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12: Who Gets the Last Laugh?

In this episode, Dr. Chris Tufnell and Gabrielle Hase debate whether it's ever ok to laugh at your pet, despite the mini YouTube industry that does just that. We take a brief detour into the weighty subject of how pets are used to express their owners' own personalities, and why antlers on dogs are never, ever a good idea. Just don't.


11: Fresh Take on Pet Tech

Join Dr. Chris Tufnell and Gabrielle Hase as they very (un)scientifically review the latest in pet tech for discerning cat and dog owners everywhere. We review [Fresh Patch]( grass patches for doggies, [Luuup]( cat litter boxes, [Boxie Pet Homes](, [Kyon]( Dog Tracker, [Vivipet]( food dishes and [Pebby]( interactive dog toys. Whatever happened to a...


10: The Secrets of Lady Dinah's Cat Cafe

Dr. Chris Tufnell and Gabrielle Hase welcome Lauren Pears, founder and owner of London's hippest Cat Cafe, Lady Dinah's. Never heard of a cat cafe before? Oh, there's so much to learn... Lauren shares with us her entrepreneurial journey and answers our questions about how cats really feel about being the centre of attention over a scone and a cuppa.


9: Dogs Behind Bars

Dr. Chris Tufnell answers our listeners' questions about raising a doggie in a city. Are cages a necessary evil, or a safe haven? Are small apartments a better environment for a dog than a shelter? These and other head-scratchers are the order of the day, so go on and give a listen. It'll be the best twenty minutes you'll spend all day, GUARANTEED.


8: Licking is Believing

In one of our most popular episode formats, we cover the latest in pet-tech – our judgemental, ill-informed but no less valid opinions about the various pet accessories and tech products that are aimed at pet parents. This episode features the [Licky Brush]( for cats (you read that right), the [iFetch dog ball]( thrower, the [Ruffit]( dog carrier, the [Bath Buddy]( and more ways that pet...


7: To Dangle, or Not To Dangle

Join Chris and Gabrielle as they review some of the latest pet gadgets to hit the market in their uniquely unscientific, yet no less opinionated, way. Bonus: learn how to help your pet beat the heat.


6: Pooch in the City

In this dog-focused Q&A episode, Chris and Gabrielle take their dogs for a (virtual) walk down the city streets and answer questions from dog parents. In our tech spotlight, we take a closer look at dog treadmills. Yes, it’s a thing. Firepaw dog treadmill -


5: Weep Not for Me

Chris, Gabrielle and special guest Shelley Gregory-Jones from come to grips with the toughest question a pet owner ever has to answer - when is the best time to put your pet to sleep? And, just in case you think it gets too heavy, we digress into a discussion about cake. Yes, cake. Have a listen!


4: I Mew Declare

In this episode, we welcome a special guest Shelley Gregory-Jones, the Development Director of International Cat Care, a UK-based charity that has recently launched the International Declaration of Responsibilities to Cats. If you put your signature to one amazing cause this year, find out why this has got to be it. Sign the declaration here: Pet tech: Sure Petcare:


3: Technical Warning: Animal Sentience and Brexit

Dr. Chris Tufnell does his level best to take us through the intricacies of animal sentience and the EU Withdrawal Bill, and what the headlines really mean.


3: Who Let the Fish Out

In this episode, Gabrielle Hase & Dr. Chris Tufnell explore the question of whether animals have feelings. A no-brainer, of course they have feelings! Since there are still people who aren't convinced, we dig deep to flush out the issues. And what about our fish in their tanks - are they as lonely as we think? Have a listen and find out…


2: Fireworks and Anal Glands

In this episode, Dr. Chris Tufnell and Gabrielle Hase talk about how the human interaction between the pet parent and the doctor can affect the pet's treatment and we finally solve the burning question on every dog owner's mind about why your dog scoots across the carpet. Yup, you can sleep well tonight.


1: How To Vet Your Vet

Every pet parent has that special someone in their life - their vet. Join Gabrielle the pet parent & Chris the vet as they talk about what to expect when you take your pet to the vet, why it costs what it does, and what your vet might REALLY think of you....