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re-juice 6 Recognise and Rejuvenate with Ravi Pillai, Digital Media and Advertising Tech expert

How frequently do you rejuvenate yourself? Ravi Pillai is a New York based expert in digital media and advertising technology, who balances a busy work and personal life. This episode of re-juice follows a different path from the usual as we explore what he does to stay on top of his mental game. In doing so we uncover an interesting aspect of working and living in super busy urban environments - the idea of the extended work + personal calendar. In this episode of re-juice, you’ll learn...


re-juice 5 Achieve Your Goals with Stephanie Philp, Master Coach & Trainer

Master Coach & Trainer Stephanie Philp believes that having a sense of humour is critical. She wants to encourage and assist people to access more of their inner genius and to stop taking themselves so seriously. She believes that passionate and authentic people change the world in positive ways – just by being themselves. She can’t understand why people say they hate change, when basically, as a species that’s all we are: constantly evolving humans. Join us as we talk about her lifestyle...


re-juice 4 Practice your balance with Edit Horvath, Yoga teacher and therapist

Edit Horvath, Yoga teacher and therapist helps people find meaning in their relationships and balance in their life. After several years of consulting as an Organisational Psychologist, she started her practice as a qualified therapist. Her services are for both individuals and couples looking to enhance relationships, intimacy and communication. Originally from Budapest, Hungary, she started to practice yoga when she was only 11 years old. She’s practiced and trained in Bali, Hawaii, the...

re-juice 3 You Can Dance with Shannon Ring

Podcast re-juice episode 3 brings you Shannon Ring, co-founder of Zouk Art, an internationally known dance institute. An introvert in her personal life, Shannon discovered Zouk dancing as a way to express herself. Along with her dance partner of six years Trajano Leydet, they're renowned for the story-telling in their performances in front of thousands across Europe, Brazil, India and other countries. Shannon loves inspiring others to be the best they can be, and here she shares her...


re-juice 2 Navigating Life’s Canvas with Sebastian Obermeier

Want to hear a great story on how to re-juice... or stay mentally hydrated? Sebastian Obermeier, a Sail Maker from Germany arrived in New Zealand 17 years ago with $200 in his pocket and a suitcase filled with dreams. Now he’s achieved a lot, and has even been called the ‘glue’ of his neighborhood. Whether he’s talking about a good work-life balance, nature, relationships or food, you’ll enjoy hearing and connecting with his story as he shares his recipe for happiness. In this episode...


re-juice 1 Inspiring Breath Work with Jennipher McDonald

For over 26 years, Perth, Australia based Jennipher McDonald has been helping others’ make positive changes in their lives. A mother of three children, she is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Trainer, Writer, and Playwright who is fascinated with the creative mind and healing. She is trained in breath work and in this episode of re-juice, she shares some great tips on how to relax and feel better. In this episode you’ll learn how to: Use ‘breath work’ as a way to relax, release fears,...