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E16: Get Lean, Get Muscular, and Smash Aging and Chronic Disease with P.D. Mangan

“A decrease in insulin sensitivity and an increase in insulin resistance is often seen in aging and is the main feature of type 2 diabetes, but it doesn’t have to be this way. An attention to diet and exercise can maintain youthful levels of insulin sensitivity.” Those are the words of Dr. Mowll’s guest today — scientist, author, and blogger, P.D. Mangan. With his scientific background, P.D. writes about health, fitness, and anti-aging through lifting weights, maintaining a paleo diet,...


E15: How Mindset and Behavior Change Are Essential to Sustainable Weight Loss, with Lisa Goldberg

“Weight and food have kept you trapped in a life you don’t love. It’s time to finally change your habits and behaviors, and break all patterns and conditioning around food and eating. It’s time to love yourself and love your life!” Those are the words of Dr. Mowll’s guest today — Nutritionist Lisa Goldberg. Lisa received a Master’s degree in Clinical Nutrition from New York University. She believes in eating real — not processed — foods. She also believes in ‘everything in moderation’ and...


E14: Learning from Living with Type 1 Diabetes, with Certified Nutrition Coach, Hanna Boethius

“I help people with diabetes to become experts of their own, lower hemoglobin A1C, better blood sugar, and thrive through inspiring lifestyle changes.” Those are the words of Dr. Mowll’s guest today, Certified Nutrition Coach, Hanna Boethius. Hanna says she loves helping people with diabetes to be healthier and more confident with figuring out a few simple lifestyle changes to drastically improve their quality of life. She has lived with type 1 diabetes her entire life, having been...


E13: The Link Between Alzheimer’s and Blood Sugar Health with Dr. David Perlmutter

“Brain metabolism — particularly as it pertains to glucose — is central to our understanding of Alzheimer’s disease.” Those are the words of Dr. Mowll’s guest today, Dr. David Perlmutter. Dr. David Perlmutter is a Board Certified Neurologist and four-time New York Times bestselling author. He serves on the Board of Directors and is a fellow of the American College of Nutrition. Dr. Perlmutter has published extensively in peer-reviewed scientific journals, including the Archives of...


E12: Achieving Better Health Through Online Community with CEO of KNEW Health, James Maskell

“To create better health you need to make a critical shift away from conventional medicine with its disease care focus and myopic view of illness and people, toward one that emphasizes root cause resolutions and that heals the whole person.” Those are the words of Dr. Mowll’s guest today, CEO of KNEW Health, James Maskell. James Maskell has been creating levers for significant positive change in healthcare for over a decade. Following an education in healthcare economics, James has played...


E10: Empowering Yourself to Live the Life You Desire with Nutritionist Sara Vance

“The answers to most of our health issues are at the end of our fork.” Those are the words of Dr. Mowll’s guest today’s show, Sara Vance. Sara is a nutritionist, author, and foodie who’s dedicated to helping people use nutrition and natural lifestyle changes to live their very best life. Her first book, The Perfect Metabolism Plan, provides the ten key pieces of information needed to reset the metabolism. Sara’s a regular guest on the Fox 5 morning show in San Diego, a contributor on...


E9: Diabetes Champions with Teresa O'Conner

Diabetes Champions Segment In this Diabetes Champions segment, Teresa O'Conner shares her story about her surprising type 2 diabetes diagnosed, despite living a "healthy" lifestyle. By following a low carb diet approach and making other important lifestyle changes, Teresa was able to normalize her blood sugar and eliminate diabetes medications. Watch this inspiring story, and leave your comments below! To watch more Mastering Blood Sugar podcasts, visit


E8: The Benefits of a Healthy Diet, Mindful Meditation, and Nutrition Testing with Dr. Ann Shippy

“The capacity of the human body to heal inspires me every day. When the body has all the nutrients that it needs, genetic factors are fully compensated for and the body is no longer overwhelmed by toxicity, stress, or infection. Extraordinary and complete healing can happen.” Those are the words of Dr. Mowll’s guest today — physician and engineer, Dr. Ann Shippy. Dr. Ann Shippy began her career in medicine when the traditional approach and application of allopathic medicine could not...


E7: Diabetes Champions with RD Dikeman

Diabetes Champions Segment In this Diabetes Champions segment, RD Dikeman shares his family's diabetes story. His son Dave was diagnosed early in life with type 1 diabetes and struggled to thrive early using conventional care. After finding Dr. Richard Bernstein and a low carb diet approach and the other important factors for blood glucose management taught in Dr. Bernstein's book, Dave was able to optimize his blood sugar, minimize insulin use, and gain control. Watch this inspiring...


E6: How your Mindset Shapes your Health, with Sachin Patel

“What we have now is about what we’ve been doing. And if we want to change what we have, we need to change what we’re doing.” Those are the words of Sachin Patel, Dr. Mowll’s guest on today’s Mastering Blood Sugar podcast. Sachin Patel is a guardian of truth and a warrior of light. His superpower is taking complex ideas and distilling them down to their essence with easy-to-understand analogies. Sachin uses this gift to help transform the lives of thousands of people around the world...


E5: How to Optimise the Ketogenic Diet for the Best Results, with Dr. Will Cole

“Glucose may give your body a quick burst of energy but you’ll come crashing down hard and fast — leaving you constantly in search of your next fix.” Those are the words of Dr. Mowll’s guest on today’s Mastering Blood Sugar podcast, Dr. Will Cole. Dr. William Cole graduated from Southern California University of Health Sciences in Los Angeles, California. He has his post-doctorate education in training in functional medicine and clinical nutrition through The Institute for Functional...


E4: How to Optimize Your Nutrition to Burn Fat, Minimize Cravings and Improve Insulin Sensitivity, with Marty Kendall

“While carbs and protein raise insulin in the short time, the fat on our body and the fat in our diet have the most significant influence on our insulin levels.” Those are the words of Dr. Mowll’s guest today, engineer and creator or the website Optimising Nutrition, Marty Kendall. Marty Kendall is an engineer with an interest in nutrition who seeks to understand things numerically. His wife is a type 1 diabetic and he has a family history of types 2 diabetes and obesity. He has created a...


E3: The Two Most Important Steps to Lower Your Blood Sugar and Reverse Type 2 Diabetes, with Dr. Jason Fung

Welcome to the Mastering Blood Sugar podcast! This is episode three, with Dr. Jason Fung. Dr. Jason Fung is the Medical Director and co-founder of Intensive Dietary Management. He’s a Toronto-based kidney specialist, having graduated from the University of Toronto and finishing his medical specialty at the University of California, LA, in 2001. He’s the author of the best-seller’s The Obesity Code, The Complete Guide to Fasting, and his new book, The Diabetes Code. He’s pioneered the use of...


E2: Improve Your Blood Sugar Regulation with Dr. Benjamin Bikman

Welcome to the Mastering Blood Sugar podcast! This is episode two, with Dr. Benjamin Bikman — a Ph.D. scientist who specializes in insulin resistance. Dr. Bikman earned his Ph.D. in bio-energetics and was a postdoctoral fellow at the Duke National University of Singapore in metabolic disorders. Currently, his professional focus as a scientist and professor at BYU is to better understand chronic, modern-day diseases with an emphasis on the origins and consequences of metabolic disorders...


E1: Reversing Type 2 Diabetes with Dr. Ron Rosedale

Welcome to the Mastering Blood Sugar podcast! This is episode one, with Ron Rosedale. Your host is Dr. Brian Mowll, the diabetes coach. He is a certified and master-licensed diabetes educator and IFM certified functional medicine practitioner. Each week, Dr. Brian Mowll will bring you an inspiring health or lifestyle expert to help you learn to boost your metabolism, lose weight, and master your blood sugar with natural, drug-free strategies. Today, Dr. Brian Mowll interviews one of his...