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#23: Yoga's Path Back Home with Kevin Naidoo

We get lost, each and every one of us. Something happened. Maybe many things happened and at some point we pick ourselves back up, and start the walk about home. In this week's episode, I was truly honored to spend time with one of the most beautiful yoga souls, Kevin Naidoo. We discussed his amazing path to yoga, which was paved with the stones of addiction, lack of self love and nearly going blind just 2 years ago. This episode will take you through the streets of London, the beaches of...


#22: Wellness Lessons from Dr. Seuss and Kurt Cobain

Have you ever wondered what some famous people were thinking? Where did their genesis come from? How did their physical and emotional state of mind color what they left us? In this week's episode, I look at two famous men from recent history: Dr. Seuss and Kurt Cobain. Although seemingly worlds apart, Dr. Seuss and Kurt Cobain's lives had some similar threads. We look at what Dr. Seuss was thinking when writing The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, as it is a important reminder to us all of how...


#21: The Movember Episode

Are we failing our men? As a society, we are doing something profoundly wrong when it comes to our sons, our brothers, our partners. Let's dive into what is going on, how it impacts us all, and then let's discuss the 4 things we can all to starting today to help. At the end of this episode, I did spomething fun. I took my mind body type analysis and looked at one of the greatest men of all time (no hints other than he rocked the craziest man-do ever). We look at what we can learn from this...


#20 - The Future of Eating Out with Giorgo Mantas & Rob Bohay

"FINALLY!" is what your tastebuds, your digestive systems, and pretty much every other square inch of you is saying as the latest food trend is proving to not be a trend at all, but here to stay. In this episode, I sat down with Giorgo Mantas and Rob Bohay, the visionaries behind Verde Juice Bar in Winnipeg, Canada, as we talked, well, food! How the hottest wellness movement of opening a plant-based restaurant became their reality, why organic is a no-brainer for them, how partnering with...


#19: The Role Crying Plays in Your Wellness

Do you know why you cry? What role it plays in your health? It is facinating that we are the only species that is capable of emotional tears, as opposed to the other two types of teard that we all have (hydration tears - just keeps our eyes moist - and protective tears - like what happens when you cut into an onion, or when people get pepper sprayed, or a big dust of wind blows in your eyes). In this epsiode we go into: * why do you cry * what role it plays in your health * what you can...


#18: Your Sugar Momma, Christy Carreno talks Sugar Addiction.

What is one of the major addictions we all face that no one talks about? Sugar! What does a sugar addiction look like? How can I tell if I have one? What are the physical and mental effects of sugar addiction? And what can I do to deal with this addiction? In this week's episode, I sit down with the one and only Christy Carreno (or Sugar-Free Christy), visionary, founder and Chief Sugar Buster at Project Sugar Free. We talk sweets, how she fell into this, how sugar addiction impacted her...


#17: What is Your Mind Type and How Does It Impact, Well, Everything!

Hi There. In today's episode, I tell you the other half of the story. In episode 8 we discussed your body type and what each type means to you. Today, we look at your mind type: is it the same as your body type, or is iot totally different. We discuss what most impacts your mind type, how to realize when you are starting to mentally unravel (we all do it, so it is totally cool), and how to bring yourself back to your center. We will also chat about how your mind and body type marry, how...


#16: Toss The Scale (or Keep it?)

Are there numbers that make you crumble? That make you want to run and hide? For a lot of us numbers like our age, our weight, even our income are important. We form emotional attachments to what those little digits mean. But should it? In today's episode, you and I look at the power some numbers have over us, why it happens, what those numbers really are trying to tell us, and then, we take the power back. You will never look at your scale the same again. And then at the end I have a...


#15: Amelia Barnes on Breast Health and the #1 Breast Cancer Prevention You Don't Know About

Now that we are in October, we see signs of Breast Cancer Awareness everywhere: Race for the Cure runs taking place every weekend, pink ribbons at every turn, and friends asking friends for donations to support breast cancer research. But you never see or hear people talking about the #1 reason women get breast cancer, and I am guessing it is because most industries don't want you to know about this. In this week's episode, I sit down with the uber-talented, world-renowned Amelia Barnes,...


#14: Poop, Hunger, and What is "Normal" Anyway?

When you start on a new journey, a new adventure, you tend to have a lot of great questions. Where do I go? How long with this take? Are we there yet? Same thing goes for us all when we are on our wellness journey. In this episode I share some of my favorite (and funny) questions I get. Some heart-warming stories from our past wellness detoxers and we tackle my number 1 BIG question: What will this do for me now? Let's listen in. To join me for one of my upcoming monthly digestive detoxes...


BONUS Episode: The Fall Solstice

Hi Dear Friends. This has been a tough week. Everywhere I seem to turn, we all seem a bit off, a bit shook. There is a reason for it, and it is what is happening right now. I hope this bonus episode sheds light on this time of year when all of us in the northern hemisphere close our spring/summer chapter and start to open our fall/winter one. This can be a very taxing, emotional time of year for almost all of us regardless if we say something or not, regardless if we cry or not, regardless...


#13: Your Lunar Connection

Do you feel like you are swimming upstream? Do you feel like the world or the cosmos is against you sometimes. No matter how hard you try, what you eat, how often you go to the gym, things still are not quite working. But is there something that you are missing, something right underneath your nose. Cycles. If we don't fully understand how the cycles of the season, of the sun and moon impact our day-today wellbeing, it can feel like you are swimming upstream. Today we sit down with Chiara...


#12: Your Battle with the Freshman 15 Ends Today

The Freshman 15. Those last pesky 10-15 pounds. Why to they stick around no matter how many times you go to the gym or what diet your on? I hear it all the time from my clients when I ask what their goals are “I’d like to lose maybe 10-15 pounds”. In this episode you and I will explore those elusive last pounds and why they are not going anywhere, that is until today. Let find out why they are there and how you can get rid of them permanently starting today. To join me for one of my...


#11: What Your Cravings Are Telling You

What are you craving right now? What do you want? If you could have anything on the plate infront of you, anything in the glass you are holding, what would you want to eat and drink? In this episode, we dive into the top six food cravings - sugar, salt, fried foods, carbs, dairy and caffeine. We discuss what our bodies are telling us every time one of these cravings pops up, what to do about it and then, as a special bonus, we cover the MOTHER of all cravings: chocolate! To sign up for our...


#10: Why You Don't Need Motivation

Are you motivated? Really motivated? Do you wake up every day and think "Wow! This is going to be the most amazing day ever"? You see it all the time: there are motivational posters, motivational quotes, T-shirt, and even coffe mugs. But does that really help anyone? In today's episode we will chat motivation, how it might be overrated, and how there is something even better and honestly easier to attain than motivation. I'll give you my 5 step-by-step tips with mastering this...


#9: Interview with the Godmother of Yoga

Do you have a fairy godmother? A mentor? A coach? Someone that has been a light in your life during the most difficult times. Someone who has shown you the strengths you didn't even have. Someone that has pushed you to be more than you could have possibly thought you could be? I have one, and in this epsiode, I am going to introduce you to her. Flossie Park is one of a kind: If you have the fortune to spend any time with her, your world will be changed. She has been in the yoga field for...


#8: What is Your Wellness Body/Mind Type?

So what makes you special? What makes you unique? What makes you different from everyone else out there? Maybe you have a little bit of an idea, and maybe you see some similarities between you and others out there, but for the most part, we really don’t understand our bodies, our minds, and what they are trying to tell us. That is until today! in this episode, you and I will dive into which of the three body types you fall into (think of them as your vehicle you were given to get you...


#7: The Organic Story

Organic produce. Spray-free. Conventional vegetables.What is really the difference between all of these and what do you think about it? Do you already include organic items in your weekly shopping excursions, or are you still on the fence. In this episode of Your Wellness Journey, we are going to explore what does “organic” really mean, what countries are WAY ahead, which ones are playing catch up, and we will go through a couple simple tricks when purchasing produce so you will never look...


#6: Too Hot To Handle

We are heading into the hottest part of the summer now where are time is filled with pool parties and BBQs, sunscreen and enjoying every last minute of the season before fall hits, but for some people, it is actually getting too hot to the point were it could be get dangerous for them and those around them. In this episode we will cover which body type does not thrive in this weather, what to look out for and how to calm them down. Let’s explore this topic together. To sign up for our Bliss...


#5: Are You Sweating Yet?

So, are you sweating yet? It is almost the peak of summer and all we are thinking about is what are we going to wear? Does the restaurant have an air conditioner? Should I bring a back up shirt just incase? I need something cold to drink. Where is the pool? I am hot! In this week’s episode we dive into why you sweat, what role it plays in your health and detoxing, and how to best manage this difficulty (and sweaty) time of year. Let's explore this topic together. To sign up for our Bliss...