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Thriving After Addiction: Using Yoga, Meditation, & Life Coaching to help recoverees live life skillfully with passion, fierceness, and love

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TAA170 Erin Processing Anger and Finding Freedom: Live Coaching

Erin Processing Anger and Finding Freedom: Live Coaching This is a very special podcast of Erin being coached by her coach Amy Cox and traveling through anger. This podcast is VERY personal and intimate. It is legit me being coached and holding nothing back. All of my heart is on display for the world to see and judge (if it ... Read More


Heal Your Body Retreat with Erin

Join us5/11/20 – 5/13/20 | 5/14/20 –5/16/20 Or Stay the Whole Week:5/11/20 – 5/16/20 If you’re looking to repair your relationship on a deep level, not just logically, but subconsciously, this retreat is for you. We explore everything from intuitive eating, tantra, body healing and positivity meditations, group coaching, yoga, and more!


TAA169 Interview with ‘Trust Your Body Project’ Whitney Catalano

Today Erin interviews Whitney Catalano, RDN Health at Every Size dietitian helping people heal their relationship with food, break free from the diet/binge cycle, make peace with their bodies, and take the power back from their inner bully. Whitney is the creator of “Trust Your Body Project,” a podcast and social media movement that teaches people how to ditch diet ... Read More


TAA168 Life in Recovery: Maintenance

Life in Recovery has certain elements to make it sustainable. We must be able to navigate and deal with our emotions and thoughts. We must be able to release ourselves from the stress loops that will otherwise spin and burn us out. We have to also cultivate some sort of passion in our lives. You need to have a why ... Read More


TAA167 The Power of Intention and special Breath Techniques

The Power of Intention and special Breath Techniques Manifestation is something I talk about fairly often, but it’s important. Creating the life of your dreams sounds appealing doesn’t it? It doesn’t just happen through luck. There’s a science and a process to it that you can follow to expedite the journey. So first I talk about intention. Intention sets the ... Read More


TAA166 Rewards and Punishment Beliefs

Reward and Punishment Beliefs Many of us have reward and punishment beliefs in our heads. For example we might feel that we deserve a reward after doing something difficult and perhaps that reward is productive or serving us. Like making a goal, smashing it and buying yourself a new outfit or a trip etc.I’m down with that.Sometimes though the reward ... Read More


TAA165 Life Coaching: Perfectionism and Processing Loss and Hurt

Life coaching: perfectionism and processing loss and hurt Today, Erin shares a life coaching she did with an anonymous caller. This wonderful person, has struggled with perfectionism and just wanting to be loved.She has done some self studying, and use some techniques from the book and the podcast, but when we dove inside we found that she could find even ... Read More


TAA164 Being Strong When Things Suck

Being strong when things suck Sometimes in life there’s a lot of chaos that comes up. Life goes on, but sometimes we are stuck in our mind spinning. We stay here for too long we make ourselves sick. We stress ourselves out, and if we are in the business of manifesting our lives, which many of us are, then it ... Read More


TAA163 Unplugging and Commitment

Unplugging and Commitment I’ve been listening to the book burn out by Emily Nagoski about stress cycles. She talks about how people get caught in these loops and it literally burns them out. Burns away motivation Burns away energy Even burns away the minerals in your body to cope with stress TAA book I talk about eating so many cups ... Read More


TAA163 How to Handle Being an Empath

Being an empath is not a curse, it is a gift. But there are some things you may have to do to protect yourself and create boundaries. Because your antennae are heightened to pick up on others vibrations more easily, you will feel what others are feeling. The problem comes when your mind makes it yours and tries to solve ... Read More


TAA162 Journeying Through My Heart and Relationships

In this episode Erin talks about her experience guiding 11 people through an extended format yoga teacher training. The openness, and the vulnerability that’s required to grow in this field is uncomfortable for most people. The journey of guiding 11 people through such a certification has energetic affects amongst each other as well as with the holder of the space. ... Read More


TAA161 Live Coaching: Connecting to Self and Partner

In this episode Erin live coaches a listener of the podcast. We discuss connection with self, connection with family, and re-establishing connection with her partner. I hope you enjoy this episode. I think it will resonate with so many of you…including me. If you ever shut down from shame or guilt, listen as we navigate. Reach out


TAA160 Full Body Orgasm

Full Body Orgasm Check out for more info and to sign up! Full Body Orgasms are a means to spiritual union within yourself and with another. It’s more than merely sex, it’s an opportunity to connect with ourselves and/or another while surrendering to divine and sexual energy. When we are at peace with ourselves, we release pent up tension ... Read More


TAA159 Being a Workaholic and Body Resistance

Being a Workaholic and Body Resistance Check out for more info and to sign up! Having a group of spirituality minded people to surround you is so important to remain more consistently conscious I have found. I am lucky enough to have a partner that calls out my bullshit of me using unproductive patterns to copy when I’m in ... Read More


TAA158 Why We Sabotage Self-Care and How to Stop

Why We Sabotage Self-Care and How to Stop Join Erin in Mexico! We find every way to sabotage our self-care it seems. There’s never enough time and the brain makes a great case for why it’s really not that important compared to the needs of others. In this episode I talk about some brain hacks to overcome this false ... Read More


TAA157 Difficulty Expressing Needs

Difficulty Expressing Needs If you were brought up to not express your needs. Or if your needs were deemed not important, inconvenient, or burdensome, you probably have trouble expressing your needs as an adult. This can have destructive effects. If we aren’t comfortable expressing our needs, we won’t be able to be intimate with others. We will feel unworthy or ... Read More


TAA156 Vision Quest

Vision QuestCheck out Erin’s retreat to Mexico:www.awakeningyogaretreat.comWant to do live coaching for FREE with Erin?Reach outErin@ErinCoach.comVision Quest:During this podcast, Erin talk about the importance of creating a vision. When you create a vision, you expand your connection to consciousness and start to manifest what you want to create. When you picture this vision you start to create the feeling you ... Read More


TAA155 How to Deal with the Feelings Under Coping Mechanisms

How to Deal with the Feelings Under Coping Mechanisms We have coping mechanisms for a reason. Dealing with feelings is hard and sometimes we aren’t taught or we aren’t in a great place to process them. So we develop coping mechanisms to help us. To process we must: Create Space Recognize Choose Consciously Reach out


TAA154 How To Cope with Reality and Vipassana

Check out Erin’s retreat to Mexico in September In this episode, Erin talks about her expereince at the Vipassana retreat where she sat in silence for 10 days. Sitting in silence allows clarity and the technique used in Vipassana allows us to accept reality as it is. Once you accept reality as it is, your life completely changes. There ... Read More


TAA153 Prioritizing and Finding Balance

Prioritizing and Finding Balance Check out Erin’s retreat to Mexico in September In this episode Erin talks about the importance of prioritizing certain aspects of our lives within the 4 categories of Relationship/Social/Health/Work. Taking a dualistic approach to create space can work out any hyper-identity attachments we may have that prevent us from making smart choices. Prioritizing and Balance ... Read More