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A podcast focusing on spinal cord injuries and paralysis and ways to treat and cure those problems.

A podcast focusing on spinal cord injuries and paralysis and ways to treat and cure those problems.
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A podcast focusing on spinal cord injuries and paralysis and ways to treat and cure those problems.






Episode 25 Eric LeGrand

Another amazing podcast with another amazing guest… Jerimie had the honor of speaking with former Rutgers football star Eric LeGrand about his injury, his recovery, and finding a cure for spinal cord injuries. Also, Jerimie and Brandon discuss acupuncture, epidural stimulation, Adidas having the best shoes, and the University of Washington having no wheelchair accessible seats for the entire football season. FB: @EricLeGrand52 IG: @EricLeGrand52 Twitter: @EricLeGrand52 Website:...


Episode 24 Jesse Billauer

This episode we have the opportunity to speak with Jesse Billauer, founder of Life Rolls On and World Champion Quadriplegic Surfer. Also, Brandon and Jerimie discuss epidural stimulation, a major league baseball player auctioning off cleats for a spinal cord research charity, and of course Brandon's hamstrings. IG @liferollsonfoundation @jessebillauer FB: @liferollsonfoundation @jessebillauer Twitter: @liferollson


Episode 24 Tony Davenport

This week Jerimie interviews Tony Davenport from Kinetic Touch Medical Massage, Tony is A Neurologic Rehab Specialist, Medical Massage Practitioner, Kinesiotherapist, Energy Medicine Practitioner, and a retired Marine Corps Officer. We discuss how Tony started working with SCI patients and what he does to help those patients with balance, movement, and pain relief. Also, Jerimie and Brandon discuss their normal nonsense including concerts attended, concerts missed, and Popeye's chicken...


Episode 22 Dr. Ida Fox

Jerimie and Brandon discuss gratitude and a new open source databank specifically for spinal cord injury research which is very exciting. Then Jerimie speaks with Dr. Ida Fox who is the Codirector of the Center for Nerve Injury and Paralysis at the Washington University School of Medicine about nerve transfer surgery and the benefits to people living with SCI.


Episode 21 Pradeep Thotekat

This week we had the honor of speaking with Physiotherapist and Nutritionist Pradeep Thotekat live from India. He gave us some very interesting information about how he treats spinal cord injuries as well as some information about pain management and nutrition. Brandon and Jerimie discuss PRP injections and Wisconsin State Representative Jimmy Anderson and his bill seeking $10 million for spinal cord injury research in Wisconsin. Pradeep FB IG...


Episode 20 Jordan Wagner

Brandon and Jerimie discuss the possibility of stem cells bringing the brain dead back to life. Then they have the honor of interviewing Jordan Wagner, cofounder of the Pazio Institute in Chicago which is a Regenerative Medicine and Anti Aging Institute. Jordan is also Founder and CEO of PR and consulting firm Tidbit.


Episode 19 Dr. Lonnie Shea

Jerimie and Brandon discuss Elon Musk's Company Neuralink and their venture into Brain Machine Interface and desire to help people dealing with spinal cord injuries. Then Jerimie is joined by Dr. Lonnie Shea who is a Professor of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Michigan to talk about his team's research into blocking the harmful immune system response to spinal cord injuries.


Episode 18 Chapter 1 Daven Pantohan

Jerimie is joined by special guest host Kai Bickle Nygard where they discuss: Healthy changes to their daily routines Cream for Ripple plant-based half-and-half Downloaded bluelight filter app: f.lux Red flagged toxic cleaning products and replaced with Myers cleaner. Lyons Main Mushroom How much is too much? Regenerative cell power rankings 1. Olfactory Bulb Cells 2. Oligodendrocyte Cells 3. Shwann Cells Then Jerimie has the privilege of speaking with longtime friend Daven...


Episode 17 Lolly Mack

In this episode we have the pleasure of interviewing world-renowned Cure Girl, Lolly Mack, she is an amazing woman who is doing whatever she can to raise money for spinal cord injury research. Jerimie and Brandon discuss another new technology using a virus to potentially treat spinal cord injuries. IG: @lorrainelollymack


Episode 16 NextStep Atlanta

Jerimie and Brandon discuss findings from the Internet and Brandon's hamstring, then Jerimie is joined by the lead technician from NextStep Atlanta, Taylor, this is an amazing organization that is helping a lot of people dealing with paralysis of all kinds. @nextstepatlanta on Instagram


Episode 15 Kai Bickle Nygard Comes to Town

Warning!!! Things get somewhat political in Episode 15 of the Surviving Paralysis Podcast!!! Jerimie and Brandon discuss some new Trump Administration Policies that negatively affect SCI research and people living with SCI. Then we are joined by the one and only Kai Bickle Nygard to discuss a new direction for the Live to Walk Again Foundation and the podcast.


Episode 14 Sabrina Cohen

Jerimie had the privilege of speaking with Sabrina Cohen from the Sabrina Cohen Foundation about providing access to beaches to people with SCI and other disabilities. We also discuss the Adaptive Recreation Center that the foundation is working on getting built in Miami Beach. Check out their website at to see everything they have been working on and to donate. Facebook at Twitter @SabrinasBeach Instagram...


Episode 13 Dr. Val Kanter

Episode 13 is finally here!! Jerimie and Brandon discuss some interesting SCI research breakthroughs, then we are lucky enough to be joined by Integrative Endodontist Val Kanter to discuss oral health and truth about root canals.


Episode 12 Simon Calcavecchia

Author, motivational speaker, and disability awareness advocate Simon Calcavecchia was our guest this week. Simon and his awesome mother Julie were our first in studio guests at the Live To Walk Again studios and we discussed many topics from Simon's injury in Australia while playing rugby, to his amazing children's book series The Adventures of Frank and Mustard, to his mission to get on the Ellen show.


Episode 11 Dr. Tyna Moore

Jerimie and Brandon discuss their do over podcast, RIP Uncle Dave Bagnariol, and a new technology to reduce cavitation around spinal cord injury sites. Then Jerimie has the privilege of interviewing Dr. Tyna Moore about prolotherapy and needling as well as some other interesting aspects of alternative medicine. Check out some of the great links below, they are very informative. Instagram: @drtyna Facebook:...


Episode 10 Dr. Goldfarb

Jerimie and Brandon discuss making it all the way to episode 10 and a unique study using implanted electrodes to relieve pain, then they interview Dr. Goldfarb who is the H. Fort Flowers Prof. of Mechanical Engineering, Prof. of Electrical Engineering, Professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, and the Director for the Center for Intelligent Mechatronics at Vanderbilt University about exoskeletons and how they can help with spinal cord injuries.


Episode 9 The Kai Bickle Nygard Experience 2

Jerimie and Brandon discuss distracted driving and its repercussions, then Jerimie is joined by the one and only Kai Bickle Nygard for an insightful and informative discussion about CBD, Dr. Mercola, and Zach Bush among many other things.


Episode 8 Anton Clifford

In today's podcast Jerimie and Brandon discuss how robot snakes could lead to a cure for spinal cord injuries and epidural stimulation. Then Jerimie talks to friend of the podcast Anton Clifford a.k.a. DJ Hot Wheels about being injured in Jamaica and DJing from his wheelchair.


Episode 7 Garyn Angel

Jerimie and Brandon discuss head transplants as a viable option to fix damaged spinal cords. Then Jerimie interviews Magical Butter Founder Garyn Angel about cannabis and the medicinal effects of CBD and how those can help in pain relief. Stay tuned for a Magical Butter giveaway and check out and to get more information on their amazing products.


Episode 6 Garrett Greer

Never fear, the Surviving Paralysis Podcast is back and better than ever, despite Brandon's best attempts at delaying it again, here we are. We discuss proper adult etiquette when dealing with someone in a wheelchair in public and then Jerimie and Brandon interview Garrett Greer, quite possibly the most interesting man in the world.