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#012 – Fruit Belly: A 4-Day Quick Fix To Relieve Bloating Caused By High Carb, High Fruit Diets

Today’s guest, Romy Dollé, lives in Europe and she is not a health care practitioner. Her book, Fruit Belly, is a fun read. She shares her story about her quest to feel good AND have a sexy flat tummy. In this short episode, Romy shares some of the key points of her book and her story. Is fruit making your bloated and uncomfortable? Listen now and find out.


#047 – Happiness | Tom Glaser

We all know these famous words from the Declaration of Independence, "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness" Is it your goal in life to accomplish the pursuit of happiness? Do you feel like being happy is too hard to obtain? What the happiest people all have in common might surprise you. In todays episode I chat with Tom Glaser, an author, psychologist, and life coached based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. His book "Full Heart Living: Conversations with the Happiest People...


#046 - Increase Your Circulation, Healing, & Recovery by 30 | Ed Skor

Today we discuss PEMFs (Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field Devices) with Ed Skor of BEMER. Their technology is used by NASA due to its patented waveform therapy which can increase your circulation by 30%. We talk about BEMER's history, different uses of their groundbreaking PEMF, and how often they recommend their therapy. PEMFs offer a wide range of healing benefits. I've personally enjoyed using the BEMER therapy as part of healing my low back herniations. Being active is hugely important to...


#045 - What's Hiding In YOUR Mouth? | Dr Karl Anderson

Today's episode is one of the utmost importance. In today's health care model you need to understand what's going on. It's very important you find someone you can trust. Someone who has your best interests in mind. Even with that though you need to educate yourself about potential dangers because in the end, it's YOUR life we're talking about here! Root Canals are dangerous. Period. Then again what are you supposed to do once you've let your oral hygiene go downhill to the point you need...


#044 - A Living Liquid Probiotic | Jerod Work

Is Your Probiotic a Capsule? Make sure you catch this episode then! The best thing about interviewing Jerod was his obvious passion for creating the best probiotic on the market. It's so obvious he sincerely cares about helping people and that authenticity shines through in this episode. We discuss issues like Jerod also shares his feelings about Restore. A supplement that is focused on improving gut health. You can find out more about Restore here -...


#043 - Choose Your Own Adulthood | Hal Runkel

Today’s episode is an exciting one. Hal Runkel is a favorite author of mine. Hal's books are easy to read AND easy to apply. They also somehow seem to target specific issues and yet also encompass so much of what’s important if you want to change your experience of life. We cover a ton of ground today including delving into his latest book, choose your own adulthood. Honoring the truth that none of us are perfect Hal encourages us to simply move in a direction that serves us. Some of his...


#042 - How to Gain Flexibility without ever Stretching | Sandy Anderson

For more information on Dr Chris Frykman and Sandy Anderson well as some of the strategies discussed in today's show please visit For more great health information please visit Like us on FaceBook at Get the latest updates on twitter at Thank you so much for checking out this episode of the Vibrant Potential podcast. If you haven’t done so already,...


#041 - Power, Profit, & Peace of Mind | Matthew Ferry

This week’s interview is a special treat. Matthew Ferry is a highly conscious business coach. He’s personally coached thousands of people to realize greater financial and business success and he does that through a very unique approach. What Matthew helps many to see is that FORCING outward success may fail but even if it succeeds there’s a high cost. Including peace of mind and I’ll add physical health too. The heavy burden of attempting to control the stock market, your clients, the...


#040 - Improving Your Body's Cellular Communication Network | Dr Zach Bush, MD

In today’s episode, I interview Dr Zach Bush, MD. I’ll let you listen to the intro I give him for the details but suffice it to say this guy knows his stuff. One of literally a handful of medical doctors in the country to be triple boarded, he has a background that set him up perfectly to bring a new paradigm shift to the nutritional supplement world. The interesting thing is he says his supplement doesn’t actually DO anything. I’ll tell you though, this has become my favorite...


#039 - The Power of When | Dr Michael Breus

Really enjoyed this book. Dr Breus' The Power Of When. Easy to read and really lays out nicely a method to get the most out of your day. I love that it's super empowering. You don't need to wonder anymore why someone else gets up way earlier than you and why you come alive at night! Everyone's an individual and Dr Breus walks us through how to make the most out of who WE are. This is WAY more than a sleep book. When you know your Chronotype you can empower yourself to do all sorts of...


#038 - Consciously Speaking with Micheal Neeley

Today's Episode with fellow podcaster, Michael Neeley, focuses on our best tips for cultivating awareness and identifying underlying beliefs that are holding you back. On the same day this episode is going live Michael is starting his Conscious Life Virtual Summit. I highly recommend you check this out. It's free and you can find it by visiting ~Here’s to YOUR Vibrant Potential, Dr Chris Frykman THE INVITE Every week I have an invite prepared for...


#037 - Face Your Fear & Do It Anyway! | Sean Croxton

In today's show I'm bringing you an interview with a man that produces one of the few shows I look forward to listening too myself - The Sessions with Sean Croxton. If you haven't heard his show yet, I recommend you check it out. Right after you listen to this episode in which we talk about facing your fears and taking action anyway. Sean shares some of his best life lessons he's picked up from some of the amazing people he's interviewed. Enjoy. ~Dr Chris THE INVITE Every week I have...


#036 - Inside the Heart and Mind of Dr Phil Maffetone

This week's episode has it all folks! Enjoy. ~Dr Chris THE INVITE Every week I have an invite prepared for you to help you on your way to YOUR Vibrant Potential. Check out the show notes page to join us for this week's invite. For more information on Dr Chris Frykman and Dr Phil Maffetone well as some of the strategies discussed in today's show please visit For more great health information please visit Like us on FaceBook at...


#035 - Uncaged Man with Jonathan Mead

Today's guest is Jonathan Mead from Uncaged Man. This dude's all about natural movement and being true to yourself (both ideas I'm no stranger to) especially when it comes to helping men reconnect with their primal selves. Reminding them not to hide their manliness, but to celebrate it. THE INVITE Every week I have an invite prepared for you to help you on your way to YOUR Vibrant Potential. Check out the show notes page to join us for this week's invite. For more information on Dr...


#034 - Mid-Life Crisis

In this episode I share with you the events of my weekend. I saved someone's life then had a mid-life crisis. Allin a day's work. Well... a weekend's work anyway. To see a full transcript of today's show head over to


#033 - How I Cut 45 Seconds Off My Mile Time Without Any Extra Effort, What To Do If You Have a Bunion, Neuroma, or Plantar Fascitis, Opting for Shoe Surgery Instead of Foot Surgery | Dr Ray McClanahan

Today my guest is Dr Ray McClanahanof Northwest Foot & Ankle inPortland, Oregon. I didn’t know Dr Ray personally when I invited him on theshow. As far asfeet goes, he’s a perfect fit for the Vibrant Potentialtribe. He’spassionate about helping people find what he calls “their highestjoy in motion. He’s been a podiatrist for almost 20 years and his years ofexperience along with his personal story as an elite runner (whichhe shares with us at the beginning of this episode) have taught himmost...


#032 - You're in Pain! Let's Figure Out Why - Exploring the Mind Body Connection with Lance Hauge

Have you ever noticed how your mind and brain play ahuge role in how your body feels and behaves? If you listened to episode 31with Brock Armstrong or episode 20 with Dr Denny you’ve heard meexplore some of how the mind, the brain, and your mental state canaffect your body. Today’s episode is a fun one for me. My long time friend, LanceHauge, and I discuss some of the interplay between what he refersto as subtle energy and the more tangible physicalbody. As alwaysboth my guest AND I share...


Do You Really NEED a House? Inspiration Spotlight | Julie Nielsen

This episode was recorded from my dining room table with a client of mine, Julie Nielsen. She was gracious enough to share a big move she's making - selling her house. Julie's not broke. Julie's not an empty-nester. In fact she's not selling her house and moving into an apartment for any of the classic reasons. She's selling her house and moving into an apartment building because it's an inspired action which she believes will lead to her living her Vibrant Potential. Julie gets a bit...


#031 - Anxiety, The Mental Game of Endurance Sports, & How To Know if Your Racing is a Health LifeStyle of an Obsessive Behavior

Today’s Guest, Brock Armstrong, is a podcast veteran. Ifirst learned about Brock on the first podcast I listened to, BenGreenfield’s show. Now I listen to a number of shows, in factI like so many different shows for different reasons that when Ipile my audiobooks on top of them, I rarely have enough time in aweek to listen to everything I want to. But as I said, backthen Ben’s show was the first one I listened too and I enjoyedit. Brock, I later learned, was editing the shows as well buthe...


#030 - The Power Of Story Telling with Sue Henry

Your life is made up of events, and those events become stories. Listen to Sue as she describes why everyone that is trying tointerest others in anything should have a story. Learn How To Connect, Engage, Entertain, and CommunicateYour Message Through the Power of Story Telling For more information on Dr Chris Frykman and Sue Henry aswell as some of the strategies discussed in today's show pleasevisit For more great health information please...