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A new podcast about sex and sexual health presented by Adele Roberts and Hilary Ineomo-Marcus, supported by Public Health England, Comic Relief and Positively UK

A new podcast about sex and sexual health presented by Adele Roberts and Hilary Ineomo-Marcus, supported by Public Health England, Comic Relief and Positively UK
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A new podcast about sex and sexual health presented by Adele Roberts and Hilary Ineomo-Marcus, supported by Public Health England, Comic Relief and Positively UK






Sex Talk Minisode

So Sex Talk is currently on a series break! We'll be back in September with episode 17 focusing on Trans & Non-Binary Sexual Health, but in the meantime, we want your questions about the birds and the bees! Our sexual health expert, Dr Stuart Flanagan and sexpert Sarah Berry will be joining Adele and Hilary for a special Q&A. Get any questions you have about sex, sexual health and relationships to us by September 21st. In the meantime, stay safe, and keep talking!


Sex Talk Episode 16- HIV Myth Buster Special

Did you know that somebody on effective treatment for HIV can’t pass the virus on? Did you know that there is a daily pill you can take to prevent yourself from contracting HIV? In this HIV myth buster special of Sex Talk, Adele & Hilary are joined in the studio by Sexual Health and HIV Specialist Dr Stuart Flanagan, and Matthew Hodson, Executive Director of HIV charity, NAM. Stuart and Matthew separate fact from fiction when it comes to HIV, and Matthew gets involved with our favourite...


Sex Talk Episode 14- Life as a gay black man

In this weeks Sex Talk we hear about the experiences of black gay & bisexual men. HIV diagnoses among Asian & black African gay & bisexual men have been rising for the past 10 years. Marc Thompson, co-founder of BlackOut UK, an online community for gay black men & Phil Samba from The Terrence Higgins Trust chat to Adele and Hilary about racism that they have experienced in the gay community. They also discuss stereotypes, sexual health, homophobia and coming out in the black community...


Sex Talk Episode 13- Sexual Problems

Sex isn’t always as easy or as carefree as some might think, with 1 in 3 people experiencing sexual difficulties. Adele and Hilary are joined by Sex Therapist, Sarah Berry, who chats about sexual problems which affect women, such as vaginal pain and low libido. They also talk to Hannah about her experience of Vaginismus, and they hear from Peter Saddington, Sex Therapist and Relationship Counsellor for Relate, about sexual issues affecting men, such as erectile dysfunction and premature...


Sex Talk Episode 12- Growing up with HIV

There are currently around 1000 children living with HIV in the UK. 99.9% of babies born in the UK to HIV positive mothers do not contract the virus, as effective treatment actually prevents transmission. This episode of Sex Talk looks at what it’s like to grow up with the virus. Adele and Hilary talk to Horcelie, who was born in The Democratic Republic of Congo and found out she had HIV when she was 11 years old. We also hear from Abi who works for the children’s HIV charity CHIVA,...


Sex Talk Episode 9- Summer Special- Sex on Holiday

Adele and Hilary are back after a series break and are joined in the studio once again by our wonderful HIV and Sexual Health Specialist, Dr Stuart Flanagan in a sexy summer special! In the current steamy heatwave, Adele, Hilary and Dr Stuart talk about sex on holiday. They ask what the general public get up to on holiday and how safe we all are when it comes to summer romances. The Sex Talk team are joined on the phone by Sean Tipton from the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA),...


Sex Talk Episode 8 - Living with HIV

In the final episode of Series 1, the focus is on living well with HIV. Adele and Hilary are joined by two guests, Garry and Leasuwanna. Garry was diagnosed with HIV 27 years ago and was told he had 5 years to live. Leasuwanna was diagnosed with HIV at the same time many women in the UK are diagnosed, during pregnancy, as this is the only time women are routinely screened for HIV. They both tell their inspirational stories, and talk about the incredible work they are doing helping others...


Sex Talk Episode 7 - The Sex Industry

Adele and Hilary hear from two people involved in the Sex industry in Episode 7. Roney worked in the industry for over two decades and shares his experiences of addiction, violence and poverty. Roney also talks about the work he does with The Mens Room. Joining Adele and Hilary in the studio is Sophie, a 24 year old talented writer who has been involved in the industry since she was 16. Sophie talks about the reality of working as an escort, and reads a short story she has written.


Sex Talk Episode 6 - Sex and Alcohol

In Episode 6 of Sex Talk, Adele and Hilary talk all about Sex and Alcohol. We hear from the Terrence Higgins Trust Outreach Team in Soho, headed up by Rebecca and Rich, as they tackle the busy bars in one of London's drinking hotspots, handing out free condoms and information about PrEP. Alex Causton-Ronaldson joins Adele and Hilary in the studio to talk about how a wild night out changed his life forever.


Sex Talk Episode 5 - Sexuality and Religion

Episode 5 of Sex Talk focuses on Sexuality and Religion. Surveys show that around half of religious people in the UK think homosexuality is wrong, compared to a quarter of the population who are not religious. This can make it very difficult for people to come out to their communities and families. Hilary visits Reverend Jide Macauley who runs the ‘House of Rainbow’ which focuses on a person’s journey towards reconciliation of sexuality and spirituality. Adele and Hilary are also joined in...


Sex Talk Episode 4 - Sex and Prison

Episode 4 of Sex Talk looks into the relatively unknown world of Sex and Prisons. Adele and Hilary hear from a former prisoner, Julia, who talks openly about her own experience of sex and relationships in Prison. They're also joined in the studio by Lorraine Atkinson from The Howard League for Penal Reform, who talks about the review the organisation did on sex in prisons.


Sex Talk Episode 3 - Sex Addiction

In episode 3 of Sex Talk, Adele and Hilary look into the world of Sex Addiction. Hilary takes a trip to Plymouth and talks to Alan Stokes, owner of Horizon Counselling Services, who specialise in Sex Addiction counselling. They also chat with Erica Garza, who speaks openly in her memoir 'Getting Off' about her own struggles with Sex Addiction.


Sex Talk Episode 2 - Sex and Dating

This episode of Sex Talk is all about Sex and Dating. Adele and Hilary are joined in the studio by Sexpert, Brigette Bard, Founder and CEO of BioSure. They create home testing kits for HIV. Brigette talks all about dating and why people should talk more openly about sex. Hilary and Adele also chat with Jack Harrison-Quintana, Director of Grindr for Equality, who tells them all about the work the dating app is doing to promote safe sexual health.


Sex Talk Episode 1 - Sex and your health

In this first episode of Sex Talk, Adele and Hilary are joined in the studio by Dr Stuart Flanagan, a specialist in Sexual Health, HIV, and Viral Hepatitis. Hilary takes a HIV test in the studio, receiving his results at the end of the podcast. We also hear from Santiago, about his experiences of looking after his own sexual health.


Sex Talk Preview

Sex Talk is a podcast starting an honest conversation about sex. Presented by Adele Roberts & Hilary Ineomo-Marcus, the series will cover a wide range of sex-related subjects, such as Sexual Health, HIV, Sex Addiction, Sexuality and Religion and Sex Work. The podcast will feature various guests, from Sexual Health specialists, Sexperts, Volunteers, Charity Staff, and people with lived experiences sharing their own sex stories. Sex Talk. Real Stories. Real Issues.