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A Look At Vaccinations In N.H., As Measles Cases Spike Elsewhere

Vaccination safeguards both personal and community health. But a recent outbreak of the measles in Washington state is revealing the necessity for high vaccination rates. Every state allows medical exemptions and many allow religious exemptions. But Washington state, along with about 20 other states, allows for a philosophical exemption for families who disagree with the mandate to vaccinate. New Hampshire allows no such exemption — and the Granite State boasts one of the highest vaccination...


What Does The Rise In Hospital Mergers Mean For N.H.?

Two of the state's largest hospitals have taken the first step toward merging into a new healthcare network. Dartmouth-Hitchcock and GraniteOne Health, an existing group that includes Catholic Medical Center, signed a letter of intent Thursday to combine under a new entity. But this is not the first hospital partnership that New Hampshire has seen in the past few years. Lucy Hodder is a law professor and director of heath law and policy at the University of New Hampshire. Morning Edition...


Vanity Plates: A Father's Plate Tells One Family's Story of Battling Cystic Fibrosis

At the Department of Motor Vehicles, Don Kreis took a number and waited to be called up to the desk. When he filled out a form requesting a custom license plate, the woman who reviewed the form paused. “If you don’t mind me asking,” she said, “why did you ask for this particular vanity plate?” Don had requested what appeared to be a jumble of letters and numbers on his license plate: N1303K. “When I explained it to her,” he says, “she actually started to cry.”


How a Blind Spot in N.H.'s Juvenile Justice System Keeps Some Kids From Getting Help

The juvenile justice system in New Hampshire is built around the idea of rehabilitation. Instead of going to jail, young people who commit crimes gain access to services like counseling and substance abuse treatment to address the underlying causes of their behavior. But a blind spot in the state’s juvenile justice system can keep some kids from getting the help they need.


N.H. State Health Leader Rebuts Allegations of Illegal Restraint at Youth Center

Last week, the Disability Rights Center of New Hampshire released a report that accused staff at the Sununu Youth Services Center of using unlawful restraint against residents multiple times over the past few years. The report came after an investigation into an alleged use of improper restraint on a 14-year-old boy in 2016 that left him with a broken shoulder. Now the state is rebutting those allegations. In a report signed by Attorney General Gordon MacDonald and DHHS Commissioner Jeffrey...


When Alzheimer's Strikes Young

A recent Concord Monitor series, "Stolen Memories," profiles several Granite Staters who were diagnosed with younger-onset Alzheimer's, some in their early fifties. We'll hear their stories and learn about their particular struggles with work, family, and the medical system.


When Combating the Opioid Crisis in Rural N.H., It's No Easy Fight

When you think about New Hampshire’s opioid crisis, Manchester and Nashua tend to come to mind. That’s because they’ve been getting most of the attention…and resources. But as NHPR’s Paige Sutherland reports, smaller towns in the Northern part of the state are battling this crisis too…and struggling to do so.


How 'Balance Billing' Can Blindside Patients With Unexpected Medical Debt

A lot of people assume that if a hospital is in their insurance network, the doctors who treat them there will be, too. But that’s not always the case — and it can leave patients on the hook for thousands of dollars in unexpected charges. NHPR’s Casey McDermott took a look at how this is playing out in New Hampshire, and what lawmakers are trying to do to address it.


N.H. Lawmakers Recommend Pharmacists Prescribe Birth Control

New Hampshire could become one of just a few states that allows birth control pills to be prescribed by pharmacists. A commission appointed by the state legislature voted unanimously last week to endorse the idea.


When It Comes To ATV Safety, N.H. Rules Buck Danger Warnings

One of the biggest selling points New Hampshire uses to promote ATV riding is that it’s something the whole family can enjoy. But as the sport grows in popularity, health and safety officials are growing concerned – saying the state’s laws are ignoring the serious danger these machines pose to kids.


Organ Donation: New Developments, Common Misconceptions, And Ever-Present Need

The organ donation system is complex, and often misunderstood - with a waiting list that is long, and constantly shifting. But living donations, high-risk donors, and new scientific developments in tissue growth are making new strides in addressing the need. This show originally aired on April 17, 2017.


Report: Work Requirements Would Threaten Coverage for One Third of Medicaid Recipients

Work requirements under the federal health insurance program Medicaid are based on a simple premise: If you want to receive government assistance for your healthcare and you’re able to work, you should work.


Political Speechwriting, Wishbones, & Every Body Yoga

On today's show: Civics 101: Political Speechwriting "George Carlin: Class Clown" from producer Devon Strolovitch . You can listen to this story again at . Feather is the complicated, feisty central character in a new YA novel called Wishbones , the third novel by Virginia MacGregor , who now lives in New Hampshire. You can join her for the Wishbones launch party on May 23rd at Gibson's Bookstore . "Swimmers" from producer Michelle Macklem. You can listen to this story again at...


5.17.17: Every Body Yoga, How to Think About Exercise, & The Bookshelf

On today's show: Jessamyn Stanley has documented her own yoga practice for the past several years for her three-hundred thousand Instagram followers. She's now turned her internet celebrity into a book , Every Body Yoga , a practical introduction to yoga that isn't restricted by body type or background. "Endless Winter" from producer Gregory Warner. You can listen to this story again at . Damon Young 's book is called How To Think About Exercise and is part of the “ School Of Life ”...


Latest Plan to Bolster N.H.'s Mental Health System Missing Key Fix

Every day, an email goes out to leaders in New Hampshire’s mental health system. It gives an updated count on the number of people in immediate need of inpatient psychiatric care, but are being denied that care because of a shortage of beds in New Hampshire hospitals. On February 20th of this year, that email contained a staggering number: 68 adults and children were being housed in hospital emergency rooms and hallways because of a lack of available beds. It was a new high.


4.11.17: Gerrymandering & The Legacy of Disease Experiments

On today's show: Civics 101: Gerrymandering "George Jones: He Stopped Loving Her Today" from producers Ben Manilla and Devon Strolovitch. Listen again at . Sushma Subramanian wrote about the legacy left behind in Guatemala, 70 years after American researchers infected locals with syphilis and gonorrhea in her article "Worse Than Tuskegee" . "AKA Leo" from Nate DiMeo and The Memory Palace . Listen again at .


2.2.17: Viral Pro Bono Ads & Fat Shaming Makes Losing Weight Harder

On today's show: This Popular Donate Life Ad Was Made for Free - with Tony Case , Executive Editor of AdWeek Curate - Listen to this story again at Why Fat Shaming Doesn't Work and Makes Losing Weight Harder with Alex Orlov from The Association of Small Bombs by Karan Mahajan


NPR's Barbara Bradley Hagerty on Reimagining Midlife

Even with all the angst about mid-life crises, and birthday cards calling you over the hill, the author says the middle years are most often about renewal. Today we're talking with former NPR correspondent Barbara Bradley Hagerty on what she discovered about middle age in America.


With Workers Hard To Come By, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Opts To Apprentice Its Own

The term “apprentice” may conjure up thoughts of reality television and a certain President-elect, but actual apprenticeships--where workers learn skills on the job--are on the rise nationally. And in New Hampshire's health care industry, apprentices are being used as a way to fill a gap in the workforce.


Report: High Social Worker Burnout Creating Unreliable Safety Net for N.H.'s Abused Kids

A report on the state's Division of Children, Youth and Families points to an immediate need to add more staff.