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#90- Higher Order Thinking w/ Michael Bann

Today we’re joined by Michael Bann. Michael has been the head coach at OPEX Fitness (formerly Optimum Performance Training) since 2014 as well as the expert consultant for The American Center for Natural Medicine, a functional medicine clinic. Before coming to OPEX Michael had been a personal trainer and boot camp instructor, the head strength coach for a law enforcement academy, and an instructor for a strength and conditioning course at Northern Arizona University. He eventually...


#89 – Inside the Mind w/ Mike Burgener

Today I’m joined by the legendary olympic weightlifting coach, Mike Bergner, also known as Coach B. Coach B is a Level 5 Senior International Weightlifting coach and now retired head coach for CrossFit Weightlifting Seminar Staff. He is a graduate of Notre Dame, where he played football, and obtained his MS degree from the University of Kentucky. He was also a Captain in the United States Marine Corps and a very successful athlete both in football and in weightlifting. This is a...


#88-Fundamentals of Animal/Kettlebell Flow w/ Eric and Francheska

Today I’m joined by two guests, Eric Leija and Francheska Martinez. Eric is an Annit Academy Senior Kettlebell Coach, coach ate the Onnit Gym in Austin, Texas, and specialist in all things related to kettlebell flow. Francheska is an animal flow instructor and master, Onnit kettlebell specialist, Onnit Mace specialist , stretch therapist, coach, and bodyweight movement expert. I’ve always found the kettlebell to be such a valuable, versatile piece of equipment, and getting to explore the...


#87- Inside The Mind w/ Noah Kagan

Today we're joined by Noah Kagan, who is the Chief Sumo at Sumo, AppSumo, and KingSumo, where he helps entrepreneurs becomes more successful. He was the 30th employee at Facebook, number 4 at Mint, and also worked at Intel. Noah works to help people be armed with the tools to create systems in online businesses and market themselves more effectively. In today's episode, we talk about maximizing your unique abilities, effectively using time, why Noah values coaching, and so much more. Show...


#86 - Feeling Is Both An Art and A Skill w/ Carl Paoli

Today I'm joined by Carl Paoli, who has achieved high level success as a gymnast, coached thousands of athletes through GymnasticsWod and his Freestyle Connection seminars, and serves as a Global Ambassador and investor in Strike Movement. I really appreciate the lens that Carl views movement through -- but more importantly, his approach to being a human. We talk about breakdancing, expression, money, art, purpose, and so much more. Show Notes: Resources we may have talked...


#85 - Connection: The Elephant that Comes Between Us and How To Use It w/ Dr. Megan Kaden

Today's episode is a crosscast from The Unfiltered Human, A Podcast: A show about everything and nothing. Humans are unique, yet similar. Relationships are complex, yet simple. We break it down. Why is it hard to connect on some days yet effortless on other days? Miz and Meg discuss the many possible causes of discrepancies in our connections from day to day. They hypothesize about the underpinnings of the ups and downs of the skill of connection and offer ideas about how to use the...


#84 - Mindset, Business Breakthroughs, and Emotional Deposits w/ Aaron Hinde

There's power in learning from your mistakes to improve future performance. In today's episode, we're joined by Aaron Hinde, Co-Founder and President of the amazing LifeAid brand. From humble beginnings to having the official recovery drink of the 2017 CrossFit Games in his portfolio, Hinde joins me as we discuss the powerful impact of learning from the past and discovering unique abilities. Resources we may have talked about: Life Aid How you can connect with Aaron: Instagram This...


#83 - Bringing Joy To The World Through The Barbell w/ Travis Mash

Powerlifting World Champion and Olympic Weightlifting coach, Travis Mash, joins us today to talk about some of the learnings he's had since episode #3. He’s been coaching athletes for over 21 years from all walks of life. He’s worked with NFL players, Olympic Weightlifters, Powerlifters, and athletes across many other disciplines. Travis is known for shifting paradigms and doing big things to grow the sport of Weightlifting that we love so much. We talk about youth/teen development, what...


#82 - 1 Year Anniversary Special: Awaken Training Series w/ Marcus Filly

Today's episode is special because we're celebrating the one year anniversary special for Awaken Training Series. Marcus Filly joins me today to reflect on some of the learnings that we've had since the inception. I know that as a participant, my biggest takeaway was the evolution in mindset around training. We talk about things like controlled variety, confidence through training, tracking certain markers for progress, and so much more. Show Notes: Resources we may have talked...


#81 - Movement Is The Ultimate Freedom w/ Marcus Filly

Today's episode is a crosscast from the new Look Good Move Well podcast. This concept is so important to me, I could talk about it for hours. Vacuuming. Getting out of the car. Standing up. It’s easy to take our ability to move for granted, until it’s taken away. Just like Marcus’s baby daughter, the more ways you can move, the more freedom you have in life. Finding your own entry point into loving the way you can move will also keep you motivated in your training. Listen in to get...


#80 - Beyond Macros w/ Matthew Walrath

The hardest part about living a healthy lifestyle is more than lifting heavy weights. It also needs a foundation of nutrition to support your goals. My guest, Matthew Walrath came by to discuss the importance of using food to fuel the body with better energy to support a healthy lifestyle. He is the owner of Beyond Macros, a leading nutrition coaching platform to help people focus on quality food. We talk about evaluating food templates, food culture in different parts of the world, and so...


#79 - Sleep Optimization w/ Dan Pardi

In this episode we explore how to achieve the ultimate goal in life: a good night's sleep! My guest, Dan Pardi, is a sleep researcher and educator at Stanford and Leiden University in the Netherlands. Dan is also the CEO of, an operating system that helps people master their healthy lifestyles. In this episode, Dan details how to optimize sleep and understand sleep behavioral changes so a good night's rest can be achieved. We talk about issues affecting sleep cycle, measuring...


#78 - Universal Strategies For Business Success In Fitness w/ Todd Nief

Todd Nief is co-owner of South Loop S&C and head coach of Legion S&C. In today's podcast, we discuss some of the challenges with running a brick and mortar business vs online business. What are some of the common threads between the two? Similarly, what areas require a bit of a different approach? Todd shares some successful tactics that have lead to breakthroughs in his career as a coach and business owner. Show Notes: How you can connect with...


#77 - Playing The Cards You Are Dealt w/ Bryce Smith

Bryce Smith is back! He is a Coach at Invictus Fitness and certified EMT and Firefighter with the LAFD. Bryce believes that training should be fun, but that athletes should be motivated to reach their potential. We talk about how Bryce uses adventure to stay motivated and avoid being stuck in a routine. We'll also explore the use of alternative medicine to support a healthy recovery. The way that Bryce has dealt with the adversity thrown his way is inspiring to me. Be sure to check out...


#76 - Pursuing Personal, Professional, and Relational Growth w/ Adee Cazayoux

74 episodes later... Adee Cazayoux is back on the show!! This episode is special because Adee has always been an inspirational figure to me from the early beginnings. It's exciting to watch her growth in so many areas and for her to share some of those lessons with us today. For those of you who may not know, she is the founder and CEO of Working Against Gravity. Her nutrition consulting company has literally worked with thousands of people. We talk about how Adee makes time for herself...


#75 - The Truth Shall Set You Free w/ Misbah Haque

Today's podcast episode is a conversation I had with Pawel Wencel from Uncharted Performance. I was on the other side of the mic for once and got asked some very good questions. We talk about some of the unique characteristics that have contributed to helping me expand as a person, coach, and host. Some of the central themes identified by Pawel included creativity, exploring, questioning, listening, and coaching. We then talk about how these 5 elements get incorporated into my movement...


#74 - How To Have Deeper, Fulfilling, and Longer Lasting Relationships w/ Dr. Megan Kaden

Dr. Megan Kaden is a licensed clinical psychologist who specializes in couples and individuals working on their relationships. She's also developed a digital course, with yours truly, called The Art and Science of Connection. This episode is so exciting to me because we discuss elements of neurobiology, causes for relationship failures (with others or yourself), how our system handles emotions, and so much more. This is a MUST listen for anyone who wants to be more connected in their day...


#73 - The Journey Of Leadership w/ Michael Cazayoux

Michael Cazayoux, founder of Brute Strength, is back on the show! He is the host of the Brute Strength Podcast and runs a coaching company with training programs suited for different goals such as performance and body composition. Today we reflect upon the journey of the last year (since episode #6). We talk about creating time for play, how to choose what to learn next, lessons from marriage, the nuances of leadership, and so much more. Show Notes: Resources we may have talked...


#72 - Rowing Efficiency, Food Hygiene, and Lifestyle Coaching w/ Brianna Lamb

Brianna Lamb joins us today to talk about rowing efficiency, asking good questions, and her extensive nutrition journey. She's a former NCAA D1 Rower and competitive CrossFit athlete. Brianna is also a coach here at Revival Strength and we get to shine light on some of the admirable qualities I get to notice about her in that role. I've always wanted to learn more about how to improve my rowing from someone who has a solid background in this discipline. As for nutrition, it's always...


#71 - Banned Substances Every Athlete Needs To Know Before Competing w/ Calvin Sun

Calvin Sun is a Senior Coach and Director of Informational Products at Invictus Fitness. He is the co-author of the best selling book, The Invictus Mindset. He’s also written a book that takes an evidence based approach called Post Workout Supplementation. This time we talk about his latest body of work: 12 Banned Substances That Every Athlete Needs To Know Before Competing. We talk about the not so obvious substances, legalization of CBD oil, doping scandals, optimizing sleep, and so much...