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Thriving After Addiction: Using Yoga, Meditation, & Life Coaching to help recoverees live life skillfully with passion, fierceness, and love

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TAA133 Resilience and How to Deal with Bullying

Reach out Erin’s Retreat is open for sign ups!!! I was recently the target of bullying. This kind of thing used to make me shrink and cry and I would go over in my head about how terrible I was. I would shut down Because I have developed a fierce sense of love for myself, that doesn’t happen ... Read More


TAA131 Making Big Decisions

Making big decisions Follow your Gut feeling Meditate on it Get super clear on it Picture it in your mind Look at why you want it What’s your reasons Make sure you like your reasons Put it on the calendar Treat them like non-negotiable appointments Adjust and flex as needed accepting that will be a part of the process Enjoy ... Read More


TAA132 Withholding Judgement and Body Shame

Withholding judgment and Body Shame Hitting the pause button when our brain wants to make a situation mean something It always wants to analyze But these no substance It’s a trick, a rabbit hole and it disconnects us from ourselves and humanity That’s a terrible feeling. It’s best to have patience and try to see things from different perspectives Recognizing ... Read More


TAA130 Love and Support

Love and Support Reach out to Erin: Loving ourselves and supporting ourselves is important work that all in recovery need to learn how to do. But it is also important for us to have loving supporting relationships outside of ourselves as well. Having others around us to enjoy life with and lift us up is a privilege and a ... Read More


TAA129 How to Overcome Laziness

Reach out at Laziness is something that some people belief is a characteristic. For example: I’m just a lazy person. I have disagreed with this statement for as long as I can remember. I do not believe that people are lazy. I do believe people have fear, trauma, that they’re exhausted and depleted, and that they’re hard on ... Read More


TAA128 Difficult Conversations and Belief Systems

Difficult Conversations and Belief Systems My boyfriend and I were having a discussion about boundaries and communication. We went back and forth and I felt at a certain point (and I’m sure he did as well) that we were banging our heads against the wall trying to communicate. It was fascinating. We are both excellent communicators and yet, here we ... Read More


TAA127 Emotional Neglect and Impulse

Emotional Neglect and Impulse Sometimes it can seem like others are neglecting us emotionally and it can cause a lot of pain. Emotional neglect starts with the person themselves and many times has nothing to do with us as they dive deep into their private universe. If we are neglecting ourselves emotionally we can become impulsive. The pain becomes intense ... Read More


TAA126 Determination (Grit)

I recently visited Japan where I presented three times in Japanese. It was intense. The presenting itself was a dream, but the challenges I faced to get there were pretty significant. I had a miscarriage and was hospitalized the day before I left. I was in severe pain and got sick on the trip. But, I still pulled it out. ... Read More


TAA125 Feeling Emotions is OK

Feeling emotions is ok Allowing ourselves to feel whatever comes up can be a new experience in recovery. We are learning to change our relationship with our inner vibration which can take some time. If we have been numbing out our whole lives, to feel everything at once can be overwhelming. Allowing ourselves time to process in small segments ... Read More


TAA124 Feeling Out of Control

Enrollment for Erin’s retreat is live! Check out Feeling out of control is something we all deal with from time to time. Especially in recovery, we are learning to feel our emotions more fully and they can be super powerful. If we are not super practiced at this, it can shut us down. Rather if we can learn to ... Read More


TAA123 Addiction in the Family

Addiction in the Family When you are close to someone who is addicted a lot of the times they’re in denial When I was in the throes of bulimia, alcohol addiction, and pill popping I def had some denial around it If your partner or family member is in this stage, it is impossible to help them They may also ... Read More


TAA122 Live Coaching: Shame, Guilt, and Intimacy

Erin does live and private coaching. If you’re interested in either of these, please reach out at Openings are limited.


TAA121 Sex and Love Addiction

Sex and love addiction We want so desperately to be loved, appreciated, acknowledged, told we are pretty Subconscious beliefs We are worth something We matter We are enough There’s nothing wrong with enjoying sexy times for the record. Be safe, communicate, have fun ladies and gents. But what I’m talking about is when we feel like we NEED someone to ... Read More


TAA120 Live Coaching: Sex, Food, and Feelings

Erin does live and private coaching. If you’re interested in either of these, please reach out at Openings are limited.


TAA119 Protecting Your Energy

Protecting your energy Energy vampires people who are so negative in a spin cycle you have to create distance or they will suck you dry. How do you know? They want to just talk about themsleves but not to vent but in an endless cycle of pain they don’t want advice or help Sometimes people need us to hold space ... Read More


TAA118 Uncomfortable Emotions

Uncomfortable Emotions I think one of the most challenging things in recovery is being able to sit with uncomfortable emotions. When I coach people, and I tell them to hold space, a lot of the times I don’t know what I mean. So, what I mean is not reacting to the emotions, but actively feeling them in your body. This ... Read More


TAA117 Fear, Love, and Indecisiveness

Fear, Love, and Indecisiveness I recorded this podcast from an interesting heart space. After meditating I felt incredibly free and open and wanting to share. I just kind of hit play with a few bullet points of what to cover and out this episode came. I talk about how fear can block us from seeing the truth. I talk about ... Read More


TAA116 Physical Pain and Mood

Physical Pain and Mood Physical pain can profoundly affect your mood and eventually change you. This is something I have been dealing with this past week. I found myself more tense, less connected and more snippy with people. Pain at its core is energy stagnation. When we are in pain, energy ceases to flow and builds up and can make ... Read More


TAA115 Yoga for Depression

Yoga for Depression Depression is a stuck energy in the body that can really pull us down into a dark hole. When I was in high school and college I was terribly depressed and put on anti-depressants. This was when my drinking was at its worst. The medication numbed me, but didn’t cure me. The only way I have found ... Read More