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SoupElina's Soup Cleanse: How She used Plant-Based Soups to Heal Her Body & Transform Her Life

In this episode you will learn the story of how Elina Fuhrman over came the pressure from the medical doctors in order to follow her intuition about how to heal her breast cancer. In the end she healed herself with her soups , which were delicious bowls of medicine. She speaks frankly about how she was confronted with fear and shock after the diagnosis, but how her many years of being a reporter helped her do the best research possible. Even if are healthy you will love her soups.. trust...


Dr. Tumi Johnson MD - Living The Raw Food Fruitarian Lifestyle & Advice To Move In That Direction - EP 127

Today's Episode is with Dr. Tumi Johnson MD who is a traditionally trained medical doctor that now used food as medicine with her patients. She tells her story, which is interesting in itself, but also answers so many of your questions about raw food, fruits or a plant based vegan diet. No matter where you are on your journey of health this episode with help you learn so much & motivate you to add more raw foods & fruits to your life. I asked her many questions... for example: Are...


Jeff Chilton - Healing with Medicinal Mushrooms - Ep 126

In this episode Jeff Chilton, mushroom cultivator and expert, shares his lifetime experience & knowledge of using medicinal mushrooms to improve well-being. Medicinal mushrooms are known as a superfood that have many immunological benefits along with many other benefits that aid in detoxification, which is one of the biggest keys to maintaining wellness. Mushrooms are known as the network to all nature. Listen now to learn all about mushrooms & how to use medicinal mushrooms into your...


WeSPEAKS - Lloyd Johnson - Malabsorption & Our 18 Month Fruit Journey - EP 125

In this episode Lloyd & Vidal speak about their 18 month journey on fruit. They talk openly about how eating a diet as pure as an all fruit diet still did not help malabsorption. This problem is a huge issue today in many people so listen and learn that the order you approach your wellness really matters. Also you can learn how they managed a predominantly fruit diet for 18 months speaking about the benefits and the challenges. VidalSPEAKS Links Visit Deborah Vidal and subscribe to...


Mariza Snyder- Everyday Uses For Essential Oils - Ep 124

Essential oils are powerful extracts from plants. They can be used by everyone & they are easy, simple & have many uses in our health & household. If you already use them you will love this episode because Mariza Snyder teaches us specific recipes for stress, sleep issues, digestive problems, anxiety, headaches & more. This show is for men, women, children.. old or young, male or female we all can use essential oils. Be sure to listen so you can add essential oils to your wellness...


Dr. Bernie Siegel MD - How Love & Joy Are the Most Powerful Medicines - EP 123

Today’s podcast is with Dr. Bernie Seigel, who has been named one of the top 20 Spiritually Influential Living People on the Planet by the Watkins Review. For many, Bernie needs no introduction. Bernie touched many lives all over our planet. In 1978 he began talking about patient empowerment & the choice to live fully & die in peace. As a physician, who has cared for and counseled innumerable people whose mortality has been threatened by an illness, Bernie embraces a philosophy of living &...


Daniel James Duncan & BillyMaree- From Hellville to Wellvile on Fruit

Guest Info & Website Daniel James Duncan’s BIO In order to discover this blessed lifestyle of a raw/high-fruit diet, I had to go through a bit of suffering - arising from ignorance… something I'm so grateful for experiencing, to now where I have discovered the Truth & appreciate Life in such a profound way, knowing I can consciously create my Wellbeing. Currently, I'm 23, happier & healthier than ever, but at 19, I wasn't well. I had underlying issues that caused skin problems, fatigue &...


Dr. David Hanscom- Taking Your Life Back & Moving On - Episode 121

In this episode prominent spine surgeon Dr. David Hanscom MD speaks about how to take back your life and move on! We know from his past episodes of how anger, anxiety & fear can trap us and cause us to get overly focused on the issue and not a solution. This episode brings us the HOW TO solution. Dr. Hanscom’s work is helpful for anyone not just those in a pain syndrome. It is very helpful in improving relationships in general, or for those dealing with lots of anxiety or for anyone...


David Hanscom MD - The Effects of Anger & Anxiety - Episode 120

Guest Info & Website Dr. Hanscom’s BIO Dr. Hanscom’s Website: Dr. Hanscom’s Book Previous Vidal Speaks episodes with Dr....


Dr. David Hanscom MD On Basic Family Triggers Around Pain - Part 1 - Episode 119

Dr. Hanscom deals with chronic pain patients on a daily basis year after year. After seeing new data that showed patients were worse after surgery Dr. Hanscom decided to look deeper into the issue of pain. He is no stranger to pain because he too had a horrible pain syndrome with no answers that almost made him take his own life. He saw first hand how living with pain affected his family and marriage. He now has hundreds and even thousands of paitents healing their pain by following his...


Dr. Robert Morse ND On Iridology & Using Fruit To Detox, Heal & Regenerate - Episode 118

Todays interview with Dr. Morse will teach you about how eating a mostly fruit diet is the not only the diet man should be eating since we are a frugivore, but also it is the food that detoxifies & regenerates our tissues, which is the key to healing all so called diseases. Dr. Morse does a reading of Lloyd’s eyes to show how iridology works as a map to show problem areas or weaknesses regarding our health. It is so fascinating because Dr. Morse is really the best in the world at both...


Armita Dalal - Homeopathy Saved My Family & Q & A With Vidal - EP 117

Today’s guest is Armita Dalal. Armita is a long time patient of Vidal & speaks about how she has used homeopathy to heal her whole family. Armita & Vidal have a candid and deep conversation about the beauty & benefits of homeopathy but also the challenges. Armita asks Vidal questions that she feels many of you out there may have so you too can begin to use homeopathy for healing on your journey & that of your family, friends & animal companions. You will hear Vidal speak about how to...


The Alchemy of Herbs, Everyday Food That Heals, Part 2, with Rosalee de la Foret - Episode 115

Rosalee de la Foret joins the Vidal Speaks podcast for the second part of the conversation about how and which spices and herbs to incorporate into your daily meal, to transform your food into medicine. Nature’s medicine is again proving that these so-called “incurable diseases” can be treated and healing can be achieved. Toxins damage our cellular function and if we actively detox, we can enjoy the health that our bodies naturally promote. If you want to know more about Rosalee...


The Alchemy of Herbs, Everyday Food That Heals, Part 1, with Rosalee de la Foret - Episode 114

Vidal welcomes Rosalee de la Foret to the Vidal Speaks podcast. Rosalee is sharing how to use food, spices, and herbs to help you in your healing journey. Nature’s medicine is again proving that these so-called “incurable diseases” can be treated and healing can be achieved. Toxins damage our cellular function and if we actively detox, we can enjoy the health that our bodies naturally promote. If you want to know more about Rosalee before listening to this amazing talk, here are some...


Hydrogen Water Part 2 with J, the Hydrogen Man - Episode 113

Deborah Vidal welcomes J, the hydrogen man, for the second time to the Vidal Speaks Podcast. He speaks about the benefits of hydrogen water and how to make it. There is research that links health and longevity with water filled with H2. After this discovery, machines that add hydrogen to water started to be developed; not all of them achieved the best results, and that is why J has dedicated time to test them all and find out which is the best way to drink hydrogen water and even breathe...


Hydrogen Water Part 1 with J the Hydrogen Man - Episode 112

Deborah Vidal welcomes J, the hydrogen man, to this episode of the Vidal Speaks Podcast. Deborah has started to consume hydrogen water and wants to dive deep into the subject with an expert to display the truth about HO, the impact it has on our health and which are the best sources to get it. J, also known as the hydrogen man, has made his life mission to help others heal. Like many other people who have become experts or healers, they started as a sick person. He was stricken by a pain...


Short Path to Healing with Ellen, Lloyd, and Deb - Episode 111

Deborah Vidal welcomes her soul sister, Ellen, and her partner, Lloyd, to talk about their health and healing personal journeys. They unfold the real-life struggles and obstacles they encountered on their path so you can learn from their mistakes and experiences to ease your own journey. Ellen is a cancer survivor, who recently received the news that her body is clear and free from cancer. Lloyd had a car accident that caused him many injuries, and as a consequence, created a chronic pain...


Opium Addiction and Alternative Pain Remedies with Martha Rosenberg - Episode 110

Deborah Vidal welcomes Martha Rosenberg to the Vidal Speaks podcast to talk about the truth about opioids. Opioids don’t treat diseases or symptoms, instead, after a few weeks, they make the patient addicted. Like Vidal always says, “knowledge is power,” so listen to this podcast, get informed about opioids, be able to say no to certain prescribed medicines in certain situations and discover alternative medicines to treat chronic illnesses and pain. If you haven’t heard about Martha...


How Healing My Lyme Disease Changed My Life with Mytrae Meliana - Episode 109

Deborah Vidal welcomes Mytrae Meliana to the Vidal Speaks Show. Vidal extends an invitation to you to keep an open mind and listen to a story of healing, of overcoming a diagnosis and symptoms of Lyme disease through a spiritual intervention with the guide of John of God as well as a lifestyle change. Mytrae Meliana is a women’s empowerment and Divine Feminine teacher, soul purpose coach, holistic psychotherapist, and sound healer. She empowers women to find their voice, stand tall in their...