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E21: Coming Back Fro m an Affair

When Dr. Chuck Macknee decided to study sacred sexuality for his Ph.D. research, he discovered that previous academic research on the topic focused only on Tantric sex. Macknee was curious if Christians were experiencing similar states of spiritual, sexual ecstasy to those described by followers of the Tantric tradition. Tune into this enlightening discussion about sex and spirituality and learn about Dr. Macknee’s groundbreaking sexual research with Christian couples. For show notes on...


E20: Evolutionary Relationships with Patricia Albere

Patricia Albere has written an accessible and inspiring book about the new paradigm of relating to one another, where we move past focusing on our personal evolution and awaken to another possibility that exists for us – mutual awakening. Listen in as we discuss how discovering new ways to relate to each offers an awakening for us individually and collectively. Patricia’s book is called Evolutionary Relationships: Unleashing the Power of Mutual Awakening. Find out more at...


E19: FROM ROLE MATES TO SOUL MATES: The Four Stages of Relationships.

Male and female roles and relationships are in a time of unprecedented transformation. For millennia, people focused on basic survival; for the past 100 years, time and labor saving inventions have allowed humans to examine happiness and fulfillment in relationships. Many of us are trying to sort our relationships out, especially in light of how things are changing. Michael will join me to discuss the ancient myth of Eros and Psyche for archetypal clues to the stages of relationships as we...


E18: Sacred Sex &; the Lost Gospels

Did you grow up thinking sex was bad or dirty? Listen to today’s show to discover hidden positive messages about sex in the Christian tradition. Dr. Jen will be interviewed about her forthcoming book, What was Jesus’ Hidden Message about Sacred Sexuality? To learn more about the book and courses visit Dr. Jen is interviewed by Health and Wellness Coach, David Hennessey. You can learn more about David at


E17: Beyond Mars and Venus with Dr. John Gray

Dr. John Gray is the author of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. USA Today listed Mars/Venus as number six among the most influential books of the last quarter century. In hardcover, it was the number one bestselling nonfiction book of the nineties. John Gray’s books are translated into approximately 45 languages in more than 100 countries. Dr. Gray’s more recent books include Mars and Venus in the Bedroom, Why Mars and Venus Collide, and Work With Me (with Barbara Annis). John...


E16: Sacred Sexuality Across Civilizations and Cultures

"Sacred Sexuality" was written over 20 years ago and is a timeless classic and important book for our collective understanding of sacred sexuality across civilizations and cultures. About the co-author: Tad Mann received a B.Arch. from Cornell, and worked as an architect in New York and Rome in the 1960s. He is an astrologer, author, painter, architect, graphics and DTP designer, and lives in Hudson, NY, after living in Europe for 29 years. His daughter Ptolemy Mann is a renowned weaver...


E14: Dr. Kat Smith on Intimacy &; Healing from Sexual Abuse

Intimacy is more than just sex. Dr. Kat Smith, Intimacy Expert shares what intimacy really means and how to create more of it in your relationship. In the latter part of the show, Dr. Kat shares her journey through sexual abuse along share with her guidance for healing from these experiences.


E13: Dr. Kristin Neff on The Proven Power of Self-Compassion To Improve Your Love Life

Kristin Neff, PhD, the pioneering researcher on self-compassion shares why self-compassion is so important in romantic relationships and how it can improve your love life. In the latter part of the show, Dr. Neff guides listeners through several experiential exercises of self-compassion. For show notes on this episode visit


E12: Older Women, Younger Men & Being a Change Agent

Back in 2000, Susan Winter wrote the groundbreaking book, “Older Women, Younger Men.” Susan shares how cultural acceptance has evolved since the book came out and discusses some of the myths about age gap relationships with older women that are still prevalent. Toward the latter part of the show, Susan shares her journey to change social consciousness and what kept her from quitting despite overwhelming personal and public criticism. For show notes on this episode go to


E11: Overcoming Sexual Shame

Dr. Karen McClintock, the author of “Sexual Shame, an Urgent Call to Healing,” knows about sexual shame from her experience growing up with a closeted (gay) father who stayed married to her mother. This experience defined Dr. McClintock’s career and led her to coach congregational leaders and to work with couples in her psychotherapy practice to heal sexual shame. Karen McClintock shares an uplifting message about grace and shame. For show notes on this episode go to


E9: The Bible is Sexier than You Thought!

Listen in on this fascinating conversation with Rabbi Rami Shapiro (columnist for "Spirituality and Health Magazine" as well as the author of 30 books) as we discuss encoded messages in the Bible about the importance of sexual ecstasy to the spiritual path. We based this podcast on his book, "Embracing the Divine Feminine: Finding God Through the Ecstasy of Physical Love.” For show notes on this episode go to


E8: Quit Porn with Craig Perra

Porn addiction recovery expert, Craig Perra shares his journey of overcoming porn and sex addiction. Craig is a passionate advocate for healing from compulsive sexual behavior. He weighs in on religious and cultural messaging about sex, the impact of sex and porn addiction on marriage, work, and life, why he doesn’t feel 12 step programs offer the complete recovery solution and the keys to kicking the porn habit for good. For show notes on this episode visit


E7: A Discussion with the Founder of Sex Smart Films, Dr. Mark Schoen

Dr. Mark Schoen, the creator of “The Netflix of Sex Education” (Sex Smart Films), shares surprising facts about sex education in the US compared with the rest of the world and the real impact caused by the lack of open communication about healthy sexuality. We discuss how to use Sex Smart Films to facilitate conversation about sex in your relationship. For show notes on this episode visit professionals, therapists and accessible to the general public.


E6: A Discussion with Veronica Monet – Sex Work, Spiritual Sex & Overcoming Conflict

Tune into my lively discussion with Veronica Monet, author of “Sex Secrets of Escorts” - we touch on everything from her past as a highly paid escort to her current work as a relationship coach and anger management expert. The main focus of this show is overcoming conflict to have better sex (which is the message of her e-book, “The Exquisite Partnership Formula"). We also briefly chat about the topic of sex and spirituality. For show notes on this episode visit


E5: How to Find Your Soulmate

On this show, Sue Frederick, intuitive coach and prolific writer (including the book, “I See Your Soulmate”), defines what a soulmate is, how you can find yours and the biggest reason that you are not in a relationship with your soulmate right now. Listen in to Sue coach listeners live on air to find their soulmate. For show notes on this episode visit


E4: Body Image

Dr. Anita Johnson, the author of "Eating in the Light of the Moon" shares the importance of reclaiming myth and metaphor to heal your relationship with your body. Dr. Johnson shares how to untangle from unhelpful cultural messages about body image that undermine your self-esteem and love life. For show notes on this episode visit


E3: Sexual Performance Anxiety

Sex is supposed to be a pleasurable experience, but it's hard to feel sexy or intimate with your partner when you have sexual performance anxiety. When you're constantly wondering, "Am I doing this right?" "Is my partner enjoying this?" or "Do I look fat?" you become too preoccupied to enjoy sex. Constant worry over your appearance or ability in bed can make sex stressful and nerve-wracking. It can even make you want to avoid having sex. On this show, my guest, sex therapist, Dr. Diana...


E2: Tantra & Sacred Feminine

Sharron Rose, the author of The Path of the Priestess, "A Guidebook for Awakening the Divine Feminine," shares her journey to discover true feminine power - Goddess energy. Having trained in the Tantric tradition, alchemical teachings and the Kabbalah, Sharron shares the essence that ties these ideas together. For show notes on this episode visit


E1: Divine Feminine Energy & Spiritual Awakening

After I introduce myself and share why I started the show, Karen Seva, author of “Awaken the Divine Feminine” joins me for a discussion about the consciousness shift happening on the planet now. This show focused on personal and planetary spiritual awakening but also touches on the connection with romantic relationships. For show notes on this episode visit