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Journey of The Seeker - The Holy Fool

We've all embarked upon the journey of The Seeker at some point in our lives. Some of us have been on the quest more than we care to count but in each pilgrimage we learn more and more about ourselves. That's what the journey of The Holy Fool is all about. The soul at the beginning of a new journey exploring the gifts and talents that are our "only". We are the only ones and we cannot be copied or duplicated. What adventure are you being called to? What can you no longer say no to? For...


Josh Henges: Homelessness, Veterans & Community

My special guest for this episode of Haven is Josh Henges. Josh has worked in the nonprofit world for about the last 14 years and he has been connected to services for homeless much of that time. Josh is currently the Director of Clinical services at Veterans Community Project in Kansas City. Veterans Community Project is on a mission to end veteran homelessness and you’ll hear in today’s episode just how passionate about that Josh is. Josh says ending homelessness happens when we start...


Earth Love: Mindful Living and Design

How can we each act as a guardian of the Earth? I'm a LEED designer but the work I do as a sustainable designer doesn't begin or end with the built environment. I believe my work is to advocate and create a world that is environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, and socially just. In this episode, I share how my passion for green design was reignited in my Interior Architecture and Design studies and where I am now as a holistic designer. As spring draws near we are being asked...


Marilee Wintz: Luminous Life (E15)

Marilee Wintz started her design practice in 1997 in Revo Nevada. She says the name Sage Interiors pays homage to big horizons and the vast expanses of sagebrush in the Great Basin Desert of Nevada. The Sage also signifies her mindfulness of environmentally responsible design. Marilee has had the opportunity to design beautiful residences and businesses in the Reno and Lake Tahoe area and beyond. She has also designed numerous private airports around the country. Marilee's love of nature...


Remembering and Renewing Sacred Dreams (E14)

Sometimes we encounter mission drift, or as I sometimes refer to it as, bright shiny object syndrome. As creatives, sometimes it's easy to journey off our path. This may be our doing or it may be due to a need to fit in, be the same. Have you conformed to a life of sameness? Are you a square peg trying to fit in a round hole? This episode is about remembering who we are and taking time to reflect to see how we have allowed our lives to change in order to fit. Have you lost sight of your...


Soul Spaces: Connection, Relationship & Earthing (E13)

Mental Health, Suicide, Connection, Relationship, Grounding & Earthing. How the Earth element can be represented in the built environment to invite relationship, connection, and love. Challenge to make a connection and have a meaningful conversation with someone or a group of people. Visit www.rheamader.com for More information about this episode Join the Facebook Community Here Follow Rhea's Haven Podcast on Instagram


Soul Spaces: Slow Living, Slow Design, Staying Present (E12)

Your environment is a reflection of you. Slowing down and staying present in a face paced world. How slow living and slow design can help us live more holistically aligned with our mental, physical and spiritual needs. How are you in relationship to your surroundings and how is that affecting your mind, body, and spirit? Use this episode to think more in-depth about how your home, work or wellness environment may be playing a part in the way you think, your health, and how you are...


Soul Spaces Introduction and Letting Go (E11)

My special summer series is going to be called Soul Spaces. It's a series of shorter episodes that are meant to help you rethink creating beautiful and healing spaces that support you in your everyday life in a slow, thoughtful, and intentional way. Beauty is a necessary aspect and we're going to talk about getting past the stereotypes of perfection and what that means to each individual person. Visit www.rheamader.com for Show Notes More information about this episode Find out how to...


Steve Linebaugh: Creative Lifestyle, Art, Writing, Depression and Nature (E10)

Steven Gorden Linebaugh says from an early age he suffered from depression. He says his feelings of well-being have been cultivated in nature and it started at an early age. Nature is a common thread in everything he does and you will see that reflected in his writing and artwork. You will even hear him talk about the deep meaning nature has in his life through metaphors throughout this podcast episode. Steve shared with me that he wishes society was at a place where we can talk about...


Lydia Romero-Johnson: Nurse, Integrative Nutrition Expert & Autoimmune Thriver (E9)

Stomach issues, severe fatigue, rashes, and eventually joint pain and swelling that went on for years into adulthood. These are some of the symptoms that Lydia Romero-Johnson experienced from the time she was a young child. She struggled with her health until she was diagnosed with Lupus and Celiac Disease in 2006. She was a wife and mother of two young boys and was struggling. She eventually became so tired of her situation that she decided she had to take action. Lydia used her...


Erin Clark: Nursing Institute for Healthcare Design (E8)

Erin Clark RN, MS, EDAC has been a nurse for 13 years and has a background in a variety of clinical settings including critical care, acute care, ambulatory care and home health nursing. Erin earned a graduate degree in Nursing Leadership and Healthcare Design and works as a project manager handling operations and transitions planning for organizations moving into new hospitals across the US. Erin Serves as the marketing and communications board member of the Nursing Institute for...


Susan Wintersteen: Savvy Giving by Design (E7)

Susan Wintersteen is the founder of Savvy Giving by Design, a non-profit organization that creates specially designed rooms for children facing a medical crisis. Susan’s journey and growth of Savvy Giving by Design started with an ask for someone a child in her community facing a cancer diagnosis. A friend organizing a food train and Susan, admittedly not a cook, offered to do a room reno instead. The family accepted and Susan was hooked. Often times people facing serious medical crisis...


Rhea Mader: Nature Inspirations & Earth Day Love (E6)

In honor of Earth Day on the 22nd, I wanted to do a podcast about my love of nature and how we humans can heal our Great Mother and how she heals us. What special thing are you doing for earth day? Get some tips and ideas in this podcast session. I also share my journey into green interior architecture and design and how it brought me back to my farm girl roots and my inherent love of nature. I never wanted to be a designer when I was younger, but I tell a story about my start in building...


Amy Kay Pavlovich: It's Never Just Retail With Fair Trade (E5)

Amy Kay Pavlovich shares with us how fair trade is part of her ministry and faith. Many of us are at least familiar with what fair trade is but we may not know all of the inner workings of what goes into running a fair trade shop. Amy Kay shares with us how she finds artisans for her fair trade store, Connected, in Lindsborg, Salina, and Manhattan Kansas. Amy Kay has a great sense of humor and helps us see the importance of fair trade, which can sometimes be overwhelming. One of the things...


Nichole Kain: Living At Home Longer With Joy (E4)

Nichole Kain and Rhea Mader are two women focused on creating better living environments for elders. I am thrilled to introduce you to Nichole, she's the founder of Home and Place Project, LLC, an Occupational Therapist and Environmental Gerontologist with a passion for bringing professionals like interior designers, architects, contractors, and even researchers together to have meaningful conversations about aging in place. As a Certified Aging in Place Specialist, Nichole has a deep...


Susan Inglis: Sustainable Furnishings, What's It Made Of? (E3)

Susan Inglis is the executive director of the Sustainable Furnishings Council. Susan shares the importance of selecting eco-friendly furnishings and gives us some questions we should be asking before we buy. Questions like: what's it made of, was deforestation part of making this, can it be recycled, and so on. We talk about the lifecycle of products and myth bust the cost of sustainable manufacturing as well as the cost of not being green. Hint, it's beyond money. She tells us more about...


Peter Blanchard: Nature Photography and Healing Art (E2)

Peter C Blanchard is a nature photographer and founder of Manifest Photo. Through his artistic eye and the lens of a camera, Peter captures the natural beauty of Mother Nature and creates art that heals. Peter is committed to using his art to bring relief and joy to healing environments by aligning with evidence-based art research. Research that shows viewing imagery with specific elements can have powerful benefits such as reducing anxiety, lowering blood pressure, relieving physical...


Anthony Cirillo: The Aging Experience, Just Rock It! (E1)

Anthony Cirillo is the founder of The Aging Experience, helping seniors and caregivers live a quality life through education on aging - physical, emotional, and financial. Anthony is the author of a blog, Educated Aging, and a book called, Who Moved My Dentures?, where he dispels myths about aging. He is a speaker for healthcare professionals and consumers including the Cleveland Clinic, American College of Healthcare Executives, Leading Age, the National Council on Aging and many more. Be...


An Introduction: Holistic Lifestyle (Health + Envrironment = Well-being)

A holistic overview of the intersection of health and environment and how marrying the two creates well-being. Evidence-based and eco-friendly design for wellness combined with conversations about slowing living, aging gracefully, philanthropy, holistic healing, global mission and more. Join the community at www.rheamader.com