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#32 Carl Massy - From Army Major at 29 to an Internationally Acclaimed Coach, Keynote Speaker, Author and Yogi

Carl Massy. A life coach and expert strategist, Carl is the author of The Guidebook to Happiness, The Guidebook to Optimum Health and the Guidebook to Authentic Success. He is the co-owner of The Practice Bali and has a remarkably diverse bio which includes retirement from the Australian Military as a major, service to the Olympics as a Security Consultant, Fitness Instructor, NLP Master Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, keynote speaker and internationally acclaimed coach. Carl...


#31 Rohan Millson - Saving Pigs and How the Low Carb Bullshit Artists Are Lying Us to Death

No matter what diet or lifestyle you follow, we can all agree that Rohan Millson is a man of substance. One of the founders of Greyton Animal Sanctuary along with Nicola Vernon. He has dedicated his life to rescuing orphaned, sick or abused farm animals as well as educating South Africa and the world on the ethics and health behind a vegan diet. He is a public speaker and author of Why Animals Aren't Food.


#30 Shelani van Niekerk - How to Overcome Emotional and Physical Scars told through her story of losing her mother

Every scar has a story. Every story has a lesson. Every lesson has a treasure. The process of finding lessons, transforms the scar into a treasure. Look for the lesson and so transform your scars into treasures. You might well be surprised to find that you are rich


#29 Shannon Pam - The Public Speaking Energizer, Connector and Transformer

Shannon is a professional speaker and internationally certified coach who is passionate about having authentic, meaningful conversations that activate change in areas that matter. Having achieved 37 first class distinctions in the field of psychology, coaching and effective communication, as well as having both national and global experience leading and training in these areas, Shannon has a wealth of knowledge and experience to help us talk about things we care about in a way that...


#28 Dr Warren Chalklen - Is White Privilege a Reality and would Veganism end Racism?

UBUNTU NGUMUNTU NGABANTU: I AM BECAUSE YOU ARE Dr. Warren Chalklen is a passionate servant of South Africa, committed to a just an equitable education system for all. In this podcast we discuss the important link between racism, veganism, gender equality and all the other isms of this world. We understand the reality of racism being a subconscious reality and the true way out of it. As controversial as it may be, white privelige according to Warren is ripe across the globe and it is shown...


#27 John McInroy Part 2 - Overcoming erectile dysfunction through love, compassion and veganism

Previous podcast guest John joins us for another session where he discusses his latest book, The Butterfly Man. This is everyone’s story. This isn’t just a book. It’s a guidebook to a healthier new world. It’s part of an educational initiative that seeks to inspire others to look for more honest answers, to see through the institutions that have made us sick, and find the energy to create our own solutions. John explains this through his own hardship of erectile dysfunction in his late...


#26 Peter Daniel - How a Tony Robbins conference resulted in an Organic Superfood Success

Peter is a raw food chef, authors and health dducators who has been guiding South Africa on a journey to radiant health, abundant energy, lightness and fun. Him and his wife, Berryn (Co-Founder of Soaring Free) returned home to South Africa in 2006. A close friend asked them to run a workshop for herself and her housemate teaching them how to prepare healthy food. They invited a small group of people together and presented their first course. This led to the beginning of courses and events...


#24 Joanne Leffson (Vegan Hero) - From Pro Golfer to South Africa's answer to Saving Animals.

Joanne Lefson is a former professional golfer with a degree in Zoology from the Texas A&M University. She was previously a columnist for Compleat Golfer magazine and presented a slot on women's golf on M-Net's SuperSport channel. Throughout her life, Joanne has always been drawn to the plight of shelter dogs. Through this motivation she founded the Woof Project and Farm Sanctuary SA.


#24 Dr Thomas Jahn - Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor explaining the importance of chi and the energies beyond our ever flowing bodies

Dr Thomas Jahn is a doctor of Chinese Medicine (DTCM DAC SOUTH AFRICA) (LAc California AC 9177) specializing in acupuncture, acupressure massage, Qi Gong therapy, Chinese herbal medicine, moxibustion and cupping. We delve deep into the understanding of Traditional Chinese Medicine and its broad scope of its application and its potential benefits in health today. According to Dr Jahn, from the moment we are conceived we are in a constant state of motion and we need to understand how to...


#23 Dr Ron du Preez - Full time pastor, Ultra endurance runner, enthusiastic vegan and founder of the F5 Challenge

Dr Ron du Preez based in Arizona, USA is a senior pastor and an internationally renowned bible scholar of the 7th Day Adventist Church. Fit and faith are great ways to describe him. At the age of 64 on a completely vegan diet, Dr Ron ran the Grand Canyon Rim-Rim-Rim just after running a 7 marathons in 7 days in 7 countries. Not only is Dr Ron making an influence in the church community and the running trails but he has just completed his third doctorate with the idea of doing his fourth.


#22 Werner Daniels - Superfood ultra endurance athlete recovers from the depths of bipolar to a thriving plant-based lifestyle

Werner Daniels is a man living a balanced life that I have aptly named the "Happiest Man In The World". Werner was not your overnight success. He transitioned through tough times for many years to become the happy plant powered ultra endurance superfoodist we know today.


#21 Candice Bodington - From corporate misfit to influential fitness prodigy

After quitting her job as a graphic designer, Candice studied personal training and nutrition. The next step was sharing her love and excitement for wellness, and thus Candibod fitness came to life. Candice is now taking the fitness industry in Cape Town by storm


#20 Tash Napoli - A passionate restauranteur driving sustainability throughout South Africa

Tash is the epitome of living a balanced and purpose driven life. After traveling the world learning cultures, techniques and yoga she found herself and her purpose right next door to the very restaurant she grew up in. On the same block as her family's Italian restaurant, Tash etched the name "Nourish'd" in the dust of a garage door which has now become the thriving plant-based cafe that Cape Townian's flock to. Not only does it have deliciously nourishing meals but it is a meeting place...


#19 John McInroy - South African born social activist, ultra endurance athlete, international field hockey player tearing down the walls of ego

John McInroy is a South African born social activist, philanthropist, social entrepreneur, ultra endurance athlete, international field hockey player, actor and vegan yogi. John and I got super deep in this session covering topics of how he regained love for himself and in turn spreading that love with like minded people. John's charisma sone through the entire time and he talks how he made a conscious decision to focus that energy towards the the health of the planet and all sentient...


#18 Nick Lawson - Running a marathon-a-day for a year across Africa, barefoot for LOVE

Nick Lawson is no average bloke. This Aussie has extremely big dreams and his purpose in life is to bring communities together through love and compassion. He exudes a confidence like no other adventurer or runner I have ever met and this is all driven by his deep seated desire to love and be loved. Nick started his journey of running only 10 months ago and has never run a marathon on his life but on 14 February 2018 that all changes. Nick has committed to running a marathon a day for the...


#17 Peter Herrmann - Exploring the deep Intellectual Capabilities of the Mushroom Kingdom

Peter Herman is an incredible human being. Not just the co-founder of Harmonic Mycology but an all round kick ass sustainable dude. Peter and Andrew have created a medicinal mushroom company in South Africa hat can rival your top international brands. In this episode we discuss the intellectual capability of mycelium and how incredibly more advanced the kingdom is than the human knowledge base.


#16 Claire Sharryn Roberto - South Africa’s top vegan chef living an Ayurvedic lifestyle

Claire is aa plant-based chef, Personal Chef, Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Health Coach and developing Yoga Teacher. Born in Cape Town but traveller of the world, she has visited over 17 countries, lived in 5, and has drawn inspiration from the faces and places she has encountered over the years. These encounters have only increased her deep passion for life and food. Battling through an eating disorder, Claire found solace in the ayurvedic way of life leading her into recovery. Claire...


#15 Misha Teasdale - A man on a reforestation mission to bring nature back to the people

Misha Teasdale is the cofounder of and all round rad sustainable dude. In 2010, Misha gathered like-minded individuals to plant 1000 trees in a month and hasn’t looked back since. When he is not planting trees, you can find him doing wheelies on his bicycle or sprinting up Table Mountain.


#14 Kheyrne Danu - Adaptogens, Hormones and Chemical chaos

Kheyrne Danu is the brainchild of SuperThrive and founder of Woman Thrive. She is also a health journalist, nature worshipper and muse. From a young age Kheyrne had to work through a few big health challenges including adrenal fatigue, digestive issues and reproductive problems. She chose to focus on nature’s medicine chest for her recovery. After much research around hormone healing she finally discovered (back in 2006) the profound effects of adaptogen herbs and superfoods. “I had 14...