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008 Vegan Round the World - Part 4 with James Hoot

In the final part of our interview with filmmaker James Hoot, we talk about his plans for the future, the finishing of the series, making a positive difference in the world as a single person and much more. And what's more, this is the final episode of the international podcast! Thank you all for taking part in this little adventure, see you at the German VeggieWorld Podcast every...


007 Vegan Round The World - Part 3 with James Hoot

This week, in part 3 of 4 of our interview with documentary filmmaker James Hoot, we talk about his journey around the world, his greatest challenges and about the development of veganism in his experience. Shownotes:


006 Vegan Round the World - with James Hoot Part 2

This week in the VeggieWorld International Podcast James Hoot talks about the genesis and the motivation behind his vegan documentary series "Vegan round the world" - and we talk about how to start daunting projects yourself. This interview is going to be a five to six part series, so stay tuned for the next episodes, where we will dive into the stories of James' shoot...


005 Vegan Round The World with James Hoot - Part 1

James Hoot is a vegan documentary filmmaker with an incredible story. In part one of four (yes, four!) of our interview series, we talk about his beginnings in veganism, his early life and career, and we discuss a bit of ethics. This is going to be a fun and exciting series! Part 2 of this series is coming September 19th, watch out for it (or just subscribe to the...


004 Happy Cow Part 2- Vegan Travel with Ken Spector

Traveling the world as a vegan doesn't seem easy, right? Well, according to Happy Cow's Ken Spector, it's easier than you'd think - and it's a great culinary adventure! We're talking about the most interesting cities, the weirdest food and of course traveling tips! For more tips, visit, the worlds most elaborate vegan restaurant guide! Shownotes: @official_veggieworld @lars.the.vegan


003 Happy Cow - with Ken Spector Part 1

Happy Cow has been the number one vegan restaurant guide for years. I'm talking to Ken Spector of Happy Cow about his early journey towards veganism, the roots of Happy Cow and what you can learn from the guide. This episode is part one of a two part interview. Next time we'll talk about vegan travel, the best cities for vegan foodies and more! Shownotes:


002 How to create a vegan world - with Tobias Leenaert

Communication between vegans and non-vegans often seems to pose an unavoidable problem. In this episode, Tobias Leenaert, Speaker at CEVA, Co-Founder of ProVeg International and author of the book "How to create a vegan world - a pragmatic approach" talks about ways to effectively improve the way we interact with each other, strategies how to find purpose in your carreer, prevent burn out, and create a vegan world. Shownotes 80.000...


001 What is the VIP (VeggieWorld International Podcast)?

What is the VeggieWorld Podcast? Our moderator Lars introduces himself and our new international format. Be curious and stay tuned! Shownotes German Podcast: Instagram: @official_veggieworld @lars.the.vegan