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My Top Success Tip and Strategy for Entrepreneurs, Healers, and Business Owners

In this program, I go over my top strategy for success in any endeavor especially as an entrepreneur or business owner. You will also hear how you can implement it to suit your personality, especially if you are intuitive, empathic or an introvert. Here’s what inspired me to share this idea. Over the weekend, I gave a 1 minute and 20 second speech to a room of 200 people. You might think that’s easy. You say to yourself, "what, it’s only a minute?!” But here is the tough part. It was to...


Anger Management from a New Perspective with Dr. Ed Daube

Dr. Ed Daube is an expert on helping people with their emotions, especially anger. Aside from his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, he spent his 32 year career in the Juvenile Division of the California Department of Corrections helping troubled youth manage their emotions and use them as tools rather than being taken over by them. He is currently a Senior Adjust Professor of Psychology at the University of LaVerne. Listen in as Dr. Ed shares his wisdom on how you can use your emotions...


5 Tips for Dealing with Difficult Family Members, Coworkers and Clients for Empaths and Sensitive People

In today’s program, you’ll see five highly effective tips for empaths and sensitive people to navigate or handle difficult family members, coworkers or clients. These methods are strategies that I as a sensitive, empathic healer has had to develop in order to help as many people as possible by empowering them to take charge of their own life and health. These include self care ideas, tips for releasing other people’s energy, what to do before you arrive in a crowded situation or a family...


Getting Unstuck and Bringing your Vision into Reality with Paula Brown, Heartist

Paula Brown is a great friend with an extremely interesting set of skills. She calls herself a “heart-ist”, which is a combination of heart and artist. This is truly the core of what she does as her business name, Chi-Lightful, also expresses. She helps entrepreneurs and leaders get unstuck by leading them through a unique process to draw out their inner heart’s desires through a process of envisioning it with Paula’s powerful artistic abilities. She can see it for you before you can see...


Avoid 2 Major Mistakes when starting and building a healing/coaching business

In this broadcast, you’ll hear about the two biggest mistakes you could make while starting or building a healing/coaching practice. These issues can occur whether you are just starting out or even with a mature practice. And both issues will diminish your capacity to help people. You will take on fewer clients and take in less money, putting you in struggle and out of thriving. The first mistake has to do with misguided efforts to help your clients by doing too much for them, taking their...


Is muscle testing dangerous or evil? How to muscle test….

In this broadcast you’ll discover what cautions need to be taken when using muscle testing to determine an outcome. For many people it doesn’t work and it is often used incorrectly. Muscle testing is mis-understood as a physiological response, it is often assigned qualities that it doesn’t deserve. Listen in as I describe exactly what muscle testing is, the way I use it in my work (as confirmation, not determination), and when it shouldn’t be used. There are many things to be aware of when...


The Congruence Code: Freeing yourself from what is holding you back with Debbie Lichter

Are you a high achiever on the outside but have feelings on the inside that aren’t congruent with that? Such as feeling lost, insecure or disconnected from yourself. Debbie Lichter was that too. Since graduating Summa Cum Laude from UCLA, Debbie Lichter metamorphosed many times. She started out as a marketer for Cosmopolitan running big marketing campaigns for well known companies. She then morphed into a pilates instructor and later owned her own gym, helping people get comfortable in...


Your life as a hologram improves your health by Dr. Deb Schreibman: Be free from incurable conditions at last

Are you on some sort of prescription medication that your conventional doctor has told you have to take the rest of your life? There are a variety of solutions including functional medicine, something that my guest, Dr. Debra Schreibman, practices. She has a diverse and deep education in the healing arts, including occupational therapy, chiropractic, functional medicine, and neuromuscular therapy. Her desire to help people started long before she went to college: even at a young age, she...


Self-care strategies and quick tips for healers and coaches

Today’s topic on self care ideas and strategies for coaches and healers originates from a number of my clients and students that get tired and worn out in the course of helping others. This is a reminder of taking the time out for self care. In this video, I focus on tips other than the usual get enough sleep, eat right and exercise. You have already heard these until the cows come home. It goes without saying that in order to be of the best service to others, taking care of yourself is...


The Magic of Frequency: How to use frequency to open your psychic abilities, increase your wealth, balance your health and more with Dr. Kimberly McGeorge

Have you been a little depressed, then listened to some music and you were uplifted in a heartbeat? That’s an example of the power of using frequency to change your state, whether it’s your emotions, your health or your mindset. Today’s guest, Dr. Kimberly McGeorge is an expert at that. She is a cutting-edge internationally known Naturopathic Healer. She has a client list of some of the world’s most talented healers as well as thousands of clients in person and remotely around the world....


How functional medicine can help diabetes and thyroid disease with Dr. Stephen Wander

Today’s show is about functional medicine with the talented and dedicated Dr. Stephen Wander. He has a multifaceted approach to solving your chronic issues, such as diabetes and thyroid disease, that most conventional medicine practitioners can’t treat without plying you with numerous prescriptions often leaving you feeling worse than when you started. As Dr. Stephen was growing up, he watched his grandmother suffer and die of diabetes and thyroid issues. He watched her being fed more and...


Decisions for end of life help for your loved ones

This show is a narrative about end of life decisions, such as end of life care, elder care, special needs of the elder, that you might have to make for your loved ones as they age. This is from the perspectives of two energy healers that have gone through this experience and still are. You can’t treat them the same as when they were younger. Remember that they are still intelligent even if their memory isn’t intact. Let Dr. Anastasia Chopelas with guest host Gwen Lepard guide you through...


Abuse Prevention with Joy and Lightness with Nancy Martin

Nancy Martin, an abuse prevention expert, women’s empowerment coach and professional dancer with over 20 years of performance experience introduces her fabulous abuse prevention process to you in this weeks show on Scientific Healing Radio. Her mission is to reach as many women and girls as possible before they become victims of abuse so they can build a light, happy future. Nancy Martin is a renowned speaker, facilitator, best-selling author of “Dance Your Way to an Empowered Self”, and...


You as a Powerful profitable speaker with Heather Poduska, personal brand strategist

One of the fastest ways to draw people in and get interested in what you have to offer is to speak. My next guest, Heather Poduska, is a very powerful speaker and an expert at getting you to show up as your best and most authentic self. I met beautiful Heather at Harvard and she did a strategy session on my talk and offered me some of the best advice I’ve received even though I paid thousands of dollars to other coaches. She has 20 years of performance experience. Let’s face it,...


Grounding exercises and techniques for health as a fast energy healing

Today, you’ll hear about grounding yourself, what effects you can expect and why you would want to do that. Even though I haven’t spoken about grounding much, it is the first thing that I do when I start working with a client to help their health (or even myself as my own client to improve my well being). It is a way to quickly release the excess or disharmonious energy out of your body fast. It is the way I prepare my healing clients and students for upleveling their frequency or health....


How to build influence and have a massive impact with Caterina Rando

Caterina Rando passionately serves women leaders on a mission by guidance and mentorship to build influence and have a massive impact. She leads by example; she does exactly what she teaches; she is a sought after speaker, and a prolific author including the titles “Learn to Think Differently”, “The ABCs of Public Speaking”, and “The Women’s Giving Circle Guide”. And if that wasn’t enough, she is the publisher of the Thriving Women in Business Magazine and founded The Thriving Women in...


Tips to cleanse your aura or energy field in under two minutes

In this broadcast, I show you how to cleanse your aura or energy field in under two minutes. Like physical hygiene, practicing energy hygiene every day helps keep you healthy, happy and clear headed. I also explain some of the many ways you can pick up foreign energies that can really affect you and your mood. Clearing your energy field or aura is the first step in preparing you for healing In my healing practice, I start with removing foreign energies, straightening up your tangled energy...


3 steps to center yourself and then stay centered in under two minutes

In this broadcast, you’ll hear how to center yourself and then stay centered using three easy steps. You’ll discover how centeredness shows up energetically and how that relates to your circumstances. The result is that your mind is calm and peaceful even if there is chaos all around you. You can get to this calm place even if you are in the worst circumstances. I know this because I’ve experienced it and watched many other people experience it. And by allowing yourself to experience that...


How long will it be before I see the results of my energy healing session?

In this cohosted show, you’ll hear about the typical results after your energy healing session. Scientific healing is about working on complex system of energy bodies that we all have. You hear about mind, body and spirit. In the mind, I would also count emotions since emotions have a huge influence on our present state of mind and health. Are you healed instantly in one session? Many people expect that after an energy healing session, you are miraculously healed as if I waved a magic...


How energy healing can help you recover from financial abuse in marriage or divorce

Today, you’ll hear about financial abuse that can happen in marriage and during a divorce. This involves theft of marital assets and then the very difficult and sometimes impossible recovery during the divorce. Some of you may be facing this very thing. Let me tell you about Carrie. Carrie had properties and a reasonable amount of wealth after retirement from a government agency. She thought she had enough to go through life. She is a very beautiful woman and thought she had attracted the...


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