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Nootropics: Performance Enhancing Drugs for the Brain or Snake Oil?

Nootropics also known as smart drugs and cognitive enhancers are drugs, supplements, and other substances that improve cognitive function, particularly executive functions, memory, creativity, or motivation in healthy individuals. Similar to the use of PEDs in athletics, the use of cognition-enhancing drugs by healthy individuals in the absence of a medical indication is one of the most debated topics among neuroscientists, psychiatrists, and physicians. In this interesting segment,...


Coping with Tragedies in The Media

Parents and children learning about tragedies that are all over the media may find it difficult to discuss and process. Many young people likely hear about these attacks through social media and have formed opinions, impressions and questions. This can leave parents and other adults struggling with what to say and share amid the frightening news. Here to speak with us about coping with tragedies and how to speak with your children about them is Dr. Ethan McCallum, he is a licensed...


What is a "Normal" Menstrual Cycle?

In the U.S. the average age of a woman's first period is 12.3 years old, which means most women have menstrual cycles a significant portion of their lives. Because of this, some of the most common questions asked are about periods and what is considered "normal." Listen as Dr. Sara Ackerman, obstetrician/gynecologist with Allina health, discusses the most common menstrual cycle questions many women have.


Busting Breast Cancer Myths

Deodorant and antiperspirants cause breast cancer; sugar feeds cancer;. hormone replacement can cause breast cancer; mammorgrams spread existing cancer. These are a few of the myths that surround breast cancer. There are many myths that have made their way into the public thought, but how are you to know what to believe. Listen as Lisa Schneider, MD, puts to rest some of these myths and explains the real facts about breast cancer.


Your Brain 101: The Chemistry of Love Part Two

In part one of The Chemistry of Love Dr. Corry explained what happens in our brain when we fall in love. In this segment, we explore falling out of love, how to stay in love, and a look at love as addiction.


Blood Pressure Medications 101

According to CDC, about 70 million Americans adults have high blood pressure – that's 1 in every 3. Only about half of people with high blood pressure are actually managing their condition. If your doctor has told you that you have high blood pressure, they may recommend blood pressure medication to help control that hypertension. The array of medications available can be quite confusing. Matt Kresl, pharmacist practitioner with Allina Health, discusses high blood pressure medications and...


Defeat Dust Mites

In most homes, dust mites are everywhere. Often found in linens, bedding, carpeting and other fabric-materials, dust mites are a big problem for people who have indoor winter allergies. Today we’re talking with Dr. Kenneth Johns, an allergy and immunology physician for Allina Health clinics, about why dust mites cause allergies, and what you can do to stop them in their tracks.


Mindful Moms: Complementary Approaches to Managing Anxiety During Pregnancy

Are you a woman who is pregnant, has a history of anxiety or emerging anxiety in your current pregnancy and want to learn complimentary approaches to managing anxiety. Anxiety in pregnancy can impair sleep, relationships and quality of life. We are offering a holistic approach to manage anxiety during pregnancy through a shared medical visit. The focus of this is on psychological, emotional and physiological well-being. Listen in as Tina Welke explains how shared medical visits include...


Midwifery for Pregnancy and Childbirth

Certified nurse-midwives care for women throughout their lives and provide holistic, patient/family-centered and evidenced-based care. Midwives work with women and families during pregnancy, birth, routine well woman exams and menopause. Listen in as Kathrine Simon, a board-certified nurse midwife at Allina Health, discusses the care philosophy of nurse-midwives and how they may the best choice for your individual health needs.


Conversation About Contraception: The IUD

Couples considering birth control have many safe and effective options. The use of IUDs as birth control has been increasing recently. But many women still have a lot of questions about their safety and possible side effects. An intrauterine device (IUD) is a type of birth control that is inserted into your uterus. It is a small, flexible piece of plastic with a string on the end. It is inserted and removed by your caregiver. IUDs prevent sperm from reaching or fertilizing an egg. IUDs...


HPV and Teens: Start the Discussion

There is a lot of buzz about the importance of the human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccine for preteens, especially for girls. What often gets missed is that boys need the vaccine, too. First, it's important to know that HPV is unfortunately very common. Almost 80 million Americans have been infected, and almost 15 million new infections happen every year. HPV is linked with certain types of cancer and the development of genital warts. The good news is that the HPV vaccine can significantly...


Things You Should Know About Your Aging Parent

As our parents age, chances are that we will find ourselves switching roles; we are no longer just their child, we are now their caregiver. This change in roles can be confusing for both the parent and the child. Add the wide variation in the aging process; some adults remain physical active and mentally acute throughout their life, while others struggle with physical and mental health issues, and the situation becomes even more complex. To be able to provide for our parents, we need a...


Get In Gear For Your Favorite Sport

For many of us, the change of seasons means the opportunity to get back into a favorite sports activity. Or maybe you’ve decided that this is the year you’ll take up a new sport such as running, soccer or basketball. But rushing into a new activity without proper preparation can result in pain or injury that leaves you on the sidelines. Listen in as Dr. Jamie Peters, a sports medicine physician with Sports & Orthopaedic Specialists, discusses the best way to ramp up for an injury-free...


What You Need To Know About Prescription Drugs

Opioids are medications prescribed to relieve a person's pain. Unfortunately, prescription drug abuse is on the rise and opioids are being used for non-medical purposes across the US by men and women of all ages. Teens and young adults are the greatest abusers of prescription drugs. With all of this in mind, what is a person to do who is experiencing pain? Listen in as Dr. Matthew Monsein, a physician specializing in chronic pain management with Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute,...


Reducing Chronic Pain – Without Medication

Medications are often a precarious – and expensive – route to manage chronic pain, but are often the first avenues people think of. With many alternative treatments, understanding your pain and what options are there for you are the first steps to healing. Listen in as Dr. Matthew Monsein, a physician specializing in chronic pain management with Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute, discusses what options people have to help manage their chronic pain other than medication.


Understanding The Nutrition Label Makeover

The way we think about and look at food is changing. The FDA is giving nutrition labels on all food packaging a makeover. Serving size, sugar and fat labels will be different. Listen in as Registered Dietitian Janel Hemmesch with Abbott Northwestern Hospital, talks about when we will start to see the new labels, how to read them and what we really should be looking for when it comes to our food choices.


Chlamydia and HPV: What You Need To Know To Stay Protected

Chlamydia is a common sexually transmitted disease caused by bacteria. You can get chlamydia during oral, vaginal, or anal sex with an infected partner. Both men and women can get it. Chlamydia affects people of all ages but is most common in young women. Many who have chlamydia don't develop symptoms, but they can still infect others through sexual contact. Listen in as Dr. Melody McKenzie joins the show to discuss Chlamydia and how you can reduce the risks of contracting an STI.


Zika and Pregnancy: What You Need To Know

The Zika virus infection can cause a serious birth defect called microcephaly, as well as other severe fetal brain defects, so it’s critical for pregnant women, and those trying to conceive, to learn about the virus, the impacted areas and how to protect themselves. Meiling Parker, MD., is here to explain the dangers of the Zika virus for pregnant women, and those trying to conceive.


Self-Care For Family Caregivers

While taking care of a loved ones medical needs, it can be just as important to take care of yourself along the way. You cannot stop the impact of a chronic or progressive illness or a debilitating injury on someone for whom you care. But there is a great deal that you can do to take responsibility for your personal well being and to get your own needs met. Regardless of age, sex, and race and ethnicity, caregivers report problems attending to their own health and well-being while...


Significant Advances For The Treatment of Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia affects millions of Americans – predominantly women – and is often misunderstood by the medical community. In recent years, however, significant advances have occurred in our understanding of the condition. Dr. Murray J. McAllister is a health psychologist who currently serves as the Clinical Director of Pain Services for Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute. He talks to us today about this elusive illness and how best to treat it.