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The Christina Silva Show delivers Creative Resiliency Solutions through an electrifying portal into the lives of trailblazing guests. Christina attracts like-minded “Givers and Doers”. Industry Experts connect with CRS to uncover steps they took to manifest their ideas into reality. Get ready to Transform, Adapt, and Overcome!

The Christina Silva Show delivers Creative Resiliency Solutions through an electrifying portal into the lives of trailblazing guests. Christina attracts like-minded “Givers and Doers”. Industry Experts connect with CRS to uncover steps they took to manifest their ideas into reality. Get ready to Transform, Adapt, and Overcome!


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The Christina Silva Show delivers Creative Resiliency Solutions through an electrifying portal into the lives of trailblazing guests. Christina attracts like-minded “Givers and Doers”. Industry Experts connect with CRS to uncover steps they took to manifest their ideas into reality. Get ready to Transform, Adapt, and Overcome!




Sheryl Shaffer in the Spotlight

Sheryl Alexa Shaffer is a veteran of the U.S. Women's Army Corps and proudly served to continue the legacy of her mother who served in WWII. Sheryl was born aboard Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton in California and pays continued homage to her father and step father who were both decorated Marines. Sheryl has two siblings who were born on two additional military bases and Sheryl certainly understands, remembers, and is thankful for the cost of freedom and service before self. Sheryl gives...


MSgt Robert Jackson, USMC makes Black History in Communication

In 2022, we celebrate the African American First's that Master Sergeant Robert Jackson, USMC (Ret.) has accomplished with a lifelong career in Public Affairs. Currently, Robert is serving as the Marine Corps Logistics Base Barstow Communication Strategy and Operations Officer. His communication's team is small yet powerful and is dedicated to keeping the Civilian and Marine Corps Active Duty families informed throughout the pandemic with a bi-weekly publication in print, a new digital and...


From Stunt Coordinator to First Lady

April Weeden-White has exemplified outstanding, award-winning talent as she has accomplished greatness in her 30 year career as a Stunt Double and now, Stunt Coordinator. April is most proud of her work because she is coined as the “One-Take Wonder” on set by completing her stunts on the first attempt. During and parallel to her career in Hollywood, stunt doubling for many t iconic women in film, April takes pride in mentoring men and women in the industry, and leading in her God-given...


Wisdom of Butterflies

Corinna Coram is a Creative Entrepreneur, Administrative Executive, and Domestic Engineer that was raised by an Honorable U.S. Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant. With her accomplishments in higher education, in-depth experience as a wife to a valorous Law Enforcement retiree and due to her former service as a 911 First Responder, Corinna is a survivor and philanthropist at heart. Her life story is definitely filled with experiences of travail, triumph, and testimonials that have led to the birth...


Gettin' Real with Ron

Ron Moore spends his adult life motivating others through his unique and powerful ministry to help them succeed in The Game of Life. As a Vietnam Era Veteran, techniques, tactics, and talents he has earned have propelled him to overcome life's hurdles, hazards, and happenstances through Faith in Almighty God. With the foundation of God's Living Word, Ron adds his sense of humor and his wise admonishments in a way that is made simple for us to relate to and learn. With each Monday...


U.S. Naval Retiree and Veteran Strong

Ray Rangel proudly served both on active duty and as a twice-deployed Reservist with an occupational rating of Master at Arms, Military Policeman during his 20 year career in the U.S. Navy. Simultaneously, Ray sacrificed even more of his life and time protecting and serving his community as a Las Vegas Metropolitan Law Enforcement Officer for 20 years. As a retiree of both military and paramilitary organizations, Ray knows what it means to work hard and he prides himself for continuing to...


Pageantry to Paralegal

Ms. Camay McClure Dunn, a.k.a., The People's Advocate, is an accomplished proprietor with AAS, BA, and CNSA degrees to her credit. Ms. Camay is passionate about her own rights, the rights of others, new resolutions, and the record. As a transplant to Las Vegas, Nevada she is a survivor of being bullied in the workplace and saw an opportunity to make a grand difference in the Entertainment Capital of the World. Ms. Camay Dunn is duly serving as the Charitable Founder of an organization that...


Encore: Delphine Metcalf-Foster: Legacy, Heritage, Advocacy, and Ambassa

Let us discover the most remarkable highlights from the incredible journey of award-winning merit, multi-cultural diversity, inclusion, and triumph over challenges that First Sergeant Delphine Metcalf-Foster, United States Army (Ret.) has earned. Mrs. Delphine Metcalf-Foster's story stems from a family legacy of military service members that fought for freedom, rights, and justice. She carries the torch of leadership in every arena as she continues to take pride in her heritage and family...


Encore: Where's your Full Metal Jacket?

Kevyn Major Howard is a Hollywood Actor and Producer, known for his performance as Rafterman in the film Full Metal Jacket (1987). Kevyn Major Howard founded Fueled By The Fallen, 501(c)3 non profit organization which is one of his most major career accomplishments to help heal our nation following the devastating attacks suffered on September 11, 2001. Kevyn Major Howard, his beloved family, skilled Angel Car Drivers and dedicated team of volunteers over the years have served effortlessly...



Captain Jeffrey Kendall Sapp, USN (Ret.) is an All American Hero and has reached immeasurable heights from 30 years of US Naval Service leading 6 ships around the globe as Commanding Officer. His hard work, determination, and legacy includes 3 Masters Degrees and renowned Motivational Speaking Engagements coupled with his unprecedented and historic athletic career as a Nose Guard/Down Lineman in Navy Varsity Football and beyond. With his strengths in strategy, leadership, and communications...


Encore: Positive Interactive Energy For All

Meet Derek Gable, Inventor, Speaker, Motivator and the mastermind behind the Real Estate Lock Box and Mattel’s He Man and Masters of The Universe and many more remarkable creations such as Barbie and Hot Wheels as he shared 17 years in research, design, and development on several iconic projects. Derek invigorated us today with his newest inspiration for the troops and the world. The powerful yet invisible new and patented asset P.I.E.. Positive Interactive Energy is the 8 step system that...



Frances A. Cheever enlisted in the United States Army in 1980 and in 1981 reported for duty to compete Bootcamp. There is a special film that inspired Frances to serve titled “Private Benjamin” and Frances knew then that she was destined to care for and save the lives of others and to work in the Entertainment, Film and Television Industry during and after service. As a US Army Officer, and especially trained Nurse Frances is a Compassionate Leader. At her last duty station, the 79th...


Encore: Paragliding into Retirement

Meet the Whittet Family and hear their testimony of over twenty four years of combined United States Air Force Service. The career accomplishments, the Power of God and putting Family first is how to maintain resilience throughout life's transitions from uniform into civilian life. Gregory and Jessica understand the decision making processes, changes and order, and the preparation, planning, studying, and commitment it takes to maximize military service into a gainful life as a civilian...


Encore: Change: You Know Who You Are

The world is in state of unprecedented travail and the time for individual and collective change is now. All humans are created equal. All may yield and suffer from forms of prejudice, systemic racism, oppression, and discrimination. Such cyclic trauma induces inevitable world war, division, devastation, fear, anxiety, social unrest, suicides, and catastrophic mental health crises. Yet, HOPE still abounds when voices rise and resources are redeemed. Higher education heals, holistic treatment...


An Officer and A Fellow

Meet Lieutenant Colonel Peter Amara, United States Army, an accomplished scholar, skilled professional, and entrepreneur. An Officer leads with special empathy and understands the importance of strategy, technique, planning and execution to accomplish goals. Individualism is also key in military roles and along with great responsibility comes versatility, trust, dependability, creativity, and demand. Peter shares great lessons learned from his Army experience and the importance of maximizing...



Meet two special guests that both served in our United States Army and Army National Guard. Mr. Kevin Kothlow and Mr. Anthony Ramirez both exude and demonstrate their own Clean Riding Style in an effort to continue serving communities worldwide after honorable service. From the supportive and leading role as a First Sergeant in the his Camies to his State of California Administrative current role in his Civies, Mr. Kevin Kothlow, U.S. Army Retired, shares the importance lessons learned...


Saving Homes and Lives in 2021

CRS is on a mission to engage the world about the importance of Saving Homes and Lives in this age. Safety and awareness begins with an individual realization about personal security and the implementation of professional security systems in your realm. Your real estate as a homeowner, renter, landlord, and tenant matters as your responsibility and liability exists. It is time to be informed about world news, the real estate market, and global threats like never before. Join us to be...


Headship from Household to Hollywood

Hiram Murray exudes honorable principles of headship from raising a family to the foxhole! His honorable service is key as a husband, father, and veteran of the US Marine Corps. The rank of Captain is a stellar achievement and as an Officer in the military great responsibility and leadership ensues. Hiram orchestrates all areas of life well and among his many accomplishments, his career spans from law enforcement to the big screen. How does he manage his schedule? How does he keep in shape...


God Created Science and Salvation

Many are confused, distraught, misguided, and misinformed about God's Creation and the purpose for their lives. Today, we will talk with Pastor Jimmy Morales of Calvary Chapel Lone Mountain and Speaker and Co-Founder of Reasons for Hope, Carl Kerby about the truth. God created science and salvation yet Einstein's quote raises a common question about faith. Is Science without Religion Futile? Carl Kerby shares highlights from his speech titled Evangelism 101: 10 Things We Can Learn from An...


Centering Yourself Through Story Telling and Manifesting Freedom

Samuel L. Coleman, Jr. aka “Big Sam” is the Founder of Hoops to Homes & Company, a luxury real estate platform inside the eXp World . Sam Coleman is a hard working and influential leader to many in the industry after a twenty plus year professional career in basketball. His successful performance as an athlete lead to his defined passion in selling and investing in real property and the way his transition occurred is profound. As Nevada’s Sun City Go-To Agent of...