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In this weekly YOGA PODCAST, join Lucas Rockwood as he deep dives into all things yoga, health, and wellness. Each shows features a thought leaders in alternative health, nutritional tips as well as answers to listeners questions. Past guests include Dave Asprey, Kelly Starrett & JJ Virgin. For seriously yoga students, this show is ear candy.

In this weekly YOGA PODCAST, join Lucas Rockwood as he deep dives into all things yoga, health, and wellness. Each shows features a thought leaders in alternative health, nutritional tips as well as answers to listeners questions. Past guests include Dave Asprey, Kelly Starrett & JJ Virgin. For seriously yoga students, this show is ear candy.
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In this weekly YOGA PODCAST, join Lucas Rockwood as he deep dives into all things yoga, health, and wellness. Each shows features a thought leaders in alternative health, nutritional tips as well as answers to listeners questions. Past guests include Dave Asprey, Kelly Starrett & JJ Virgin. For seriously yoga students, this show is ear candy.




380: CO2 is Your Friend with Dr. Artour Rahkimov

“Inhale fresh, life-giving oxygen… exhale toxic, dead carbon dioxide,” said my yoga teacher. I’ve heard some variation of this hundreds of times in classes. Oxygen is good, carbon dioxide is bad. In with the good, out with the bad. Right? As it turns out, this kindergarten understanding of breathing physiology is wrong. Most of us could really benefit from more CO2 because it opens up your air passageways, relaxes smooth muscle tissues, and allows for greater absorption of oxygen. Lack of...


379: Know Your Nerves: Polyvagal Theory with Deb Dana

People often compare the human body to a car, but this is a bad analogy (unless it’s a Tesla) because your body doesn’t contain a combustion engine. You’re electric, my friend, and your nerves are in the driver’s seat. One electrical stimulus makes you anxious, another makes you calm; mostly, you’re an out-of-control cross-fire of signals that kicks you around energetically and emotionally throughout the day. To know your nerves, you must know the vagus nerve. It’s the master controller of...


378: Kids Sleep, Parents Sleep - We All Need to Sleep! with Craig Canapari, MD

My second child has black circles under his eyes in all his photos from birth to age four. He slept as little as possible and willed himself through most days with all the angst and irritability of any insomniac. At age four, he finally started sleeping and quickly became a new person. He learned more, laughed more, talked (a lot) and was a joy to be around. Was it just the sleep? No, but it made a huge difference. No more nervous anxiety in the mornings, no more dark circles, and finally,...


377: Medical-Industrial Complex with Mike Magee, MD

The American life expectancy is currently 79, which sounds great until you realize that is the 26th in line worldwide. Despite being one of the most developed and wealthy nations in the world, the US system is not only ridiculously overpriced (at least 2x), it’s also ineffective. It’s a double fail with upstream and downstream effects that are impossible to even begin to quantify. This wonky system was built post World War II with financial incentives going to everyone except the average...


376: A Life Less Stressed with Dr. Ron Ehrlich

I live in Spain where the average life expectancy just hit 83 years—number three in the world, less than one percentage of a point behind Switzerland and Japan. Foreigners often hypothesize that the reason is due to the diet, the long walks, or red wine that keep people alive until such an old age, but after I’ve lived here for 10 years, I must disagree. As I look out of my office window right now, the corner cafe is filled with office workers on a morning break drinking coffee, smoking...


375: Crohn’s & Colitis - Surviving & Thriving with Dane Johnson

Imagine a mosquito bites your arm. You scratch the bump and it grows big and red and doesn’t go away for months. You’d be panicked, right? Now, imagine that the red inflamed area is inside your gut, your small intestines, and your colon. What now? Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there. The long-term health impact of gastrointestinal inflammation is devastating. At the extremes, there’s Crohn’s and Colitis, but hundreds of millions of people are suffering from endocrine...


374: How to Find Work You Love Doing with Evan Carmichael

More than 80% of people are dissatisfied with their work, and yet work is where we spend the majority of our waking hours. People say things like “Do what you love and the money will follow” and “Follow your passion…” but is it really that simple? Not for most of us. On this week’s show, author, speaker, and entrepreneur, Evan Carmichael, shares his research for finding meaning and purpose at work. Listen & Learn: Why most people run away from their life rather than running toward a better...


373: Finding the Body-Positive, Sex-Positive You with Dr. Jenn Gunsaullus

One in five women and one in 16 men are sexually assaulted in college in America*, so there are literally tens of millions of victims living every day with guilt, shame, pain, trauma, and baggage. How can we be body-positive and sex-positive in this environment? How do people trust each other or even themselves? The challenges between men and women have existed since the beginning of time, and yet, the rules of engagement are unclear; and mostly, things are left unsaid, trauma is left to...


372: The Sexy Brain – Intimacy & Health with Dr. Lindsey Berkson

Just as an infant requires physical touch to ensure healthy development, every adult requires intimacy and connection to be mentally and physically healthy... and yet many of us are left lacking. A lingering hug can increase oxytocin and decrease cortisol, deep conversations can be neuroprotective, and a true friend or lover can alter not just your emotional life but also your biology. On this week’s show, we’ll unpack the role between intimacy and your endocrine system, and the vital...


371: Communication in Relationships with Sonya Jensen

Any relationship crisis is usually coupled with a communication breakdown. Your needs are not being met, so you shut down. You’re upset about something, but instead of voicing it, you bottle it up. Your partner does the same, and over time, you grow distant, bitter, and even resentful. We’ve all experienced this poor communication pattern at some point. But what does good communication even look like? Do you take notes and make an outline of your key points? Do you talk, text, or email?...


370: The Neuroscience of Addiction with Judith Grisel, PHD

You don’t manage to leave the office until 8 pm. Traffic is terrible, so it takes you an hour to get home. One of your relatives is sick and has been texting you all day, but you haven’t had a moment to call to check in. Your taxes are due in a few weeks, and you don’t have any idea how much you’ll owe. You’re best friend is just not there for you the way she used to be. She hasn’t called you in weeks. It’s Thursday evening, and you’re all alone in your kitchen trying to manage this very...


369: How to Lead a Simple Life Now With Gary Collins

The pursuit of health, wealth, and relationships drive 99% of our action, but just how important are each of these to you personally? How much time are you willing to invest and what are you willing to sacrifice to achieve your goals in these three areas? My guest on this week’s show has flipped the script in many ways and is doing more with less, simplifying his life, living off the grid at times, and cherry-picking his life experiences. A truly simple life is not for everyone (mine is...


368: Exaholic – Breaking Your Addiction to an Ex Love with Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby, LMFT, BCC

How many of your exes are you connected to on Facebook? How often do you find yourself dredging up past emotional head trash from lost love? For most people, the answer is “too often.” We live in an era where forgetting and moving on has never been more challenging, and most of us need to learn strategies to put the past in its place to make room for a fulfilling future. And some of us are even “exaholics,” literally addicted to the emotional rollercoaster of times long ago. On this week’s...


367: A Home that Loves You with Lily Bernheimer

Your home and workspace affect your mood, your sleep, your productivity, and your feeling of belonging, but how much time have you spent to make them truly serve you? For most of us, we’re stuck working in a random office environment, and we might not even be able to control our living space as much as we’d like. The feeling you get is subjective, of course, but there is an emerging science that teaches us fascinating universal truths about what makes a great space. On this week’s show,...


366: How God (and Big Ideas) Change Your Brain with Mark Robert Waldan

Whether you’re a devout believer or a staunch atheist, the research is clear: prayer works. Here’s what also works: introspective time, mindfulness, positive focus, and big ideas. Science has proven that your brain physically changes through the regular practice of prayer, meditation, and mindfulness, and the changes can happen in as little as six to eight weeks. Our guest on this week’s show has dedicated his life to the study of positive neural changes through prayer and spiritual...


365: Birth Control Pill - Risk vs Reward with Dr. Jolene Brighten

Many women start hormonal birth control in their teens and continue for years or even decades. This can be a responsible decision, but most people don’t realize the long-term side effects and risks including infertility, reduced libido, weight gain, and even mood disorders. With all things birth control, there is no one-size-fits-all solution, but throwing a pill at the issue without weighing the options is surely a bad idea. On this week’s show, you’ll meet Dr. Jolene Brighten, a women’s...


364: Bottle of Lies - Generic Drug Dangers with Katherine Eban

Did you know that 80 percent of generic drugs are manufactured in India or China, thousands of miles from the US FDA inspectors? When it comes to oversight, manufacturing safety, and transparency, it’s a huge problem when Big Brother is on the other side of the planet. Generic drugs offer consumers huge cost savings, but is safety and regulation the price we have to pay in order to afford our medicines? On this week’s show, you’ll meet an investigative journalist who uncovered the real...


363: Improve Your Memory with Nelson Dellis

I used to say, “I’m bad with names!” It wasn’t until my late 30s that I realized this was just an excuse for not learning how to remember names. Turns out, it’s not that hard. I’m not amazing, but I’m now pretty good and getting better all the time. My big secret? I put some effort into it. My guest on this week’s show is a four-time USA memory champion. Here is a short list of his accomplishments: Memorized 217 names in 15 minutesMemorized 256 words in 15 minutesMemorized 907 digits in 30...


362: Do You Drink Too Much? with Annie Grace

That glass of red wine after dinner soon turns into two or three. On Friday and Saturday, two or three often turns into a bottle or two. After a decade or more of drinking, it’s not uncommon to clock in 30+ drinks per week. It creeps up slowly, so it can almost go unnoticed. But your body, mind, and spirit notice, and it has a real impact. On this week’s show, you’ll meet a very successful executive who didn’t start drinking until her late 20s but quickly found herself living a lifestyle...


361: The 3100 Mile Foot Race with Sanjay Rawal

When you think of a spiritual seeker, you probably conjure up images of shaved heads, orange robes, dark meditation halls, and gongs. But sitting in silence is not the only way to mediate. You can also run around in circles 12-14 hours a day, pushing your body and mental resolve to their limit. Every year, a dozen or so seekers show up in Queens, New York, to run around an unremarkable city block until they hit 59 miles. They do this for 52 days straight, 3100 miles total. This extreme race...