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New Essential Oils Products + CBD Oils

Move above the wellness line with these new products, unveiled today at the Young Living 25th Anniversary Convention. In this episode, I unpack the new product releases, including two new nutritional supplements (Olive Essential, an antioxidant capsule and IlluminEyes eye health supplement); there are two new scents of essential oils - Chivalry and Davana + the popular Peace & Calming blend is now in a roll on. And, the cutest kids diffuser, ever! It diffuses + plays soothing sounds. Young...


Acceptance: You, Your Shadow & Others

Imagine being more supportive of all of the wonderful aspects of YOU! Sometimes we are harder on ourselves than we are on anyone else. In this episode, author & energy healer Dani Antman, talks about being okay with the side of ourselves that we don't want others to see (the shadow). She will also walk you through a guided imagery experience. The essential oil recommended for this episode include Acceptance - one of my favorite blends, it helps me to feel relaxed and supported in my life,...


Summer Solstice + Time in Nature Makes You Healthy

Happy Solstice - in Santa Barbara, we are welcoming Summer this weekend with a colorful & creative people-powered parade (no motors, no corporate branding) that draws tens of thousands to State Street to see the spectacle, followed by a celebration in the park. Wherever you are this weekend, consider taking time to mark this major turning point of the year - equal parts of light and dark. In this episode, I share ideas for a Solstice ritual - as well as findings from a new study that...


Meet your Match! Expert Advice from a CA Matchmaker

If a summer (or longer) romance sounds enticing to you - tune-in to this advice from Lisa Amador of Amador Matchmaking. In this episode she urges listeners to get clear on their goals - What are your deal breakers? What you HAVE to have (or cannot have) in a mate? - then get out into the world to start meeting others. The suggested essential oils to inspire you as you listen to this podcast (and then take action) - are the blends of Clarity and Valor. The Valor comes in a premium starter...


Daily Ritual for Gratitude

One of my best friends always said 'gratitude is the grease' that helps you attain your desires. So, why is giving thanks so powerful? My guest Jacque Book, a mindset coach who speaks on gratitude and mindfulness explains the power of gratitude - and how important it is to speak about what you DO want, and not about what you don't. Jacque shares a simple gratitude ritual she practices daily before she opens her eyes in the morning. She explains how you can do it, and why it's important to...


Managing Migraines

My friends who have migraines tell me they can be so severe they are throwing up, or bed ridden. How do migraines differ from other kinds of headaches? And, what are the latest treatments and alternative remedies being used to treat the discomfort? In this episode, I speak with Dr. Adam Harcourt of Imagine X Functional Neurology in Santa Barbara, to find out about the latest research and treatments for migraines. Peppermint is the essential oil recommended to enhance your listening...


Burnout, it's Real. Now What?

Are you feeling it? Exhausted, unmotivated, cynical, and just not into the daily grind? It could be burnout. This week, the World Health Organization (WHO) identified burnout as an occupational hazard. Now what? We're clearly living in stressful times, so working at least a little time for self care and joy into daily life can help to keep you healthy. In this episode, I talk about burnout - and how you can support yourself, even if you only have a few minutes each day. The recommended...


Rituals for Being In Tune: Music as the Bridge to Mindfulness

Discover how to use sound - and silence - to lead you into relaxation. I speak with producer Richard "Wolfie" Wolf about how meditating has supported him in his career as an Emmy-Award-Winning music composer for TV and Film. Wolf is the author of "In Tune: Music as the Bridge to Mindfulness." He also teaches mindfulness to students at USC's Thornton School of Music and in this podcast he will share with you simple exercises for meditating and will lead a mindfulness exercise at the end of...


Celebrate Your Inner Child at Santa Barbara Summer Solstice

"Wonder" is the theme of this year's Santa Barbara Summer Solstice Celebration, June 21-23, 2019. The annual event attracts thousands of locals and out-of-towners welcoming the warm-weather season with a childlike sense of creativity and awe. It's a great place to get in touch with your inner child. Pali X Mano, a local artist who lends his creative talents to Solstice each year, shares what inspires him to create colorful costumes and headdresses, along with the grand finale float - a...


High-Tech & Low-Tech Dating Tips with Santa Barbara's Matchmaker

Whether you're a seasoned dating pro - or single and looking to meet someone new, take in these tips from Lisa Amador of Amador Matchmaking. Lisa is Santa Barbara's matchmaker - and she's also a dating coach. In this podcast she'll offer advice on photos for your dating profile, what to include - and what to definitely leave out - when writing your profile description, and what's up with the latest dating apps. For the low-tech, or singles who prefer to meet their next match in person. And...


All About Energy Healing

Energy healing - what is it, and is it something anyone can learn to do? I posed this question to my guest, Dani Antman, author of Wired for God: Adventures of a Jewish Yogi." Dani is a Santa Barbara based energy healer. She's internationally known and has trained for years in her craft. She shares information on her work and how everything in the universe has a vibration or energy. The podcast opens with news out of UC Berkeley, where researchers found that anxiety levels among college...


Earth Day: Rituals for Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

Earth Day is being celebrated at festivals and events around the world. Did you know that Earth Day began in Santa Barbara, CA? It's true. Following a massive oil spill in the Santa Barbara Channel in 1969, concerned community members rallied to help clean up the coastline, and set guidelines to protect the environment. The activism led to the creation of Earth Day. In honor of Earth Day, I'll share with you some ideas for being gentle on Mother Earth all year around. Recycling rules are...


Simplify Your Life

Keep stress at bay by simplifying your life. In this episode, I encourage you to cut out unnecessary things from daily life - whether it's too many activities/meetings or household & personal care products that could be harmful to your health and well being. You might shop organic - but, do you ever think about the ingredients in the personal care and cleaning products in your home? Choosing products with ingredients you can pronounce can keep your body from being bogged down with...


Spring Cleaning: Weeding Your Mind Garden

Spring Cleaning is a tradition for some. But, as you clean your surroundings - do you ever think about cleaning Yourself? Consider using this season of rebirth (and new moon on April 5) to detox your body, or weed your mind garden. In this podcast, I offer ideas for detoxing using a line of wellness vitamin supplements & essential oils that are pure and natural. In addition, consider your thoughts - some experts say we are creating our future 30 seconds at a time, with the thoughts & ideas...


Spring Equinox: SuperMoon - SuperPower

Wednesday is the Spring Equinox in the northern hemisphere - and, this year there's an added bonus. A full moon coincides with the equinox. In fact - it's a Super Full Moon -where the moon appears extra large in the sky because it's closer than usual to earth. The Equinox - a time of equal light & darkness - is one of four turning points of the year. It's a great time for planting seeds, and setting goals. In this podcast, I offer ideas for honoring yourself, and inspiring your dreams,...


Supermoon Eclipse: Anchoring Dreams

Do you have a Dream? The stars will be aligning on this year's Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day holiday to assist you in anchoring your dreams and goals. In this podcast, I'll share with you tips for setting goals and intentions during the full moon lunar eclipse and supermoon, which will be visible on the west coast of the USA and all across north and south america on the evening of January 20-21, 2019. This full moon will appear extra large in the sky because of its close proximity to...


Great Gift! Gentle Mist Portable Diffuser

A diffuser to take with you! Handy when you want to have a mini-spa experience, or eliminate foul odors from your car, or a room without a power source. The Gentle Mist Personal Diffuser runs on AAA batteries, and a single drop of your favorite Young Living essential oil is enough to provide an aromatic vacation wherever you are! Add this item to your order when signing up at - and message me with questions or recommendations! Lisa Osborn is an independent distributor...


Digestion 101: Show your Tummy some Love

Whether you're looking for extra digestive support over the holidays, or all year-round - here's a trio of products that can change your life (they did for me!). There's a growing connection between gut health and overall well-being, so getting your digestion in order can add up to big improvements in overall wellness. A good probiotic supplement like "Life 9" can balance the good and bad bacteria in your gut, only one capsule a day. Food enzymes will help break down the food once it's in...


"In the Moment" with Tracy Lehr

So many of us are often thinking of the past or projecting into the future, but being in the moment is where you have the power to guide your destiny. In this episode of my 'Rituals' series, I speak with Santa Barbara TV news reporter Tracy Lehr, of KEYT News. In order for her to do her job of reporting the news on a tight deadline, Lehr says a key to her success on the job is being in the moment. The California Assembly recently recognized Lehr as 'Woman of the Year' for her continuous...


Healing Holiday Gifts

Give the gift of wellness this season, and keep your friends & loved ones feeling good year-round. In this video podcast, I'll show you some of my favorite products from Young Living that the people on your holiday shopping list would LOVE to receive! Learn more about the items I share including the Cool Azul Pain Relief Cream, Minerals sunscreen, Gentle Mist Personal Diffuser, Genesis Body Lotion, Wolfberry Eye Cream, Thieves Foaming Soap (a great hostess gift!) and more. Become a member...