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Exiting The A.S.A.P. Lane Episode 12: The Tin Man, Love and Heartbreak

With guest, Farahana Surya Namaskar, Author, Mindfulness Coach and Divorce Counselor I am delighted to have a very special guest on today’s show. The topic is not a pleasant one, but, it is a pervasive one in our society today. Miranda Lambert in her recent song, which won song of the year on the American Country Music Awards show, sang of the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz, who wanted a new heart to “be in love again: Hey there, Mr. Tin Man You don't know how lucky you are I've...


Exiting The A.S.A.P. Lane Episode 11: Green Berets and Calming the Warrior Mind Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.) Jamie Alden, Green Berets, Special Operations and Mindfulness

My guest today is Retired Special Forces Lieutenant Colonel, Jamie Alden. He is the quintessential American warrior and combat veteran in the truest sense of that term. A Green Beret, His 24 years of military service, include four years as a Cadet at West Point, the United States Military Academy. He served as a Special Forces leader during four combat tours in support of Operation Enduring Freedom Afghanistan (OEF-A) from 2003-2013. He is married to another quintessential American warrior,...


Exiting The A.S.A.P. Lane Episode 10: Sleep Deprivation and Brain Fog

America as a nation and Americans individually have grown and lived by a mantra of “bigger, better, faster, stronger”. As a nation, we have largely succeeded and individually many have prospered beyond their wildest dreams. Yet, in many ways the dark side of all this success is taking an increasingly large toll on our mental and physical health. The value of exercise and proper eating are widely acknowledged as pillars of a healthy life. The value of sleep is much less acknowledged,...


Exiting The A.S.A.P. Lane Episode 9: The Yoga of Jesus

Well, I bet that show title got your attention! Today’s show is a special one both for the subject and for the guest and his life journey. The life-long quest we all have for what we usually call “happiness” is really something much deeper and fundamental. What we really mean is not “ha-ha” happiness, but, peace of mind and the ability to live in the present without the constant ruminations about mistakes of the past and worries about tomorrow. We, as humans are body, mind and spirit. In the...


Exiting The A.S.A.P. Lane Episode 8: "Choking" | Stress-Related Performance Failure

One metaphor every sports fan is familiar with and has used often, is “choking” when referring to a player who is overwhelmed by the stress of the moment and makes an error at a critical point in the game. In more formal circles this is referred to as stress-related performance failure. Because of the unprecedented levels of anxiety and stress of life in this, the digital age, this phenomenon is getting increasing attention in business circles and all other facets of life. The level of...


Fort Hood Warriors and Downward Facing Dog

This may be the first time these words have appeared in the same sentence except within America’s largest active-duty, armored US military base. Today’s show will destroy many of the stereotypes that present major barriers in the minds of many to taking up a practice of yoga and meditation. Many men, for example think it’s not macho enough or that they aren’t as flexible as the women they see in magazine pictures and they will be embarrassed. Many seniors think they’re too old. Kids, teens...


Your Own Yellow Brick Road To Peace Of Mind

With Guest, Dorsey Standish, Chief Mindfulness Officer of MasterMind, a Gym for the Brain So happy to have Dorsey Standish as the guest today. I’m especially excited, because I have personally participated in mindfulness classes she leads, and she is a true master of her craft. She is the Chief Mindfulness Officer of Mastermind, where she teaches high performers how to achieve greater focus and peace of mind through mindfulness-based brain health. Many who may not want to take up an...


Teen anxiety and stress in the Digital and Social Media Age

The anxiety and stress that all of us experienced and endured as teens is that same anxiety and stress, but, on steroids for today’s teens. All the insecurities about personal appearance, do they like me?, am I attractive?, the pressure to make grades in school, are now operating in the social media realm of Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Bullies, always present during the teen years, can do their work in cyberspace now, and do it anonymously if they choose. It...


PTSD and a family’s survival kit: Bent not Broken

Trauma has gotten increasing attention in recent years, and especially in cases where returning veterans come home to family and loved ones, with mental and often physical injuries that have changed them into someone hardly recognizable from the fresh-faced son or daughter who left for their first overseas deployment. In fact, it was an undiagnosed condition until 1980 when the American Psychiatric Society added it to their Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. My guest today, Anna...


PTSD and Toto to Rescue Once Again/Patriot Paws

In the Wizard of Oz, the Good Witch Glinda tells Dorothy and Toto, that this is land of great beauty, but, can also be dark and terrible. That is true of life and it can especially be true for a trauma survivor. Toto was the hero in the Wizard story, and you may be surprised at how “man’s best friend” takes on a special meaning with trauma survivors. Trauma comes in many forms, including cases of prolonged verbal and sexual abuse, rape, loss of a loved one, and of course, the one that we are...


Exiting the A.S.A.P. Lane Episode 2: Fix Your Brain/Fix Your Life

Today’s episode continues on the theme from the first episode--The Magic in the Brain. All the answers to dealing with the unprecedented level of stress that is part of life in the digital age lie here, and before moving on to other related topics, it behooves us to understand this critical point. Our guest Dr. Melanie Greenberg is very special to me. Her work and writings have had an enormous effect on my own understanding of this topic and her best-selling book, The Stress Proof Brain is...


Exiting the ASAP Lane Episode 1: The Magic in the Brain

Today's episode is about the Magic in the Brain - the TRUE path to Exiting the A.S.A.P. Lane. Alan Steelman is joined by Dr. Dianna Purvis Jaffin, Ph.D., PMP and Dr. Jenny Wright Howland, PsyD. Both women are from the Center for Brain Health, Brain Performance Institute at the University of Texas at Dallas. Dr. Dianna Purvis Jaffin is the Director of Strategy and Programs, while Dr. Jenny Wright Howland, PsyD is the Stress Solutions Program Manager. Dianna and Jenny are doing...