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138: Everything You Need to Know About Coffee, with Purity Coffee's Founder, Andrew Salisbury

They're on a quest to improve people’s health…through coffee. Toxins in food and the environment, to stress and lack of work-life balance, can make us sick–and often we don’t know why. With so much conflicting information out there about what we should be eating to achieve better health, the decision process can be confusing and overwhelming. It often causes people to just throw up their hands and give up. Habit change is hard. And even when we do make changes, we often don’t know whether...


137: [Q&A] What's With All the Fillers in Protein Powders?

In today's Q&A episode of The No Diet Podcast - Our caller, Jen, asks about the filler ingredients found in protein powders. She has a problem with companies calling themselves clean, yet they still include these pesky ingredients in their products. We couldn't agree more! In the episode - Tyler Jean and Ritz talk fillers, stabilizers, stevia, heavy metals, and of course their personal recommendations. Interested in asking your own question for the podcast? Visit and...


136: [Q&A] How Do Some Tortilla Chip Brands Get Away With Labeling "Cooked in Corn Oil OR Sunflower Oil?"

Today's question comes from Glenn who is curious about a label who saw in the grocery store. He saw a tortilla chip brand who labeled their chips as being baked in Corn oil OR Sunflower Oil. Glenn wants to know why and how companies are allowed to do this, and what exactly does it mean? I love this question! It's all new to me as well, Glenn. To help me answer the question - I have brought to the show Tyler Jean, the newest member of the Ritzfit Qualitative Ingredient Forensic Team! Take...


135: Health Nuts Eat Sprouted Nuts with Springbound Snacks Creator, Brad Searle

When Brad Searle was looking for a tastier and healthier alternative to the raw and roasted nuts he saw on the shelf, he felt hopeless. Would he ever find nuts that tasted great, didn't upset his stomach and didn't break the bank? The answer was yes! Brad remembered the sprouted nuts Mama Searle made for him and his family. Every trip home from college, he took bags of these amazing snacks with him to share with friends (or not!). And so the idea for Springbound Snacks was born! After many...


134: Crafted Fermentations with Drew Anderson, the Co-Founder of Cleveland Kraut

Over beers one evening, brothers-in-law, Drew and Luke discovered that they both had been making and experimenting with their own sauerkraut recipes. They each had their own affinity for the fermented food. Luke’s quest for quality kraut came from a desire to reconnect with his family heritage – German and Slavik on his father’s side and was inspired by the way his Oma made her sauerkraut. Cravings for his hometown ethnic foods motivated Drew to make his own sausage, pierogis and...


133: Gettin' High on Cacao with Firefly Chocolate Founder, Jonas Ketterle

After first encountering sipping chocolate in Oaxaca Mexico in 2012, Jonas founded the bean to bar dark chocolate company, Firefly Chocolate, in 2014, with the mission of inspiring awe and wonder through cacao. Always with a focus on health, he initially launched 85% dark chocolate in a variety of flavors, sweetened with low glycemic coconut sugar. He also pioneered a bio-regional wild harvested chocolate bar, celebrating bay nuts, a food used by the native peoples of the SF Bay...


131: The Evolution of Wise Ape Tea with Founder, Joe Scola

Joe Scola, Founder of Wise Ape Tea returns to The No Diet Podcats to chat about his two brand new tea blends. Last year we introduced Wise Ape's flagship product called Chocolate Hustle, which is a powerful blend of roasted yerba mate tea with hints of chocolate and mint, combined with adaptogenic super-herbs to support your brain naturally. This unique elixir is designed to heighten your focus, energy, and clarity. Check out ep. 14 of The No Diet Podcast for everything Chocolate...


130: The Egg Industry is Confusing. Which Brands do we Trust?

We're back with our highly engaged Q&A episodes. Today's question comes from friend and past guest of the podcast, Dr. Nicole Mcmanus. Nicole asks how to get eggs she can trust. She feels she lives in an area that makes it tough; she understands that there is some confusion when it comes to the labeling on egg cartons. I had to go to my power source for this one; Enter the Cornucopia Institute... The Cornucopia Institute, through research and investigations on agricultural and food...


129: Tyler Jean - Student of Naturopathic Medicine and Brand New Member of the Ritzfit Ingredient Team!

Tyler Jean is an aspiring Naturopathic Doctor, who attends the National University of Natural Medicine (NUNM) in Portland, Oregon. His journey in medicine began in college when he fell in love with food. Tyler had always been a firm believer in educating others about their health. He believes that practitioners have the unique opportunity to be a teacher and a mentor that encourages others to take self-responsibility for their health and empower their patients and the general public with...


128: Choosing Healthy Snack Bars vs. Gimmicky Junk Food

The No Diet Podcast Show Notes Ep. 128 – The Great Snack Bar Debate! Who is the Cornucopia Institute? (1:50)Raising the Bar: Choosing Healthy Snack Bars vs. Gimmicky Junk Food. What were the major findings? (2:45)The importance of seeking out the USDA organic label in picking your snack bar. (8:35)How to find the healthiest snack bar for you and your family. (10:04)Why those commercial bars you love may not be the best choice. (16:20) Related Links/Products Mentioned Cornucopia Institute...


127: Tierney Ties the Knot, Don't Hate Someone for What They Eat, Plus the Ritzfit Pili Nut Deal!

Nutritional diversity means more to Ritzfit than simply eating diversely. It means to love one another regardless of how we choose to eat. Share your experiences with food and nutrition with zero *ucks given! For example, if you don't like someone because they eat meat then do us all a favor and click the unsubscribe button. Same goes for people who don't like people because they eat vegetables. With so much negativity surrounding us - food and nutrition should be the last thing that...


126: Superior Switchel: The True North of Hydration, with Creator Melina Lamer

Superior Switchel owner and founder Melina, a former college hockey player, discovered switchel as a means to replenish and rehydrate after a night on the ice. After graduating college, she was persuaded to sell her switchel at a local, Minnesota farmers market. When she couldn’t keep up with the demand, she decided to turn her passion for sustainable food and waterway conservation into a business. Now, Melina’s switchel can be found in select retailers all over the United States! The...


125: How to Diversify Your Veggies with Dr. Thomas Cowan

Dr. Cowan is a longtime holistic physician living and practicing in San Francisco who specializes in helping people heal through diet and natural medicines. His book How (and Why) to Eat More Vegetables describes why eating small amounts of a wide variety of vegetables is key to optimal health. He is the author of Human Heart, Cosmic Heart, published by Chelsea Green in 2016, is the primary author of The Fourfold Path to Healing, and co-author, with Sally Fallon, of The Nourishing...


124: mBreakfast Organic Superfood Powder with Creator, Charles Barber

On today's episode - Founder of Crucial Four and Ritzfit Qualitative Forensic Expert, Charles Barber returns to the show to talk about his flagship product mBreakfast. The Development of mBreakfast Organic Superfood Powder started 10 years ago. With a 5000-year-old South American medicinal base formula, and 8 years of intensive wellness center practice with Medical Doctors and leading health experts. we now have the ultimate breakfast blend. mBreakfast Organic Superfood Powder is a...


123: Meet the newest member of the Ritzfit Qualitative Forensics team, Holistic Nutritionist, Amanda Carneiro

In this episode, I introduce Ritzfit Nation to Amanda Carneiro. Amanda is the blogger behind Raw Fitness and Nutrition, but more importantly a sucker for products with the highest quality ingredients. Duh... it's why I chose her :) Amanda has written for various health publications, is always busy developing another tasty recipe, and working with an impressive celebrity client list. She received her Personal Trainer certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, along with...


122: Sippin' on a Eurphoric Molten Chocolate Vitality Elixer with Drink Cacoco Founder, Liam Blackmon

It's like drinking a fine ass glass of wine except for one thing... it's not wine, it's chocolate! Drink Cacoco honors the ancient tradition of preparing cacao as a molten chocolate vitality elixir with wholesome herbs and spices. So, gather your friends and raise your cup to chocolate as it’s meant to be experienced! Rather than the standard processed cocoa powder, cane sugar, and milk, they add all organic superfood herbs and spices to their fair trade chocolate blends for an...


121: Medicinal Mushroom Ghee has Arrived! Live from Paleo FX, 2018, with the Founders of Real Mushrooms and Gold Nugget Ghee

What happens when two Ritzfit approved product creators collaborate to make a product together? I'm excited to introduce to you Medicinal Mushroom Ghee brought you by the creators of Gold Nugget Ghee and Real Mushrooms! I had the opportunity to interview two of my favorite product creators for the second time. What was super rad about this interview was the fact it was live from Paleo FX in Austin, TX! I've known for a long time that this collaboration was in works, and I'm not sure...


119: The Holistic Approach to SIBO & Lyme with Candice Berman

Candice Berman is a health & wellness enthusiast who is giving SIBO & Lyme Disease a good fight. She shares raw truth, real talk & positive vibes to those who follow her & may be suffering with these illnesses as well. Candice has worked hard to create a space for others to support one another without any limitations. Candice has created her following to provide a safe space to inspire & uplift one another who are on a journey to a happier & healthier self. Rather than compare & judge,...


118: A Family Recipe, Reimagined with Maxine's Heavenly Founder, Tim Miller

Tim Miller’s mom, Maxine, made the best cookies. She was the kind of baker who knew the unlimited potential of playfully combining flavors, tastes, and ingredients in all kinds of ways. She thrilled in sifting through newspapers and magazines in search of new recipes to inspire her own creations. A Family Recipe, Reimagined As Tim got older and started making cookies for his kids, he wanted to preserve the joy of her baking, but adapt it for a healthier lifestyle. So, with the today’s...


117: Reflections Vol. 2 - Mark and Tierney Peel Back the Label and Reflect on these 5 Episodes

We work hard to go deep beneath the label & find brands with excellent clean products. Here on The No Diet Podcast, there’s no one diet we subscribe to. Instead, we interview product creators to teach you, our listeners, how to add more foods into your lifestyle by providing knowledge on what to purchase. Mark & Tierney believe it is highly critical to share what’s being said off air to maintain our full transparency. We are not trying to hide anything, just like we refuse to stand behind...