hufford, founder, and CEO of Simplicity Consulting. Simplicity Consulting is a premier Enterprise Marketing Services Consultancy that helps companies thrive in the new world of work. For more...


EP 003: Movement Nerd on a Path to Hope and Healing with Anna Willard

Hello purpose seekers, and welcome to the Purpose Lounge podcast with your host, Carrie Morris. In this episode, Anna Willard shares her beautiful story of a life of purpose and the many benefits that come with strength training, spirituality, movement and the importance of laughter. Anna is a Kettlebell strength coach, motivational speaker, and the creator of ironwilltrain, a training program designed to physically empower individuals towards a life beyond their dreams! She is also the...


EP 002: Avoiding the Dreaded Four Letter Word with Krissi Thomas

Hello Purpose Seekers! Welcome to the Purpose Lounge podcast with your host, Carrie Morris. In this next episode, we have Krissi Thomas, Seattle-native, and powerhouse marketing professional for some of the biggest technology and telecom giants located in the Pacific Northwest. For almost three decades Krissi has been developing brands, managing content, crafting stories, coaching teams and kicking ass. Her zest for life comes through in her smile and positive attitude, which she always...


EP 001: Welcome to Purpose Lounge

Welcome to the very first episode of Purpose Lounge podcast! This is Carrie Morris and I am your host of Purpose Lounge. I'm so excited that you have decided to tune in as we embark on this path to a life of purpose, meaning, happiness and health for mind, body, and spirit. The Purpose Lounge is for anyone, but primarily Millennials and GenZ audiences who are embarking on their life adventure and who want to hear from successful purpose seekers and purpose achievers who have found success...