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SUFB 541: Ocean Start Ups Are Not Easy

I covered something different than I am used to over the past week. I talked about businesses that benefit the Ocean. The businesses are usually Social Enterprises, companies that have a triple bottom line for profit, environmental and social change. There are many profiles in the news about specific Ocean Start Ups that have had success and received extra training, but I wanted to ensure that you know something about entrepreneurship. It is something that I learned over the past 7.5 years....


SUFB 540: Sea Life in Trouble As Global Heat Wave Affects Oceans Off California

The water along the beaches in San Diego are known for it's surfing and majestic sea life. The waters are also cooler as the Californian Current is influenced by the Alaskan Current and Northern Pacific Current; however, the global heat wave has raised the temperatures of the water to a point where researchers are worried about the affect this change could have on sea life in the area, particularly local coral reefs and kelp forests. Coral Reefs and Kelp Forests are stationary habitats...


SUFB 539: Katapult Your Ocean Start Up With Maren Hjorth Bauer

Yesterday, I introduced you to some start ups that were going to be part of an accelerator program for an Impact Investing Program. Today, I speak to the CEO and Founder of Katapult Ocean, which is a new Impact Investing firm that is focused on searching and investing in start ups that help make the Oceans more sustainable. Maren Hjorth Bauer is our guest. She defines Impact Investing and tells us about the Accelerator Program they are launching in January 2019 to help Start Ups scale...


SUFB 538: Ocean Solutions Alliance Accelerator Announces First Wave Of Start Ups

Talking about Ocean issues everyday can get a little tiring, so I've been doing some research to see what is being done about solutions. There are some organizations such as Conservation X Labs that help engineers, innovators and entrepreneurs to create prototypes that will provide conservation solutions and scale their business. There are also impact investing firms that are trying to incentivize start ups who are helping the Ocean and create programs to help them scale their business...


SUFB 537: More Criticism Being Published About Ocean Clean Up Project

I keep talking about the Ocean Clean Up Project because I get angry at the fact that there has been little criticism about the project in the mainstream media. So when I found this story, I had to talk about it on the podcast. This article really dives into the problems with the apparatus. I wanted to go through it because it's good to have criticism. I should get one thing straight. I do support start ups that help the Oceans; however, not if it will affect wildlife. Enjoy the...


SUFB 536: How The Decline Of Chinook Salmon Is Effecting The Southern Resident Orca Population

The Southern Resident Orca Population are considered a Schedule 1 Endangered Species by the Canadian Species At Risk Act. The main reason for the decline of the Orca population which only has 75 individuals left is because of the lack of Chinook Salmon, this according to Dr. Naomi Rose. Dr. Naomi Rose is our guest on the podcast today in the second of a two-part interview where we discussed the endangered Orca population. Naomi describes some of the biggest barriers (physical and policy)...


SUFB 535: How Marine Advocacy Works Using Orcas As An Example With Dr. Naomi Rose

We have our most popular guest on the podcast today, Dr. Naomi Rose. She is a Marine Conservation Advocate who works for the Animal Welfare Institute where she specializes in Whales in Captivity. Naomi came on the podcast to discuss the plight of wild Orcas of the Southern Resident Population; however, we first got on the topic of Marine Conservation Advocacy and discussed it for a while. It was such great advice and content that I thought I would divide the interview into 2 parts:...


SUFB 534: Does The Future Of Our Oceans Come Down To One International Meeting?

There is a big United Nations meeting that is going to happen in New York City soon that some researchers say will dictate the long term survival of the Ocean. The meeting has been in the works for years with countries expected to sign on to a pact that will manage the high seas over a number of issues from water quality to fisheries. Scientists have published on the way the high seas (ocean areas that are not governed by any country) have been treated in the past and have been outspoken...


SUFB 533: Porbeagle Sharks Protected In One Country But Killed In Another

Marine Conservation can be a tricky business at times. This episode covers one of those tricky times and it has to do with the porbeagle shark. The porbeagle shark is a "mini-great white" that only feeds on fish. It's population on the east coast has dwindled to 10% of its initial population. The Canadian government has put them on the Species At Risk list to help protect them; however, the shark crosses the Canadian-US border where it is not protected and it is fished and allowed to be...


SUFB 532: Canadian Mall Food Court Proves That We Can Do Better With Trash

There is a report that was released by the Ocean Conservancy that states over 80% of the marine debris that enters the Ocean comes from 20% of the countries, primarily in the Asian Region of the world. Most of it could be attributed to lack of a waste management infrastructure. Since then, the focus of marine debris has been on those countries, but over in North America, we are not perfect. The lack of perfection was highlighted after a story came out that a Canadian Mall's food court...


SUFB 531: Smooth Ray Feeding Behaviour with Joni Pini-Fitzsimmons

I had the pleasure of interviewing Joni Pini-Fitzsimmons, who is also known as @MotherOfRays - a fantastic Twitter handle!!! We discussed a recent paper that she published on the feeding behaviour of smooth rays around a recreational fishing cleaning area. The fishers clean their fish and discard the fish "waste" into the ocean where the rays feed; however, this feeding behaviour could be detrimental to the overall survival of the rays, especially if the cleaning station disappears...


SUFB 530: Are SeaWorld Rebounding From Blackfish Fallout?

SeaWorld is rebounding with higher attendance in the first 2 quarters fo this year pleasing investors and making them think that the fallout from the Blackfish documentary that showed the entertainment park was ignoring scientific evidence that the small tanks and shows were harming the mental and emotional state of the captive orcas. An investigation is still under way by the SEC into allegations that SeaWorld misreported the gravity of the effect of Blackfish on attendance to its...


SUFB 529: Plastics In Ocean Emit Greenhouse Gases When Exposed To Sunlight

As if plastic pollution in the ocean wasn't bad enough, now researchers have revealed that as plastics degrade in the light (photo-degradation), they emit greenhouse gases. Researchers at the University of Hawai'i at Manoa published an article in PLOS One recently were they tested how gases were released as different forms of plastics degraded in saltwater. Surface area increased as the plastics were degraded increasing the amount of gasses that were introduced to the...


SUFB 528: Florida Red Tide And Algae outbreak Getting Worse

A couple of weeks ago, I published an episode on a number of Sea Turtles floated ashore dead from a red time bloom off of Southwest Florida. The long term prognosis did not look good as the red tides usually happen in the winter, where cool water from the land break up the red tide; however, this red tide happened in the summer, where cool water is absent. I thought I would do an update on the situation for this episode, but the update is worse than the initial story. There are almost 400...


SUFB 527: Ocean Acidification Can Affect Smell Of Fish

Researchers at the University of Exeter have discovered that European sea bass lose some of their sense of smell when pH dips in tiny amounts, which means that Ocean Acidification with cause this fish to become vulnerable. The study showed the bass have to be 42% closer to their prey, to their habitat and their predators to detect them leaving them vulnerable to hunt for food, find suitable habitat and be at risk of predation. This study opens up the question as to whether other fish...


SUFB 526: Australian Billionaire Gives 100 Million To Marine Conservation

Andrew Forrest's Minderoo Foundation decided to give $100 million dollars towards marine conservation in Australia as he criticizes the Australian government for their lack of protection for proposed roll backs on Marine Protected Areas within the country. On top of that, Andrew is doing his PhD in Marine Conservation as he tries to find ways to create ways of economic and marine conservation sustainability. Check out the episode to find out what the money will go towards. Source Enjoy...


SUFB 525: 90 Percent Of The King Penguins Mysteriously Disappeared

There is a population on the Ile aux Cochons that is located between South Africa and Antarctica that holds a significant portion of the populations of King Penguins. Unfortunately, the population of those penguins has decreased by 90% over the past 40 years going from 2 million individuals to 200,000. Researchers have been using satellite imagery to measure the population change over the years and discovered the huge loss of penguins. The hypothesize that the loss could be due to climate...


SUFB 524: Global Warming Accelerated By Slowing Of Ocean Conveyor Belt

I learned about the Ocean Conveyor Belt that influenced the climate for the Northwestern Atlantic and Northeastern Atlantic regions when I was in school quite some time ago. It fascinated me that the ocean can have such a prolific role in regulating Climate. It seems that it also has a role in controlling, or accelerating Climate Change, as well. Researchers from China have recently published an article in Nature regarding how the conveyor belt can help take Greenhouse Gases out of the...


SUFB 523: Major UK Tour Operator Stops Selling Seaworld Tickets Due To Animal Welfare Concerns

Thomas Cook, a major UK tour operator, has officially stopped selling Seaworld tickets due to the captive mammal facility not abiding bu ABTA guidelines on animal welfare. The Whale and Dolphin Conservation Organization has been working with Thomas Cook for the past 18 months to investigate whether the park was adhering to the guidelines. The investigation resulted in a failure and the tour operator took action. This could be the beginning of a slew of other tour operators that stop...


SUFB 522: New Dolphin Hybrid Species Discovered Off The Coast Of Hawai'i

In cool ocean news, Scientists at Cascadia Research Collective have discovered a new dolphin hybrid species off the coast of the Kauai, Hawai'i. The hybrid was the product of a melon-headed-dolphin and a rough-toothed dolphin, where the former is rare in Hawaiian waters. A two-week study revealed observations of the melon-headed dolphin and another rare species called pantropical spotted dolphins. Both species were tagged and will be monitored for future observations. Source Sponsor:...