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How To Create A "Trigger" For Your Peak Performance

What if we could install a program that would allow us to create our peak state of performance anytime and anywhere? In this episode, we'll dig into how to activate your states of peak performance and create your specific recipe for your trigger. Join Thousands of others who are getting free brain hacks every single friday by visiting


How To 10X Your Creativity

Is creativity simply a gift bestowed to a select few or is it a skill that can be enhanced? I believe everyone was meant to be creative, you just need the right steps in order to be more creative. In this episode, you'll learn some practical strategies for 10Xing your creativity!


Brain Hack #13: Hack Your Happiness - Top 4 Ways To Increase Your Levels of Serotonin Naturally

Who doesn't want to be happier? Serotonin is an important neurotransmitter that regulates your happiness and mood! It isn't the sole factor, of course, but it plays a large role! In this episode we take a deep dive into serotonin, how to supplement to increase it, what kills serotonin levels, and what natural ways can increase serotonin! Join thousands of others who are getting FREE BRAIN HACKS every friday at


Brain Hack #12 - How To Upgrade Your Brain in 2018

In this episode of Brain Hacks, I'm going to give you the top strategies you need to know in order to upgrade your brain in 2018! Don't forget to join our online Brain Hack Friday Community at Make sure to leave a rating and review to let us know what you think of the episode!


Brain Hack #11: Unhacking Your Tech Could Save Your 50 Hours!

You may be surprised to find that technology isn't ALWAYS advancing us in the right direction. When it comes to your brain, technology may very well be a huge detriment that could be wasting you 50 hours a month. Want to be more productive? Listen up! Get free Brain Hacks every Friday: JOIN OUR BRAIN HACK COMMUNITY!


Brain Hack #10 - 7 Foods That Are Wrecking Your Sleep

Sleep is absolutely critical to optimal brain function and health. The are several foods that are unknowignly wrecking our sleep in multiple different ways. In this episode we dive into the top 7 foods that are wrecking your sleep and why they are wrecking your sleep! Join Our Brain Hack Friday Community!


020: Thomas DeLauer - The Surprising Power of Ketosis and Fasting

Get The Keto Reboot Ebook at [3:20] Who is Thomas Delauer? [4:25] What was the pivotal shift for Thomas? [7:02] Why was Keto the first step? [8:50] Biggest Keto Lifestyle Mistakes [10:05] What happens when you get stuck in the "diet box." [12:15] Best exercise while keto [14:29] What if you want to do high intensity or strength movements while keto [15:15] The power of combining intermittent fasting and keto [18:50] Why can't I just eat more fat to go...


Brain Hack #9: Carbs and Your Brain Power

In this episode of Brain Hacks we dive into why getting too many carbs especially of the wrong kind could be wreaking major havoc on your health and your brain performance as well!


Brain Hack #8: 6 Meditation Hacks For The Distracted Brain

Do you have a "meditation-resistant" brain? I've got just the thing for you! In this episode, I share the top 6 meditation hacks for those of us whose brains seem to be constantly distracted! Enjoy! Want FREE Brain Hacks delivered to you every Friday? join thousands of others who are getting free Brain Hacks every Friday at


019: Louisa Nicola - How Elite Athletes Get The Mental Edge

Have you been curious as to how elite athletes get the mental edge? Louisa Nicola is the founder of Neuro Athletics, a company dedicated to bringing athletes to their full potential using the power of their mind. Her company uses state of the art advanced technology and tactics to get the ultimate results athletes desire. [2:55] Who is Louisa Nicola? 13th in THE WORLD! [6:38] The Inception of Neuro Athletics - Mental Fitness For Elite Athletes [8:30] What does the process look like to...


Brain Hack #7: How To Hack Your Brain To Learn Faster

Yes, there are courses available that help with strategies to learn things quicker and faster, but what if you're brain is resisting your learning? Your brain has to literally create new connections in order to learn, which means it needs the right resources to change. One of the primary resources the brain uses to facilitate change, aka Neuroplasticity, is a protein called BDNF, Brain Derived Neutrophic Factor. In this episode you'll learn how to increase your levels of BDNF to help...


Brain Hack #6: 6 Hacks For Your Morning Routine

Looking to start a solid morning routine that will prime your day for success? Want to prime your brain for success in the morning? Then this episode is going to be perfect for you! Get more Brain Hacks every single Friday for FREE at


Brain Hack #5: Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting has been gaining a ton of exposure recently for it's multitude of benefits not just for fat loss, but for rejuvenating overall health and longevity! It turns out it does some pretty amazing things for your brain as well! In this episode you'll learn about some of the major benefits of intermittent fasting that will blow your mind and make you consider taking a look a trying intermittent fasting for yourself. Stay tuned for our free intermittent fasting course coming...


018: Ryan Mursey - The Neuroscience of Peak Performance

[3:34] Twitter Intro [4:30] What is Ryan Munsey up to? [9:59] His new book coming out: F*** Your Feelings [11:15] 95% of the decisions we make are based on this! [14:18] Physiology influences psychology [17:47] How to we create a greater sense of awareness? [21:33] The Shiny Object Syndrome [26:10] Moving The Needle vs Being "Busy" [29:56] Why are core values so important? MOTIVATION vs ALIGNMENT [32:49] Incongruency takes energy. [33:03] What matters more: Actions or...


Hack 04: Benefits of Ketosis For Your Brain

Ketosis, burning fat for fuel, is a powerful health hack that is being used to lose weight and rejuvenate body and mind. More importantly ketosis is incredibly powerful for building a HIGH PERFORMANCE brain to fuel your life. Let me show you the amazing benefits of ketosis for you brain!


Brain Hack #3: Hacking Bone Broth For Gut and Brain Health

In this episode, I'll share with you one of my all time favorite ways to use bone broth to rejuvenate my gut and brain health. Bone broth has been used as a powerful healing tonic for centuries and now we're seeing a major resurgence in it's popularity for good reason! Get FREE Brain Hacks Every Single Friday by JOINING BRAIN HACK FRIDAY!


Brain Hack #2: Fat For Brain Fuel

In this episode, we address the common myth that the brain can only use SUGAR as it's primary source of energy. It turns out that there is an alternative fuel source that provides loads of energy, with much less "side effects" or residuals. That source of fuel is FAT. Particularly we are talking about HEALTHY fat, but it turns out getting into a state known as ketosis, where your body is actually using FAT as it's primary fuel source, has some incredible benefits for your brain that you...


017: Tara Mackey - From $300 to The Organic Life CEO

Tara Mackey is the founder of The Organic Life and Genetic Organic, an all natural skin care line. Tara Mackey is also the author of Cured By Nature. Tara has an incredibly inspiring story from being on 14 medications when she was 24 years, to moving to California with $300 and becoming The Organic Life CEO. This is her journey! [3:15] Intro to Tara Mackey [4:35] What was the pivotal moment of transitioning out of rough upbringing? By the time she was 24 she was on 14 different...


Brain Hack 1: Best Workout For Your Brain

What is the best type of workout for your brain? In this episode we look at the data from resistance, aerobic, high intensity, and mobility training to find out what is the best option when it comes to optimizing your brain performance? Have you joined Brain Hack Friday? Get Free Brain Hacks Delivered To You Every Single Friday at


016: Andy Murphy - Hacking Your Brain For Peak Performance and Mindset

Are you ready to get the mental edge? Andy Murphy joins us on the podcast to show you how you can take your brain performance to the next level using concepts of neuroscience, NLP, Peak States, and more. This show is full of golden wisdom that you'll be able to use right away to create a mind of elite athlete and CEO. Have you joined Brain Hack Friday? Get Free brain hacks every single Friday by going to [2:45] Intro [3:02] What is Mindset By Design? [4:54]...