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015 Dr Michael Breus – Sleep Chronotypes | Sex | Sleep Hacks

[2:35] Dr Michael Breus, the man, the myth, the Sleep Doc! [4:15] The Power of When [4:58] What are Chronotypes? Learn how knowing your chronotype can make you better at everything you do! [8:00] What are the four types of Chronotypes? [11:06] What causes variants in chronotypes? What determines your chronotype? [11:45] Are there spectrums within each chronotype? Are there subcategories in each? [12:33] What to do if you and your significant other have different chronotypes? [14:07]...


014: Catharine Arnston - Spirulina & Chlorella To Hack Your Health and Energy

Spirulina and Chlorella: Two of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet! Catharine Arnston, founder of EnergyBits joins us on the podcast to talk about the truth and myths behind spirulina and chlorella that will boggle your mind. You'll never think of spirulina and Chlorella the same way again! Learn: [2:05] How did Catharine get started with algae? Why isn’t algae very popular in America? [8:44] Processing of Chlorella and Spirulina matters. You could literally be buying ground...


013: Frank Llosa – Ketone Esters For Insane Ketosis

Frank Llosa, cofounder of KetoneAid, jumps on the podcast to share how ketone esters are going to revolutionize the keto supplement industry. Ketone esters are essentially ketosis jet fuel with the ability to send you into ketosis rapidly! [2:33] What are ketones and what can and should ketone supplements be used for? [4:01] What makes Ketone Aid different from other exogenous ketone supplements? What's the difference between endogenous and exogenous ketones? [12:31] Why do we want to...


012: Dr Billy DeMoss - Chiropractic | Cannabis | The California Jam

Dr Billy DeMoss is a passionate and enthusiastic Chiropractor and renowned natural health advocate. He was named one of The Top 25 Chiropractors in The World by Dr Josh Axe and has spoken on large platforms such as The Truth About Cancer and the RAD Event. In this VERY entertaining episode we talk with Dr Billy DeMoss about: Shownotes: [2:56] How Billy Demoss went from almost dentist to Chiropractor! [5:15] The BIG questions surrounding Chiropractic [8:47] Heart Rate Variability and...


011: Connor Young - AMPLE | Meal Replacements | The Gut-Brain Link

Connor Young, Founder of AMPLE, which was #1 on Indiegogo for their all natural Paleo Meal replacement product joins us on the podcast talk about a popular topic that creates a lot of confusion: Meal replacements. I've had a love hate relationship with meal replacements because many of them out there SUCK! Someone pointed me in a the direction of AMPLE, which is now coming out with a Keto-friendly meal replacement that uses all natural WHOLE FOOD ingredients that are sustainably source,...


Lewis Howes: The Mask Of Masculinity Review + Confession

Lewis Howes new book The Mask Of Masculinity is garnering raving reviews! After reading this a pre-release copy of his book I felt compelled to share my honest look at his book, why it's important for our generation, and share more of my own personal story with exactly what Lewis talks about in his book! Check it out! Thank you for letting me share!


010: Dr Will Cole - Functional Medicine, Inflammation, & The Brain

Dr Will Cole, a functional medicine expert and one of MindBodyGreen's leading course instructors, joins us on the show to talk about some of the biggest topics in health care, including - Why is the medical system failing us, especially for brain health? - What is the difference in functional medicine? - What are the foundational pieces for brain health and performance? - What are some of the biggest road blocks that effect our gut and our gut brain connection? - How autoimmune issues...


009: Andrew Cunningham - Exogenous Ketones To Supercharge Your Brain

Andrew Cunningham, from one of the best selling exogenous ketone companies Perfect Keto, joins us on the show to talk about supplements that are creating a lot buzz in the health community, Exogenous Ketones. Exogenous ketones can do a lot to optimize your brain performance but there are also plenty of myths and claims that you should know before using these products. Questions like For all of November you can get 20% off Perfect Keto products when you use the code "NEURO20". [4:40] What...


008: Jonathan Levi - How To Learn Anything Better and Faster

Jonathan Levi, founder of The Becoming Superhuman Podcast and SuperLearning Courses, joins us to share his tools for how you can learn anything better. Learn the tactics and skills that allow for anyone to improve their memory and decrease your learning time. Also learn some of the essential lifestyle hacks that are necessary to support your brain in the learning process. This is an episode that will have you wanting to come back for more.


007: Dr Andrew Hill - Neurofeedback | Peak Brain Performance | Nootropics

Dr Andrew Hill, neuroscientist and founder of Peak Brain Centers around the nation, joins us on the show to answer the burning questions regarding neurofeedback. We discuss why neurofeedback is being used by top CEO's around the world for peak brain performance and optimization. Dr Hill describes neurofeedback not as brain treatment, but as brain training, similar to personal training, but for your brain. We talk about the difference between Neurofeedback and Biofeedback, what results do...


006: Dr Rick Hanson - Hardwiring Happiness Into Your Brain

Dr Rick Hanson shares how to hardwire your brain for long term happiness!


005: Brandy Gillmore, PhD - Unlocking The Power Of Your Mind For Health

Our minds can be a powerful asset for our health or a giant liability affecting our ability to function and heal properly. Brandy Gillmore knows first hand how the mind can influence our health. Her story highlights a powerful concept: The mind holds a valuable key to health and wellbeing. In this episode you'll learn how Brandy went from a wheelchair to full health using just her mind. You'll also learn how emotions can influence our health on a subconscious level and what exactly you...


004: Dr Michael Vanderschelden - Hacking Heat & Cold For Your Brain

Dr Michael Vanderschelden, author of "The Scientific Approach to Intermittent Fasting," shares his top tools and resources for using heat and cold to hack into your full brain potential. We've known that there are good types of stress that activate profound healthy responses in our body that can make you more resilient to stress, healthier, fitter, and ultimately give you more brain power. Heat and Cold are no exception. Both heat and cold stress have been shown to activate profound...


003: Linden Schaffer - Staying Healthy While Traveling

Linden Schaffer is the founder of Pravassa, a wellness travel company and author of "Living Well On The Road." After experiencing a health burnout with a crazy travel schedule in the fashion industry, Linden had to make a choice, change my career or change my lifestyle. She has since turned her life around creating a wellness travel company that creates unique wellness travel experiences for people and businesses. In this episode Linden shares her proven steps and tips for staying healthy...


002: Dr Brant Cortright - Neurogenesis & Proven Ways To Increase Your Brain Power

Dr Brant Cortright, author of The Neurogenesis Diet and Lifestyle, shares how you can use different lifestyle factors to increase your brain's rate of Neurogenesis, the ability of your brain to produce new brain cells! It's important to note that many new brain stem cells once they are formed NEVER actually make it to mature brain cells. The brain actually prunes them and it's actually a very important and healthy process, but Dr Brant explains that there are easy methods to increase the...


001: Dr Dan Pompa - Detoxing Your Brain

Dr Dan Pompa is the founder of True Cellular Detox and Revelation Health. After going through a dramatic and intense recovery from mercury toxicity, he has since developed a protocol for detoxification that does more than just rid your body of toxins, it truly detoxifies the brain. Dr Dan explains some of the big problems surrounding many detoxes today, as well as what are the big toxins that we are chronically exposed to on a daily basis. These toxins accumulate in the body as well as the...


Welcome to The Neuro Lifestyle

Welcome to the Neuro Lifestyle, the podcast where we help you utilize every aspect of your lifestyle as a tool to unleash your full potential, particularly for your brain and your mind. Your brain is a conduit for your mind. Every experience, thought, emotion, movement, and sense is experience and processed through your brain. We essentially live life through our brain and nervous system so it makes sense that taking care of health and wellbeing of our brains can have a dramatic effect on...