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Everyone Can Heal With Energy, You can too

Everyone, including you, can heal with energy, from simple processes to the more complex. In today’s broadcast, you’ll hear about people that never knew they could work with energy and how it has transformed their lives afterwards. The word here is empowerment. So many people feel stuck and helpless and left to the whims and moods of others. And that is one of the clues that we have that you need to learn some of the real basics of energy medicine, to take care of yourself and claim back the...


Success Follows Starting Your Day Right with Cyndi Padilla

Cyndi Padilla has a long history with raging success in the corporate world but yet uses taps into her spiritual side to get her day set on the right track. I immediately wanted to get to know her especially because she left that lucrative corporate job without a plan in place and needed to replace her 6 figure income quickly. In a very short amount of time, she’s done that and more. She knows it’s because of how she starts her day. Cyndi disguises herself as a go-to solution for big...


Freeing Time for Yourself in Your Business and Life with the Right System with Karen Fritz

In this show, you'll hear how you can systematize and organize your home and business to save you time, money, and your personal energy to free you up to a less stressful life. My guest, Karen Fritz author of bestseller “Purposetivity: The Feminine Face of Productivity,” has a superpower to see patterns in chaos. She’s a master at taking an ecosystem view to maximize your ROI (return on investment). She applies big concepts in actionable steps and systems to get busy coaches and creatives...


Living Your Sweetest Life Without Sugar With Sherry Strong

Meet Sherry Strong, former sugar addict. She has a lot to say about the sugar consumption epidemic in this country and the problem it causes. According to various reports, Americans consume between 150 and 170 lbs of sugar per year. This is like a half a pound a day per person! Sherry can help you kick a habit that is just as powerful as cocaine. Let me tell you about her: Sherry Strong is an award-winning Speaker, Chef, Nutritionist, Food Philosopher. She was the Victorian Chair of...


Helping the Highly Sensitive Person Succeed with Debbie Lynn Grace

As a highly sensitive person, you've heard these words, I am sure: "you are too sensitive," "stop crying and get busy," or "hold it together already". Debbie Lynn Grace describes the empathic or intuitive or the highly sensitive person as someone who does not have a built in buffer to withstand the normal outside energies that we all experience. While the scientific definition of the Highly Sensitive Person is more complex, her definition is simple: you could be sensitive to sound, light,...


Changing the Status Quo of Medicine and Elevate Your Life with Eva Vennari

In this program, you’ll discover how Eva Vennari healed herself from the incurable with natural medicine dosed with conventional testing and guidance. Eva and I met about five years ago before I had this podcast. When I heard her story, I wanted to learn more of what she does because her story is so commonplace yet few are freed from the suffering. From then to today, she’s transformed her business into a cutting-edge health coaching firm specializing in empowering individuals to take...


Physiotherapist disguised as an energy healer with Aleksandra Nenadic

Aleksandra Nenadic is a registered physiotherapist but she is not your typical therapist. Her start was what you would call conventional: she graduated with a Master’s in physiotherapy from the University of Ottawa in 2014. She worked at another clinic for three years and discovered how she could improve the outcomes of her patients in so many ways. So, unlike other therapists,she opened her own clinic with a vision to provide tailored, hands-on treatment to each patient for their...


Success is about being, not doing with Iain Grae

Today’s guest is Iain Grae, a serial entrepreneur, who has tapped into the woo world to create an abundant life for himself and teaches others to do the same. He started his first small business in his teens, was broke at 25, became a millionaire at 27 and retired at 30. This came from him founding Innovation Ads, Inc. – a New York based advertising agency which grew from just himself to over 150 employees in just three short years at which point he sold it. I highlight this particular...


Are you a healer and don’t know it? Success and intuition go hand in hand

Today, you’ll hear about how people you meet everywhere and in all walks of life are energy healers. It’s one of the things that makes them extremely likable and successful in their chosen careers. They have the same skills that I and many other out of the closet healers have, like my wonderful co-host, Gwen Lepard. It’s just that they are not aware of how talented they really are. In this show, Gwen and I explore common characteristics and some case studies from people we’ve met who...


The 7 Keys to Success In Business and In Life with Karen Brown

Karen Brown uses her seven keys to success in every aspect of her life. She is an unconscious mind expert on leadership and professional performance. As you hear about her activities, she is a highly motivated, goal oriented high achiever. She is a true superwoman Karen is an ultra performance athlete competing in some of the toughest endurance competitions as well as a successful corporate executive. Her current activities include certified executive coach, keynote speaker, and best...


Discover Your Soul’s Gifts to Thrive and Succeed with Mellissa Seaman

Mellissa Seaman is a recovering attorney. Really. Seriously. She’s a hard-core Stanford-educated attorney but it’s a far cry from what she does now. Now, she’s a professional intuitive, oracle and business strategist. Her clients range from Fortune 100 executives to inspired women leaders from all walks of life. She can help you find your Soul’s Genius so you can move from effort to flow. Melissa says that genius is a process, not a destination. By learning how to tap into your genius, you...


The high cost of poor health with Alli Ferguson

Are you aware of how much poor health can cost you? Not just in feeling bad, but really money. My next guest Alli Ferguson knows exactly those numbers. Her scientific curiosity and her background encompasses a unique, empowering, and purposeful approach to building a healthy, productive and balanced lifestyle. She has a passion for physical fitness and nutrition and with that has created the most comprehensive and uniquely customizable online fitness program. Whatever your goals may be,...


How does understanding the science of all energy healing show you how to be healthy?

Today’s broadcast is a deeper dive into the science of energy healing. You’ll hear about the causes of internal conflict or stresses and how that plays out in the body. There’s a large body of scientific evidence that supports these assertions and there are ongoing breakthroughs every day. What you’ll hear here is the practical ways of thinking about it. You’ll hear answers to questions like, "Why doesn’t doing affirmations and creating vision boards always work? Why is there no such thing...


My Top Success Tip and Strategy for Entrepreneurs, Healers, and Business Owners

In this program, I go over my top strategy for success in any endeavor especially as an entrepreneur or business owner. You will also hear how you can implement it to suit your personality, especially if you are intuitive, empathic or an introvert. Here’s what inspired me to share this idea. Over the weekend, I gave a 1 minute and 20 second speech to a room of 200 people. You might think that’s easy. You say to yourself, "what, it’s only a minute?!” But here is the tough part. It was to...


Anger Management from a New Perspective with Dr. Ed Daube

Dr. Ed Daube is an expert on helping people with their emotions, especially anger. Aside from his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, he spent his 32 year career in the Juvenile Division of the California Department of Corrections helping troubled youth manage their emotions and use them as tools rather than being taken over by them. He is currently a Senior Adjust Professor of Psychology at the University of LaVerne. Listen in as Dr. Ed shares his wisdom on how you can use your emotions...


5 Tips for Dealing with Difficult Family Members, Coworkers and Clients for Empaths and Sensitive People

In today’s program, you’ll see five highly effective tips for empaths and sensitive people to navigate or handle difficult family members, coworkers or clients. These methods are strategies that I as a sensitive, empathic healer has had to develop in order to help as many people as possible by empowering them to take charge of their own life and health. These include self care ideas, tips for releasing other people’s energy, what to do before you arrive in a crowded situation or a family...


Getting Unstuck and Bringing your Vision into Reality with Paula Brown, Heartist

Paula Brown is a great friend with an extremely interesting set of skills. She calls herself a “heart-ist”, which is a combination of heart and artist. This is truly the core of what she does as her business name, Chi-Lightful, also expresses. She helps entrepreneurs and leaders get unstuck by leading them through a unique process to draw out their inner heart’s desires through a process of envisioning it with Paula’s powerful artistic abilities. She can see it for you before you can see...


Avoid 2 Major Mistakes when starting and building a healing/coaching business

In this broadcast, you’ll hear about the two biggest mistakes you could make while starting or building a healing/coaching practice. These issues can occur whether you are just starting out or even with a mature practice. And both issues will diminish your capacity to help people. You will take on fewer clients and take in less money, putting you in struggle and out of thriving. The first mistake has to do with misguided efforts to help your clients by doing too much for them, taking their...


Is muscle testing dangerous or evil? How to muscle test….

In this broadcast you’ll discover what cautions need to be taken when using muscle testing to determine an outcome. For many people it doesn’t work and it is often used incorrectly. Muscle testing is mis-understood as a physiological response, it is often assigned qualities that it doesn’t deserve. Listen in as I describe exactly what muscle testing is, the way I use it in my work (as confirmation, not determination), and when it shouldn’t be used. There are many things to be aware of when...


The Congruence Code: Freeing yourself from what is holding you back with Debbie Lichter

Are you a high achiever on the outside but have feelings on the inside that aren’t congruent with that? Such as feeling lost, insecure or disconnected from yourself. Debbie Lichter was that too. Since graduating Summa Cum Laude from UCLA, Debbie Lichter metamorphosed many times. She started out as a marketer for Cosmopolitan running big marketing campaigns for well known companies. She then morphed into a pilates instructor and later owned her own gym, helping people get comfortable in...