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Oil Pulling AKA Swishin' Oil - Episode #338

You may have heard of oil pulling before but you werent sure exactly what it was. You I just put it in my mouth and swish? Yep, that's oil pulling. And advocates will tell you it helps with all sorts of things from oral health to pulling toxins from your body to treat conditions like arthritis and diabetes. Sounds super cool, but does it really do anything? Can it make my mouth healthier and my life brighter? We get at the truth between the teeth in today's show.


Health Happens Halloween '18 - Episode #337

It's a special Halloween podcast!! We all know monsters are real. Thats just common sense. But are they really real? What are the medical explanations for the grisly ghouls that haunt our darkest nightmares? Turns out, science and medicine has a lot to say about the history of some of our favourite monsters and ghouls. So get out your stakes and silver bullets, stuff your pockets full of garlic, prepare your zombie apocalypse escape plan and join us for this special spooky Halloween episode!


TCM Takes on Anxiety and Insomnia - Episode #336

Anxiety, and its regular bedfellow insomnia, are among the most common conditions we see in clinical practice. But they can also be among the most difficult to treat. Are there other ways to understand and treat these conditions? Today we look at anxiety and insomnia through the lens of Traditional Chinese medicine to help find ways to distinguish patterns and address the root causes.


Tripping Over The Truth - A Book Report - Episode #335

It's Book Review Day! Today we talk about Travis Christofferson'sTripping Over the Truth, where the author argues for the Metabolic theory of cancer, and Mike and Chris explore some of the ideas in this book and argue over whether or not he's right. Is the Somatic Mutation Theory of Cancer that we have all been taught flawed? Coul cancer be fundamentally a metabolic condition? Join us for a lively discussion. Tripping Over The Truth - A Book Report - Episode #335


The Great Debate Part III - Universal Health Care - Episode #334

On today's debate episode Chris, the champion of truth and justice, takes on Mike, the regent of evil, in a discussion as to the benefits and costs of Universal Care. Do we really have a moral obligation to take care of our lazy and unhealthy neighbours? Does the government really spend my taxes on other people's bad decisions? Is Health Care a basic human right? According to Chris,100% of Scientific Experts agree that Universal Care is good and that only bad people oppose it. According to...


Cannabidiol CBD - The Straight Dope - Episode #333

Everybody is talking about CBD oil so we figured we should too. But is the hemp just hype and hope? Does it work? For anything? Mike and Chris review what we know and what we don't know about the therapeutic uses of CBD.


Kidney Stones AKA: Stone Free Again - Episode #332

Let's learn all about kidney stones today! Mike and Chris have a discussion about all the different types of kindey stones, from calcium, uric acid and struvite stones. Why do some people get them and others dont? What can you do to reduce your risk?Whats the deal with oxalates? Does taking too much calcium give me stones? And of course, how are they treated? Also, what is Mike doing in Chris's kitchen? Tune in to find out!


The Cure for Balding AKA: Life Goes On - Episode #331

Today, Mike and Chris guarantee you a cure for baldness. 100%. Disclaimer: to date, no hair-loss treatment has ever been recognized as actually re-growing hair, so results are guaranteed to be unlikely. But what can we do? Let's talk...


Affordable Care Naturopathic Medicine - Episode #330

Is Naturopathic medicine a luxury service available only to those who have the means or coverage? That's certainly not what most NDs signed up for. And it isnt what patients of ours are looking for either. But with the realities of business; high rents and big debts, how does a working ND strike the balance? Today we talk to Chris about the hard and soft-hearted details of how he's been running an affordable care practice over the last ten years.


10 Home Remedies AKA: Try This At Home, Kids - Episode #329

Why go see an expensive ND when you can heal yourself at home? Today Chris and Mike talk about their 10 favourite things we think you can use to safely and effectively help (but not treat, we don't give medical advice over a podcast, that would be illegal) some of the most common conditions like colds and flus, convalescence, stiffness and joint pain, and pretty much everything else. Also, did Chris just invite us all out for a coffee? This show gets better every week.


Fermented Foods AKA: You're a Three-decker Sauerkraut Sandwich - Episode #328

Should you eat that eight-week-old mayo-salad at the back of your fridge because now it's a fermented food? Nope, don't do that. But almost every culture (human, not bacterial) has a traditional fermented food they regularly consume which means there are lots of safe (and tasty) ways to include the healthy pre and probiotic benefits of fermented foods. Are fermented foods really that great for you, though? Actually...ya. They are. Tune in to find out more!


Silent Meditation Retreat AKA It's Oh So Quiet - Episode #327

Sex, bling, slander. None of these things happen on silent meditation retreats. But what does happen during all those hours sitting on a cushion? How does meditation work, and what sorts of superpowers should I expect when I'm done? This week Mike interviews Chris about his experience and asks all the questions you've always wanted to know about meditation retreats.


Genetic Testing AKA: 23 and Us? - Episode #326

Now that everybody can have their genes sequenced, what should we do with that information? Were my ancestors really all Neanderthals? There is much we can do with genetic testing today, but has our access to information outpaced our ability to use it? What is the average person supposed to do with a bunch of SNPs or even a full proteome sequencing? How can you turn this information into recommendations for living, eating and medicating? We will discuss these questions and much more this...


Posture, Shoes and a Healthy Back AKA: These Boots Were Made for Standing - Epis

Comfortable shoes? Sit up Straight? Stand properly? Could mom really have been right all along? Is that the secret I've been missing all my life? Maybe. In this ache-free episode, Mike and Chris get into back pain, posture, and what you can (or should) do to be free (at least form back pain).


Good Fats, Bad Fats AKA: The Fat of the Land - Episode #324

With all the (mis) information out there about fats, it can be hard to know what to do with our own diets. Should I eat more fats, or go fat free? Which fats are good? Which are bad? What about mono-unsaturated vs poly-unsaturated? Get the facts on fats today as we rap and unpack the greasy details of why we all (probably) need a little more lipid in our lives. But not too much, though, and how do I know what's too much? Grab yourself a bacon or coconut oil sandwich and find out!


Harvesting Herbs AKA Life ain't nothin' but a funny funny riddle - Episode #323

Want to turn that herb in your garden into medicine? In this very hands-on seasonal episode, Chris and Mike take you through the dos, don'ts, tips, and tricks of harvesting your own herbs. Learn how (and why) to harvest your own herbs. Whether you are growing them in your back yard or collecting them out in nature, having your own supply of medicinal herbs at your fingertips is actually much easier than you think.. Now go get dirty!


No TV AKA: A confession and a Debate - Episode #322

What happens when you trade passive entertainment for active engagement? Can our brains change how they process stimuli? We all love to get a little zombie once in a while, but are there any benefits to watching television? In a lively and emotional debate filled with opinion and personal experience, Mike and Chris settle the question for all time, like they so often do.


Fungal Infections AKA: Mike-ology - Episode #321

Fungi are everywhere....literally. They are on our skin and in the air we breathe. In fact, its a wonder we dont all have ringworm all the time. Now that it’s hot and sweaty season, fungal infections are lounging in the hot tub waiting to feast on our sweet summer skin. But how do they get in, and, more importantly, how do we get rid of them so we can get back to enjoying our topless summer vacations? All this and more on this week's podcast!


My Dad Got Sick - An Interview with Jay Perry - Episode #320

This week we are joined by a very special guest, Jay Perry to discuss the content of his book "My Dad Got Sick". There is no shortage of books on how to deal with cancer or other chronic diseases. But today, we look at illness from a different perspective; the role of the caretaker. Choosing to become a caretaker for a loved one with a chronic illness can be challenging, rewarding, draining, frustrating, enlightening...heck, throw out almost any adjective you want. It can be a life-changing...


Fructose AKA Sugar Never Tasted So Good - Episode #319

Fructose is a natural suar found in fruits, honey, agave nectar, etc. And marketing tells me that natural things are good for me, fructose must be good too, right? Well then why are so many people up in arms about high fructose corn syrup? Obviously someone isn't telling the truth! Is Fructose Frucing us up? What’s the difference between fructose and other sugars? Can I still eat fruit, or is that now also on the “Things NDs take away from me” list now too? Find out in what will surely be...