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The Why & How of Exercising 30 Minutes a Day

Did you know cardiovascular disease is the world’s leading cause of death? Even though we know exercise is important, for many people obtaining a gym membership or exercise equipment is an economic burden they simply can’t afford. But a wide-ranging study out of St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver promised that just 30 minutes of moderate exercise five days a week – including free efforts like walking, gardening, and housework – was enough to improve health and heart, and another study said...


Looking Back at Season 1, Looking Ahead at Season 2

The guys are back for another full season of life changes and biohacks with a quick episode live from the Starbucks at the corner of Leslie & Lakeshore in Toronto where it all began. This episode is only meant for those with an interest in the guys as they look at some of the stats behind season one’s listens, give some news on how the podcast is changing for season two, and then interview each other to see which biohacks are still a part of their lives and which ones they left...


Can App-Based Meditation Help You Handle Stress Better?

Have you tried app-based meditation before? Proponents claim a host of benefits, led by a higher quality of sleep and a greater ability to handle stress. So for 31 days the guys decided to try it for themselves. Testing three of the popular apps – Calm, Headspace, and Oak – they used reputable surveys by UC Berkeley and the HeartMath Institute to establish their starting stress levels and well-being, then meditated for a month, and retook the test to see how they’d done. This is the final...


How Hard is Eating a Keto Diet, and What Results Can You Get?

The guys kicked off 2018 with two months of eating a keto diet, and now it’s time to see what the results were. In month one Alex tackled the famed Atkins Diet – but hit some roadblocks along the way – and Rick took on the new book by Mark Sissons’, The Keto Reset Diet. In February the directive was to enter strict ketosis with under 25 grams of carbs a day. In addition to this Rick discusses keto running via his success competing in the February (Run Every Day) Challenge while on keto and...


Intro to Strict Ketosis, Keto Running, and an Interview with Ken Niemimaa

Month two of a deep dive into the keto diet kicks off with a look at going into strict ketosis – eating under 25 grams of carbs a day, increasing quality fat intake, and getting in lots of greens. In conjunction with entering ketosis for the month, the guys talk about how to kick off a month of running while in ketosis, and the unique challenges keto running presents. Why a month of running? Because Alex and Rick welcome their first guest to the show – ultra runner Ken Niemimaa who joins...


Bone Broth - December 2018

This past December the guys took on bone broth as a challenge, drinking between 8 and 32 ounces each day for the entire month. Their hope was to reap a series of benefits you’ve likely heard about including improvement of gut health and digestion, reduction of joint pain and inflammation, weight control, and perhaps most importantly in December, inhibiting infection caused by cold and flu viruses. So did the guys feel the benefits? Were they able to fend off the cold and flu viruses that...


Intro to the Keto Diet

It’s impossible NOT to hear about the keto diet today. This high-fat, low-carb diet is one of 2018’s early trends, but what is it exactly? Join Alex & Rick as they kick off the year with a keto resolution and throw themselves into ketosis to see if the health and weight loss benefits are legit. Over 10 years ago Alex lost a veritable crap ton of weight and body fat on the Atkins Diet, and three years ago Rick lost weight, waist line, and gained athletic abilities that saw him beat the...


Blue Light Blocking - October 2017

For our third experiment Alex decided to have us block as close to 100% of blue light as we could every evening for the last few hours before bed. Why? To help us fall asleep quicker, to increase our quality of sleep, and to reap the physical, mental, and emotional benefits we get from a consistent, high quality sleep. The guys both blocked blue light on their electronic devices, and wore amber blocking glasses at night. Would they find a boost in deep sleep? Some of the topics...


Intro to Cold Showers

Ready to join us in November’s challenge? We’ve now split the podcast so you can listen in if you’re interested in taking part in our experiments, allowing us to focus solely on each experiment in their own podcasts. In this quick intro episode we go through the 7 benefits of taking a cold shower every day, and then go over exactly how long we’ll do it. For those without a desire to listen, but a desire to take part: Thanks for listening to The Paul Project! Follow us on Facebook at...


Bulletproof Coffee - September 2017

Our second experiment was consuming Bulletproof Coffee every day for a month. What’s Bulletproof Coffee? We made a regular coffee, then blended in grass-fed butter and XCT oil or Brain Octane Oil. Coming in at approximately 400 calories it’s meant to assist in pushing you into fat-burning ketosis and improve mental clarity and focus. The experiment? Would we notice this increased clarity and focus? Some of the topics discussed: In the end, each of them decide if Bulletproof Coffee is now...