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The LoDownLiving Podcast - Intuitive Eating, Body Positivity, Holistic Wellness, Minimalism and Spirituality

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The LoDownLiving Podcast is a weekly conversation around holistic wellness, body positivity, minimalism & intuitive living. Lo opens up about her personal experiences through these topics to help, motivate & inspire you to heal physically, mentally, spiritually & emotionally from the inside out. Submit your questions to Hang out on Instagram @lodownliving!

The LoDownLiving Podcast is a weekly conversation around holistic wellness, body positivity, minimalism & intuitive living. Lo opens up about her personal experiences through these topics to help, motivate & inspire you to heal physically, mentally, spiritually & emotionally from the inside out. Submit your questions to Hang out on Instagram @lodownliving!
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The LoDownLiving Podcast is a weekly conversation around holistic wellness, body positivity, minimalism & intuitive living. Lo opens up about her personal experiences through these topics to help, motivate & inspire you to heal physically, mentally, spiritually & emotionally from the inside out. Submit your questions to Hang out on Instagram @lodownliving!




60. The Act Of Just Going For It with Jen Bunder

Today I'm talking to my friend Jen Bunder. She's a Cleveland native who decided to pick up & move her life to Seattle without knowing one single person. She is a nurse gone rogue for a life of connection, community, friendships & feelings. We all have these moments in our life where we want something so badly but we're afraid to take the leap. Have you ever been there? Jen has this thing about her that allows her to see through the fear and literally just go for it. Whether it's starting a...


59. No One Has Their Shit Together

The idea that no one has their shit together was one of the things that inspired me to come back to the podcast & to social media. Before the Season 4 finale, I was starting to feel a bit down about the whole brand which, is funny because you probably had no idea outside of the Instagram posts I was sharing. But, as I was listening to other people's podcasts, scrolling through social media & opening up other people's newsletters I just started to feel like mine wasn't measuring up. Today,...


58. Community over Competition with Katie Kurtz of Soul Connect

Today I'm talking with my good friend Katie Kurtz! Katie Kurtz is an Internationally Certified Life Coach, yoga teacher and real talk speaker who guides women to connect with their authentic selves + courageously live life on their own terms. She is the founder of Soul Connect, a coaching + connection movement that is redefining how women connect to themselves and each other. Through her coaching programs, in-person gatherings, yoga classes + retreats, Katie's authentic spirit and gift as a...


57. Adulting + Self-Care

Welcome To Season 5! Today we are taking a twist on self-care. One void I see in the wellness & self-care world is the idea that we can take care of ourselves and be well outside of green juices, working out, dieting, face masks, bath bombs & so on. Sometimes just being an adult and taking care of what needs to be taken care of can be the very thing to make us feel happier, less stressed & like we're making progress with our dreams & goals. Today's show is to dig into those very things that...


56. {Season Finale!} Why Knowing Your Love Language Is A Game Changer

Do you know what your love languages are? Your love language is the way you give & receive love that is specific to you. There is a free quiz you can take online to figure this out and I’m telling you it is absolutely phenomenal. I heard about the 5 Love Languages a few years ago and knew right away that it was going to be really powerful. I’ve taken the quiz a few times and continue to get the same results. I’ve done it for myself, I’ve done it alongside Albert so we could figure out our...


55. 5 Ways To Deal with A Changing Body

If you listened to last week’s episode then you heard how I am currently learning to love my body while also knowing that it’s going through some changes right now. Robyn Nohling who was on the podcast a few weeks ago said it perfectly “you never arrive” when it comes to your body. As you grow, change, twist and turn so does your body – and with that means that our relationship with our bodies will travel down that same path. Yet and still, it’s a fact that I have gained a few pounds...


54. 10 Things I'm Afraid To Tell You

Today's podcast episode is inspired by Jess Lively & Jenna Kutcher. Both of these ladies have done similar podcast episodes and they honestly are my favorites of theirs. I am always a fan of people showing their true colors, being honest & open no matter how scary it can be. Now it's my turn. I think when you create a growing platform and you have eyes on you, as much as you want to share it all, you tend to get a little afraid to do so. You become afraid of judgment and sometimes you just...


53. A Minimalist's Guide To Spending Your Income Tax Refund

It’s income tax season, friends! And, as you know I’m not a financial expert or a tax accountant but, just like everyone else, I file my taxes every year and usually receive a refund. My refund amount varies – sometimes it’s a couple hundred bucks and I’ve had a couple thousand as well. In the past, I’ve done different things with the amount I’ve received. But more often than not I spend it on myself buying clothes, a plane ticket or just spending it willy-nilly on dinners, nights out,...


52. Binge Eating Disorder & Intuitive Eating with Robyn Nohling

Today we are talking with Robyn Nohling of The Real Life RD. Robyn is a non-diet dietician and nurse practitioner who helps women find peace with food, accept their natural body size & heal from hormonal issues and period problems. She is a true sweetheart and has a wealth of knowledge that I, personally, have been learning from for the past few months. Robyn’s real-life attitude about releasing diet culture, understanding the ups and downs of the menstrual cycle and so much more is what...


51. 10 Lessons I Learned From Watching Queer Eye

If you’ve been living under a rock then you may no idea what today’s show is really about. A few weeks ago Netflix released the show Queer Eye which is a reality show where 5 gay men go around Atlanta and make over the entire lives of straight men. This show is the second phase of the show – it was on a few years ago with a different cast but same premise. If you just type in “queer eye Netflix” into Google you’ll see so many new stories, tweets, & comments about how amazing this show is....


50. Fear of Money, Budgets & Knowing Your Numbers

I believe that money is one of the most difficult personal relationships we have. And for me, that's definitely the case. I have struggled with my relationship with money ever since I was in college. I've had a job since I was 15 and so I've been making my own money for quite awhile but, I didn't have true bills until I was in college. Unfortunately, I had no idea how to manage money. I didn't have to know until I should've already known - if that makes any sense. In other words, I've been...


49. Social Media, Comparison & Adding Value

Lately, I've been having this internal dialogue around social media. I go through these phases where I really enjoy social media and I enjoy being engaged on certain platforms. But then, I usually come back to the same vibe or feeling that I want to release my grip on social media. Now, all the marketing gurus out there will tell you that when you're creating anything - social media is where it's at to talk about it. And hell, I work in marketing, I know how powerful the platforms can be...


48. How To Manage Stress & Why Stress-Free Doesn't Exist

Stress is something we all deal with on a consistent basis. The stress levels may be higher for some and lower for others but overall, stress is present in everyone's life. Even mine. I am a person that doesn't cope with stress well at all. This is something I have grown to learn about myself, give myself grace around and open up about with loved ones around me. I tend to get stressed out and overwhelmed very easily and find it difficult at times to see the light at the end of the...


47. Why I'm Done With Dieting

Recently I’ve made the decision to stop dieting. I no longer want to restrict the foods I’m eating & over-exercise in order to reach a goal. I know that we’re still in the beginning of the year and New Year’s Resolutions for many people are going strong. But, for me, I’ve decided I’m done with it. My Dieting Past I’ve been dieting since my junior year at college. I remember getting to college, waving mom & dad goodbye and realizing I was completely on my own. This meant I could truly eat...


46. My Morning Routine + Why You Need One Too

Let me ask you a quick question; what was the first thing you did when you woke up this morning? Hit snooze? Checked your email? Responded to text messages? Scrolled through social media? I bet, if you're anything like me, you fall into one of those categories or somewhere in between. And honestly, I'm not here placing any judgment because you know that's not my jam. But, also because I used to (and sometimes still do) a few of those things too. Listen, I remember mornings where I'd be...


45. Minimalism + Anxiety

Welcome back to The LoDown Living Podcast. Today is one of those shows where I'm talking about something that I'm currently going through. Many times I take my time experiencing something, process it and then report back via social media, the blog or here. But this time, I'm talking about this while I'm in it. And today's topic is about minimalism and anxiety. You're probably wondering how either of these things are related and to be honest, at one point I wondered that same thing. But...


44. Updates + The Power Of Self Care

Welcome back to The LoDownLiving Podcast. I'm so excited to be back on the show and connecting with all of you in my most favorite way. I'd like to first thank each and everyone one of you for being apart of the community. For a while there, things were really tough and I didn't really have anything to say. And many of you reached out with kind words, sent me love & prayers and were just fully in my corner. And for that, I really do thank you. I wouldn't feel so inspired to connect with...


43. How To Love Your Body When You Don't Yet

As a show of hands, how many of you have wished your body was different in some way this week? (pssst, my hand is raised too.) I get it. We're are in a culture where women's bodies are the center of attention in most things. And with that, it can cause a lot of stress and anxiety about having the most "perfect body." Ugh. I can't. Loving your body is a practice. It requires a commitment and daily dedication. Because you know what? There will come a time where we're a little bloated, or we...


42. How To Stop Yo-Yo Dieting

I was a part of the yo-yo dieting culture for 10+ years. I can remember the very first time I tried Weight Watchers and the other countless times I would troll the internet wishing & hoping for a weight-loss solution. I couldn’t stand the body I was in and every single day I was working in some way, shape or form, to change it. How can I be smaller? How can I be less voluptuous? How can I be more toned? It was all about hating the body I was in and wishing for a body I didn’t have. Bring...


41. The Practice Of Intuitive Eating

Hey you! Welcome back to the podcast. Lately I've been working to focus more on my intuition when it comes to the podcast. I want to make sure that every I create provides you inspiration, motivation & value to improve your life and goals. And for full disclosure, I've been needing to shift the focus back to myself for the last few weeks as I navigate my own path with my relationship to food and my body. Which is what has brought me to today's podcast on Intuitive Eating. If you follow me...