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The Modern Life Podcast Network has a number of podcasts focused on modern technology, lifestyle, business, sports, and society. Our modern lives can be hectic and demanding one day and relaxing and peaceful the next. Through the eyes and ears of our hosts, we discuss and analyze the issues facing our modern lives and provide answers and ideas to make the journey through life a bit easier.

The Modern Life Podcast Network has a number of podcasts focused on modern technology, lifestyle, business, sports, and society. Our modern lives can be hectic and demanding one day and relaxing and peaceful the next. Through the eyes and ears of our hosts, we discuss and analyze the issues facing our modern lives and provide answers and ideas to make the journey through life a bit easier.


Tehachapi, CA


The Modern Life Podcast Network has a number of podcasts focused on modern technology, lifestyle, business, sports, and society. Our modern lives can be hectic and demanding one day and relaxing and peaceful the next. Through the eyes and ears of our hosts, we discuss and analyze the issues facing our modern lives and provide answers and ideas to make the journey through life a bit easier.




Kevin Hrusovsky, CEO of Quanterix

Kevin Hrusovsky is Rick’s guest this week. Kevin is the CEO of Quanterix, a company that has developed a blood test that can objectively diagnose concussions. Having won funding from the NFL for its test, Kevin can shed light on why current concussion protocols often fail and why more science must be applied to the game in order to keep athletes safe. He can also discuss how Quanterix’ test works and can ensure that no concussions go undiagnosed, helping to prevent continued health...


Heintz Designs Vintage Trailer Restorations. Going back to traveling with maps!

Join us this week as Team Flamingo visits with Tim Heintz of Heintz Designs Vintage Trailer Restorations! We learn how his childhood experiences and exposure to trailers led him to an outstanding career in rescuing and restoring vintage travel trailers! Team Flamingo steps back in time on road trips... Using paper maps in your RV! Yes, there are some advantages over today's GPS!


Vicky Monroe, How to Handle a Bear Encounter. Team Flamingo, Seeing Your RV Steps in the Dark

Join Team Flamingo this week as we visit with Vicky Monroe, a Wildlife Biologist with California Department of Fish and Wildlife, and discuss bears, and their interaction with people! Vicky gives advice that will make your outdoor adventures bear-free, and could possibly save your life! Team Flamingo also offers a tip on how to see your RV steps in the darkness of night... without a light!


Who is Your Legacy Contact on Social Media?

We don’t like to think about it, but if something happens to us, who will take over to manage or close our social media accounts? Facebook just announced a new option for you to name your Legacy Contact in the event of an emergency. That’s only one of the topics we will cover on today’s Social Solutions Show.


App Store Scams, AWS Grant Funding and Amazon Meal-Kit Trademark

On Episode 362 of The Waves of Tech, it’s the Amazon show! We kickoff the podcast sharing some quick tips to be aware of to avoid being scammed in your mobile app stores. Trust us, it’s a real thing. The rest of the podcast is dedicated to Amazon. Amazon Web Services handing out 19 grants for funding to improve city’s and businesses’ cloud based tools to improve public and transportation services. Amazon filed a trademark for a Meal-Kit that created a drop in Blue Apron’s stock by 12%,...


Cliff Drysdale Tennis Experience Rewards Program with Joey Hanf

The Cliff Drysdale Tennis Experience Rewards Program is a new monthly or annual subscription service that lets you "partner" with Cliff Drysdale Tennis for some serious tennis. Subscribers will receive exclusive benefits and rewards both online, in print, and onsite at some of the nation’s most highly acclaimed tennis resorts, clubs & events. The program was piloted at select Cliff Drysdale-managed membership clubs beginning in January of 2017, and is now available to tennis enthusiasts...


Alison Miller, “Workamping” at “Opera in the Ozarks”. Team Flamingo, A tip on how to rid your RV of mice.

Join us this week as we visit with Alison Miller, as she explains her life on the road, her mission, "workamping", her interaction with new friends, and a very unique location to add to her journey... Opera in the Ozarks! Team Flamingo offers a solution to those pesky mice in your RV!


Best Buy Stock, Prime Day, What Makes a Tech Company and Net Neutrality Protest

On Episode 361 of The Waves of Tech, we cover a variety of tech topics and share what influence they will have in your life. Fox Sports main website have removed all written content, transitioning to a video only based format. Best Buy’s stock dropped 7% after Amazon announced a competing in-home network of installation professionals for smarthome devices to their consumer base. Amazon Prime Day is here and you can make the most out of the experience by checking out our recommendations....


Lauri Summers and Joe Dufrene, Faria Beach Park in California. Team Flamingo, Preventative Maintenance and Your Safety.

Join us this week as Laurie Summers and Joe Dufrene visit with us about a wonderful campground destination on the California coast, Faria Beach Park! They are longtime campers in this area, and make this location sound like a must-visit for any RVer! And, because so many folks are on the road with their RVs, Team Flamingo wants to remind you, once again, of preventative maintenance on your RV and tow vehicle, and how some of these topics relate to your personal safety!


Murphy Auto Museum 5th Annual Vintage Trailer Show

Join us this week as Team Flamingo brings you the excitement from The Murphy Auto Museum 5th Annual Vintage Trailer Show, in Oxnard, CA! We sit down with the museums Executive Director, David Neel, to learn more about the event and The Murphy Auto Museum's history. And, we get to visit with some of this year's participants. They are displaying everything from unusual, to LARGE... to the first-ever Flamingo Freak Show!


FCC Lays Down Huge Fine, Snap Maps, and Beating Fraud Through Biometrics

The FCC announced a $120 million fine to a robocalling agency for using “neighborhood spoofing” in an attempt to scam nearly 100 million people into buying exclusive travel packages. Snapchat's newest feature - Snap Maps - is location based function where users can share their location in real time with their friends. The feature is coming under attack from personal privacy and child safety groups. Sears, J.C. Penney, and many more companies are closing hundreds of brick-and-mortar stores...


Team Flamingo is joined by the chairman of the Alameda Point Concours d’Elegance, Steve Pedone, and several show participants!

Join us this week as Team Flamingo travels North to the Alameda Point Concours d'Elegance, as the event has added a display of vintage campers! A variety of cars and motorcycles graced the Parade Grounds of the Alameda Naval Air Station for the second year, and the vintage camper display was an obvious hit with participants and spectators alike! I wonder which vehicle won the Haggerty Classic Car Insurance "People's Choice Award"? Listen in to find out!


Spam Coming Soon to LinkedIn

We have seen the changes over the last couple of years on the granddaddy of social media sites. Linkedin, in its effort to stay relevant, has introduced features that show a striking resemblance to other platforms. But they haven’t always warmed the cockles of hearts by their user base. Well the newest announcement may be the final straw in inviting spammers to glob on to your updates to further their agenda. We’ll fill you in on why we don’t believe adding images to your comments on...


Ian Cowley of Sherpa

Sherpa is an app and an intelligent Personal Assistant which is the brain across devices like smartphones, home devices such as the Amazon Echo, smart TVs, robotics, smart cars and more. The Sherpa platform uses uses Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence algorithms based on probability models to predict information a user might need.


LinkedIn Lady Farewell Show

Yes, believe it or not, this is the final episode (at least for a while) of the LinkedIn Lady Show. I have been on air since 2010 and after 7 years and over 600 shows it is time to hang up my microphone. Today’s special program will leave you with a full list of things to do and things to explore to make sure your social media efforts and online marketing are working.


Amazon Buys WholeFoods, Tech Leaders to DC and Email Migration

On Episode 359 of The Waves of Tech, it is all about unpacking and breaking down Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods for $13.7 billion in cash. Amazon is now directly positioned to heavily influence the grocery and market industry by owning nearly 500 brick-and-mortar grocery stores. Amazon may immediately look to introduce integration with their distribution channels and offer up delivery services for fresh foods and produce. Amazon has tinkered with highly automated store fronts, which...


Team Flamingo chats with owners of vintage travel trailers at the Steve McQueen Car & Motorcycle Show!

Join Team Flamingo this week, as we take you to the 10th Annual Friends of Steve McQueen Car & Motorcycle Show! This is an outstanding event located in Chino Hills, CA, as a benefit for Boys Republic, which has been in place for 107 years, helping troubled boys and girls. Steve McQueen was actually a resident at Boys Republic during his teen years, prior to becoming a famous and admired actor! This is a show that has not only a wide variety of vehicles from collectors and builders, but...


Bryan Bickell and Dr. Timothy Vartanian, M.D

Bryan was diagnosed with the chronic medical condition in November, 2016. He and his doctor, Dr. Timothy Vartanian, are with us today to share more about Bryan’s MS experience and discuss relapsing MS, its causes, symptoms and the importance of treatment. Bryan and Dr. Vartanian hope to inspire others impacted with MS to stay positive and fight for their own goals


A Well Done Video is Worth a Thousand Words

At the risk of using a trite cliché, this statement speaks the truth. And Facebook is making it even easier by expanding their test of video cover images. This is really good news for creative marketers. In the ever increasing world of competing for eyeballs, there is no question that video front and center can capture and hold users attention.


Verizon Officially Owns Yahoo, Clutter Raises $64 Million And Uber Shake-Up

We kick off the show with the news that Verizon now wholly owns Yahoo after spending $4.5 billion. Oath, the new company, will now boast 50+ media partners, several former Yahoo companies, and a consumer base of over 1 billion. Yahoo will now become a part of the tech history books. In tech, we usually speak of cloud and flash storage, but not today. Clutter, a tech-based storage company, raised $64 million in venture capital funds and is looking to expand beyond their primary focus of 10...