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How We Really Feel About Supplements - The real scoop Episode #419

The Natural Health Product industry is big money. Like, really, really huge money. Today, Mike and Chris share how they really feel about supplements and supplement companies. Should you really be taking all those pills every day? Will they make you healthier? Do supplement companies have your best interests in mind? Are the more expensive supplements really worth the money? Find out the real truth from a couple of Naturopathic Doctors this week!


Travel Medicine AKA: How to avoid getting sick on vacation - Episode #418

Are you planning on going somewhere? Well pack your bags and gather up your traevl documents. But then you had better listen to this exotic episode to help make sure you stay safe on your travels. Do I really need all those vaccines? And how do I keep myself from picking up something while I am these?


The Party Episode - Episode #417

Party! Booze, Blow, Molly, MDMA, Meth, and a marijuana cigarette all in this episode. Or is this just another Friday night on the HH Podcast? They are all harmless, consequence-free fun, right? Mike and Chris talk about what these substances do to you and how long they hang around in your system. Are there some things you should never try? Maybe a few...


The Carnivore Diet - Exactly what you think it is - Episode #416

You mean I only eat meat at every meal? Yes, people are doing this, and some believe it's how we were born to eat. But what happens to your body on a carnivore diet? Is this the future of food or might we still make a little space on our plates for our vegetables? Can the carnivore diet be a realistic and sustainable diet?


SIBO - AKA All the Right Bugs in All the Wrong Places - Episode #415

SIBO What is this fancy new acronym everyone is talking about? Well, first of all its not new. Seconf of all, it stands for Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth. And basically it means that you have too many bacteria in your small intestine where there should only really be a (relatively) small amount of bacteria. When these bacteria end up where they shouldn't be the start to ferment food and can lead to all kinds of digestive problems. So, can I really blame my digestive complaints on...


The Vagus Nerve - AKA Vagus baby, Vagus! - Episode #414

"The vagus nerve is the health-promotion nerve." So says everybody. This week Mike and Chris decide to explore the vagus nerve and find out what makes it so special. As it turns out, it is pretty amazing. So how does it work? And, most importantly, how can I hack it? We'll give away the guaranteed secrets and plenty more amazing 'vagustuff' on today's episode...


Ghrelin and Leptin - A Most Satisfying Podcast - Episode #314

What the heck are Ghrelin and Leptin? Are those even real things or are they just funny words that Chris made up? These hormones that many people have never heard of play a big role in weight maintenance, hunger, appetite and satiety. If you're hungry for the answers we think you'll find this episode satiating.


Sexually Transmitted Infections - Episode #412

This week Mike and Chris bring another infectious episode (get it?) about some very private conditions. We talk about herpes, syphillis, gonorrhea and more exciting infections. What they look like, how to avoid getting them and what to do about them. So put on something protective and get in there!


Supplementss You Can Overdo - Episode #411

Can you take so much of a supplement that it actually starts to do harm? Of course you can, that's a silly question! In today's episode we will review some of the supplements that have the potential to do harm when you take too much of them and discuss what could possibly happen if you do.


Libido - Getting your engines started - Episode #410

In today's arousing episode we get deep into the ins and outs of libido. Low libido is a common complaint we see in practice. And many people blame themselves leading to shame, stress, worry and anxiety, all of which compound the problem. Today we get to the root of what makes libido go up or down? Are there ways to boost it naturally? And is there such a thing as too much libido?


H.pylori comes to town - Episode #409

Helicobacter pylori is a sneaky and persistent gram negative bacteria that has been associated with peptic ulcer disease, acid reflux and stomach cancer. Oh, and also it is probably inside you right now. Where does it come from and what can we do about it? Is it a cause or an effect of poor digestion? And, would you swallow a glass of H. pylori juice for a Nobel prize? (Spoiler...somebody did!) Let's find out!!


The New Canadian Food Guide - Episode #408

We've got a new Food Guide here in Canada so what could be more fun than a couple of NDs reviewing a government dictum on Health? This new food guide is a big step forward for Canada. Gone are the food pyramids and rainbows, confusing serving sizes and even the 4 foodgroups we have been taught to know and love. Canada takes a stand against industry lobby groups in the latest iteration fow what may just be the best food guide so far. Here's what people are saying: "This could be a turning...


All About Glycyrrhiza AKA Licorice - Episode #407

Licorice: red, stringy, tasty candy. Or, a medical root that's been used for nearly 4000 years? Today we chew into the sweet details of this herb and discuss what we know it does and doesn't do for you. Will it really save us all?


Love Happens - Episode #406

Today Mike and Chris talk about relationships and answer (mostly) real questions about love, dating and relationships in general. What to look for and look out for in the people we pair with. Is monogamy really possible and what's this new-old thing I hear about a courtship model of dating? Once a cheater, always a cheater? Let's talk honestly about our feelings...


Hilarity Happens - Episode #405

As everyone knows, laughter can cure every disease every time. On today's show, Chris and Mike dish out a hearty dose of this special panacea while they discuss the medical application and prescription of humour and laughter. Why does laughter make us feel better? It isnt all in our heads, there are many physiological changes happening every time we smile and laugh. So sit down on the floor and listen up, otherwise you will probably fall out of your chair laughing. We guarantee you'll feel...


The Great Debate Part IV - Evidence Based Medicine - Episode #404

Debate! What's the role of Evidence in Medicine? in clinical practice? How informed do we need to be in order to best serve the people we work with? Can we really trust the experts? And should Naturopathic medicine adhere to Best Practices guidelines? So much to settle on tonight's show...


Ear Infections - Episode #403

Me-stachian or Eustachian? This week Mike and Chris bubble about ear infections. Giving you the low-down on one of the most common conditions, especially for children. Should you really jam a clove of garlic in your canal? It might not do anything, but we think it'd be fun to try. What role do antibiotics and antiinflammatories play? What are these "Naturopathic Drops" I've heard of? Y'ear in for a good one today.


January Rules! - Episode #402

How do I live a better life in January? Are there realisitc ways to make me a better person this year? Chris and Mike write your New Years Resolutions for you and present some health-and-life hacks that help you find the things you get up early for.


Trends for 2019 - Episode #401

Everybody's got opinions, epecially Chris and Mike! So we thought we'd share ours on the Top Health Trends we're calling for 2019. Will this be the year machines rule our behaviours? Have we reached peak plastic? Is staring into red light the new superfood? And, of course, we pretty much have to talk about cannabis...


Interview with Dr. Frosina (2018) - Episode #343

It is that time of year again when we get up close and personal with our hosts. This week, we check in again with Dr. Frosina for some updates on what has been going on with him this past year, some of his thoughts and philosophies on life. Chris digs deep to pull back the curtain on Dr. F to give us the opportunity to get to know him better than ever before!