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E14 Reinvent, Explore and Discover with Dr. Sharon Stills - The Healing Journey

“Healing comes in so many different sizes, shapes, and forms.” When Dr. Sharon Stills heard about a different way to improve her health, she knew she had found her truth. She jumped in and experienced a profound change that would alter the course of her life. Dr. Stills shares with us an incredible journey that started with obstacles and culminated in a passion for healing that she now brings to thousands of patients through her naturopathy practice. Hear how nurturing body and spirit,...


E13 4 Steps to Mindful Meditation When You Can't Stop Thinking

Can't stop thoughts? You can still practice mindful meditation. Hear a 4-step approach to accepting thoughts in meditation and discover how this simple process can work for you, even if you can't stop thinking about thinking! Dive into the concept of mindful meditation and learn a little about its history. Find out what thoughts and toddlers have in common. Find the inspiration to start your a new practice, or reinvigorate your existing practice. For more information, find us on Facebook...


Ft. Photos, memories, and finding what's special

On E9 and E10 we talked with photographer Greg Davis. I got inspired to search through my old pics and videos to see which ones captured not only a passing event - but a true moment. I found some gems, and a new resolve to find the special moments in a day. For more information, find us on Facebook and Twitter (@nobodysview), or join the Facebook conversation at Discover even more at or find the book at iTunes:...


E12 Buddha: A Mirror of Our Own Personal Journey and Legacy

Buddhists the world over recently celebrated Vesak – a celebration and commemoration of the Buddha’s birth, enlightenment, and death. In this episode of The Nobody Guide to Life, we delve into the Buddha’s life of imprisonment, escape, and discovery, and find inspiration in how his journey mirrors our own. We are all on a journey of discovery – a quest for truth. And we all know about the changes of life and the obstacles that stand between where we are now and our goals. We all think...


E11 Give Something Up and Make Room for Something Bigger

“If I give up something I think I love, it draws my attention closer to what I really love.” Can you really fill up by letting something go? When was the last time you gave up something you loved - no matter how small - in order to make room for something larger? In this episode, we discuss how giving something up (something we already know how to do, by the way) can be a powerful, transformative tool that we can use right now to reach our personal and spiritual goals. We look at fasting...


E10 Int. India and Beyond - Photographer Greg Davis part 2

We continue with National Geographic Creative photographer Greg Davis to the Hindu Pilgrimage of Kumbh Mela where a “chance” encounter with a Hindu holy man – in a sea of millions – takes Greg on his next adventure. Learn about the power of synchronicity and trust. Find out about Greg’s movie, “Cloth Paper Dreams,” and his next film, “The Man from Mathura.” Take a diversion into the worlds of mystery, surrender, finding our life lesson, the cycle of letting go and trusting, and the power...


E9 Int. Pictures & Purpose - Photographer Greg Davis part 1

National Geographic Creative photographer Greg Davis didn't just point, click, and succeed. His journey to photographing the human spirit has roots deep in suffering, surprise, and, ultimately, the realization that personal growth and spirituality is a road that winds on and on. Join us for part one of a two-part discussion with Greg as he shares the wisdom gained from finding passion and purpose. Hear how he went from a desk job in Texas to a rural road in Vietnam - and an encounter that...


Ft. Music and mindfulness merge to reduce stress

Music and mindfulness - a great combo to help with stress! In E8, we spoke with Todd Herzog about how music has helped him on his spiritual and personal journey. Today I take his tip and put it to work to help with stress. Is music a powerful tool in your day?


E8 Int. Music's Power to Transform and Heal with Todd Herzog

Music is often a way of coping. A way of finding some joy. A way to connect with good memories and good feelings. But for Todd Herzog, music has always been a way of life. Hear how music has been Todd’s constant companion on his personal and spiritual journey. Discover how music has been his tool to create beauty and to find inspiration in times of both happiness and sorrow. And, hear his tip on how music can help you in your own journey. For more information, find us on Facebook and...


Ft. Rewards of intuition - get inspired! Challenge yourself!

In E7, we talked intuition with intuitive coach and mystic Polly Wirum. On this feature, I reflect on what "intuition" means and how we can challenge ourselves to listen to our intuition and take a chance on it. What new and exciting things will you invite into your life today?


E7 Int. Your Inner Intuitive with Coach & Mystic Polly Wirum

What do you think of when you hear "Intuitive"? Instincts? Feelings? The Long Island Medium? Well, intuitive coach, mystic, and channel Polly Wirum is here to explain what she does and to tell you about her life as "an intuitive that loves to help others connect with the divine!" Polly's message? You are intuitive. You're a creator. And, you don't have to be perfect on the spiritual path. Polly says that when a main focus of her life was taken away for health reasons, her intuitive gifts...


Ft. Healing Touch in Everyday Life - Memorials and Beyond

Healing touch isn't just something for massage appointments. You can share the positive power of touch in everyday life - through a simple hug or a mindful handshake. This point came home at a recent memorial service I attended. How can positive touch impact your life? For more information, find us on Facebook and Twitter (@nobodysview), or join the Facebook conversation at Simple Spirituality. Discover even more at or find the book at


E6 Gratitude on Earth Day - Our Planet & Those Who Sustain Us

"Gratitude" is a word we hear a lot these days. So is "Environment." When was the last time you had gratitude for the solid planet below you? When was the last time you thanked a person who sustains you in your life? On today's episode of The Nobody Guide to Life, you'll learn a simple gratitude exercise you can use to thank the planet for its solidity and sustenance, but you'll also carry that lesson into everyday life and find the inspiration to tell someone who supports and sustains you...


E5 Mindful Yard Work Brings Mindfulness into Everyday Life

Mindfulness again? You bet! I want to show you how easily you can incorporate this powerful tool into your everyday life. I didn't intend to go down this path today, but when I crossed the mundane task of yard work with the extraordinary power of mindfulness, well...I knew I had to share it with you. I describe for you how a mindful mindset accompanied me around the yard this morning as I got tools from the garage, watered trees, and raked debris. Sound boring? It's anything but. It was...


E4 Int. Healing Touch, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Bio-Touch and Clearing the Blocks with Healer Howard Chait

Healing touch. You've heard of it, but what do you know about it? Today's guest, Howard Chait, has 25 years of experience in healing, including Jin Shin Jyutsu, Bio-Touch, and massage. He tells us about his own personal journey of healing through touch that ignited a passion to pursue this art, and shares firsthand accounts of the power of touch healing. He also provides a tip we can all use right now to further our own personal journeys. Listen in on the conversation and learn about the...


Ft. Flattening ego and being humble can help others - the lunchbox example

Sometimes when we flatten our ego, we help others stand taller. I saw a social media post today about a man whose nephew was being teased because of a lunchbox. The man bought the same lunchbox and took it to work, along with his suit and tie (Facebook link: You never know how one small act can change a life. What do you think of this story? For more information, find us on Facebook and Twitter (@nobodysview), or join the Facebook conversation at Simple...


E3 Flatten Ego and Practice Humility with Humble Matzo!

Matzo as a symbol for finding freedom from an inflated ego? Yes! Discover how this unleavened bread can help you practice humility and release you from festering issues in your life. This Easter and Passover season, join us as we ponder humble matzo - the flatbread eaten at Passover Seders the world over. We'll look at matzo as more than a bland cracker. Instead, we'll see it as a metaphor for freedom and a powerful reminder of the importance of deflating the ego. The show also features a...


E2 Miss a meditation? Don't give up! Practice when you can.

Miss a meditation session? Don't give up! When we start using a new tool in personal development or spirituality, we may miss a day...and stop! Today, we'll provide motivation and tips to keep going. Just because you miss a day, don't miss out! Life gets busy. Things are hectic. If you miss a meditation session or a day of yoga class, don't give up! Go easy on yourself. Be patient. In this show, we'll help you find the motivation you need to keep on with your personal or spiritual...


Ft. Mindfulness at an appointment

Mindfulness while in a waiting room? Why not? Here's how I applied the Mindfulness tip from Episode 1 in my everyday life to quell a little bit of background anxiety.


E1 Mindfulness, meditation, and the power of Nobody!

Learn a simple mindfulness technique you can use every day to further personal growth or your spiritual journey! Harness the unexpected power of "Nobody," and hear how the best tools for personal and spiritual growth are in your everyday life! Remember: the most powerful tools for personal and spiritual growth and transformation are in the life you have, right now! Today, we'll use a simple example from everyday life to show how you can bring mindfulness into your routine - no adjustments...