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Residence or Reference Point?

[00:00] The past, how do you view it? How does it impact your life? Do you find yourself dwelling there with sweet memories or perhaps the past haunts you with regrets or the what ifs or should have been? The past is powerful. It can be wielded as a powerful tool for growth or conserve as shackles keeping us in bondage, impaired and imprisoned and preventing us from living a joy filled life. I liked this quote. Past is a place of reference, not a place of residence. Does this quote resonate...


Out of Control Lifestyle

Do you ever feel out of control? Sometimes? Do you get frustrated with the things you attempt to control, knowing or quickly realizing that you can only do your part and cannot control the entire situation? Control when we feel out of control or have no control over certain things, we become frustrated, irritated on, done. On today's podcast, the issue of control is the topic. I'm Sandra Vernon and you are listening to the art of connection, so I'm today's topic. I'll be speaking about...


Connections Through Travel and Daily Life with Adrianne Waggoner

Transitions are a part of life. We each go through them and for many of us, it is a transition from maidenhood to marriage and motherhood and like me, you may have arrived at Maven Hood. These transitions make life a roller coaster ride for sure. Today's guest is a woman who was familiar with adventure and life transitions. Her kindness and ability to reach out and connect with other women is a blessing. Before marrying Adriane was a missionary and when she returned state side worked as an...


Feminine Power

There are many movements that promote empowering we women, yet with each new wave, we seem to lose our way a bit more. A good majority are not more in the foundation or anchored with the core issues. So on today's podcast I will be speaking about the power of femininity, feminine Queens and Feminine Warriors. We are meant to be feminine and Warriors. We are meant to be warriors in a uniquely Feminine Way. Warrior, Queens, Warrior, princesses, crowned and gowned yes, but being gowned were...


Sharing Health & Happiness with Pam Hedge

Have you ever considered how you might regain your good health or maintain the health you have? How about the excitement and challenge of downsizing and this after living on a farm? Well, on today's podcast, it is my distinct pleasure to have my friend, an amazing gracious lady as my guest, Pam Hedge. Pam is married to her best friend and they just recently downsized to tiny living. She and her husband reside in a 29 foot fifth wheel outside of Aiken, South Carolina. Pam Retired after 30...


Shame Revisited; Because Shame Revisits Us

My friend and I were discussing shame. She was wondering if you really ever got over it. The shame we have, she was wondering if one just had to endure it to some degree. We each have shame that is hidden away. Our resiliency, our ability to bounce back from shames message is determined by our support group, our community, and the risk we take in sharing on today's podcast, I will address the issue of shame, shame, resist, revisited because it revisits us and I want to address the power to...


For the Love of Fitness; Pilates with Laura Donatteli

What is your favorite way to get some exercise? Are you a member of a gym or a fitness boutique or perhaps enjoy exercise training at home on your TV. Perhaps you are a runner or a power walker. Fitness is not only good for our bodies and health, but our minds as well. On today's podcast, I had the pleasure of my favorite fitness instructor joining me on the show. Laura, Donna telly is an amazing woman who's teaching skills and own fitness journey inspires. Let me tell you a bit more about...


Busyness and multi-tasking; does it help or hurt faithfulness and consistency?

Busyness not busyness, but busy ness seems epidemic, perhaps pandemic now days, and with it, the mantra of how good multitasking is, while multitasking is often necessary in some circumstances, motherhood as an example, research and common sense states that multitasking is detrimental to being mindful, busyness, faithfulness, and consistency. These are the topics for today's podcast, so much of our lives and our days are filled with busyness. Much of the busyness is job related or commitment...


Love, Acceptance and the Search for Truth

To be loved and accepted runs deep. It's hardwired in us from the birth stories of orphanage, infants who do not thrive as they are denied physical touch and gentle, nurturing our heart ringing reality of this need our souls need nurturing and love. On today's podcast, I will be talking about love and truth and how they're related and necessary for our soul. The need to be loved and accepted follows us into adulthood and if this need isn't met or hasn't been met, we find that we began to...


Setting the Course of Life Through the Power of Words With Guest Kathy Gamache Anderson

Have you ever been afflicted with rats you know, really awful thoughts or been plagued with stinking thinking? Do you find that you are stuck in life and can't move along? On today's podcast, I am both honored and excited to have my friend and published author Kathy Anderson, as my guest. She is an expert on making choices about what she thinks on call it mindfulness or call it mindset reset. Kathy offers help to those who are stuck in negative thinking. Let me tell you a little bit about my...


While Waiting Serve and Draw Close to God, a Christian's Perspective

Waiting, waiting in line at the food store, do you always search out the shortest line or the line? It seems to be moving the quickest only to have it slow to a turtle's pace. Once you join it, waiting in traffic as it snarls along, slowing to a snail's pace, waiting for your turn for your appointment, the your next phenomenon, waiting in a queue only to have someone but in line and boy are you irritated. Waiting, not my strength as I mutter under my breath at the annoyance and the nerve of...


The Lie of The Mirror, Body Image Starts In The Mind

What is a healthy body image? Do you have one or do you know of anyone who has one, and if they do, are they truly satisfied with what their body looks like? Hi, Sandra Vernon with the art of connection and on today's podcast I will be addressing the issue of body image and how we can choose to reign in this runaway negative thought pattern that does more harm than good and achieving the goals for fitness, health and a joy filled life. And when we ran in our thought pattern to conform to a...


What's Your View On Beauty? A Woman's Perspective

On today's podcast, I will be speaking about a popular word, but with a twist. Sandra Vernon here with the art of connection and the topic for today is beauty, but first a quote, would you agree with what Alice Walker has to say about beauty? Whenever we are creating beauty, we are restoring our soul. Before you answer, I want to first define beauty. Beauty is a combination of qualities that pleases the senses, especially site. We know what this beauty looks like. It is skin, deep fashion,...


Hospitality and Connecting

Our theology is best expressed in our hospitality. What do you think about this quote? What does our hospitality say about us? In today's podcast, I'll be talking about hospitality. It is another way we can connect with others and here at face society it's all about the art of connection. Hospitality. It is both something we do and a gift some possess. You know those people that are both warm and welcoming and have a home that is so inviting. It isn't that everything is perfect, but that...



When we remember the humanity of another, there is no other, there is only us. Empathy is seeing with the eyes of another, listening with the ears of another and feeling with the heart of another. These two quotes by Ann Voskamp, a wonderful author really speaks to my heart and soul. So on today's podcast I will be talking about empathy. An important word in building community and connection. It is an art to connect with another. At FeSociety, it's all about the art of connection. These two...


The Power of Mindset to Crush Shame

On today's podcast, I'll be talking about the much ignored issue of shame, often ignored, very seldom spoken of, but it is something that is damaging our souls. We speak of anger and depression and anxiety, and it's good to deal with these powerful emotions and responses. We don't want them to control us, but let them be used as a signal or a sign posts for what is on our mind so we can address those issues and as important as these emotions are, I still want to address the silent issue of...