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108: High Blood Pressure & Gluten Free Flour Options

Gluten. It’s a substance present in cereal grains, especially wheat, that is responsible for the elastic texture of dough. It’s in so many tasty foods. Breads, cereal, pasta, desserts. The list can go on and on. Gluten is also found in personal care products, condiments and is also found in alot of processed foods. Gluten is everywhere. Unfortunately, more and more people are developing a gluten sensitivity. Because of this more gluten free options are becoming more available. In this...


107: The Importance of Spring Detoxification

We are now in the spring season, which means it is now time to detox the organs of the season. In this episode we discuss the importance of spring detoxification. We will be sharing part of our monthly training that the members of our private health community (Health Warriors) receive each month. In This Episode We Discuss: - Organic Food For Thought (OFFT): Gluten - Organs of the Spring Season - Importance of doing a spring detox - Importance of the liver - Importance of the...


106: Organs of the Spring Season

Spring cleaning needs to be done in our external environment, but we can't forget about doing some spring cleaning for our internal environment as well. During each change of season there are certain organs that you should focus on when you detox. In this episode we will be discussing the organs of the spring season. https://lifestrengthandhealth.com/106 https://lifestrengthandhealth.com/springdetox


105: The Top 3 Most Toxic Household Products

Household products can be some of the most toxic substances you can have in your home. In this episode we discuss the top 3. In the Organic Food For Thought Segment we discuss the stress hormone cortisol. The functions that cortisol assist with in the body as well as what happens when your cortisol levels are out of whack. http://lifestrengthandhealth.com/105


104: Starting The New Year Off Right

Happy 2019!!! Hope your New Year is starting off on the right foot. In this episode we discuss tips on how to start your new year off right! In this episode we discuss: Links & Resources Mentioned in Episode: Health MembershipLearn About our ConsultationsSchedule A Consultation This episode is sponsored by Life Strength & Health. Helping you to feel & look your best naturally. It’s time & you deserve it!


103: How To Survive The Holidays

The holidays are a great time to spend with family & friends as well as a good time for self reflection. Holidays are also a time when you have holiday functions and holiday foods. For some, the holidays lead to poor eating habits and lifestyle. This doesn't have to be the case. In this episode we discuss how to survive the holidays so that you go into the new year without shame or trying to get back on track. http://lifestrengthandhealth.com/103


102: Setting Up Your Home For Health Success

When you are on the path to improving your health. The two things that many focus on is nutrition, followed by physical fitness. These are very important areas to address, but when you want to not only improve your health, but sustain it. Then it must become a lifestyle. Another area that is important to address when improving your health is your home. In this episode we discuss how to set up your home for health success. http://lifestrengthandhealth.com/102


101: Processing Grief with Doris Rhodes

Grief can be debilitating and often challenging to deal with. In this episode we talk with Grief Specialist Doris Rhodes and dive into the topic of grief. http://www.lifestrengthandhealth.com/101


100: Healthy Children Featuring SaHura Hester

This episode 100. Woop woop!!! So grateful to reach this milestone. We want to say thank you for listening to the show. Your comments, feedback and encouragement have been truly appreciated. One of the questions that we often get asked how do we live holistically and more importantly how does this look for a family. So we decided to have our beautiful daughter on the show for this discussion. http://lifestrengthandhealth.com/100


99: You Are Enough

In this episode I was inspired to share this message from a book that I am reading for a second time called Daring Greatly by Brene Brown. In this book one of the things that is discussed is understanding that we are enough. So many times we allow negative experiences from our past to negatively affect us. These negative experiences can have such a huge impact on our lives, as children and as adults. I discuss this and more in this week's episode. http://lifestrengthandhealth.com/99


98: The Top 5 Everyday Products That Are Bad For Your Health

There is no quick fix to good health that us sustainable. Good health is a culmination of small consistent healthy habits made over a period of time. One area of health that it is important to pay attention to are the products that you use everyday. In this episode we discuss the top 5 everyday products that are bad for your health. http://lifestrengthandhealth.com/98


97: The Rule of 5

In this episode we discuss the rule of 5. The rule of 5 is something that you can implement to help you to take daily consistent action towards reaching your health goals. http://lifestrengthandhealth.com/97


96: How Should You Prepare For Your Colon Hydrotherapy Session

Colon hydrotherapy is the gentle infusion of warm filtered water into the large intestine also known as your colon. Colon cleansing has been around for thousands of years and is a very safe and effective treatment. More and more people are interested in colon hydrotherapy and its many benefits. So in this episode I want to discuss how should you prepare for your colon hydrotherapy session so that you have a great colon hydrotherapy session! http://lifestrengthandhealth.com/96


95: Holistic Fitness Is The Key with Shombay The Trainer

Shombay The Trainer has been a fitness trainer for the past 10 years. He enjoys all aspects of fitness and is eager to spread that passion to others! http://lifestrengthandhealth.com/95


94: Natural Personal Care Products Part 3 with Andrew Gardner

Holistic self care is this month’s topic of discussion. In this episode we will be discussing natural self care products with Andrew Gardner of Vintage Tradition. http://lifestrengthandhealth.com/94


93: Natural Personal Care Products Part 2 with Ayanna Williams

Holistic self care is this month's topic of discussion. In this episode we will be discussing natural self care products with Ayanna Williams of Aya's Natural Treasures. http://lifestrengthandhealth.com/93


92: Natural Personal Care Products Part 1 with Crystal Stephens

Holistic self care is a very important aspect of good health. Self care is this month's topic of discussion. In this episode we will be discussing natural self care products. with Crystal Stevens of Lavished By Nature. http://lifestrengthandhealth.com/92


91: Holistic Self Care

Holistic self care is a very important aspect of good health. Self care is this month's topic of discussion. We will be interviewing various personal care companies and other self care professionals to provide information on how to incorporate holistic self care into your daily lives. http://lifestrengthandhealth.com/91


90: How To Master Your Lifestyle Change

Many people want to be healthier. Who doesn't want to feel & look their best, right? But wanting to get healthier and actually doing it seems to be very difficult for most people. Most people fail to reach their health goals because they lack the tools & insights to make this process easier. They don't know how to activate the healer within. In this episode we begin to discuss the steps on how to master your lifestyle change. http://lifestrengthandhealth.com/90


89: The Consciousness of Health

The consciousness of health is a very important topic that is not talked about enough. There are alot of health misconceptions out there that are not hindering people from reaching their health goals. In this episode we address these misconceptions and discuss what the consciousness of health really is and ways that you can improve it. http://lifestrengthandhealth.com/88