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Season 2 Episode 1: Timing and Feeling Left Behind

The wait ends TODAY. Alyssa and Stacey are BACK with season 2! On this season 2 opener, the dynamic duo spill the tea on what’s been going on since they’ve last recorded. From life transitions, mental health, to the #inthewildchallenge, Alyssa and Stacey are back with their honest conversations and genuine reflections. If you’ve ever felt “behind” or compared your life to someone else’s this episode is for you. They dive into their experiences with the comparison game and how to reset your...


Bonus Episode: Season 1 Recap

3 months ago, Alyssa and Stacey overcame their fears and started Tea Talk Podcast. It’s been such a growing journey for them both as they’ve uncovered hard topics, learned how to be vulnerable, and opened their hearts to a wider audience. In this season recap, they share their lessons learned, favorite parts of the podcast, and where they’re headed from here on out. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for supporting Tea Talk Podcast this season and for being a part of this...


Episode 10: Communication w/ Catherine (poshcatch)

Communication. It’s the basis of every relationship we have--from professional, personal, platonic, to romantic--we need effective communication skills in order to see these relationships flourish. This week we bring in Catherine (@poshcatch), an environmental scientist and fashionista, who shares her tips on how to develop positive and effective communication habits. Alyssa, Stacey, and Catherine share their candid experiences with communication blunders-- from the workplace to their...


Episode 9: Spilling the Tea on IG

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be an “instagrammer”? Ever wonder what really goes on when creating content? Or the hidden world that exists behind the pretty photos and numbers you see on Instagram? We’re pulling back the curtain to the world of Instagram as an influencer--from hacks to grow and the struggles we go through--we’re covering it all!


Episode 8: Heartbreaks, Healing, and Moving On

A big part of growth involves the hard stuff--pain, and specifically heartbreak. Alyssa and Stacey share their experiences with heartbreak, how they’re healing from it, and how to view it in order to grow. Whether you’re walking through heartbreak now or have in the past, this episode touches upon a universal feeling we’ve all felt. Our hope is that this episode reminds you that you’re not alone and that it is possible to move forward after heartbreak.


Episode 7: Dating 101

It’s no secret that modern dating these days involves all the online phone apps, endless swiping, and superficial judgments. And with that, the dynamic and dating norms have changed--but where did the common decency go?! In this episode, Alyssa and Stacey share their dating woes and reset dating norms for all the people that need it. From texting do’s and dont’s or how to treat your date with respect...we give you the basics in Dating 101.


Episode 6: Perfectionism ft. Calvin Chu

Have you struggled with perfectionism or the allusion of needing to be perfect? On this week’s episode, we unpack the root of perfectionism with our very first guest: Calvin Chu (@chus.life)! An entrepreneur and creative, Calvin shares with us his story of how the need to be perfect stemmed from tough parts of his childhood, how he’s overcoming it, and his journey of healing. Grab your cup of tea and listen in this week!


Episode 5: The Fish and the Ram

Self-awareness is key to growth and managing healthy relationships with others and yourself. In this fun episode, Alyssa and Stacey talk about their sun signs and Myers Briggs test personality types, and dive deeper into understanding each other. Grab your tea and tune in to learn more about your podcast hosts! Links: Astrology Resource Birthday Personalities Myers-Briggs


Episode 4: Fear and Overcoming Fear

What’s the one thing that holds people back from taking chances and doing the things they want most in life? FEAR. It can be debilitating and crippling for some--why is that? Alyssa and Stacey explore the topic of fear, share examples of how they’ve overcome fears in their own lives, and share tips on how you can do the same.


Episode 3: Friendships in Adulthood

Alyssa and Stacey tackle all things about friendships: from how to make friends as an adult, how to maintain friendships, and when you need to let go of friendships that no longer serve you.


Episode 2: A TEA-ser on Modern Dating

We’re introducing our audience to modern day dating, the challenges women face, and how we approach dating in today’s world.


Episode 1: Come Sip Tea with Us!

Alyssa and Stacey welcome you to tea talk by sharing their story of how they came up with the name, how they met, and why they started this podcast. Meet the ladies behind Tea Talk!