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TEDxCU: Debrief & Recap

For those of you that don't know, I (Jackson) was selected as a speaker for the 2018 TEDxCU event on April 21, 2018. This opportunity was an enormous privilege and honor, and I'm beyond grateful for the experience. However, it didn't quite go to plan. Tune in to today's episode to get the full recap of the event, from both Aaron and Jackson's perspectives. Thank you to everyone who has supported this crazy process! Take Epic Dumps shirts are now back in stock in all sizes over in our shop....


Random Show #25

In this edition of the Random Show, Aaron and Jackson break down the process of preparing for a TED talk and what our plans are post-TEDx. Connect with TFF: Website: Instagram: Facebook: Thought For Food Club: Twitter: Patreon: YouTube: Podcast: Newsletter: Music by: David...


Collagen, First Kiss Stories, and Bloating | Patreon Q&A #2

This week we're psyched to release our second Patreon-exclusive Q&A episode. Available to all $5 and up Patreon supporters, we spend over 90 minutes answering Patreon questions ranging from what's up with the collagen craze to our first kiss stories, to who wins in a fistfight to the death: Dr. Phil or Dr. Oz? It's a good one, and listen to the full episode by visiting our Patreon page at Huge thank you to our amazing Patreon crew! -Aaron and Jackson


Random Show #24

We check in during our podcast hiatus with a conversation ranging from what's new in our lives, to lifestyle medicine, to business, and beyond. Connect with TFF: Website: Instagram: Facebook: Thought For Food Club: Twitter: Patreon: YouTube: Podcast: Newsletter: Music by: David...


Fiber February Debrief, Preparing for TEDx, and Next Steps

We debrief on the Fiber February frenzy and what's next for TFF, including our preparation for TEDxCU. Stay up to date by joining our private Facebook group, Thought For Food Club, signing up for our newsletter, and following us on Instagram (@tfflifestyle). Thanks for an awesome Fiber February! We'll be back soon. Connect with TFF: Website: Instagram: Facebook: Thought For Food Club:


What’s The Deal With Fiber?

Well ladies and gentleboys of the highest order of the dump squad, the day has finally come. The final episode of the Fiber February saga that has inspired millions to consume epic amounts of fiber, debilitating the toilet paper industry and creating a revolution that will define a generation. You didn’t think we’d let you down, did you? We are closing our Fiber February with a bang, and dropping a massive BM of an episode, our much anticipated What's The Deal With Fiber. For those of you...


Why Fiber is the Most Underrated Nutrient For Our Health with Dr. Will Bulsiewicz

Welcome back to Fiber February everyone. We’ve been thrilled at the response so far, and we’re so excited to be sharing the science and importance of this fabulous nutrient with the world. We’re learning along with you, and are quickly realizing just how unbelievably amazing fiber is for our health. If you’ve been fascinated by the health implications of fiber and plants, then today’s episode is going to blow your mind. We’re excited to have Dr. Will Bulsiewicz on the podcast. Dr. B is a...


Random Show #23 — with Sloan Storey

In the 23rd edition of the Random Show, Jackson chats with his great friend Sloan Storey; a world traveler, All-American nordic ski racer for the University of Utah, and most importantly: Jackson's prom date. Sloan has recently become passionate about plant-based nutrition, and wants to combine that with her degree in health education. We talk about eating disorders in athletes, van life in New Zealand, and her thoughts about nutrition. Follow Sloan on Instagram: @sloanstorey Connect with...


Phenomenal Fiber with Dr. Pamela Fergusson, RD, Ph.D

Welcome back to Fiber February, where we’re talking all things fiber, gut health, and epic dumps to spread awareness about the importance of this nutrient, of which deficiency is a widespread epidemic. This week we’re thrilled to bring Pamela Fergusson to the podcast to talk about fiber and plant-based eating from the perspective of a true plant-based nutrition expert. Pamela is a registered dietician and holds a PhD in nutrition, and lives and works with clients in Toronto, Canada. She’s...


Welcome to Fiber February

If you’re a regular listener and follower of TFF, then you’ll know how much we’re obsessed with plants, fiber, and gut health, and how all three of those things work in perfect synchronicity to create epic, blissful, bowel movements. We wanted to create a podcast and social media campaign that brings awareness to the importance and connection between health and fiber and plant foods, and of course taking epic dumps. It can seem like a big middle school level poop joke, but we’re dead...


Random Show #22

In this Random Show, Jackson shares his new morning routine, Aaron discusses life struggles as a parent, and we ruminate on athletic goals and the power of being outdoors. Connect with TFF: Website: Instagram: Facebook: Thought For Food Club: Twitter: Patreon: YouTube: Podcast: Newsletter:...


The Evidence-Based Trio: 3 Nutrients Every Plant Eater Needs

We constantly get questions about what supplements to take if you’re on a plant-based diet, which supplements we take, and why. This is definitely an important and widespread question, and we’ll definitely do a more in depth What’s The Deal style episode on some more supplements and the supplement industry in general, but we wanted to focus on the three primary nutrients of concern for the plant-based population — collectively known as the evidence-based trio —due to their stature and...


The Ultimate Guide to Transitioning to a Plant-Based Lifestyle: Part 2

This is the final part of our two-part series on making the switch to a plant-based diet. A comprehensive guide to the basics of adopting a vegan, plant-based lifestyle. In the first episode, which you should definitely listen to before this one, was all about the WHY of plant-based living. The theoretical framework for the three main pillars of veganism: health, ethics, and environment. This episode is all about the HOW. The practical side. What books you should read, documentaries you...


The Ultimate Guide to Transitioning to a Plant-Based Diet: Part 1

When we first started our transition to a plant-based lifestyle, we wish there was a comprehensive guide, grounded in reason and logic, to help with understanding the why's and how's of eating and living this way. Without a proper understanding of both the theoretical and practical frameworks for a specific behavior change, it's going to be difficult to catalyze a sustainable, long term shift in dietary or lifestyle behavior. 100 episodes later, we've decided to remaster our 3rd ever...


Nutrition Careers, BCAAs, Mindful Eating, and Vegan Dating | Patreon Q&A

This week is the first Patreon-exclusive episode of the podcast. We felt really compelled to start producing exclusive content for everyone that pledges their support on Patreon with $5 or more per month, so we can continue pushing forward with the show. These questions are from members of Patreon, and we think this is our best Q&A yet. It's also our longest episode yet! But we dig into some really great questions and give very detailed and thoughtful responses, so we hope you enjoy! If...


Random Show #21

In this final podcast of 2017, Jackson and Aaron discuss a recent listener concern from the previous random show as well as our future goals for 2018. Please consider supporting the show so we can make it happen! Connect with TFF: Website: Instagram: Facebook: Thought For Food Club: Twitter: Patreon: YouTube:...


Our Favorite Books of 2017

Reading is cool. It helps you learn and stuff. We read a lot of awesome books in 2017 and wanted to share them with you so you can read them too. In a world of constant digital stimulation, reading is becoming a lost art. Let's all read more in 2018. Let us know your favorite reads of the year! Thank you so very much to everyone who listened and supported TFF in 2017. Let's make 2018 even more EPIC! Love you all. -Jackson and Aaron Check out the Plant Based on a Budget 2018 Challenge! It's...


Nutrition Research 101 with Micaela Karlsen

100 EPISODES! THANK YOU FOR BEING A PART OF THIS CRAZY JOURNEY! Because TFF is so dedicated to science and approaching nutrition and lifestyle through an evidence-based lens, understanding and utilizing scientific research is absolutely essential to what we do. It’s also critical for maintaining reason and the anti-dogmatic and non judgmental perspective we believe in, and is integral to many of our episodes. We understand not everyone has training in things like statistics, study design,...


Random Show #20

In this Random Show, Aaron and Jackson talk about things they're excited about and some interesting ideas for next year. Please consider supporting the show so we can make it happen! Connect with TFF: Website: Instagram: Facebook: Thought For Food Club: Twitter: Patreon: YouTube: Podcast:...


What’s The Deal With Thought For Food?

As we approach year two and 100 episodes of the podcast, we've been reflecting on the experience and where we want to go in 2018 and beyond. We're at a bit of a crossroads — keep pushing on and plateau because of our life and work commitments, or see if we can really make TFF into the dream we envision? We would really really like to do the latter. In order to that, we need your help. Thought For Food has always been, and always will be, community focused. We listen to our tribe and it's...


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