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Pam Best: How to End the Drama Cycles

As a preventative medicine and holistic health practitioner, Pam helps people overcome obstacles to health on a variety of levels. Her training in preventative medicine techniques, including applied kinesiology, spiritual response therapy, hypnosis, and other complementary healing methods enable her to offer a wide array of holistic health solutions that help her clients naturally return the body and mind to its natural state of health, wholeness, and love. Pam's training, education and...


Regan Hillyer: Creating a Lifestyle Ritual for Abundance

On this episode of the Synergy Podcast, we're talking with Regan Hillyer -- a self-made multi-millionaire, serial entrepreneur, success coach, Forbes contributor, thought leader and a keynote speaker. Regan believes that it’s possible to live a truly abundant life and have it all if we agree to abandon a limiting mindset and instead choose beliefs that attract abundance. She has proven this idea many times by having trained thousands of people, helping them build multiple six and...


Cristina Bevir: Quantum Galactic Activation for Restoring the Lightbody

When you have no words to how quantum this is ... ... you allow others to share! The ALCHEMY of these meditations is beyond anything I have ever experienced... "The Sacred Embodiment Individual Meditation is gorgeous, wonderful, beautiful – WOW!!! After visualising/ feeling/ sensing the Diamond Star in my Divine Core, and Divine Heart, Divine Creative and Divine Mind Centres I could feel/ sense/ visualise, deep relaxation, warmth, colours filling me and surrounding me, weaving through every...


Mary Poffenroth: Unleash Your Muse with Neurohacking

Are you hiding your creativity because you are afraid of what people will say? Whether you pre-judge your creative work as simply "not good enough." Or you are afraid your work is too different and it will be rejected ... and the YOU'D be rejected! Whatever it might be, you can blame fear. Fear, one of our most basic human emotions, keeps us safe but can also really get in the way of our success. When we’re in the throws of even a mild fear response, the intellectual part of our brain where...


Alex Beadon: The Art of Telling Stories That Awakens

Learn The Art To Being YOU (Sharing YOU) And Giving Others YOU through Story Branding with Alex Beadon! Hmmm... who am I and how do I create change in others by being ME?!!! About Alex Beadon Alex teaches her clients how to create brands and use the online business model to add meaning, money and freedom into their lives via transformational and educational experiences. She lives and studies the online business model and is here to help YOU go viral.


Kristin Kirk: Deepening Enlightenment Daily

How do we transition from ​cycling ​inner repetitive stories ​to living the freedom and radiant brilliance we truly are each moment? Please join Kristin Kirk in this healing transmission amplifying the blueprint of divine embodied enlightenment to support your remembrance and integration of absolute freedom and joy every day. Kristin will share her journey through healing and surrender that has unfolded into a profound depth and acuity of sustained multidimensional awakeness. She's also put...


Sahara Rose: Being Your Fullest Expression to Share Your Gifts

Sahara Rose is passionate about bridging the ancient Eastern healing wisdom with modern Western nutritional science and inspirational wisdom. She believes that health is not the end-goal but rather a tool to help us become our highest selves: the fullest expressions of who we were meant to be so we can share our gifts on this planet. "Sahara Rose has successfully refreshed and revitalized the ancient knowledge without watering down its significance and depth. She blends reverence for the...


Jeneth Blackert: BEing congruent with your future vision :)

Show notes from this interview with Jeneth on showing up and being congruent with your vision. 6 min: My quest to 1.2 million to “quitting” and becoming a writer and then coming back again 8 min: Quest Playbook - questioning and following the your whispers 9 min: Inner questions, creator questions and true engagement with others and your audience. 11 min: Allowing a high level of frustration to come through to birth a very different creation. 13 min: Engage. Engage. Engage. 15 min: Being...


Christof Melchizedek: New Earth Architect for Star Seeds

Let's talk about our ascension to the Golden Age! In this energetic activation you will receive a coded bio-energy field and DNA reprogramming energetic transmission designed to reprogram your OPERATING SYSTEM to it’s highest energy holding potential. The transmission will focus on clearing clouds, mucus and miasma from your bio-energy field, removing astral objects. It will over writing limiting beliefs, karma, and limiting programming keeping your consciousness capped and your life...


Dawn Crystal: Sound Healing for Total Body Renewal

Dawn Crystal, a recognized Voice Sound Healer, Medical Intuitive, respected Intuitive Life Coach, Soul Reader, Medium, Pain Release Expert and Best-selling Author- (Pain Free Made Crystal Clear!), is known as a LEADING TRANSFORMATIONAL EXPERT incorporating ancient wisdom for modern day success. Dawn is passionate about helping people clear emotional and physical blockages, so they can manifest from their higher selves, step into their full potential, and lead their lives and businesses in...


Jeneth & Jade-Yin Hom: Magic Unicorn Taster

What if you truly playing and creating as oneness was your way of life? On this call, we will begin clearing those sticky tethers that keep you controlling and pretending you don't have infinite possibilities available in each moment. About Jade-Yin Hom Jade is an Intuitive Healer, a Light & Laughter Alchemist, with over 18 years of combined experience in health care and alternative healing. She has facilitated over 8,000 people to overcome health challenges, breakthrough limiting paradigms...


Laura Bushnell: Gia Blessing & Life Magick

Channel and Clairvoyant ~ Laura Bushnell Laura Bushnell is a natural clairvoyant, which means that she has the god-given ability to see the energy field of the body. It is instinctive for her to see if someone is sad, angry, or apprehensive and to then help them transform or change their lives. At the early age of 18, Laura began her professional practice because schoolmates or friends would always ask her to do a “reading” for them. It didn’t matter what Laura did or where Laura lived, if...


Kristine Carlson: New York Times Best Selling Author ‘Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff’

Kristine Carlson, New York Times bestselling author and world-renowned speaker, is passionate about spreading her message of living with joy and gratitude. Kristine's life mission expands upon the phenomenal success of she and her late husband Dr. Richard Carlson’s work in the (“Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff” series.) She continues his legacy of peaceful and mindful living through her own bestselling books, including the most recent, Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff for Moms, An Hour to Live, an...


Jill Mattson: Re-Tuning YOU with Sound Healing

If you've been in my world for any time at all, you know I love playing with frequencies! Ah, yes... frequencies of the harmonic symphony of what we truly are. On this call, you'll experience a tuning up of your body and being! Master Sound Healer, Jill Mattson says, "The easiest, fastest method to tune your world is through these the methods of sound frequency!" Sounds have been used, in ancient times, for positive personality changes, to strengthen our relationships, clear energy blockages...


Magic in Wealth Creation & Business with Tanja Barth

WOW! Tanja took us into 40 minute journey and quantum activation clearing many points of views about business, creation and do-do stuff! What if following your awareness creates more for your business than all the ways you’ve been taught like working hard, following the rules, and working on your mindset? For over 20 years Tanja Barth worked as an auditor and management consultant with multi-national companiesand is also specializedin IPOs, Mergers & Acquisitions, Private Equity and has a...


Mary Beth Vanderlinden: Unleashing Your Healing Capacities

Do You Have The Desire To Be A Healer Or Heal Yourself? Are you aware that you have intuitive gifts but your unsure how to develop and strengthen them? Do you find yourself stuck in your finances, relationships, health, career or spiritual connection? Don’t feel alone. The rut you and so many others are in is simple. You are vibrating at a low frequency and have stuck energy that is stopping your energetic flow. You are also working alone without the assistance of your intuition, higher...


Vandana Atara: Accelerated Light Attunement

Join Jeneth & Vandana for a powerful accelerated living light attunement meditation that will clear away any fear blocks, not enough programs, resistance to receiving money and limitless resources of support, and inherited ancestral scarcity consciousness so you can trust the universe to provide and gift you infinite support more than you ever dreamed possible and even while you're sleeping with total ease. Who Is Vandana Atara? Vandana is a divine channel & light ambassador of a...


Restoring The Sacred Union with Eden Amadora

Eden Amadora is an archetypal channel, a mystic and a muse. As a seeker and initiate in the mysteries from an early age, Eden remembers a direct and intimate connection with the Divine. Though her path lead her into the heart of the glamor world as an international model and recording artist throughout her late teens and twenties, It was through a spiritual crisis during her Saturn Return when Eden experienced a massive kundalini awakening and turned her attention towards the inner light....


Tarek Bibi: Infinity Healing for Your Body & Being

On this call, Jeneth and Tarek join in a conversation to transform your life so you can achieve the life of your dreams in a safe, natural and easy way. Tarek shares his journey and takes you deep into an Infinity healing and meditation! You are in for a treat! A nugget of Tarek's journey in his words. "I had no confidence in myself. I felt I was the lowest of the low. I would apply to the jobs that did not require much experience. I was getting fired from every job I would apply to. I...