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E32 Int. How to Communicate with Spirit Guides and Tune in to Inspiration with Julie Ryan (Part 1)

A simple technique to communicate with spirit guides? Today’s guest has it. Medical intuitive. Psychic. Medium. Julie Ryan is all of these and more – and the gifts are so strong she transitioned from a life as an inventor and entrepreneur to what she calls her, “woo-woo buffet of psychicness.” Julie Ryan’s unique gifts help bring peace and understanding to thousands of people worldwide, as she tells them about the angels and spirit world. On today’s show, she’ll explain how she learned...


E31 Making Light of the Dark – Managing Our Masks on Halloween, and Every Day

The practices we do on this road of spiritual and personal growth, such as meditation and mindfulness, can peel away our masks and expose our face to a waiting world. And that can be difficult! But it can also be so, so valuable, powerful, and rewarding. As Halloween approaches and we spend a night celebrating masks and shadows, it’s a perfect time to think about who we really are behind our mask. Why? Because dressing up in costume and putting on the mask isn’t just for this time of year....


E30 Int. Jung, Coaching, Shadows, Dreams, and Transformation - Debi Maldonado and Dr. Rob Maldonado

“You’re not who you think you are. You’re much deeper than that.” Carl Jung and Coaching? Do they go together? According to Debi Maldonado and Dr. Rob Maldonado, the answer is a resounding, yes! Culture, dreams and ancient wisdom combine to help people reach their highest potential. Debi and Dr. Rob want to reach everyone on the planet and spread their coaching model based on consciousness, Jungian psychology and an abundance mindset to help people worldwide develop and grow. Debi and Dr....


Ft. Meditation, the Racing Mind, and Counting Breaths

Exhausted? I am, too. And it's been testing my meditation discipline - especially as my racing mind gets busier and busier! But I'm staying committed. I'm also trying a counting technique to stay focused. How do you handle your racing mind and honor your spiritual commitment? For more information, find us on Facebook and Twitter (@nobodysview), or join the Facebook conversation at Simple Spirituality. Discover even more at or find the book at...


E29 Int. What Is Yoga? A Journey of Connection with Leah Bosworth

What is yoga? The answer can be different for different people. For Leah Bosworth, yoga teacher and owner and founder of Ironwood Yoga Studios, the answer is: connection. “Just try it!” Leah’s road to owning her own studio wasn’t a straight line, but – like a yoga posture – curved and winding. Hear Leah's journey to create a safe, inviting, and grounded space where seekers can practice the art of yoga with openness and good humor. Whether you’re exploring vinyasa, restorative yoga, yin...


E28 Forgive and Repair – Heal the World with an “At-One-Ment” Mindset

You can repair the world. Now. With the power of forgiveness. At this time of year, when our Jewish friends are completing Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur - the Days of Awe – it’s a great time to think about how we can start the process of repairing the rifts of the past - no matter our religious or spiritual background. In this episode, learn a little bit about the High Holidays of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, and discover two ways to live an "at-one-ment" mindset that can help to repair...


E27 Int. Helping Kids Banish the Monsters with Lisa M. Smith

For personal and spiritual growth, look for monsters under your bed! Lisa M. Smith takes us on a journey to our inner child, and provides tips on raising and loving a child in mind, body and spirit! Blend mindfulness with play. Stand in the shoes of your child and be in their world. Learn to “be” with a child and change the course of their lives. Lisa’s passionate quest led her to create a program that resulted in a remediation of her son’s autism, and now she's taken that training and...


E26 Int. What Is Coaching? iPEC President & Coach Luke Iorio

What is coaching? What is a life coach? How does it differ from therapy or consulting? iPEC President Luke Iorio is here to explain. From choosing a coach to the influence of positive psychology and consciousness on coaching, Luke Iorio is passionate and wants to get the word out. Today’s interview may help you better define what areas of personal and spiritual growth you want to work on and to get new lenses with which to view it. Research, rapport, trust, the mirror principle, being in...


Ft. More meditation and less sleep means more freedom!

As I meditate more, I'm finding that I'm sleeping less. And, if I can find the motivation to get out of bed, it's leading to more freedom to pursue the things I love. What do you think? For more information, find us on Facebook and Twitter (@nobodysview), or join the Facebook conversation at Simple Spirituality. Discover even more at or find the book at iTunes:


E25 Be Mindful Outside to Gauge the Inside – Tackling Internal Chores

The outside world reveals the inside world, and your external chores can help you manage your internal chore list. We get so busy with the world “out there” that we forget about the world “in here.” However, if we’re being mindful about what’s going on “out there,” it helps us figure out what’s going on inside. A stack of dishes you’re feeling too lazy to do may be a sign that you need to work on motivation. A home-improvement project that is making you impatient may be a sign you need to...


E24 Int. Interfaith Dialogue & the Gift of Trials with Robyn Lebron

“Disagree in an agreeable fashion.” That’s one of interfaith author and champion Robyn Lebron’s mantras. She sees the beauty in all faiths and wants to create open, interfaith dialogue to explore that beauty in a spirit of understanding and peace. If the golden rule, charity, love - or any other positive philosophy - is on your personal path of growth or spirit, or you are simply curious about the world's religions, today’s show is for you. Let Robyn’s mission, personal story, and views on...


E23 Int. Loss, Legacy and Surrender with Ellen Schilling

Caregiving for others can also bring us gifts. For coach and founder of Unveil Your Legacy, Ellen Schilling, caring for her brother at the end of his earthly life brought her a gift she never could have imagined – a powerful prompt to a journey of spiritual growth. Ellen shares her personal story and gives us a look behind the veils that parted for her. Hear her powerful tribute to her brother, John, and the legacy he left behind, yet continues to encourage. Ellen reminds us of the power...


E22 Mindfully Manage and Conserve Your Energy - Don't Waste It!

Anxiety, excess tension, and stress happen - and, naturally, we want to get rid of that nerve-inducing energy. Now, learn about how a “conscious pause” can help you conserve energy in a tense moment. Learning to control and conserve your energy is a critical piece to performing well and maintaining balance. There's nothing wrong with letting off a little steam. The problem is when we empty ourselves of energy to the point where we have nothing left. Consider how it might feel to walk into...


Ft. Make a choice to choose love today

When things get stressful, we need to remember self love and choice! In that spirit, make a choice to choose to love yourself today. Meditate. Be mindful. Repeat a great piece of wisdom. When life piles on, lean on the tools you know. That's an act of self love! For more information, find us on Facebook and Twitter (@nobodysview), or join the Facebook conversation at Simple Spirituality. Discover even more at or find the book at iTunes:...


E21 Int. Sunny Dawn Johnston - Psychic, Medium, Angel Communicator

Sunny Dawn Johnston – psychic, medium, angel communicator. Whether or not you believe in angels, archangels, or an afterlife, listen in for a message from the angels through Sunny Dawn that they really want us to know. Sunny Dawn Johnston is here to talk about healing, letting go of fear, developing our gifts, hearing the messages, embracing what we ask for, and being present in the moment. Have you ever wondered how a medium does their work? Have you ever thought about what it “looks”...


E20 Int. Doula Gila Shire - Support During Birth and Beyond

What is a doula? What does a doula do? Maybe you've seen the word, but do you know what it means? For doula Gila Shire, her mission is to let people know they have choices when it comes to the birth process. And, she wants to let everyone know there is support. Gila will talk about what her work as a doula looks like at the birth, but also the kinds of support she offers both before and after the event. Gila has years of experience as a nurse, yoga instructor, and doula, and she has a lot of...


E19 Int. Overcoming Fear and Finding Joy with Robert Sharpe

“Everybody has a message…and it’s a story worth telling. Period.” What if you just got over your fears, and decided to tell that story? Robert Sharpe had that moment when he accepted the sound of his voice and started his show, “Bringing Inspiration to Earth.” Almost 1300 episodes later, he's still helping authors and others in the spirituality and self-help space get their message out with humor and joy. Go behind the scenes of his show, and find out which BITE guests have had the biggest...


E18 Managing Anxiety and Negative Thoughts with Mindfulness

Anxiety. How can we tame it and stop catastrophic thinking? How can we stay in the present? The now? Being mindful of our thoughts isn’t a cure-all, but it may give us a tool to stop the spirals of negativity that plague us, even when the pull to catastrophic thinking is magnetic. Make the connection between thoughts and anxiety. Also, find out about a little anxiety-management exercise that can help put things in perspective. If you are a fan of mindfulness, or maybe just learning about it,...


E17 Int. Horses and Our Hidden Places - Equine Coach Christine Badoux

Horses can reveal our secrets and shine a light on our darkest places. Did you know that? Our guest, Christine Badoux, does. She’s an equine experiential coach, and her connection with horses has taught her about what it means to truly be on her path and taking “the right next step.” Christine’s journey will inspire you to work with the intuitive companions in your life to discover YOUR answers. Horses, mindfulness, automatic writing and intuition. Christine has a lot to share with all of...


Ft. Meditation update: shining a light on discipline

E15 focused on the summer solstice and areas in our life where we may want to shine more light. In that spirit, I want to update you on how my commitment to the discipline of meditation two times a day is going! For more information, find us on Facebook and Twitter (@nobodysview), or join the Facebook conversation at Simple Spirituality. Discover even more at or find the book at iTunes: